15 Signs Your Girl Is A Real Gold Digger

How do you know if the woman you are seeing is interested in you or just your money? How do you know if she’s a gold digger?

If you happen to be a successful and wealthy young man, well, kudos to you. But this successful lifestyle of yours should also come with a health warning when it comes to dating. How do you know if the woman you are seeing is interested in you or just your money? How do you know if she’s a gold digger?

Kanye West had a few lighthearted thoughts on this matter in his 2009 hit. But all joking aside, it can be hard work to figure out which girls are genuine and which are only after the expensive gifts and lavish lifestyle you can offer.

And let’s not forget, of course, that in this day of more s*xual equality, men can be gold diggers too, preying on well-paid career women who are hearing the loud ticking of their biological clocks!

Usually, it is your friends who will notice first if your partner is taking advantage of your generous nature, so never has it been more important to remember the old adage “Bros before Hoes”, or indeed the 21st century equivalent “Sisters Before Misters.” You can also check out the handy list below to see if your current girlfriend shows any of these common signs of being a gold digger.

15 She Asks About Material Possessions On The First Date

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First dates are always exciting as it gives someone a chance to get to know a new person and to find out everything that makes them tick. However, if you know what to look for, even this first meeting can yield clues that your girl is a gold digger. If she asks a lot of questions about your job–especially how lucrative it is–where you went on your last vacation, or what car you drive, then chances are, you have found yourself someone whose dream boyfriend is a well-stuffed wallet. Don’t rule out any girls who ask about your car, however, as you could have found yourself a genuine female petrolhead who will love your 1970’s muscle car just as much as you do.

14 She Is B*tchy About All Women


You will often find that the typical gold digger doesn’t have a nice thing to say about other women, even to her supposed friends. This is partly because she doesn’t want to lose her Golden Ticket (you, yes you!) to anyone else, but it is also because other women tend to be better at spotting when a girl is only in a relationship for the cash than the men themselves. If you suspect that you have become saddled with a gold digger, invite her to meet a female friend, and see what the reaction is. If they instantly hate each other and your girlfriend does everything she can to turn you against your pal, or your friend starts warning you that your partner is only after one thing, then it might be time to reevaluate the relationship.

13 It Is Always Your Treat


This may seem an obvious one, but many men still believe that the gentlemanly thing to do is to pay for your date when you go out. The difference between an old-fashioned woman who is happy to accept this state of affairs and a gold digger is that the former will sometimes, at least, offer to pay her share or even to treat you now and then, while the gold digger is happy to sit back when the check comes and let you take care of it every...single...time! It is the expectation that someone will always pay for her company that you need to watch out for.

12 She Always Asks For Expensive Gifts


Equally, if your significant other always seems to ask for expensive gifts around the holidays or on her birthday, then it might be time to check whether she is attracted to you or just your bank balance. There is nothing wrong with being generous–if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it–but if your girlfriend of six weeks asks for a diamond necklace for her birthday or expects to be taken away to an exotic destination for your first holiday together, it might be time to reassess your relationship and whether you are both in it for the same reasons.

11 She Has A High Sense Of Self-Entitlement


As the two previous entries show, gold diggers have a huge sense of entitlement when it comes to relationships. Whereas most decent girls would be horrified at the thought of a guy paying for everything and splashing the cash on expensive gifts, this is ‘situation normal’ for the successful gold digger. She may start off by saying thanks when you pay for dinner, and when that common courtesy starts to disappear, it’s safe to say that you’ve found yourself a girl who quite simply feels that the world owes her a living simply because she’s hot. She is definitely not wife material, unless you want to end up bankrupt by the age of 30.

10 She Is Climbing Up The Dating Ladder

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Everyone has heard of “climbing the corporate ladder,” working hard to gain promotion after promotion to secure more success and more money. But did you know that gold diggers do the same with boyfriends? She may have started small–dating the richest kid in high school–but your gold digger soon used the gifts he bought her to catch the attention of a much bigger fish. When your cash starts to run out or she spots a wealthier target across a crowded club, you can be sure that she’s going to do the same to you. Ask her about previous boyfriends and if there is a pattern of increasing wealth or even if she refuses to discuss them with you, then the chances are you’ve got yourself a gold digger.

