15 Signs You're Getting Duped By Your Sugar Baby

While there are certainly differing definitions that define a relationship between a “sugar baby” and a “sugar daddy,” most of them can agree that it is a romantic relationship where a younger, attractive woman meets up with an older, well-off man. Most of the time gifts, dinners, trips, and sometimes cash is given in exchange for the woman’s time, comfort, and other favors, which are outlined by both parties before the relationship begins.

After two people enter into a relationship like this, things either go one of two ways. The rules and guidelines could be followed by both parties and both will continue along, happy to be getting something out of it. However, sometimes, one side of the relationship, which is usually the sugar baby, takes advantage of the situation, demands more, and gives less. Things might just slowly turn in her favor or she could flat-out ghost you except for on the days you give her an allowance.

It isn’t always easy to see the signs of deception but these are some of the ways to figure out if you are getting the short end of the stick. One good rule of thumb is to simply stick to the arrangement initially set up; if she diverges and strays too far into left field, cut her off and find someone else who is more appreciative of your effort and your time. They aren’t always clear, but these are the things to look out for if you are worried that you’re getting duped by your sugar baby.

15 She Avoids Your Phone Calls

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One of the most important parts of having a relationship like the one between a sugar daddy and sugar baby is having a connection. Another important part of the relationship is communication, which is usually done over the phone. Since most sugar arrangements include long, steamy phone calls at the whim of a man’s desire, it seems rather silly that a sugar baby would start repeatedly avoiding phone calls when that was part of the whole agreement in the first place. It’s one thing if she isn’t much of a phone talker and you knew that detail from the first meeting but if you used to talk and now you talk a lot less, or not at all, then you may be getting duped by your sugar baby. Try to remedy the situation by asking her to call a little more often or be more available. If she ignores you then it’s time to move on to the next fish in the sea.

14 Every Place You Go Falls Short Of The Mark

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If a woman is trying to be a sugar baby, she is looking to exchange her time with your money, in one form or another. Usually, it tends to be in the form of an allowance, fancy dinners, beautiful presents, or elaborate dates or trips. Most of the time when a woman is given any of the previously mentioned things, she is grateful and overjoyed. A sugar baby who has lost interest, however, is none of these things. Instead, she’ll likely reject the places you take her to dinner for one reason or another. Unfortunately, regardless of your decision or how much thought and planning went into the night, everything you choose is going to fall short of the mark. She might give some half answers when you suggest that she choose a place but even then, she’ll be unhappy and cut your time together short.

13 She Doesn’t Care About Your Presents

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Now, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want any more presents; it’s that she doesn’t care for a second how much thought you put into it or what the gift might symbolize to you. If your sugar baby is trying to pull a fast one on you, she won’t care about any of those things. All she’ll care about is how much it cost and when she’ll get her next expensively glamorous present. If she doesn’t feel like you are giving her the things she wants, you can rest assured that she’ll be looking for it from someone else. If you encounter or are already in a sugar arrangement like this, GET OUT NOW! Find someone who is going to appreciate the things you do for her. If one doesn’t care about your gifts and what they mean to you, then simply find one that will. Life is too short to give gifts to the ungrateful.

12 The Money You Give Isn’t Enough

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Even if you give her an allowance, a car, and fancy presents, it might not be enough. Even if you wine and dine her at the fanciest restaurants and take her on extremely elaborate and expensive getaways, she still might claim that it just doesn’t live up to her expectations. This type of sugar baby is a succubus. If you are being given a substantial offering in return for your time and affection, the last thing you should do is muck it up by getting greedy. Unless she steps up and adds additional skills on her sugar baby resumé, she didn’t really earn herself a raise, did she? So why bother giving it to her? Just like with the rest of these points of advice, if she starts telling you that the agreed upon terms just aren’t enough to satisfy her then tell her to go find someone who does. More often than not, she’ll find out that other men are not as generous as she first suspected and she’ll come crawling back to lap up her allowance.

