15 Signs You're Dating An Alpha Female (And Why You Should Run)

Some people think of an alpha as the lion in the jungle, taking down every threat in the vicinity. In many ways that is true; an alpha woman is often clever, cunning, and obsessed with herself. Now, she doesn’t have to constantly stare into a mirror to be obsessed, but someone who allows nothing in but her own wants and needs could certainly be termed as obsessed.

When you are looking for someone to be with, it can be easy to fall for someone who is oozing confidence, taking charge of the situation, and forging a path where others have not gone before. Although that woman sounds like a dream, all of those traits are commonly found in an alpha female, just intensified. Just like with carbs and sugar, there is such a thing as doing things in moderation, and an alpha just can’t be bothered with moderation in the world they live in.

When she is bold, she is far too bold and often scares away people who aren’t used to the intensity. When she pries, she digs deep into your private information to get the information she wants by any means necessary. She knows what she wants, exactly how to get it, and you had better not even step in her way. Instead of dealing with the hassle that no doubt comes with dating an alpha female, you should really turn around and run fast and far away. You have been warned.

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15 She’s Bold, Too Bold

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Of course, she’s bold. That’s one of the endearing traits that made you turn your head in the first place. If she wasn’t so striking, so bold, so defiant, you might not have taken a second glance. A girl can be the most beautiful in the world but if she doesn’t have a passion that drives her spirit, she’s nothing more than a vapid empty shell. It’s not that being bold is the issue. The issue is with her being too bold. Being bold means that you aren’t afraid to step up, step forward, and basically do what you want. Being bold can be a great quality but being too bold can be a key ingredient in a recipe for disaster. Being too bold or too forward often leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and a ton of awkward moments. Do yourself a favor and find a girl who knows when she’s being too much.

14 She Asks A Lot Of Questions

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We hate to be the ones to break the news to you, but it’s human nature to question pretty much everything that comes in our path. It’s not bad to ask questions, but there really is a time and place in which you should do so. When you’re dating a female who sits there and pries into all of your affairs, be prepared for the relationship to be a nightmare. When someone asks a few questions about something, they are most likely just trying to learn something new. However, when someone is asking too many questions, they are really just gathering ammo to use in future arguments. The situation gets even worse when they do shady things to get the answers to the questions they have about you. Some alpha women will pull any strings to cash in on your juicy secrets. She won’t stop from trying to get into contact with your boss, your mother, or even your ex.

13 She Always Wants To Be In Charge

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It’s pretty self-explanatory when you hear the word “alpha.” You think of someone or something that is in charge. The alpha female is the leader of the pack. It is a wonderful thing to have a woman that isn’t afraid to plan a date, or otherwise take charge of a situation from time to time. It does, however, become extremely annoying and hard to deal with when your girlfriend wants to be in charge all of the time. It’s nice to have the weight lifted off of your shoulders every once in awhile but it’s also important to be able to order whatever YOU would like off the menu, not whatever she thinks you should have. You don’t need that kind of “strength” in your relationship.

12 She Expects A Lot Of You

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Being in a relationship with any sort of woman is going to be grueling work and each one is going to expect something from you. Again, it goes back to the whole human nature thing. Most human beings do need care and nurturing, and someone to tend to their needs. That’s why we seek out a partner throughout our lives. When your girlfriend is an alpha female, she still needs someone who can take care of her, but in a different way. Since an alpha has such a dominating personality, it can take an awful lot to remain equal to them in their eyes. You know as well as I do that once she gets tired of you, you’ll be tossed to the wayside like last week’s trash. Being with an alpha is sort of like playing a game in which you must have the stats to match her, but you can’t dominate her or she would no longer be the alpha.

11 Her Confidence Is Top Notch

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If you ask a lot of smart people what they thought one of the key ingredients to an effective and happy human being was, they would probably reply with one word: confidence. It is true that confidence is key, regardless if you are in a business meeting, meeting someone new, or simply being your best self every single day. Unfortunately, just like in the case of being too bold, having a woman by your side whose confidence is so out of this world is often too much to handle in a relationship. Since she’s the alpha, she already knows that she is the top dog and the level of confidence that comes with that is often too hard for people to deal with. Confidence is key, and definitely something that everyone should have, but juggling a person who has an overabundance of confidence should be one of the top reasons to turn around and run away.

10 She Can Be Condescending

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No matter what they say, most things that come from a strong alpha woman’s mouth are said in a condescending manner. Maybe not every word is dripping with disdain, but certain parts of the conversation have more attitude than others. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but other times she’s either doing one of two things. She’s trying to bait you into an argument by talking down to you, or she’s simply being a jerk. Having to handle traits like resting b**** face is going to be just one of the many things that comes with the territory of being with an alpha. It will be difficult to handle being talked down to but what you really need to keep an eye out for is when she starts talking to your friends and family in that same condescending tone.

9 She’s Rarely Willing To Compromise

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Going hand in hand with the part of her brain that tells her she needs to be in charge is the part that makes it so she isn’t willing to compromise. To her, what she says goes, period. If you say anything else, you might just receive a quick kick in the rear. Most of the time, regardless of what’s being said or what situation is going on, the alpha woman is going to be unwilling to compromise. If you do get into a situation where she is willing to compromise, watch out! Just because she says it’s OK, doesn’t mean she actually feels that way. Like before, she could be storing this up to use against you later or she could be just trying to catch you in a trap. Either way, it’s not something that you should want to, or have to, deal with in a relationship.

