15 Signs You Know You’ve Become A "Boyfriend Of Instagram" (And How To Get Out Alive)

We’ve all seen the insanely awesome photos of girls on Instagram that are so perfect that we often wonder how they got the angles right. These aren’t professional photo shoots and yet these “Instagram models” look as if they may as well be on the covers of magazines. There are poses perfectly and even the lighting is just right. How do they do it?

Drumroll please! In walks a "Boyfriend of Instagram" and we all stare in amazement. He looks just like any other boyfriend. He smells like a boyfriend — yes that’s Axe body spray we smell — but he’s not just like any other boyfriend. So, what makes these boyfriends special? They are called the “Boyfriend of Instagram” because they go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to doing things for their girlfriends. They are the ones you see holding up the light filters so their girl gets the perfect lighting in her shot or the guy standing precariously on the top of a couch so that he gets his girl in the perfect angle for her photo. Whether these guys are forced to do these things or whether they do them out of the kindness of their hearts, they are certainly set apart from the rest. Are you starting to recognize yourself here, boys? There are signs out there that you may be a Boyfriend of Instagram — subtle clues that you may have taken things just a little too far. We’ll share our knowledge with you, but we can’t promise you that there’s any way out. It may be too late to save you. Check out these 15 signs that you’ve become a "Boyfriend of Instagram."

15 You Know What A Light Reflector Is

Nobody outside of a real model or a photographer should know what a light reflector is and honestly, we had to look it up. Light reflectors are those square or round contraptions that are held in front of a model so that the light reflects beautifully on her face. If your girlfriend ordered one on eBay and asked you to hold it for her while she poses, then you are most definitely a Boyfriend of Instagram and one that is too far gone to be saved. How did this happen to you and why didn’t you even question it? This goes above and beyond getting the perfect angle, this is almost madness. We can only suggest that you hide it in the attic and tell her you lost it. If she thinks you’re incompetent, she may stop asking you to do these things for her.

14 Your Knees And Back Are Always Dirty

Do you find that you have been kneeling a lot or lying on the floor often to get the perfect pose? Whether it be on the beach, on the sidewalk, or on the boardwalk, you always seem to find yourself on the phone. Your girlfriend gives you those doe eyes and the next thing you know you are on one knee and it’s not for a proposal. We aren’t talking about selfies either; we are talking about when your girlfriend asks you to kneel down to get the right angle for her Instagram photo. We’ve always wondered how they get them just right and now we know. If you have callused or bruised up knees from bending down all the time or dirtied your the back of all your shirts, then you might be a "Boyfriend of fInstagram." There is no shame in admitting it. Just try to get out as soon as you can before it’s too late. You don’t want to be the guy holding the light reflectors next time.

13 You Go To The Beach...A Lot

Remember the days when you used to go to the beach to lie in the sun or to go out in the cool blue water. Maybe you had a few activities that you enjoyed like surfing or beach volleyball. Times have changed for you now, you sure go to the beach often enough, but when you’re there, you find yourself crouched in uncomfortable positions while your girlfriend contorts her body in various yoga positions. Yoga is the hot thing now, so you can be there all day while she demonstrates these skills while you’re getting cramps in your midsection while watching the other people have fun on the beach. Maybe you should fake an illness next time and go to the beach with someone who actually enjoys it. Run, Boyfriend of Instagram," run!

12 You’re Becoming A Cliché

If you want to know if you have become a cliché couple, a good way to tell is if you have taken a picture of your girlfriend walking away from you while holding your hand. Haven’t we seen a million of these vacation photos where you only see the back of the girl walking away, but she is holding the hand of her loved one? But we never see him, because this picture is not about the two of you as a couple, it’s all about her. It’s not even an original photo anymore because everyone is doing it. There she is looking awesome as she’s about to go surfing and where are you? You’re just a hand and you will always be a hand if you don’t put your foot down and say you will no longer be a "Boyfriend of Instagram!"

11 You Don’t Respect Yourself Anymore

Oh, sorry, did that hit too close to home? When it comes to being a "Boyfriend of Instagram," you start to learn that extreme photos are okay and that there’s never too many. It may start off simple where you are taking a couple of pictures every week and then before you know it, she's hired you as her “modelling assistant.” Light boxes are coming in the mail and you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror anymore. You cringe when you hear the words “just one more,” because deep down, you know it’s never just one more. If this sounds like you at all, then you know you've become a "Boyfriend of Instagram." It’s still early for you, though, and there is time to turn it all around. The next time she gets together in the hot tub with her girlfriends, just “accidentally” drop the phone in the tub. She’ll probably never ask you to take another picture again.

10 Your Girlfriend Coaches You

It’s pretty normal for a guy to take pictures of his girlfriend, especially if she’s beautiful. In our society today, posting pictures is pretty much the thing to do. You don’t even have to live an exciting life as long as you can portray that you live one on social media. You may not even be aware that you are a "Boyfriend of Instagram" because taking pictures of your girl seems totally normal. But if you are in the middle of taking a posed shot and she asks, “do my boobs look okay,” then you are a "Boyfriend of Instagram." We often wonder why guys would want to take these types of photos of their girl when they darn well know that 2,303 guys are going to be liking the picture by lunchtime. You’re in denial if you don’t think that’s true.

