15 Sleazy Gold Diggers Caught On Cam

There's been a new internet craze over the past few years that has women being shamed left, right, and centre. Not for just anything, either. They're being shamed for being... well, for lack of a better term... gold diggers. Sure this whole thing isn't just reserved for women. There are many men who are equally to blame when it comes to gold digging. It's just nowhere near as frequently advertised an occurrence. And for good reason. There's just something so entertaining about seeing a shallow woman get embarrassed. Shamed men just don't stir the same emotions.

So that being said, this article is all about gold diggers. Everyone knows they are in abundance. Especially when it comes to celebrity relationships, or anyone who claims to be in love with Hugh Hefner.

The internet is exploding with photos and videos of gold diggers abounding. Some stories are just sad, and others are just downright hilarious. Either way, it seems it's the new in thing to shamefully parade these gold diggers on YouTube so everyone can see just how shallow some people really let's check out a few.


15 Toque You For A Ride

Ok, so in spite of what you may think, there is nothing untoward that happens here, regarding the trunk. Essentially, the man in the toque comes by earlier, while the woman in question is stretching to get ready for a run. It is definitely clear that she works out, and surely many people appreciate it. Including the toqued man, who goes over to mention just how beautiful the woman is. He makes an offer for a drink, or some food (you've heard the story), and she declines. A few minutes later though, the man in the vest arrives in a smoking hot car (even more smoking hot than the gold digger). It seems like he's going to pick up, but toque guy comes back, removes his sweat gear, and is handed a suit coat from his “underling”. The woman shamelessly walks around the guy with whom she just made a date, and tries to go for the man who she already shut down. Well it was her turn to be shut down.

14 Mr. Money Bags


Now surely anyone can guess just what is going on here. Of course she's going to bend down to help the poor guy who spilled his big bag of money all over the ground. Initially, as is so often the case, the guy just wanted to comment on how beautiful the girl was, and asked if perhaps she might be interested in getting a drink. Now she could have been telling the truth when she said that she was waiting for friends, and therefore had no intention of using the guy, but let's be honest here...when suddenly she's very keen to hang out, after being a good person and picking up all of this guy's hundred dollar bills...she's clearly in it for the money. What happened to waiting for her friends!? Also, how these people don't notice cameras kicking around also sort of goes to show just how single-minded they truly are.

13 Booty Call In The Bugatti

First of all, I would actually love to know how this guy sourced a Bugatti Veyron for his prank, but that's besides the point. This guy went about town, asking girls for sex. To be fair, this was right near a campus, and everyone knows what sex can be like when it comes to college (whether you know from life experience, or from film). Sure, one or two girls said no, but there was a shocking number of girls who were pretty willing to go have a quick f*ck in exchange for a ride in the car. And that includes a girl who left her friend she was jogging with...and even one girl who was propositioned right in front of her boyfriend! Yeah it might be a college relationship, so it wasn't going to last long anyway, but that surely sealed their fate. For any girls reading this who think a ride in a Bugatti Veyron is worth sex with a stranger...I encourage you to watch any abduction movie ever.

12 Horrible And Heart-Warming


So the guy in the above photo decided to set up an experiment of sorts. He met four girls online, and began talking himself up like he was rich, and had cars, and houses, and all of the things a girl might want. When he met these girls in person though, he came clean and said he just really thought it was the only way he could meet them. One just walked away, another told him off, and the third even gave him a lecture about how he was a bum and wasted her time. Now it's true, he did lie to them, so there is at least that reason for them to walk away, but it was clear it wasn't the lying that pissed them off (it was the lack of money). But one girl sat and talked to him in a park, and shared that she really just liked him, and thought his talk about money was even too much. So in case you get the wrong idea from this article, not all women are gold diggers.

