15 Small Things Attractive Girls Do To Get What They Want

It always seems like the great looking ladies get whatever they want. Is it their looks that land them their precious prize or is their self-confidence? Perhaps the two go hand in hand, allowing the most alluring of ladies to get whatever it is they want from anyone they set their eyes on, any time, any place.

Generally speaking, their efforts are aimed at men, many of whom are willing to fork over what it is these women desire from them — and it does not take much to win these fellas over. Like putty in their pretty little hands, these breathtaking beauties take the men for a ride. The thing is, the guys are more than willing to take the journey alongside these babes.

Through simple gestures and actions, these attractive ladies get what they want, whenever and wherever their hearts desire. They seem to dumb down the dudes who fall for their wooing ways and have no qualms about using their magic spell to trick even the savviest of gents.

Here are 15 small things attractive girls do to get what they want. Have you fallen victim to the power of pretty? Do not blame yourself, it's all due to these ladies’ charming talents and fabulous features. Their above-average looks give them the upper hand, leading to hand-outs and other goodies from guys who are blindsided by their beauty. Stay strong and don’t let the hotness melt your brain.

15 They Go For Older Men

When an older man is being hit on by a much younger, quite pretty lass, he is instantly smitten. All the attention she showers him with makes him feel like a young stud all over again. It's not every day that someone with an AARP card is being sought out by someone who is finally old enough to get into a bar, so this “May-December” romance is thrilling. As long as the woman is attractive, she can persuade the grandpa into whatever she is after. Maybe she wants free drinks, some cash, or something more, but it's her pretty face and hot bod that will hook her older man into giving it up. Do you think all the “bunnies” would have gone for Hugh Hefner if he did not have the big bucks?

14 They Make You Feel Like The Only Guy In The Room

When an attractive lady enters a roomful of people, all eyes are on her and she definitely knows it. But if she is looking to get something from a specific guy, she will make him feel like he is the only one she has eyes for among the sea of eligible men. This dude may be taken by surprise that he is even her type, but he won’t question it. The other men may feel jealous, but she knows what she's doing. So, guys, when the most beautiful woman in the room makes a beeline for you, be on top of your game, especially if you are the “average Joe.” She may sincerely be into you, but chances are, she wants something from you and it’s not companionship.

13 They Laugh at All Your Jokes

You may have a decent one-liner every now and then, but you're not that funny. If a woman you meet laughs at all your jokes, even the corny ones, and worse, the “knock-knock” jokes, she's fooling you. She does not find you as amusing as you would like to think, despite her believable chuckle. Here’s the deal — she is after something, and it's not your next joke. She is trying to win you over with her good looks and good sense of humor, so you will eventually give her what she wants. By making you feel special, she is slowly swaying you to do what she wants. If nobody else is laughing, the joke is on you. Take your routine somewhere else or better yet, realize that you are nothing close to a stand-up comedian, so take a seat.

12 They Ask For Your Help Even When They Don’t Need It

The whole “damsel in distress” routine is an oldie, but goodie. Attractive women will use this old technique to woo men into doing things for them. Many men just love to come to the rescue of a lady to show how manly and capable they are. But do not be fooled by a woman asking for help when she can do it on her own. She may be tempting you into being her savior and then she will ask for more and more. If you are willing to give it, that's your call, but don't assume she likes you for you, she may simply like what you have to offer her. Soon, you may be the one asking for help when you try to get yourself out of this mess.

11 They Flash A Seductive Smile

One flash of those sparkling pearly whites and for some men, it’s over. A drop-dead beautiful babe with a bright, winning smile can charm nearly any vulnerable fella into doing what she wants or giving her what she's after. If a woman you do not know keeps smiling in your direction, she may be interested in you or, she may be interested in what she can get out of you. A quick-thinking fella will have to be on his game to determine which type of smiling seductress he's dealing with here. Smile back if you want to, but beware that there may be some sharp fangs behind those luscious lips of hers. An innocent smile suddenly seems guilty when a wise woman knows how to play the game.

10 As They Walk Away, They Turn Back to See If You’re Watching

Just as a woman after something from a guy walks away from, she will twist around and look over her shoulder to catch you watching her walk away. This will make the guy feel like she is interested in him, but for a woman who is after something from this clueless chump, it gives her the edge in what she’s going to do next. Using her alluring womanhood and beauty, she will have this dude convinced she is into him, thus rendering him powerless to her persuasion. She will do all she can to get this guy to cater to her every whim, and if he thinks he has a chance with her, he may very well fall for it. The lesson? If a woman starts to walk away, perhaps you ought to do the same.

9 They Flirt In Front Of Your Friends

One way a woman can make an unsuspecting man feel special is to flirt with him in eyeshot of all his buddies. He will feel like the king of the world (or at least the bar) as this super foxy lady gives him all her attention while the other dudes look desperate as they order another round. She's chosen this guy because she thinks he is the most naïve, not because he’s “the one.” But this dude feels like a stud, and as all his friends see this beautiful woman bat her eyelashes at him, he's convinced he is the new Leo DiCaprio. Beware, you silly fella, this babe is not interested in you as a partner, but as a payout. Tell her it was nice to meet her and get back to chilling with your bros.