9 You’ve Asked Yourself, “What Am I Doing?”

One day you find yourself at the beach enjoying the hot sun on your skin when your girlfriend asks if you can take a picture of her and your friend. "No, biggie," you think. You stand up to take the picture, but she doesn’t want just any picture. The next thing you know you find yourself on the wet sand, taking an upside photo of your girlfriend at an angle that defies the law of physics. Just as you start to feel a cramp starting in your neck, it clicks to you that this may not be normal behavior. If at that moment you start questioning what on Earth you are doing with your life, then you might be a"Boyfriend of Instagram." At least you can start accepting what has become of your life and try to move on. You’ve already been in the wet sand, so it doesn’t get much worse than that.

8 You’re Never In The Pictures

Have you thought to yourself, "why am I never in the pictures?" That’s a pretty easy question to answer. Because it’s not all about you. It probably never is, because the only people that take these silly couple pictures where both people aren’t actually in the picture are only looking for attention. These girls want people to marvel at the cool shot and how romantic it looks that some poor "Boyfriend of Instagram" is following behind like a lost puppy. If you have wondered why you are never in any of the pictures, then you can consider yourself a "Boyfriend of Instagram." Ask yourself, if you didn’t have a camera, would she even want you there? Wipe that tear away sunshine.

7 You Feel Silly

If you are out with your girlfriend and she wants to take a photo of herself, and you cringe inside that might be a bad sign. Usually, one photo turns into ten and the next thing you know you are on a beach and she’s in a bikini, and you now have 50 new photos in your camera roll. If you are taking a bunch of pictures of your lady and she’s striking pose after pose and you start feeling silly and wondering what other people are doing then you are probably a Boyfriend of Instagram. For the record those other people are taking pictures of you, taking pictures of your girlfriends. That’s where we are now. You have to consider the fact that people may be laughing at you behind your back. But we get it, you love your girl and it looks like she squats, so good job!

6 You’re Cold

When it comes to Instagram models, sometimes, they can be really superficial. Check out any of their Instagram profiles and you know what we’re talking about. These girls will do anything for the perfect picture, even if that means leaving you out in the cold. It’s one thing to take a pretty picture of your girl; it’s quite another to pretend that your living a life that isn’t even real. Your girlfriend is begging you to take a picture of her in her bathing suit with both the pool and the ocean in the photo. Meanwhile, you’re shivering because the wind is blowing and you have ocean spray hitting you every 5 seconds. You tell her this is ridiculous, but she pouts and says, “Please baby just 6 to 12 photos, that’s all, I promise.” Sorry dude, you might be a "Boyfriend of Instagram."

5 People Tell You To Knock It Off

Are people in your life asking you W.T.F. is going on with you? We’re not talking about your gambling habit or the fact that you have a hard time getting up for work in the morning. No. Your cousin Bob wants to know why he saw you crouched behind a convertible that you don’t even own, taking a picture of your girlfriend. The truth is out, that photo your girl posted on Instagram the other day of her in a convertible isn’t even real because she doesn’t own a convertible. Ahh, the sweet joys of social media. Where people pretend they live lives they don’t actually have. We feel sorry for the poor guy that had to take this photo. Obviously, someone needed to get this shoot because it’s just proof that "Boyfriend of Instagram" will do anything for their girlfriends.

4 You're Totally Embarrassed When You Get Caught

Judging by the look on this guy’s face, it suddenly occurred to him that he already was a "Boyfriend of Instagram." We can see the stark realization on his face and what makes this photo even better is that we can see the shadow of the person who caught him in the act. Maybe you didn’t even need this article, maybe the realization that you were a "Boyfriend of Instagram" came to you the moment you looked up and realized that someone was taking your picture while you were taking your girlfriend's picture. In that brief moment, before shame and embarrassment hit, it dawned on you that you are in fact a "Boyfriend of Instagram." It’s not an easy thing to admit, but at least now you know what you are and you can hopefully do something about it.

3 You Have Two Cameras In Your Hand

If you are holding two cameras in your hand as your girlfriend and her friend pose, then you can bet that you are a "Boyfriend of Instagram." We’re not sure how you guys get yourselves into these messes. Maybe it’s the fact that you get to see two bottoms while taking the photo. Who’s to say? But if one day you find yourself at the beach taking pictures of your girlfriend looking out into the sea, and then you have to do the whole thing again with her friend’s phone, then there’s no escaping the fact that you are a "Boyfriend of Instagram." At least this guy can take comfort in knowing that he isn’t the only one because there are four other girls beside him making their boyfriends do exactly the same thing. These photos are definitely not original ideas.

2 You Wonder Why You’re Not As Happy As She Is

Look at how happy this girl is! She should be, she’s on the beach of Sydney, Australia and she’s so happy to be there that she wants to share it with the world. She passes you (#"Boyfriend of Instagram") her phone and asks you to take a picture of her. But she isn’t going to just stand there and smile. She’s going to swish her hair around and smile like she just got told she won 60 million dollars! All the while you are standing there wondering why she’s glowing and yet you feel sad inside. It might be because she doesn’t want you in the photo. You both are on vacation together, right? So why is she swishing her hair and grinning without you? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself, as well as why on Earth are you taking these silly photos!

1 Everyone Is Laughing At You

Just looking at this photo makes us shake our heads. Just imagine how dirty that sidewalk is and this "Boyfriend of Instagram" is crawling all over it like a dog. If you find yourself crouched and uncomfortable while people around are laughing at you, then you can consider yourself a "Boyfriend of Instagram." Even the girls in this photo are laughing because they probably can’t believe what this guy is going through to take a picture of his girlfriend. It’s a sad day indeed when taking a photo of your girlfriend means you have to get on your hands and knees on a dirty sidewalk just so that she has the perfect angle for her picture. Do you have no dignity man? We’re sorry to say that it’s much too late for you to get out, "Boyfriend of Instagram."


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