15 Sketchy Things Moms Were Caught Doing In Public

In fairness, a few of the moms on this list acted strangely out of a lack of sleep so we’ll give these poor ladies a free pass.

Being a parent is hard work. You’re suddenly swamped with a mountain of new responsibilities, so it’s understandable if you take your eye off the ball from time to time. The exhaustion of motherhood can take its toll on even the best of us, but we’d like to think we wouldn’t resort to half of the terrible habits and behavior on display by some of the following mothers. In fairness, a few of the moms on this list acted strangely out of a lack of sleep so we’ll give these poor ladies a free pass.

As for the rest? Most of these gross and aggressive mommies knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t seem to care either. It’s one thing to forget to put on pants when you leave the house – it’s a whole other issue if you take your toddler to a bar or deliberately get into a fight with another mom for the last seat on the subway.

Some moms clearly have no shame and tiredness shouldn’t excuse bad behavior in public, especially not when it puts your own kid in harm's way. A few mommas out there may argue that how a child is raised is completely up to the individual mother, but the actions of some of these moms might make you want to stage an intervention for the poor kid’s sake! From funny mistakes made by overtired moms running errands to neglectful and needlessly violent mommies, this is a rundown of some of the sketchiest things moms have been caught doing in public.

15 The Mom Using A Store Shirt As A Booger Catcher

Surely all moms should realize that if they’re out and about with a toddler in tow, there are a few basic things they should probably bring with them – baby wipes and nappies spring immediately to mind, but another is a pack of tissues! Young children are notoriously messy most of the time anyway, but if they need to sneeze (which is pretty likely at some point in the day), then they’ll need a tissue like anyone else.

Disgustingly, one mom saw a golden opportunity in a clothes store when her 2-year-old daughter sneezed. With no tissues in sight – and no willingness to go into the store bathroom for some toilet tissue – she took a brand new t-shirt off one of the clothe’s racks and wiped her daughter’s snotty nose all over it. Nasty AF. Reddit user Linda witnessed the whole thing and reiterated the importance of washing new clothes before you wear them. Too true.

14 Left Baby In A Parking Lot After A Fight With Her Partner


When couples argue, it’s easy to get carried away by all the emotions in the heat of the moment. But no matter how heated an argument gets, most parents wouldn’t be so forgetful as to completely neglect their toddler, would they? Apparently so. After fighting in a parking lot in the Bronx, parents Karril Savery and Leonardo Reyes stormed off in separate directions and neither of them remembered to pick up their baby girl, who was outside of the car in her stroller, exposed and alone in the middle of the parking lot concrete on a hot summer day.

Luckily, the stroller was eventually spotted by a street vendor, who found the 2-year-old girl loose in the stroller without any straps on. (Parenting fail of the year award goes to…). Thankfully, their baby girl was unhurt apart from being a little dehydrated, but she could have come off a lot worse. The mother Karril, and her partner were charged with endangering their child’s welfare and their daughter was taken in by the Child Protective Services.

13 Moms Who Fought With Their Strollers To Get Into Subway Train


In this scenario, it’s fair to say that the babies in these strollers had more maturity and common sense than their warring moms. One guy on the Chicago subway witnessed two mothers (including one who was heavily pregnant at the time) rushing to get onto the subway train with their strollers. Instead of waiting graciously for one of them to get on or try a different carriage, they both tried to squeeze into the train doors at the same time – swearing bloody murder at each other in the process.

We can’t decide what’s more harmful for their poor kids in the strollers – hearing their moms scream every swear word under the sun at each other or the fact that their moms were actually using the strollers as a weapon to push the other mother out the way and barge their way onto the train, forgetting that they’re carrying a human inside. The best part? Both of the moms missed the train.

12 The Bartender Who Took Her Baby To Work


Bring your child to work day is a cute concept, but only if you happen to work in a normal environment like say, an office or a retail store and even then these probably aren’t great places to have a small child around for any length of time. Although, these sound like perfectly normal places for your toddler to hang out when you compare it to where this mom took hers – a bar. It’s frowned upon when a teenager walks into a bar underage but bringing your baby? Parenting fails of the century.

In what sounds like something out of Shameless, a teenage mom who worked behind the bar in a stylish London club was juggling a shift behind the bar while simultaneously looking after (we say ‘looking after’) her baby son. In between serving people, the mom was apparently drinking too and smoking, while holding her toddler up onto the bar to dance. The only way this could be a worse is if it were a strip club.

