15 Signs That Your Girl Might Be A Cheater

Love is known to us human beings as one of the greatest human feelings. But its counterspell has always been infidelity. A terrible betrayal to love can tear apart not only the other person but oneself and also whole families. History says that love has always been the torchbearer of perseverance and strength even in the darkest of times. Where there is love, doubt and infidelity have no place to dwell. But if there’s no love, what about then? Can they creep in? And should they creep in? Two questions that constantly plague people stuck in unhappy relationships. But can you decide on an answer without wavering between two different opinions?

Infidelity is the worst fear that a lover has, deep down in his heart. It is not an easy task to think about. If you have a girlfriend or a wife who loves you from the core of her heart, you should be thankful to God. Open the windows and look outside. You’ll realize that rejected love is way more common than unrequited love. Not all are blessed like you. It takes guts to cheat on someone and some girls are so heartless that they will look you in the eye and kiss a man, and yes it is not an easy sight to watch. So take hold of the helping hand we're offering you. It's better to sever off all ties with such a witch (with a capital B) now than to go ahead with her and let her play with your heart. Have a look at these 15 signs that tell you your girl is a big time cheater. And if you find her incriminated, would you still have the same opinion on cheaters?

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15 A Big “No” For Doing It

You are in paradise when you’re on top of her and you look down at her, gazing upon your girl's beautiful face, with her eyes half-closed and those soft luscious lips gently parted displaying an array of emotions. All of this has been an integral part of your life and you had been enjoying it, until now. Things are not the same now, it’s easy to figure that out since you had been so intimate with her that even a slight change in her behavior was easy to sense. But then isn’t that what love is? She has taken a liking to someone else and she’s not interested in you anymore; she did not love you, simple logic. Take time and analyze her sexual behavior. In the beginning of a relationship, most women show a keen interest in sex, your girl was no exception. No doubt, sex is a necessity, but now she is avoiding sex. Naturally, why would she need you when her sexual desires are looked after by another man? However, she will never let you know about her double life because she doesn’t want to lose you. Catch the cheater! You have a thousand ways to find her secret boyfriend, wishing you all the best.

14 Her Phone: Her Most Prized Possession

You are deeply in love with her and in some corner of your heart, you have thought of her as your future wife, perhaps, so you have no hesitation in sharing your phone with her. In fact, you have absolutely no problem when your girl reads your texts because there is nothing to hide. But does she have an amused expression on her face when you ask her who she is texting? If yes, then you have a reason to think this way. Her phone has some dark secrets about her, and she never wants you to know about those things. Usually, those girlfriends who cheat on their man avoid any phone calls when their boyfriend is around. Even while going to the washroom, they carry their phone since they are practically living in the fear of getting caught. In a tricky way, ask your girlfriend her phone’s password, if she is not cheating you, she will tell it. You can also use some mobile apps that are exclusively designed to catch a cheating partner.

13 Way Too Interested In Your Friends

For a true girlfriend, her boyfriend is her world and she will have no interest in other men no matter how hot or seductive they may appear. Observe your girl’s interest in your male friends, is she too curious about them? One can sense when an inquiry is a normal one and when it’s not. Sometimes you may feel awkward when she digs more about your friend than she needs to. Well, your gut feeling might be right buddy. It’s a clear sign that she is willing to move on if she finds some other man. Usually, the ladies who get bored quickly from a relationship never miss an opportunity of meeting a stranger! Just like all other men, you introduce your girl to your friends at a party as a formality, but you really don’t want her to cross the limits. If she is a cheater she will voluntarily send a friend request from her end to your buddies on Facebook. One fine day, you may find her getting cozy in the arms of someone you knew.

12 Social Media Diva

Of course, she has the freedom to post her thoughts as well as her pictures on Facebook or any other social platform, but sometimes, her posts or selfies are too obscene or seductive and such posts receive hundreds of hot comments from men. As mentioned earlier, no one can ask her to restrain her social media activities, but as a boyfriend, you can’t digest them either. A committed woman will never encourage someone who wrote vulgar comments on her pictures; instead she’ll dish out a royal scolding. But you might find that she is very sweet to all those playboys on her social media accounts. She is as homely as one can be, it’s high time to consider your decision of moving forward with her or not. But, before coming to a conclusion, please approach her and convey your feelings, if she is really concerned about the relationship, she will correct her behavior. However, you can’t expect her to listen to your words if she is a cheater.