8 Each New Fight Brings Up Every Single Old One

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Remember how we talked about all of that emotional and verbal ammo earlier? Well, this is when she is going to bring it out to use it: in the fight. Of course, getting into a fight with an alpha is nothing like getting into a fight with a regular woman. It is so much worse. With each new fight or argument you both experience, she will manage to find a way to bring up everything that was said or done in every single fight that you’ve ever had. Each of the instances she’ll point out will paint you as the bad guy and there will be very little that you can do to stop it. To make matters worse, she’ll most likely often make it seem like you played her as the fool, even if you haven’t. If you are unlucky enough to catch an alpha who has friends, she’ll make sure that they think the very worst of you, too.

7 HER Life And Career Come First

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As you would suspect, getting through this many of the signs and all, your woman’s life and career are top priority for her and they should be for you, too. If you aren’t spending your life trying to make HERS better, why would she bother having you around in the first place? The trick with this part of the game is that you have to simultaneously take care of your own needs and desires while at the same time going above and beyond to make an effort to contribute to her life as well. Of course, you can’t just sit there tell her how it is going to be, because if you took that kind of control, she wouldn’t have any hold on the alpha title. You have to secretly work on your own goals and life aspirations all the while catering to Her Highness. Or you could skip the whole idea and find a normal, non-alpha female to be in a relationship with.

6 She Speaks Her Mind

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One of the great parts about having a woman that is both bold and confident is that she often speaks her mind. That’s fine and dandy, but things begin to go south once again with a woman who is of a different caliber. With a woman like the one you’re dating, you have to be worried about her speaking her mind everywhere you go. There certainly isn’t a problem with saying some words out loud when you voice your opinion but when you say something that wasn’t necessary, in the worst places and at the worst time, you make the conversation and situation even worse. Most of the time, when an alpha woman is expressing her voice, she’s doing so loudly so that she can be sure that everyone within a mile radius can hear. Not everyone cares to hear her thoughts on the matter, but the chances are she’s going to tell you anyway, no matter what you say.

5 She Doesn’t Shy Away From Conflict

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Being the biggest and baddest in the group means that you will be challenged, and you have to overcome those who try to engage with you in order to take away your title of alpha. Just look at the wild animal kingdom, for example. Lions, which are often referred to as the kings of the jungle, practice these same “alpha” guidelines. If you aren’t fit enough for the task of being ruler, you won’t be able to continue to hold the name for very long. You may think they are different, but things are pretty much the same when it comes to our hierarchy. Some of the people who remind us that this is, in fact, true are people like the alpha female you’re dating. Because of her position, she doesn’t shy away from conflict, she embraces it. As you might suspect, this comes with a whole plethora of problems.

4 Everything Is In Full-Speed

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Top dogs tend to live their lives in the fast lane, pushing everyone else out of the way if need be. Your girlfriend, being the woman that she is, lives her life in the fast lane. Life is intense, but even more so when you actually matter, or when you believe you do at least. To this kind of people, things have to be intense and highly entertaining. If you aren’t keeping up with the pace, she’ll run circles around you before she makes the decision that you are far too boring to remain a part of her life. If you aren’t always getting in her face, giving her the specialized attention she craves, she’ll quickly find someone else who does. A woman who parades herself around like an alpha is one who is often hopping from one person to the next, never truly satisfied until she can find someone who can keep up with her.

3 Every Negotiation Is Turned Into A Battle

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It doesn’t matter if you took her to go get something to eat, or you took her out to go shopping. She’ll most likely start a fight, pretty much over nothing. It doesn’t matter if this is a fight you’ve already had or one that is entirely made up. She’ll look for fighting words in every sentence you utter, even if it’s just a compliment that passes your lips. There is no civil conversation or agreeing to disagree. No matter what the situation or what was said, you will always be wrong and she will always be right. Having to watch every little word that comes out of your mouth for fear that you might just unleash the Kraken of a beast that is your girlfriend is simply not the way to live. Adults, especially those trying to be in a healthy relationship, know that being able to communicate freely without hearing the judgments of the other person is one of the keys to having a successful relationship. That is just one of the reasons why dating an alpha female just doesn’t work.

2 Her Opinion Is Not Wanted But Often Given

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It’s hard to be out in public and NOT have an opinion. I get it, but most of the time we’re able to keep our less-than-nice thoughts to ourselves and go about our day. The difference between regular women and those who live to dominate their surroundings is that we know when to voice our opinion and when it is best just to stay silent. For them, it’s like the dial turned to a lever and it was permanently switched to on. When they come in the room, they make sure that the people in it are going to give them notice. Most of us think it’s commanding and rude but for an alpha, taking control is the only way they know how to get things done. If heads don’t turn when she walks in the room, there’s no doubt that you’ll hear about it, again and again, and again.

1 She Is Always Right

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To be honest, the case of the woman always being right doesn’t really come down to being an alpha female or not, it just comes with the territory of any woman. Although, most women already believe that they are always right (let’s just face it, we are), alpha females take the idea to whole new heights. As you might have realized before, the alpha woman is truly the apex predator. You can claim that you know what you’re doing dating a woman like that, you might even defend the idea by saying that that is the type of women that you usually look for but know that it’ll never work out. There is just too big of an ego to deal with, and trust me, it’s certainly not worth the headache. Find someone who respects your opinion, lets you get a word in, and is open to communication. Having someone so dominant in the relationship will always leave it one-sided.

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