15 Signs Your Girl Is Totally Faking Her Time With You

An issue that seems to be a bit of a sticky subject for men all over the planet, being able to tell whether your woman is actually having a good time with you, can be a bit of a mystery to the male species. However, in their defence, it isn’t always their fault. In addition to the fact that we have been raised in a society that encourages men to be promiscuous while shaming women for doing the same, we also live in a society that promotes unrealistic ideas about pleasuring a woman via television, film, adult entertainment, and the like. This means that the average male likely has skewed if not downright delusional ideas with regards to what it truly takes to pleasure a woman. And given that society frowns upon overtly "adventurous" women, many women are too ashamed to ever tell a man that they’re not “hitting the spot”.

Nevertheless, times do change. Given that we are finally in an age in which people are beginning to acknowledge that women can (and should) enjoy these special moments as well as the fact that slut-shaming seems to (very slowly) becoming taboo, it may be time for men to get their stuff together with regards to pleasing women in the bedroom. That said, the first step is identifying the problem. Are you afraid you’re not actually pleasing your lady in the bedroom? The following is an overview of 15 signs she’s faking it.

15 She’s Too Noisy… Too Quickly

Sex should be noisy, but not always excessively so. Granted, every woman is different. However, unless you’re extremely huge (or she’s extremely small), or she’s a virgin, it is not likely that your little man is capable of making her scream bloody murder as soon as you get into it. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble (who am I kidding? I love it!) but a lady’s love button is a muscle, and a strong one! There is almost nothing a man can do that causes her to scream from either pain or pleasure unless she chooses to (or is in extreme pain) and despite what the men may believe, the latter is not a compliment. In short, she may moan, gasp, whisper, or make noises, but it typically takes some time to build up to the point where she is clawing, screaming, and gasping for air. This means if she is screaming as soon as you get started, she is either hating it or faking it… possibly both.

14 You’re Not Even Enjoying It


Another telltale sign that she’s faking it is that you’re not enjoying it either. Sure, some of you may be thinking, “How could I not enjoy it?!”, and that depends on how you look at it. I realize that most sexual encounters are relatively enjoyable for most males. However, there are times when you want it to last forever and times in which you wish it would be over ASAP. In the case of the latter, she is likely thinking the same thing. Women are typically much more mental when dealing with matter of the loins. If you don’t feel the love, closeness, and connection, it is highly likely that she doesn’t either. If this is a common occurrence, do yourself a favor and talk it out or find a new partner.

13 Nudie Nagging


Moreover, if she is too concerned about the mess you’re making rather than helping you make it, she just might be faking it. In the heat of the moment, there is no time to worry about knocking down pillows, wrinkling/ruining sheets, etc. Think about it, how many times have you ever stopped the low flow in order to take out the trash?! Assuming the answer is 'never’, you should also know that when women are enjoying themselves, they will respond in a similar manner. On the flip side, if they are simply using sex as a tool for intimacy and/or to provide you pleasure solely, she will likely be focused on everything but what you’re actually doing as it is essentially doing nothing for her.

12 She's Photo-Ready Right After


In addition to that, being in the social media age has caused a bit of confusion with regards to sex and relationships. However, if she has enough energy (and looks presentable enough) to hop up and take a post-deed photo to post on social media, odds are, she really didn’t enjoy herself. Granted, every woman is different, and some may experience a burst of photo-taking energy after it’s over, much like men, the average woman is drained after they have (hopefully repeatedly) climaxed. The last thing she is concerned about is snapping a picture to make her friends (and exes) jealous. There will be plenty of time for that later. Moreover, in the case in which the woman has feelings for you, she will feel closer to you and will want to deepen the bond. If she’s not snoring, trying to cuddle, wanting to pillow talk, or something along those lines, while she may like you, she does not seem to be too keen on your bedroom skills.

11 Her Endings Are Synchronized


Does she always seem to “finish” right before Real Housewives of... comes on? Odds are, this isn’t a fluke. When women are not into it, they will often schedule a more pleasurable task in their heads once it’s over. She may glance at the clock a few times and suddenly everything culminates right around 8pm. Then suddenly she’s ready to grab a snack and watch her fave show like nothing happened. To be clear, it’s not that she’s not enjoying it at all, it’s just that she may enjoy other things more. Given that she has already accepted that she will be receiving no pleasure from your encounters, she must console herself in some way. Watching her show once it is over is her way of “pleasuring herself” for the night. I know, this is vastly different from what men think when hearing this term.

10 Rush Jobs


While everyone has been known to engage in the occasional quickie, this should not be the norm in most situations. Occasionally, if not frequently, your woman should want to be romanced and for you to take your time and really meet her needs. If this never seems to be the case, and she literally seems to be timing your encounters, this is likely because she’s faking it. Think about it, unless you have something super important to do, why would you ever want to rush such a thing? Assuming you also can’t envision a time in which you would willingly rush this experience for no good reason, please understand that if your woman is doing this, there is something wrong with your performance.

9 She Never Wants It


In keeping with that notion, if your woman never ever asks for it, it might be because she literally never wants it. To be fair, some women are too shy or bashful to ever initiate sex. However, there is a huge difference between not initiating and not reciprocating. On the one hand, when a woman wants it but is just waiting for you to ask, she will be putty in your hands once you touch her. On the flip side, a woman who never wants it will avoid affection at all costs as she is afraid it could turn into something else. In other words, if she’s faking it, it will be difficult to get her to kiss, embrace, or be close for too long. She will also routinely ruin the mood by physically pushing you away or creating verbal friction, and almost never invite you to engage in any activity that can be considered even remotely sexual.

