15 Sketchy Things Every Wife Feels The Need To Hide From Her Husband

The life of a couple is one full of intrigue and secrets. From small things like hiding the TV remote or blocking ESPN, to the big things like hiding a massive credit card debt or still being in love with an ex, there are secrets that surround a couple throughout their entire time together. You could be the most loving pair of husband and wife, but you would be lying to everyone and yourself if you thought that no one knew you were having trouble in the relationship.

Newsflash! Conflict is part of a relationship. No two human beings can live together for more than a year without getting pissed off at each other every once in a while. If you can, that is good for you because you might just be the best couple in the world. Meanwhile, we are here to talk about the regular couples who have problems in the relationship and who keep secrets from each other. More than that, we are going to tell you a little bit about some of the dirty little secrets that every wife could, at some point, hide from her husband.

Like we said before, these could be huge secrets but also small things. Either way, these things unavoidably appear during the course of a long-term relationship. And the best metaphor we could find for these secrets is that of a crossroad. At this crossroad, you could choose to keep the secret or you could choose to tell the truth. The path you take could dictate the rest of your relationship or could end it. Here are the secrets, what will you choose to do?

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15 Attraction To Other Guys

Well, this is quite the forbidden topic when you are near a loved one. If you are in a long-term relationship or if you are married, it is a given that you have decided that you are going to stay with this person despite the many other attractive people who live around you. Some people might kid themselves and say that they are not attracted to anyone who is not their significant other, but we all know that this is just not true. As long as you are a human being, you are going to be attracted to other human beings.

Unless you are someone like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, we highly doubt that you could go your entire life without feeling attracted to someone who is not your husband or wife. Nevertheless, this is the kind of secret that you really don’t, and maybe even shouldn’t, tell your significant other.

14 Attraction To Other Girls

And here is where we get to the interesting stuff. Since it is already 2017 and it seems like the world is going towards a more tolerant tangent, with people more accepting of folks who are attracted to people of the same s*x, we feel this is a subject that we should touch.

If you browse places like Reddit, where people can make anonymous confessions, you will not have a hard time finding confessions of husbands or wives who say that even though they are still attracted to their significant other, they are also attracted to some people of the same s*x. This is more common than any of us believe, but it is a stigma that creates a secret within a couple. And this is a secret that we find hard to believe many people would be willing to tell their significant other. Just imagine the reaction of an average husband if his wife came up to him and said she was leaving him for the neighbor’s wife. That would make for a good novel, though.

13 Secret Money Stashes

Via: thebusinesswomanmedia.com

Oh, money. Money might just be the one thing that can end a relationship quicker than a cheating scandal. When you think about it, especially when we delve into the realm of celebrities and wealthy people, there are a lot of relationships that revolve around money. The people involved in them might try to say it’s not, but everyone in the family and around it knows the truth.

Once you enter a long-term relationship, especially a marriage, it is pretty much a given that you should be honest with your significant other about your finances. Nevertheless, there are wives who hide some of the money they make from their husbands for any number of reasons. This is kind of a sketchy secret because it seems really unfair. This can go both ways, but if one side of the couple is honest about their income and shares it, how unfair is it for the other party just to hoard her money?

12 Financial Debt

Via: huffpost.com

Another aspect of a couple’s financial life that could end up ruining a relationship is debt. And this is one side of the financials of a couple that wives, and sometimes even husbands, seem very prone to keep secret from their significant other. Whenever a huge credit card bill arrives and they decide to pay it with another credit card, which in turn becomes an ever-growing snowball of interest and debt, a person might think that it is better to keep it to themselves so they can suffer alone and take the psychological load from their spouse. But, this is one of the most common mistakes you see in marriages.

Yeah, you are taking the psychological load from your spouse...for now. That interest is just going to keep rising, and the debt is going up along with it. You are doing nothing but hurting your significant other in the long run. Yeah, hiding financial debt is one of those things that might seem selfless to someone but, in reality, is very selfish.