11 Yes, She’s Single

Did you hear that? Your girlfriend is so much in love with the “single” status that she once had that she is not ready to part with it. Single and ready to mingle! Of course, men may not approach her with a beautiful red rose if they know that she already has a boyfriend but if they think this beautiful girl is still single, who won’t? Have you checked her Facebook status? Is her relationship status still listed as single? It’s your turn to ask the reason behind not disclosing the relationship. Well, if she is serious about the relationship, rather than hiding you from her friends, she will take pride in announcing your name. She will be happy to hold your hand or to give a warm hug no matter how many people are keenly observing the both of you. She may not get upset, in fact she may feel overjoyed when you introduce her to friends as your future wife. These behavioral traits, if missing in her, clearly convey that she is playing with your feelings and one day will get rid of you too.

10 She Is A Perfect Gold Digger

The author of How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye, Moffat Machingura was right when he said, “The reason gold-diggers trivialize relationships is because they do not know love, they only know money.” A true woman will never let her man spend on her lavish life, instead she will make him save for his future. But that woman is not your girlfriend. She needs you as her credit card and there is no place for something called "love" so come out of that sweet lulling illusion and look at your relationship from a critical perspective. You will come to know of the truth. Her first preference is money and she has never seen you carrying an empty wallet. Perhaps that's why she decided to begin the relationship and is still sticking to you. Every month, she surprises you with a lengthy shopping bill and you pay it with a smile and you really don’t care. She is exploiting you because of your kind nature. Yes, she is a perfect gold digger, who will definitely dump you when a richer guy enters her life. So if you’ve realized your worth, feign poverty right away.

9 The Eyes Never Lie

When a person tells a lie, their body language leaves a clue that something is fishy. So, when you feel that you are the happiest man on earth, since you have your girl in your arms, think again. The next time, the two of you are together and she confesses her love to you, "listen" to her body language and see whether it matches with what she’s saying. When she is lying, you can feel that she is not confident and her gestures always convey a different meaning. Our eyes can never lie, and if she is not maintaining eye contact, perhaps, it’s clear that she is not speaking the truth. Especially when you are speaking about her whereabouts, she may not give a straight answer or think too much before framing her sentences, a true person really doesn’t have to think too much about an answer to a simple question. And when you strongly feel that you heard a lie from her mouth, cross check her answers with other sources and you will get to know the truth. Remember, only a fool will keep a cheating girlfriend in his life, you're not a fool, are you?

8 No Regrets For The Past

You may not know everything about her past, but at least a little about her previous relationships. Why did she break up with her boyfriends? Have you ever asked this question? Cheaters will have no regrets for their past. Of course, if your girl is secretly cheating you, she might have done the same in her past too. Sometimes, she may be bitching bad about her ex and comparing him to you. Please don’t get excited, carefully examine what she's saying, she may be upset with her ex because he never spent money on her or caught her red handed while she was cheating him. She will always keep you away from those people who are aware of her bitter past. While she was committed to her ex, she still found her way to you and came to your arms, leaving him alone. History may repeat itself, brace yourself for the impact because it may leave you shattered like the string of her ex-boyfriends.

7 She's Not Ready For Marriage

Since the first day of your love life, you have been dreaming of your wedding. Yes, it's a pleasant feeling that shows how serious you are about your relationship. When it comes to wedding plans, it’s typically women who show too much interest, but your girlfriend is an exception. While you are sharing your wedding ideas with her, she either avoids the topic or gives you a fake smile. That smile has a secret in it: she will never be your bride. Some women postpone their wedding because they are not ready; your girl may be giving the same reason, but, the hidden intention is different. She has no idea how many days she will be there in your life as your girlfriend. Of course, she will never say "yes" to a wedding, because she knows that it will be difficult to get out of a relationship once it becomes a marriage.

6  “Where Are You Darling?”