8 No Eye Contact


Moreover, a lack of eye contact is typically a great indication that she is faking it. Given that most women enjoy sex as a form of intimacy, if she’s really into it, there is no reason why she won’t be starring deep into your eyes. It may not last the entire time, and she may even do so awkwardly, but, at some point, she will likely want to experience that form of intimacy. In the case in which she never seems to even look in your direction, she is typically not enjoying it and also may be daydreaming of a better time with someone else. This may not be the case. However, if she truly seems aloof the entire time you’re getting down and dirty, odds are, she’s just not that into you.

7 You’re Not Her Type


Did she tell you she doesn’t have a type? It might be true. Or, it may just not be you. Women (much like men) deal with different people for different reasons. In the case that you aren’t her type physically, this means that she sees the potential for a long term relationship, financial security, stability, or something else along these lines. In this case, many women will work with a man hoping that they will grow more attracted to them overtime. While this may or may not be the result, in the meantime, sexual encounters are cringeworthy, on her end, to say the least. No matter what they try to tell you, most women have a type, to an extent. However, to be fair, the preferred traits may not even be physical. For instance, the term “sapiosexual” is a terms used to describe a person who is attracted to others based solely on intellectual prowess. Either way it goes, if her exes all seem to have similarities, and you stick out like a sore thumb, it may just be because you’re not her typical type and thus, she may not be very sexually attracted to you.

6 She’s Drunk (And Dramatic) As Per Usual


Moreover, although there’s a saying that asserts drunk people are honest, that typically isn’t the case in the bedroom as far as women are concerned. Drugs and/or alcohol lowers your inhibitions, and given that many women have insecurities with regards to the their own sexuality, they often take full advantage of these moments. Women are typically much louder and aggressive when they are under the influence. However, as per usual, it is also typically just for fun/show. Furthermore, if she seems to need to be under the influence in order to do the deed to begin with, this is a huge sign that she’s faking it in some capacity. Although drugs and alcohol can enhance the mood, you never want that to be the only form of acceptable foreplay. If that’s the case, she’s probably faking it.

5 Dead Silence After The Deed


In addition to that, awkward silence following the deed is a telltale sign that your woman is not pleased. Just as men often want to yell it from the mountain top after they’ve had a good session, women are typically similar. Although it’s stereotypical, women do often enjoy cuddling, pillow talk, kissing, etc. after intercourse. She will often tell you how you made her feel, everything she loved about it, and may also request to have it happen again. What she typically won’t do is stare off awkwardly into space with a disappointed expression on her face. If this is the reaction you’re getting, she’s not deep in thought; she’s not stuck pondering on some deep, mind-boggling conundrum; she’s deeply disappointed. Do better.

4 You Suspect Her Of (Or Caught Her) Cheating


Now pay attention fellas, this one is imperative. If you have either caught her cheating or have a preponderance of evidence that suggest she’s cheating, it might be because she is not satisfied sexually. Just like with some men, many women shy away from confronting their partners on their subpar bedroom performance. This is especially the case when her other needs are being met to the fullest. For instance, if you are supporting her financially and emotionally, provide good companionship, etc. she may overlook the sexual component of your relationship as, in her opinion, the positives outweigh the negatives. Nevertheless, women are people too, and while many convince themselves that sex is not an important element of a relationship, over time, they find it is much more important than they originally thought. At this point, they typically pick up a super freaky “side dude” with whom they can act out all their nasty fantasies without worrying about judgment or ruining the relationship… at least, this is the logic used. Either way, if she’s in the bedroom with another man, it is likely because she’s not being pleased in yours.

3 You Have An Audience


Moreover, one of the top ways to tell she might be faking it is that you have an audience. While some women are bashful, others enjoy putting on a show. Does she frequently hook up with you when others are around, or better yet, do you pretty much only hookup when others are around? This is a sign hat she’s faking it. Although she may not be enjoying the deed itself, she may take pleasure out of putting on a show for others and being the talk of the town with regards to her loud, wild sexual encounters. Everyone has their preferences. However, if she seems to love screaming out the names of various deities while her buddies giggle at the door, try taking her to a nice, quiet location and see if you get the same reaction. Odds are, you won’t.

2 Lack Of Bed Puddles


Not to get too graphic, but sex should pretty much always be somewhat messy. Ideally, the area being ventured into is well lubricated, after minutes (or hours) of rolling around (and up and down), there should be at least some areas of your sheets that are damp to the touch. If not, it is plausible that she has some issues with getting or staying lubricated or it could be that she’s not into it and never reaches climax. Intercourse should never feel forced or painful to the woman. If she is complaining of such things, she is not having a good time and you should stop to figure out why. On the flip side, keep in mind that some women are overly lubricated and almost always leave small puddles behind. In addition to that, being turned on also does not necessarily mean she will reach her peak. In other words, wet spots alone do not a lady-killer make.

1 Lack Of Physical Signs


Lastly, it shouldn't be that difficult to tell when a woman reaches her peak. There’s heavy breathing, panting, scratching, clenching, sweating, and much more. If you do not ever notice any of these signs when she is supposedly at her pinnacle, it is likely because she hasn’t reached it. There are some things that can’t be faked and reaching climax is one of them. To a certain extent, women are able to fool men who are not in tune with their bodies. However, if one truly knows what to look for, it becomes difficult to impossible to pull one over. Much like men, women get wild, and animalistic when they are caught in the moment. If she doesn’t seem to totally zone out at some point during your encounter, you have not taken her to the promise land.

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