11 Drunk Mom Who Just Let It Flow


When you gotta go, you gotta go, but when you’re drunk, you tend to become a lot less selective about where you choose to go. One guy recalls seeing a mother walking down the street when she suddenly stopped to answer nature’s call. She was holding hands with her young child before stopping and stepping into the road to take a leak. She was wearing jeans at the time and essentially just wet herself in front of her kid (How are you expected to potty train them after seeing this?).

The guy witnessing it all said he’d never seen a child look so mortified before. Poor kid. Apparently, the mother just took her child’s hand when she finished and carried on down the street. Hopefully, she didn’t have a whole day of shopping planned, because the smell would be enough to put that child in therapy.

10 Putting Used Candy Back In Its Wrapper


Like the disgusting tale of the booger t-shirt earlier, this incident should teach us all to be more careful when we go shopping. In this instance – never ever buy individual pieces of candy in the pick and mix section of the store! One Reddit user named Steph, witnessed something pretty horrible at her local grocery store. A boy had picked up a piece of candy in the bulk section, took off the wrapper and started sucking on it.

Instead of being honest with the cashier and offering to pay for a measly piece of candy, the mother of the greedy kid decided it would be much better to put the candy back where he found it. Warned by his mom that he would have to pay for it if he ate it all, he put the sweet back in its wrapper, twisted it good as new and put it back in the bulk candy bin. Unbelievably gross.

9 Teaching The Kids A Lesson With A Duel


Usually, parents are meant to discourage kids from violence, but one mom and her boyfriend decided it would be fun to challenge the good parent stereotype and punish their kid by way of a duel. This sounds like a medieval approach to parenting, but we can’t even imagine parents in the middle ages being stupid or cruel enough to try this. When a Seattle mom found out that her teenage daughter had gone to a birthday party without her permission, grounding her wasn’t an option.

Instead, the girl’s mom decided that the only way to teach her daughter a lesson was to force her to have a sword fight with her stepfather. (No, seriously). In defense of their actions later, the teen’s mom and her husband explained that they were Renaissance enthusiasts who regularly fought outdoors for fun. This doesn’t look so good to the police when your teen daughter is covered with bruises and lashes and collapses from exhaustion. Whatever happened to confiscating her cell phone for a week?

8 Hallucinating From Lack Of Sleep


Insomnia can make people act in strange ways, but when you’re a new mom, we’re guessing this ratchets up a few notches since every waking moment of your life is dedicated to the welfare of a little screaming, pooping human being. It’s only natural then that some overtired mommies can become a little overemotional and do something a little crazy (and we’re not just talking putting on two different types of shoes).

After one too many sleepless nights, one mom confessed anonymously on a Buzzfeed post that she became hysterical after looking at the cover of a magazine in a store. The front cover picture on the magazine depicted a baby peering out from inside a trash can and – in the poor mom’s insomniac state – she believed that the baby in the photo was hers and that someone had thrown her baby in the trash! She apparently started to scream upon seeing it, which can’t have looked cool in a crowded mall. Poor lady.

7 A Sticky Diaper Situation


When you have a 2-month-old, everything becomes so hectic that looking in the mirror before you head out the door becomes a luxury. With everything a new mom has to remember, her own reflection isn’t always a priority and can lead to potentially embarrassing situations such as this. Some new moms might rush out of the house with messy hair or wearing only one earring, but this poor mommy, in particular, had something stuck to her back all day – and it wasn’t a ‘kick me’ sign!

New mom Kimberley from Jacksonville, Florida had been putting her 2-month-old baby girl in the car when she flung her scarf around her neck and headed out for the day. Unfortunately, one of her daughter’s diapers had become stuck to the scarf and stayed there for hours until someone kindly pointed it out to her. Cringe. Thankfully, this isn’t as gross as it sounds because the diaper was new, but this still must have been pretty mortifying!

6 Grade F For Parenting


Every parent wants their kid to do well in school, but if they don’t it’s not exactly nice (or helpful) to embarrass them with that fact. Unless you have the mentality of this pretty cruel mom, however. When Ronda Holder’s 15-year-old son came home with bad grades, it didn’t just disappoint his mom – she was enraged and demanded that he be punished for it. How? By wearing a sandwich board detailing his failure whilst walking back and forth beside a busy road.

