15 Annoying Signs You're Part Of A Really Cringe Couple

Not all relationships are created equal. There are people who can handle a relationship and people who become insufferable when they get into one. Some people take a relationship in stride while others become completely consumed with the new person in their life to the point where it becomes a dependency.

More often than not, these problems arise in new relationships. Eventually, these traits work themselves out and people become less insufferable as the relationship ages. Many times, though, these traits continue deep into a relationship and make friends on both sides cringe.

It doesn't matter how new your relationship might be; if you are guilty of any of these, your friends are talking about it. You may see some of these points and think, "Yeah, I do that but my friends don't hate me." Rest assured, they don't like what you've become. If you find yourself on the wrong side of any of the following, check yourself before it gets out of hand.


15 "We'll Be There"

This is one of the most disheartening phrases a person can hear from one half of a relationship. In most cases, friends of part of the couple are exclusive to that person. When their boyfriend or girlfriend is around, everyone has to act differently—especially the one who's part of the couple.

Couples who invite their significant other everywhere are the worst. We invited you, not her/him. A boy's night or a girl's night can be completely ruined by the couple showing up.

They ask questions like "Who else is going to be there?" to try to test the waters, trying to find out if any other boyfriends/girlfriends are there to talk to theirs. Leave them at home! You don't have to do everything together. It's healthy to have different friends, and forcing your friends to hang out with your partner will only make them resent him or her.

14 Pet Names

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Whatever you do behind closed doors is your business. But as soon as it bleeds into the public, you're going to get some eye rolls. Certain pet names are standard, like "babe." "Babe" is the classic way to refer to someone you're dating. That being said, saying "babe" 1,000 times in a minute gets pretty insufferable as well.

The more corny nicknames are what really annoy people. "Honey Bear," "Baby Cakes," "Muffin" (there seem to be a lot of food-related names), and other such names are disgusting to hear as an outsider. These are the type of names that seem right at home with a flurry of Eskimo kisses. Again, do whatever you want when you're alone. Just don't bring your nonsense to our ears.

13 The Social Media Presence

Everyone who is in a relationship posts pictures of themselves. That's a completely normal thing to do. Where it gets insufferable is when their feed is completely clogged with their significant other. It's as if they're inventing reasons to show how cute their partner is. YOU'RE IN LOVE, WE GET IT!

This is the most prevalent in new relationships, and so is tagging your partner in everything you see on Facebook with a couple heart-eyed emojis or a "OMG we should do this!!!" comment.

In the rarest and most insufferable cases, some couples get a joint Facebook or Instagram page. These are pages you want to avoid like the plague unless you happen to love people shoving their manufactured happiness down your throat all day.

12 The Gym Couple

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This is partially tied in to the social media presence, but is in its own niche of terrible couple behavior.

Couples who work out together can be great. They motivate themselves to stay fit and are able to push each other to be better. The annoyance arises when the couple starts smooching in between sets or worse, they post a photo of some sort of weird couple's body weight exercises with a "relationship goals" hashtag.

The only thing worse than a fitness bragger is a fitness-bragging couple. They post photos of them kissing while squatting and other kinds of nonsense that don't serve any purpose. They try to trick us by posting an inspirational quote below, as if that's the real reason they're sharing this photo.

We get it, you guys are fit. Sweet, now leave us alone to watch Netflix while eating a rotisserie chicken for one.

11 You Spend Every Waking Moment Together

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It's great to find someone who you enjoy spending time with. There's nothing wrong with having your best friend be your significant other. I think everybody wants that in their life. Sometimes, though, it's healthy to have some time alone or with friends to put everything into perspective.

Some couples aren't too annoying when they're always together, but not all of your friends are going to want to see your partner every time they invite you over for a beer. Some people seem to be too scared to say, "I'm going out with a friend," without asking if their partner wants to join. Sometimes, it's better to spend some time apart. Alone time can even be refreshing in many cases. That makes your time together that much more special.

10 You Say "I Love You" Immediately

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For most people, love is an extreme emotion. Love is something you express after months of being with someone, not something you throw into a conversation three weeks into a fling.

Telling someone you love them too early is a minefield. For one, it puts the other person in an awkward spot a lot of the time. You shouldn't say the L word unless you know you have an L word coming back at you.

Some couples throw the word around far too early, though. They may think they're in love, but it's weird to hear people who aren't comfortable enough to poop in the same house express their undying love for one another. In order for love to be real, both parties have to do at least one disgusting thing in front of the other. Those are the new rules starting now.

9 You Text Each Other In The Same Room

This is a pretty annoying move from anyone, but it's especially bad when a couple does it. Most people have probably texted someone in the same room to talk trash about another person in that room. This is acceptable(ish), but only if the receiver of the text doesn't blow it by asking, "Why did you just text me?"

When couples text each other from the same room, it's usually far worse. First of all, they make it obvious as to what they're doing. They say, "Look at your texts." The other one opens it, laughs, and then says "never mind" when you ask them what it was.