11 She Meets Up With Other Men

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Now, this point is a little more difficult to figure out without some additional help or some serious sleuthing skills. One of the most obvious ways you can tell that you are being duped by your sugar baby is when she meets up with other men. Just like in a normal relationship, the woman seeing another man is never a good thing and he should always be treated like the competition. If you do suspect that your sugar baby has another sugar daddy on the side, make sure that you do your homework and have evidence before you come forward to confront her. If you are wrong in your accusations, you may lose your baby forever. On the other hand, if she’s playing you for a fool, she’ll soon give herself away. Just watch out for the details like excessive phone calls, additional emails, or unexplained absences during times you were supposed to be together.

10 She Dresses Differently Than When You First Met

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When you first met your sugar baby, she was gorgeous. If she wasn’t, then she wouldn’t have caught your eye. She probably wore an outfit you drooled over that showed everything that you could handle, as long as you had the hefty wallet to pay for it. She was probably seductive, sultry, and left very little to the imagination, but that’s the whole point. Of course, she had to wear something that was going to take your breath away and if she’s really into you and the relationship, her wardrobe will stay that way. She will continue to dazzle you with the unimaginable way fabric seems to cling to her body as long as you please her with your generous and doting arrangement. If she tires of you and your funds then you’ll see her clothing go from Oscar-worthy couture to threads you might find at a flea market. The makeup and hair will be the next to go.

9 She Shows Up With Things You Didn't Give Her

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It is safe to say that most sugar babies out in the world who have sugar daddies to support them choose to forgo the regular work to make ends meet thing. They have their “daddy” pay for it all. Since that is the case, and you are supposedly the sugar daddy in the picture, all the fancy presents she gets should, in theory, be from you. If she starts showing up with things that you haven’t paid for, you should be a little worried. Don’t be shocked at every new thing she brings around, not gifts that a family member would buy her, but things like fine jewelry, expensive clothes, or new fragrances are probably from another man who is also paying for her time. It isn’t often that she’ll admit that the item or scent is new but some women are known to tell on themselves. You might beat yourself up believing that there was a hint of some sort before she took comfort in another man’s arms but that isn’t usually the case. She’s just out to get as much money and presents from as many different daddies as she can.

8 She Takes Other Phone Calls During Your Time

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To be honest, anyone who excessively takes phone calls during another person’s time, regardless of whether or not they are in a sugar arrangement, is rude in our book. It is one thing to take a work phone call, to handle an emergency, or even to check in on your kids but if you are taking and making call after call just to catch up or chat a bit is just a waste of the other person’s time. Things are even worse when it comes to a relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy. If she is using your precious time together to talk to other people, she’s not respecting what you want or your time. Since you give her so many reasons to stick around, it seems silly that she would want to be so obvious about trying to screw you over.

7 She Tries To Wrangle In More Cash Cows

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Not all arrangements require the sugar baby to remove her profiles on arrangement type websites, but most of them encourage it; it’s the polite thing to do. If you want to know if your sugar baby is trying to dupe you, be sure to check up on her old profile, probably the one you met her on. If it is still up and running, and active, you might just have an issue at hand. Keep in mind that not all dirty sugar cheating is done in such an obvious manner. You might have to look for different profiles, under different names, and sometimes on entirely different sugar match websites entirely! If she feels like you aren’t giving enough, she’ll be out there still looking for the seemingly bigger fish to fry. It probably wouldn’t be the best idea to set up a fake profile to try to trick or poach her. If you do discover you are being duped, dump her and move on.

6 She Doesn’t Want To Go Out

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It is pretty obvious by now that the sugar baby who is just out for all of the money and none of the relationship is just out to take everything you have. These women are no good and will stop at nothing to get their way. One major sign to watch out for in a sugar baby/daddy relationship is when she stops wanting to go out, or never liked to in the first place, and yet still expects crazy expensive presents. Usually, the scenario plays out that the man presents the woman he takes to dinner with a fine necklace or tickets to a trip. A woman who is just out for the dollar sign will expect the gifts without wanting to give up any time of her own. She won’t get ready to see you; she won’t get dressed or meet you out. She will, however, be sure to call you if you failed to send the present to her ever waiting doorstep. Again, this is not a woman who you should waste your time on.