11 Can You Hold This Please?

What's really frustrating about gold diggers, is that so many of them, even when they've been caught out, don't seem to accept that they've done anything wrong. This girl here plays off like she was the victim the whole time. So the guy strolls up to her, offers to get her a drink, and all she can say is "f*ck off", and "ew". She even takes a full scan of the guy over her sunglasses, and just turns away (which is hilarious because she is certainly not wearing anything special). So once the guy's Corvette Stingray arrives, she changes her attitude real quick. Suddenly she's at least apologizing for being rude, though skipping around that it was because she thought the guy was a bum. So Buddy goes to the back, pulls a gold shovel from the trunk, and says there's no ride for her. Yeah, she slaps him, and she flips him off, but everyone knows who won this round.

10 SLS Sleaze


So this girl has apparently got a boyfriend, and isn't interested in the short, strangely dressed Asian guy who approaches her. She is however quite interested in the guy who shows up in a beautiful Mercedes SLS. Instantly taken with the guy who approaches her, the poorly dressed guy shows back up, and is given the keys to his very attractive car. Suddenly, the incredibly shallow woman here decides she's more interested in the first guy than the second. She even decides that her relationship isn't even all that serious. Now doesn't that make you wonder just how many guys have lost their girls to some trust fund jag, who's got a pretty car, and enough money to make morals not matter at all? The guy's line is great though, after he catches the girl out about her boyfriend. "I guess we could hang out, like ten, fifteen minutes ago." What was that line about not judging a book by its cover?

9 Million Dollar Babe

Ok, so I don't want to be too rude or presumptuous, but this does seem to be just a little bit suspect. The guy in the news clip above is not what most people would deem any means. Nor is he in particularly good shape...Nor does he look particularly right upstairs. Ultimately he does not seem like the kind of guy that this beautiful, buxom blonde would go for. It doesn't help her case that this man had just won $181 million dollars, only two days before they met and “fell in love”. It's sad because...of course this woman is the love of this guy's life. She's gorgeous (and I'm sure she has a wonderful personality). But she doesn't look particularly happy about her situation...nor does the tentative touching seem to indicate any sort of love connection. One might suggest she's a gold digger...and he probably knows that.


8 Getting Back At The Ex


Sure, this guy uses a car to prove someone's a gold digger, but this is different than the Veyron proposition above. The girl this guy is messing with is his ex-girlfriend. Why would he bother to try and pick her up in a nice new car? Because she left him all those years ago for having a junker car, and no prospects. Now a successful YouTube personality, this guy planned for a mutual friend to go out with the ex, so that he could "unwittingly" meet up with them later. He rolls up, embraces the friend, and then tells the ex just how much she hurt his heart. She apologizes, has the gall to say that at least he picked up his life, and essentially that he's worthwhile now, and then clearly makes an effort solely because this guy has "got his life together" (AKA - has money). But she doesn't get a chance to rekindle the flames of the past. She's just left in a cloud of expensive exhaust.

7 Fame

This girl really got shamed, in an awful way. It's actually kind of sad. Touting that she has a boyfriend, and is pretty damned committed to him, it seems like there is an incredibly legit reasoning behind her turning this guy down. However, he walks away, and come back in a pretty jacked up SUV, with all sorts of security around him. When he hops out, a crowd forms at his car and he starts signing autographs. She meanders over there to see what the commotion is, and without really knowing who this guy is, she goes up to get her own autograph. She even asks for a kiss on the cheek (but turns just in time to get a full on kiss on the lips). If that wasn't enough for this gold-digging hussy, the guy pulls her aside to see if she wants to come along for a ride. Once he recognizes her though, he immediately calls her out on being a gold digger in front of the entire crowd!

6 How Romantic


Ok, so most young, twenty-somethings today may not recall Anna Nicole Smith, and her ridiculous, gold-digging ways. Yes, she's a celebrity, and this article is more focused on everyday people getting shamed for being shallow, but all the same she, and a couple of other celebrities must really be shown here, just to give a healthy balance. When Smith was only twenty six years old, she married J. Howard Marshall II, who was a very wealthy oil tycoon. He was eighty nine at the time. I guess at least she didn't have to worry about having sex with the guy, nor did she have to wait too long for him to start pushing up those daisies. She didn't manage to get the full eight hundred million she was expecting, but she got one hell of a settlement from his estate, and went on to become a famous actor on top of that (and she continued to dig as much gold out of people as possible as well). She didn't end up winning the long game though, as she died from a drug overdose.