People who cheat on others always make sure that no one will catch them. Your girlfriend is on that list too and hence why she’s always very careful. Whenever she goes out with another guy, she calls you to ask “Where are you honey?” It’s not her concern for you, but a way to ensure that she can enjoy her secret date without any fear of being caught! Sometimes, she'll ask you to let her know well in advance before visiting her and of course, she just hates surprise visits. She often asks more details about possible business trips and sometimes she gets very nervous when you come home early. As you know, most unfaithful women bring their secret boyfriend home when their hubby/lover is out for work. You have read about such cheating stories in the newspapers and in tabloids. Please connect the dots! Only you can save your life from getting marred by the hands of a cheater, wake up before it’s too late.

5 Please Don't Come See Me Again, I'm Busy

Though there are seven days in a week, your girl hardly finds any free time to meet you. And when she says that she is missing you, there will be a selfish reason for that too. For example, she'll only call you when she needs something from you. Her phone is always busy and she never cares what you have been going through when she is away. How can a girlfriend behave like a third person if she really loves you? Time to think! You are also a busy man, but when it comes to the relationship, you make time, no matter how badly you are dealing with work deadlines. There are several women around who fake love just to fulfill their selfish needs. They share only problems with their man and the happy time with someone else. That’s painful, but that’s how a cheater lives! And you are the poor victim. Do you still want to be the poor victim?

4 Always Dressed To Impress

There is nothing wrong in spending a little more time on makeup and personal care, everyone does that and your girlfriend is also a human with all those common desires. But sometimes, it’s visible that she is trying to impress people with her looks. In the initial days of your relationship, she was too much concerned about her physical appearance and as the bonding became stronger she began to feel comfortable in her own skin. She has realized that there is no point in impressing someone who is already her own. But now she seems to be in that phase again, always dressed to impress, but for who? And all those efforts are not to get your compliments, boy, but maybe she hopes to get attention from someone else. Her behavior might have planted a seed of doubt in your mind, you can follow her like a detective to know the truth. This idea may sound awkward, but it will fetch you answers to unsolved questions that have been haunting you.

3 Too Much Sugar Can Ruin A Cup Of Tea

Somewhere in her heart, she is feeling guilty for cheating on you. So, she makes efforts to compensate for that and it makes her feel better! It may be through buying costly gifts for you without a reason or always being overly concerned. However, she is not ready to correct her mistakes and stay committed to you, yet she feels guilty now and then. If you discovered who she really is, you may leave her and never look back. She has that fear too. Whenever she feels that she is not loyal to a genuine guy, she thinks of doing something nice for you. That might convince you that you actually have the best girlfriend in the world, but the reality is far from it, dear. In fact, it’s too ugly to believe. All you need is true love for the love you give. Not sympathy or some compensation for being cheated on.

2 A Guilty Conscience 

It’s obvious, a person who cheats or thinks of cheating on his partner will not be comfortable in speaking about topics related to infidelity. Your girlfriend will not watch any TV shows or movies that are about extramarital affairs or cheating on one’s boyfriend. How can you expect her to watch someone who is enacting her role on the screen? In fact, if you want to know whether she is cheating on you, you can speak about someone’s extramarital stories in front of her and observe her facial expression. She’s bound to get drenched in cold sweat. Or else she will feign to have no interest in it, when in truth she’s scared sh*tless. Drag her into the conversation and ask about her thoughts on infidelity. All you will get to hear is her fake opinion. However, you can easily pick up on her hesitation and fear, unless you are an emotional fool.

1 Ready For The Worst?

“Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you've got to let it grow,” said the world-renowned musician John Lennon. As a boyfriend, you always try to keep her happy. No matter who makes a mistake, you are always on the apologizing end. Why? Because you want her in your life forever and you always end up putting the relationship before ego or pride. A day without her in your life? No, you can’t imagine that. You can’t think about having a breakup even in your dreams. But her point of view is totally different. She becomes aggressive at the smallest of things and the word "breakup" is always at the tip of her tongue, she can stay peacefully for days without making calls to you, but you can’t, because you are madly in love. A cheater doesn't care about her boyfriend’s feelings and is always ready to move on with another guy. When the right time comes, she will go away after initiating a fight for a silly reason. So are you ready for the worst?

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