5 She Demands More And More From You

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In addition to the excess of presents and gifts, she’ll expect you to keep her happy while she tries to skirt her end of the bargain. She’ll begin to demand more and more money. This is when things can get really tricky. These women are of the insatiable sort and often do things like use blackmail to keep the influx of cash coming in. It really doesn’t matter if you started out with a dealing that outlined a several thousand dollar allowance budget. She’ll stop at nothing to take it all. If she’s just out for your money, she’ll simply leech off of everything you own while failing to offer anything in return. The allowances will get bigger and bigger until you realize you’re paying the amount of a second mortgage on a bit of fun. If you had an arrangement, you both agreed to terms up front, when you both met. If she didn’t hold up her end of the deal, she’s not entitled to anything at all, and certainly not more than what was originally agreed upon.

4 She Makes Excuses For Everything

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Another sign to watch out for is when your sugar baby makes excuses for everything. One day she’s sick, the next day she’s at her parent’s, her brother’s, or her grandparent’s house. The next time you want to spend time with her she’ll be unavailable, out of town, or unable to pick up the phone. You’ll try again and again to reach out until you realize a month has passed and you still haven’t seen her. Most sugar babies who are just out trying to trick their sugar daddies will make up just about any excuse to avoid spending time with them. Of course, the only exception to missing a meet-up is the meet-up where you hand over her monthly allowance; that’s one she’ll never miss. If this is how your arrangement is set up, with you both meeting to exchange the cash, you might be lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse as she gets her spending money and high tails it out of there.

3 You Discover Her Lies Along The Way

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It should really go without saying that both sides of these relationships could possibly be really shady. You don’t really know the other person and honestly, they could be lying about things right from the start. In fact, most of them are. On the sugar baby’s side, she’ll lie about her age, weight, the place she went to college, her romantic history, and her goals in life. On the other side of the playing field, the daddy will also lie about his age as well as how much money he makes, how many times he goes to the gym per week, the places he’s been to in the world, and the place he graduated with honors from. While you can’t really blame someone for trying to pad the score sheet a little, some of these people are lying about everything down to their very core. These can be the most disturbing and most dangerous of the bunch.

2 She’s Never Satisfied With You

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You don’t have to be completely satisfied with each other for the whole sugar relationship to work. If you both were so compatible then you would be getting married instead of having this type of arrangement. Of course, even the happiest of marriages rarely find two people who are entirely satisfied with each other but you can tell the difference when someone doesn’t like you to the point of disdain. Like previously mentioned, there are plenty of other women out there who would be overly appreciative of an allowance and nice presents that you shouldn’t waste your time running after a woman who was never satisfied with you. If she isn’t satisfied in the beginning of the relationship, she won’t be satisfied with anything you ever do. These women don’t want a relationship; they want an errand boy to deposit money in their bank accounts while they continue to live on easy street without a care in the world.

1 She Ghosts You But Still Expects A Check

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Unfortunately, there are still some gullible men around the world who will continue to pay for something that is no longer there. Even after a sugar baby has ghosted them, they still willingly send large sums of money for the woman to do with as she pleases. It seems ridiculous that someone would do this but it is more common than you think. Although some saps might do it, you don’t have to be among them! You should understand by now that if you have an arrangement between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy and she starts neglecting her end of the bargain, you’re getting taken advantage of. The worst, and most obvious, way that she could show you she doesn’t give a damn is when she ghosts you entirely and still expects deposits in the future. It was supposed to be a deal that was on your time for your needs and she turned it into something that suited her needs and fit within her schedule. Don’t be one of those men. Don’t get duped by your sugar baby.

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