9 She Uses Her Looks To Get Things Done


Gold diggers are usually attractive young women since, reportedly, not many gold diggers are successful into their 40’s or after they put on a few pounds. Well, attractive women who know they are hot also have a tendency to know that they can use their looks to get stuff either from you or from other people. If your girlfriend flirts with bar staff to get served first or flirts with the maitre d’hôtel in order to get a table at a fully-booked restaurant, then you might want to keep your eyes peeled for other signs that she’s simply using her looks to bleed you dry.

8 She Is Obsessed With Status


On the other hand, once you’ve got that table in the window that your other half had her eye on, you will probably notice a dramatic change in her attitude. Gold diggers are obsessed with status, and lowly waiting staff simply don’t register as important in her little world. The same goes for anyone who has no money and who therefore has nothing of value as far as she is concerned. You can learn a lot about a prospective girlfriend by the way she treats homeless people, for example. If she stops to say hi and give them a couple of dollars, then you have a keeper. If she steps over them as though they were a piece of dog dirt on the pavement, then you probably have a gold digger.

7 She Makes You Flash A Lot Of Cash To Keep Her Happy

The longer you date a gold digger, the more you are going to have to flash that cash to keep her around. After all, there is always someone richer than you, and if you find yourself spending increasingly ridiculous amounts of money just to keep her happy, then it’s time to make some tough decisions about where this relationship is going. What kept her happy in the early days of your relationship–paying for dinner, the occasional gift, a weekend away–isn’t going to cut the mustard six months down the line. Gold diggers expect you to raise the stakes, and if your cash is running out, then they soon will be too.

6 She Is Focussed On How Expensive Your Appearance Is

When a relationship is in its early days and weeks, you shouldn’t be able to take your eyes off each other. However, if you have found yourself a gold digger, it won’t be your eyes she’s gazing at but your watch, the cut of your suit, and, of course, the contents of your wallet. For a gold digger, the early dates are a chance to assess your suitability as a cash cow, so if you catch her taking sneaky peeks at what you’re wearing or taking a more than healthy interest in how much cash you carry, then make your excuses and make sure you never see her again.

5 Her Friends Are Gold Diggers


A girl’s friends say a lot about her personality. So if you are thinking of getting serious with someone, but have concerns that she might be a gold digger, then make sure you meet up with her pals first. A gold digger is going to hang out with other gold diggers or, at the very least, women who are only interested in the shallow aspects of a relationship. If you find yourself spending the evening with a group of vacuous girls who do nothing but talk about clothes, cars, and how much their last boyfriend earned, then it’s time to run for the hills.

4 Her Questions About Your Work Place Involve Money


If your date has a lot of questions about your work, it might be reasonable to think that she is just showing an interest in you and your life. However, pay attention to the kinds of questions she is asking you. If she is asking about what you enjoy about your work, whether this was what you always wanted to do or if you get on with your colleagues and your boss, that’s completely fine. If she’s asking about your salary, pension plan, and prospects for promotion and pay rises, then there’s a good chance that you have unearthed a gold digger. Proceed with caution!

3 She Is Clearly Out Of Your League


We can all be a little shallow even if we don’t want to admit it. And the fact is that most men are going to be very flattered if a very attractive, perhaps younger, woman shows an interest in them romantically. However, if a girl is unquestionably out of your league, then it might be time to question her motives. Perhaps she has fallen for your charming personality and your great sense of humor. Or maybe, she’s head-over-heels in love with your bank balance and your generous gifts. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

2 She Struggles To Keep Up With Her Friends, Whose Boyfriends Seem To Do Better


Given that gold diggers’ friends tend to be other gold diggers, then your girlfriend is going to be very keen not to be outdone by her pals when it comes to gifts, treats, and expensive vacations. If your date is always telling tales about what so-and-so’s boyfriend has bought her or where so-and-so’s fiancé has taken her for the weekend, then you’re going to have to make sure that she manages to keep up with the Joneses (or maybe the Kardashians would be more appropriate). If you find that your financial resources are becoming increasingly depleted so that your girlfriend doesn’t lose face in front of her pals, then you’ve got yourself a gold digger.

1 Her Social Media Is Full Of Expensive Stuff


You can find out a lot about a prospective girlfriend from her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. If her social media accounts are full of pictures of her in designer outfits, holidaying in exotic locations, and apparently dating increasingly older and richer men, then it’s basically a sure fire sign that your new girl is a gold digger. You can also get clues from the things she says about you to her friends on social media, if you want to really pry into her motives. If she moans about how frugal you are when you have been flashing the cash as much as you can, then it’s time to ditch her before she bankrupts you.

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15 Signs Your Girl Is A Real Gold Digger