11 The Mother-In-Law Problem

Hey, who never came across an excellent mother-in-law joke? This can be one of the most problematic parts of a long-term relationship. It can go both ways for husband and wife. If you bring somebody home and your mom doesn’t like them, you will know, and they will probably find out soon enough. Moms are not known for keeping their opinions about other people quiet.

Now, there are those wives who know that their mother-in-law doesn’t like them, and they honestly don’t like her back. But still, they manage to hold on to this secret in order to keep their husband in the dark and safe from the war that has going on behind the scenes between wife and mother-in-law for years. It is kind of a sketchy secret because imagine how an oblivious husband would feel if, after 10 years of marriage, he finally found out that his wife and his mother actually despised each other.

10 She Hates Your Hobby

Via: feelthetip.com

This is one secret that every wife and girlfriend around the world probably keeps. First of all, unless you are an incredibly lucky guy, the odds are very high that your wife or girlfriend doesn’t like sports. They will sit near the TV and watch football on a Sunday with you, but you can probably tell that they are not that into it. We don’t like the idea of generalizing from a group of people, but most of the women who are into sports are REALLY into sports. They are the ones who will drag you to a stadium or arena and curse at the refs while cheering the home team on. And that is one experience every guy who loves sports should have in their lives.

But even if you are not a sports guy, the same thing can happen with almost all of the hobbies that men have. Another excellent example of this is video games.

9 Facebook Stalking

Via: postgradproblems.com

Social media is a dangerous place for married people; not only for married people but to each and every person who is in a long-term relationship. This is something that no one in a relationship will share with their significant other, but it is undoubtedly true. Your wife or girlfriend stalks your Facebook account. If you have a Twitter and they are into Twitter, there is a good chance they stalk that too, and the same goes for your Instagram.

Different from a few of the other secrets on this list, this is one of the sketchy little things that you will eventually find out after a while in a relationship. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, just ask your friends who are anywhere between 20 and 35 years old if they ever got called out by their significant other because of something they posted on Facebook. Not even posted, people usually get busted for things they are tagged in.

8 Her Browser History

Via: brobible.com

At the end of the day, one of the reasons why we are here is to teach and tell you things that you might not know about. This might not come as a surprise to every guy reading this article, but we are sure that one or two are going to be surprised by this revelation. Women watch adult content. Yeah, right? Who knew?

Well, it turns out that the adult industry is for everyone above the age of 18 or whatever the legal age where you live is, and everyone apparently makes use of it. So yeah, there may have been a time or two that your significant other rushed to close her computer screens and delete her browser history, not because she was planning a surprise party for you but because she was hiding the fact that she was watching naughty content. Then again, we are not generalizing.

7 Shopping OD

Here is one dirty little secret that has been made famous by movies, novels, and anything in-between. Some women have a shopping problem. Shopping addiction is actually a diagnosed disease. Yes, there are people who go and have treatments with psychologists because they suffer from shopping addiction.

And like any good addict, a wife who is addicted to shopping is not going to tell her husband that she is addicted to shopping. No, what usually happens is that every time you piss her off, she will run to the mall and buy one of the most expensive purses she can find, then proceed to hide the fact from you when the credit card bill arrives. Now, this goes back to our entry about financial debt. So yeah, if you are a wife who hides your shopping addictions from a husband or vice versa, you should probably tell him or go get some help.

6 Food (So She Doesn’t Have To Share)

Now, every couple has their secrets. But one secret that we believe is unforgivable in any instance is when someone has a hiding place for cookies. Yes, if you get married, you are supposed to share everything, including the cookies. We have seriously come across a Reddit confession in which a woman claimed that she hid all the cookies she bought with her own money so that she wouldn’t have to share it with her husband. And while that is hilarious, it is kind of controversial.

On one end, this would be completely fine if her husband was a fiend who ate all of the cookies by himself. But otherwise, you are just being a brat. Then again, we have to consider the fact that no one really likes to share their cookies.

