15She’s Bold, Too Bold

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Of course, she’s bold. That’s one of the endearing traits that made you turn your head in the first place. If she wasn’t so striking, so bold, so defiant, you might not have taken a second glance. A girl can be the most beautiful in the world but if she doesn’t

have a passion that drives her spirit, she’s nothing more than a vapid empty shell. It’s not that being bold is the issue. The issue is with her being too bold. Being bold means that you aren’t afraid to step up, step forward, and basically do what you want. Being bold can be a great quality but being too bold can be a key ingredient in a recipe for disaster. Being too bold or too forward often leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and a ton of awkward moments. Do yourself a favor and find a girl who knows when she’s being too much.

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