15 Signs That Your Girl Is Not "Marriage Material"

”There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye-to-eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends,” said the wise Greek philosopher Homer. And isn’t that just beautiful? It is in the best interest of two people who confide in each other, baring all for the other, to be husband and wife. And that lays the foundation for the institution of marriage as we know today. Trust, love and care are the traits required in a bride for her husband. And these traits should be there, till death do them apart.

Rest assured, there is a woman who is destined for you, and is just perfect to be your wife. Moreover, you have no way of knowing God’s will before the time comes. So, if you have a girlfriend whom you consider as your soulmate, there is a thing or two you must consider before proceeding. It might seem a bit rude, but are you sure about her? See, being committed to a girl in a relationship is comparatively easy than being with the same girl in marriage. Marriage is not a child’s play. Impulsive decisions have a place in the relationships of girlfriends and boyfriends, but not in marriage. Decisions regarding and in marriage, alter your life. They require maturity at a level you might not be able to comprehend as of now. So how do you ascertain if your girlfriend is worthy of being made your wife? Well, go on to read the 15 signs that tell you to find out if she’s a marriage material or not. Hope it will calm the torment inside your mind. May peace be with you!


15 If She’s A Gold Digger

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Gold diggers are everywhere. Your girlfriend might be holding your hand because you happen to have a fat wallet. Her love for you will remain the same until you have enough bank balance to satisfy all her materialistic needs. A successful marriage needs love and a caring wife, not a gold digger. So let’s analyze your situation. You are totally serious about your relationship and very clear about marriage. To have a happy life with your future wife and kids, you have been saving pennies. But is your girl doing the same? Ask yourself. If she’s a gold digger, you’ll realize that your girlfriend has been using you like a credit card and you didn’t notice this fact because you were blinded by love. She would never want to marry you, and even if she does, you will end up as a victim. You will never find love, care and companionship in your home, but a couple of wardrobes filled with expensive clothes and fancy bags. Stay away from her. It’s good for your hard earned money and your peace of mind.

14 If She’s Always Suspicious

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All around the world, there are thousands of men dealing with a suspicious girlfriend. It’s an annoying behavior which renders a relationship painful. Your girl often checks your phone and consistently troubles you with irritating questions whenever she spots you with another woman. Though you are sincerely committed to her, you always have to give evidence of your loyalty. Things will become more frustrating when you will give a new dimension to your relationship, which is marriage! Since both of you will be spending more time with each other as husband and wife, no doubt her suspicious mind will reach its peak. You may need to answer her unending list of questions every night. Yes, that is what is in store for you! To please your wife, you may have to sever your ties with female friends. Would you really want that? It’s not too late to take the right decision.

13 If She’s Not A Good Confidante

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“Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife,” said the well-known Austrian composer Franz Schubert. You may have hundreds of friends and a bunch of very close buddies, but there are certain things that you can share only with your sweetheart, your darling wife. But is that happening in your case? Do you find your girlfriend as a person in whom you can confide your secrets? No? It can be deduced, then, that there still exists a gap between the both of you. This gap is indicative of the absence of love and trust. There are many secrets that you haven’t shared with her since you don’t feel comfortable in sharing them. When you express your problems, you expect her to sit next to you with a helping hand, but she behaves like a third person. She’s not the one destined for you.

12 If You Share Mismatched "Cravings"

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“Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvellous coverings. Sex is the cherry on top,” quoting the popular American actor Jimmy Dean. Sex is not only a sign of love but also a physical need. There is a possibility that both of you have different interests when it comes to the bedroom. Your partner may be having no libido for a freaky time whereas you are highly enthusiastic. In that case, your post marital s*x life might be gloomy. Of course, in the institution of marriage, your wife is the only woman who can look after your physical needs. You can’t resort to other women, as that’d be considered immoral. If she ignores you, then you will be leading a dismal life with unsatisfied desires. Some wives are greedy, they approach their husband and do the deed whenever they need, but when their husband initiate the same, they give a reason and deny. Rather than regretting it later, reconsider your decision of marrying her.