Ironically, the grades her son performed most poorly in were in his gym class, so all that walking up and down must have at least made him a little fitter. In all seriousness though, this is taking discipline way too far. The fact that the poor kid was forced to wear an embarrassing sign for several hours kinda borders on child abuse. Another irony to this punishment is that neither the mom or dad graduated from high school!

5 Moms Caught "Smoking" Over Their Child’s Stroller

Smoking a regular cigarette around young children is already frowned upon, but some moms like to take things to the next level of screwy parenthood. Take these two moms, for instance, who were caught smoking a joint outside a local library, right above their babies heads. The guy who spotted them said the women were hovering over their kid’s strollers so that the ash was falling directly onto the kid’s heads. Classy.

What’s worse is that the guy who saw these moms apparently saw a similar looking stroller later that week, except this time, it was left unattended outside a bar in the middle of winter. Parenting fail 101. Kidnap, smoke inhalation, hypothermia – when it comes to thinking up dangerous scenarios for their babies, these women seem to have the full house. People like this probably leave their kid in a hot car while they go on a shopping spree too.

4 Smacking A Kid Loudly In The Mouth


The moral issue surrounding smacking children will probably always be up for debate amongst parents. Some would argue it’s an effective discipline tool but others will see it as nothing more than child abuse. Depending on where you stand on smacking children, there’s no doubt this next story of sketchy parenthood falls into the child abuse category. Reddit user Keira remembers seeing one mom smack her child hard across the face for saying something – whatever it was, it doesn’t justify violence.

The worst bit about this sighting is that, according to Keira, the child didn’t seem to flinch at all. This kind of suggests that this poor kid is used to regular beatings and the fact that this mom was hitting her this hard in a public place could mean the abuse is even worse behind closed doors. Everyone has a right to raise their child how they want, but this mom clearly takes discipline way too far.

3 The Pregnant Woman Fighting In The Street At 2 AM


Okay, so this is about a pregnant woman, but as a mom to be, we’re definitely counting her as a mom acting pretty crazily in public and it doesn’t get much odder than this. How often do you see a heavily pregnant lady engage in a fist fight outside Taco Bell at 2 am? Not very. It sounds like a comedy sketch or some kind of hidden camera prank, but it was real alright and one Reddit user saw the whole thing unfold in horror.

He spotted the woman having angry words with someone outside Taco Bell and smoking (10 motherhood points to this woman so far), but far worse than the smoking was the danger she was prepared to put her unborn child under when she threw up her fists and began fighting the other person. She apparently threw down her cigarette before lunging at the other person in a wild stupor. Thankfully, police soon arrived to break it up, but seriously, how dumb can you get?

2 Violent Outburst While Riding the Bus


Some moms really don't care how they act in public, least of all how they act in front of their child. Negative experiences can shape a child in later life, but no-one told this reckless, foul-mouthed mom who probably scarred her child for life as well as pissing off just about everyone riding the bus with her. In a Reddit post about the worst parents ever seen in public, one user Sophie shared the time she saw one mom fly into a violent rage simply because she couldn’t fit her buggy in the aisle.

The mom stormed onto the bus and demanded that an elderly lady “moved the -- out of the way”. The old woman apparently stood her ground at told the mom that she had nowhere to move to as the aisle was too big for the stroller. Later, when the elderly woman got up to leave the bus, the mom made a beeline for her pulling her hair and kicking her (which broke the old lady’s glasses). Unbelievable.

1 Feeding Her Baby Mountain Dew Formula


Babies need breast milk and formula to grow up healthy. Some moms may occasionally branch out to giving them juice – which isn’t great for growing babies as it can be quite sugary – but even then, it can’t be as bad as nursing your newborn with a can of soda! That’s right, one mom thought it was perfectly legit to feed her 3-month-old some good ol’ Mountain Dew – the carbonated and caffeinated drink that college students probably use as study fuel.

Reddit user Monica spotted the Mom of the Year runner-up while she was getting her car serviced and apparently saw the mom pour the Mountain Dew can into a baby bottle, before propping it up in her baby's mouth while she had a cigarette. Not only is the sugar content enough to rot the poor kid’s baby teeth before they even form, the chemicals have been known to produce ADHD-like symptoms…neat.



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15 Sketchy Things Moms Were Caught Doing In Public