Coming back to a more serious aspect, there are also wives who suffer from eating disorders and keep those from their husbands, which is the wrong thing to do since most husbands would provide a helping hand in fighting that illness.

5 Jealousy

Via: imgflip.com

Jealousy is one of those few emotions that no one can go their entire lives without feeling. You cannot go a month in a relationship without feeling jealous of something at least once. Every time you are walking down the street, there are opportunities to feel jealousy. The two most common ones are when a husband and wife are walking together and then another guy walks by and eyes the wife from top to bottom. The husband immediately feels jealous, but he won’t give anyone the satisfaction of knowing that he was jealous because of that. The same goes for the wife, but the situation is a little bit different here.

The two of them are walking down the street and a hot girl walks by. The hot girl doesn’t look at the husband at all. But, being a dude, there is nothing the guy can do but turn around and take that second look as the hot girl walks away. Yes, your wife or girlfriend might not immediately tell you how pissed off she is, but you can be damn sure that she saw what you did.

4 Secret Social Media

Via: youtube.com

So far, in our ranking of things that could end a relationship rather quickly, we had financial problems and adultery. But since we are in the Internet age, we can totally add social media to this mix. We already talked about how wives and girlfriends can spend a good deal of time stalking their significant other’s social media accounts, but there is also another aspect to this.

There are wives and husbands who have secret social media accounts. These are some of the most dangerous things one can do. A secret social media account is a risk that might not be very well worth the effort. For example, imagine a wife decided she was unhappy with the marriage and wanted to get something on the side. She went ahead and created a Tinder account. You all know where we are going with this, right?

The chance of someone getting caught with a secret Tinder account is so big that it clearly is not worth the effort. Still, you would be surprised at how many people are caught doing stuff like this.

3 Health Issues

Via: cloudfront.net

Hiding stuff from your significant other is almost never a good thing. But even within that realm of bad stuff you shouldn’t hide from one another, there are certain subjects that are borderline dangerous to keep from your partner. The biggest one on that list might just be health concerns. God forbid, imagine someone gets the bad news from the doctor that they tested positive for something like HIV and decided not to tell their partner. There are so many ways this could backfire and ruin more than just your life that we can’t even put it into words.

Sure, talking to anyone else about private health concerns is something tough to do, but it is something that is necessary. You are not only putting your welfare in danger, but also the welfare of those you love when you hide stuff like this. Even if there is no risk of you physically endangering someone else, like after you get diagnosed with something like cancer, you must remember that those who you love will stand by your side and make things easier.

2 Not Satisfied With The Relationship

This is a big one. This is not only a sketchy secret that a wife might keep from her husband, but it might also be a sketchy secret that she keeps from herself. One of the biggest fears of someone who has been in a long-term relationship is finding out that they are not satisfied with the direction their relationship is heading. There are many ways how this could happen. It could be that things are not the same in the love department, maybe you have spent way too much time together and found out you don’t really like talking to your significant other, and there may also be bedroom problems.

Either way, it is very common for people to keep secrets like these hidden from their husbands or wives. No one wants to be that guy or gal who has been married for 20 years, and all of a sudden walked into the living room and told their long-time wife or husband that she didn’t want to be in this relationship anymore.

1 Love For An Ex

Yeah, it turns out that you were the rebound guy. If you have had the chance to watch How I Met Your Mother, you know how devastating being in a relationship with someone who is still in love with their ex can be to a person. The problem here is that you will not find someone who will be upfront with you and tell you that they still have unfinished business with an ex.

Much on the contrary, you will not find anything about this until it is too late. This is by far the dirtiest secret you can keep from someone, especially if that someone is your husband. Seriously, why would you agree to marry someone new when you are still in love with an ex? This seems unfair to everyone involved. First of all, the wife is lying to herself. The husband is just becoming a passive victim of a scheme that will hurt him the most. Meanwhile, the woman getting married gives the ex the sense that she is over him and has already moved on. Literally, no one wins in this situation.

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