On top of making everyone in the room paranoid and uncomfortable, this is a terribly annoying thing to do. It's like you can't go five minutes without your little inside jokes.


8 You Completely Changed

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This topic covers a wide variety of other topics, and is surprisingly common in new relationships. One person in the relationship molds their interest to be more compatible with the person they're dating.

Everyone has some negative traits, and being in a relationship can sometimes change some of them. A partner can motivate you in a good way, but sometimes this involves changing into a completely different person.

You stop hanging out with the same people because they don't like your friends. You stop participating in your favorite hobby because your partner thinks it's lame and boring. This is one of the saddest items on this list, because some people lose their identity in a relationship.

This is especially bad when the relationship doesn't last. In the end of it, you've changed into the perfect match with your ex but lost yourself in the process.

7 You're Always Talking About Your S*x Life

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As soon as someone goes from being someone you're hooking up with to your significant other, friends' interest in your s*x life goes away. It's fun to swap stories when someone is in the abstract, but when you can put a face to the name when they talk about going down on their partner, it's gross.

As soon as a friend begins dating someone, that person becomes a s*xual non-factor. You don't want to think of them in a s*xual way, so hearing the intimate details about a late-night bone session is cringe-worthy. Sometimes, it seems like they're telling everyone to compensate for how things really are.

Hopefully, the s*x is always great; I wish you the best. We just don't want to hear about it.

6 You Neglect Friendships


Relationships wither and die, but friendships last a lifetime. Almost everyone has had one or two friends who get a significant other and disappear. As soon as that Facebook relationship status changes, they are a ghost until they split up. Best friends are often lost because people become so infatuated with their partner that they think they're all that matters.

This, like most of the items on this list, is mostly a problem in new relationships. Sooner or later, someone is going to want their friend back, but it may be too late. When you continuously say no, eventually, people will stop asking.

If you're one of the people who neglected a friendship in favor of a relationship, take this next weekend to hang out with your friends. You don't need to see them as much as you used to, but shunning them altogether is annoying as it gets.

5 Matching Outfits

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Matching outfits is a cardinal sin of relationships. Even people who are guilty of every point on this list can still groan at a couple wearing the same thing. Unless you're going to the prom together, there's no need to wear the same colors.

Wearing the same clothes is as insufferable as it gets. You might as well be wearing shirts that say "I made him wear that" and "She made me wear this." Be your own person for us one time, please.

Halloween is another acceptable time for matching outfits, but if you're going apple picking and wear the same color flannel, then you might get run over by the hay ride. There's not a jury in the country that would convict the driver either.



PDA is revolting no matter who it is. The two most beautiful people in the world could be making out on a park bench and everyone would think, yuck get a room. Kiss and cuddle on your own time and leave it at home.

This is another insufferable relationship act that's often perpetrated by new couples. They can't keep their hands off of each other, which is fine when you're alone but disgusting when you're in a room full of people.

The silliest part of PDA is that everyone knows how gross it is to watch. Somehow, though, the people partaking in such an egregious act don't seem to think the disgust applies to them.

We're happy for you, but at the same time get that nastiness out of our faces.

3 All You Talk About Is Your Relationship

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For some people, spending time apart and neglecting friendships aren't big problems when they get a relationship. Instead, these people just pollute the conversation with relationship problems and cute stories that will make you want to jump out of a window.

Happiness is great. It's awesome to see your friend in a happy relationship. What's not great is hearing them talk about their partner every time he or she is gone from the room. Nobody wants to hear how much you love and miss them.

People who complain all the time are even worse. Just break up if they're making you so miserable. We hang out with friends to have fun, not to hear about how their partner liked some random girl's Instagram bikini photo.

2 Arguing In Public

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Most of these points are geared towards couples who are happy in their relationship, but some couples are equally terrible when they're unhappy. Everyone has known this couple at one point in their life, and if you haven't, you were probably part of that couple.

Some couples have no boundaries, and this is at its most evident when they fight in front of people. They sit there with a group of friends and take shots at one another until they've had enough booze to start yelling.

The same goes for couples that go into another room to fight. We can hear you in there. When you get out, everybody has to pretend that they didn't just hear both of you say some unforgivable stuff followed by s*x noises.

1 You Think Everyone Is Jealous

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It's a minefield when you're trying to hint at the fact that you're friend is part of an annoying couple. Everything you say will sound petty, and it's easy for them to come back with the classic "you're just jealous."

If you're single, then your friend will think you want a relationship like theirs. If you have a relationship, they'll think you're jealous because yours isn't as good as theirs. They don't consider the fact that jealousy has nothing to do with it; their relationship is just genuinely repulsive.

A lot of people are happy where they are in life, and just because someone criticizes how you're acting, doesn't mean their jealous. In most cases, the people criticizing are the farthest from being jealous. They know how you're coming off and don't want other people to look at them in the same way.

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