8 They Introduce You To All Their Foxy Friends

What could be better than meeting a super hot woman? Meeting all her equally gorgeous girlfriends, naturally. All that beauty in one room is enough to make a guy lose his marbles. Imagine being bombarded by Taylor Swift’s squad of seductive sirens or all the VS runway models. Any guy who is into women would have a field day hanging out and chatting it up with these fabulous females. But here's the catch — the woman with all these hot friends is using them as a distraction to get you to give her what she wants. Believe it or not, but these beauties do not need to hang out with you. They are just doing their friend a solid. Maybe those Victoria’s Secret models aren’t such angels after all.

7 They Lavish You With Compliments

You are just a regular dude with nothing particularly special to offer, so why is this gorgeous woman giving you so many unearned compliments? You do not dress particularly well, your job is super boring, your hair is totally unstylish, your apartment is a dump, and you can’t hold a decent conversation. And yet, this glamorous gal thinks you are the bee’s knees and can’t get enough of you. She tells you how amazing you are at every turn, and even you are starting to believe it. Well, believe this — all her “compliments” are bogus. She is simply trying to make you feel important so she can seduce you in to giving her something she is after. If you want to be good at something, be the guy who does not get tricked by this temptress.

6 They Blow You Kisses From Across The Room

Any man who is into a lovely lady will feel like a million bucks if she blows him an air kiss from across a crowded room. All the other men around will look to see who this pretty lady has her eyes on and they will be envious of you — the lucky lad who she is seemingly attracted to. But don’t get your hopes up. She's just trying to make you think she wants you when all she wants is something you’ve got. That is a kiss that you ought to miss. As beautiful as this woman may be, you had better have your guard up. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Kiss this woman goodbye and find another who is not a user, or else you’ll find yourself the loser.

5 They Know How to Make an Entrance

A woman who is after something will make her presence known. Watch as the most attractive woman of the night makes her entrance through the doorway. All eyes are on her and she feels the special attention. It is like a drug and she craves another hit. She will use her beauty to attract all the men in the room and will finally set her sights on the one who she thinks has the most to offer. Not in terms of a relationship, but for the material things she is seeking. Don’t be the guy who falls for it. If this woman is after something, be prepared. Chit chat and even buy her a drink, but don’t let her beauty make you weak in the knees. And be kind to the foolish fella she may turn to next by giving him the heads up. You dudes gotta stick together!

4 They Tell You How Smart You Are

If you have an average or below-average IQ, yet a beautiful woman keeps assuring you that you are the smartest man she has ever met, you know something is up. While you may not be Einstein, be savvy enough to call her bluff. She is trying to pump you up so she can drain you. You may enjoy all the complements in regard to your alleged “braininess,” but even a 5th grader can see through her piles of lies. This beauty is using her charm to make you feel appreciated, but you will not appreciate it when she tries to use you to get the things she wants. You should tell her that you have to go home to study for the bar exam — the only smart thing you will have done all evening.

3 They Aren’t Afraid To Flaunt their Figure

When a woman knows she is very attractive, she is not shy about showing off her fantastic figure. She may wear revealing or skin-tight clothing, short mini-skirts, or sky-high heels. She might try to seduce a fella by showing lots of skin or moving her body in a sensual way. If a woman feels confident to do so, that is her business. But as a man, do not be tricked by her tempting ways. She may be using her beauty to be a beast. She can flaunt it if she’s got it, but don’t give in. Perhaps she wants something from you and thinks she can use her attractiveness to win you over. Look, but don’t ever touch. She may be sizzling hot, but you do not want to get burned.

2 They Wear Cleavage-Baring Blouses

When an attractive woman shows off “the girls,” all bets are off. Men without self-control simply can’t help but take a sneak peek at her “assets.” The deeper the V-neck and the more buttons undone, the more she can use the perks of her peaks to get what she wants. Of course, a woman can dress however she desires, but that added touch is all she needs to give herself that boost to score what she is eying. Most men love to see the curvy shape of a woman’s body; that is why we’re not talking about turtlenecks here. If a woman finds that this titillating technique is a winner, she will continue to make the best of it.

1 They Oil Up At The Pool

A woman in her bikini tanning by the pool is captivating as is, but once she slathers tanning oil all over her sun-kissed body, she is the puppet master to the misters she is trying to get something from. And if she asks for their help to reach the spots she can’t, he is hers for the taking. Perhaps a woman after something will head to a rooftop pool at an exclusive hotel seeking out the men who can provide her with whatever she's seeking. She will find a perfectly positioned lounge chair and make her presence known. Before long, the fellas will take note and watch as she prepares her skin for the sunshine. After that, she knows how to charm them as her glistening skin blinds them into not seeing she’s a scammer.

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