5 The Cripple Card

To be at least a little fair to this girl, she is rather polite about declining this guy's advances...and he does get a bit pushy after a time. So it makes sense that she actually just isn't interested, and would like to go on about her day (she is also, apparently, on break at work). However, once it transpires that this guy has supposedly won seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in a court settlement, this girl is more than willing to give the guy her number. It's sad because she does just genuinely seem interested in what was going on between the guy and his supposed lawyer. But it becomes pretty clear, pretty quickly, that she's more interested in the money than the guy himself. He gives her a glimmer of hope for getting into his pockets, but before she can fully give him her number, he's rolling on out of there.

4 Intent In India


This guy, to be fair to all the ladies he approaches, is kind of an asshole. But the truth remains the same, regardless of how much of a prick he is. He just outright calls out gold diggers by standing next to a hot car, and asking if they want to go for a ride. A good many of them just didn't want anything to do with him (apparently gold diggers are far more prominent in the United States). But Once he did have a girl on the hook, he would then walk one car down, to where a pretty sh*tty ride sat, and would open the door for the girls. Let's just say that not a single one would go with him. Then he started asking girls, if he took the nice car out of the equation, if they'd still be interested at all. At least they were all pretty honest, but it was clear they weren't interested in him: just in what he had. Some people just have no shame it seems.

3 Kanye Is Digging Deep

It's no shock that Kanye West is kind of an awful person. Even the hip hop community has lost a lot of their care for the guy. Either way, who would've known that this over-tired rapper would be a gold digger? Well first off, he married Kim Kardashian. If that's not a sign of gold digging, then I have no idea what is. In addition to that though, after he cancelled a tour of his due to exhaustion (whatever that means), he spent his last concert talking about how much he would've supported Trump (if he voted). Then he went out of his way to meet him. For someone who wants to run for the presidency in 2020, he's getting mighty chummy with the guy wearing the presidential pants. And this was before Trump officially became president as well. Sure, West has deleted some tweets about his support, but that doesn't change his digging for easier access to the White House.

2 The Real Life Gold Diggers Of Australia


Ok, so maybe this is a bit cheeky, given the rest of the content of the article, but here is a literal gold digger, from Australia. And why not? The title of the article is all about gold diggers caught on camera. Sure, this woman isn't being put to shame for her gold digging, and nothing truly untoward is happening here, but that should be a relief after all of the incredible horrors of the rest of the piece. The only sad thing about this photo is, in spite of all her work, she only landed a bit of gold, just over two grams. So maybe she could be ashamed that she thought it was closer to five? Either way, here is one woman readers could surely feel sorry for. All that work to come up with so little. It's basically the opposite of all the other women in this piece.But hey, she's got determination, and enough care to put time into her gold digging.

1 Tanks For The Ride

Alright, so it's clear that this one is staged, but it's the perfect video to poke fun at all the rest of the internet obsession with sussing out gold diggers. A beautiful girl in a bikini strolls out of a place, and a guy immediately is at her about going for dinner. Apparently she doesn't "do dinner" he doesn't seem too hurt, and he heads over to his tank. That's right, he has a tank. Suddenly the girl changes her mind, and wants to go for a drink. But the guy simply says "no tanks", and proceeds to "blow up" the girl's PT Cruiser. After all of the seriously depressing, depraved, and incredibly shameless gold digging of the girls and guys in this piece, I figured a little bit of a "tank you" was in order. So there it is. Some pretty awful, and some pretty hilarious gold digging adventures, just to make you feel insecure about the justifications behind why someone might want you.

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