11 If She’s An Addict

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Ah, she can live without you but not without her scotch! Alcohol can enrich some beautiful moments. In fact, it has become a part of our culture and our celebrations. However, everything has a limit, including alcohol. Your married life will begin to get problematic if your girlfriend, and your future wife, is an addict. In fact, addicted individuals, as a rule, will always give importance to alcohol over people. Perhaps there is a possibility that she may say “no” to your marriage idea if you are against her drinking habit. However, even if she happily gives her nod to become your life partner, don’t get excited. She will turn your bedroom into a mini bar! Make her realize that she is on the wrong path and help her in getting out of her addiction. But if she is not ready to save the relationship by giving up on her habit, it is a clear sign that she is not marriage material.

10 If She’s Full Of Complaints!

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Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses, if you are someone who believes in this proverb. Unfortunately, your girlfriend has understanding of this. You have been trying your best to make her feel that she is a princess without a crown, but in all your efforts she always happens to find loopholes. “Darling, why did you get me the red bag? I liked the black one,” “I wish you could get a better job like Mike,” or “Please don’t take me to your mom, she is so conservative.” Your girlfriend has a problem with almost everything or everyone! You have already realized that she has no value for the things you like or your concern for her. Yes, your girlfriend also belongs to the same league, the league of unpleasant women who ruin the happiness of their husbands with silly issues. They can’t see a thorn bush that has roses.

9 If She Makes You Beg For Forgiveness!

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To err is human, and to forgive is divine. On this planet, every human being makes a mistake, but what takes him forward is the forgiveness endowed by the people who matter in that person’s life. Your girlfriend is too stubborn when it comes to forgiving you. Sometimes, she will consider your small mistake as a sin that causes a lot of pain too. So, it’s clear that her love for you is very fragile, if even a silly mistake can break the bonding of years! “Let’s break up” is at the tip of her tongue whenever she notices that there was a mistake on your side. Remember, after getting married, the word "breakup" will be replaced by its equivalent, "divorce!" You are the first one to go for a reconciliation whenever a fight takes place, and you never mind apologizing although both of you are equally responsible for the mistake. For you, your love is more important than your trivial ego. There are millions of successful marriages in this world because there is a value for forgiveness in those couples’ lives. You can become a wonderful husband, but happiness will be a mirage in your married life.


8 If She Is Never There For You

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The famous English entertainer Bruce Forsyth was right when he said, “The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls. If you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don't find very often, then that is what love is all about.” A great companion is one who will hold her man’s hand in the good times and in the bad times. Who is the first person she resorts to during troubled times? Of course, it’s you. You are the most reliable person in her life. No matter how badly you are caught up in your work schedule, you rush out to resolve her problems like a superhero. Unfortunately, you are not rewarded with the same behavior from her side. In the most crucial moments of life, you find yourself alone. However, you always accept her with open arms when she comes back.

7 She Has Already Broken Someone's Heart

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Love can happen twice, or maybe a million times. But there is something called commitment that holds two people in a relationship forever. Your girl might have dated another person before moving to your arms, but has she ever told you the reason behind her breakup? Now, you cannot peep into her past with a suspicious eye, but there is nothing wrong in keeping your ears open for certain secrets, especially secrets about her past relationships. If she had bid goodbye to a genuine lover just because you were more attractive or had a better job, then it’s a clear sign that she is not a good person. In fact, she might not have even the least bit of guilt for having broken someone’s heart. Remember, history can repeat itself. There is no guarantee that she will stay firm to her marriage in case she meets someone better than you.

6 If She Wants To Prove Her Supremacy

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If a woman is jealous of her boyfriend’s success and always tries to be better than him, she will never become a wonderful wife for him. A husband and wife are two faces of the same coin called marriage. No one is less or more than the other, and that’s the melody of life! Whenever you receive a promotion order or a salary hike, your girlfriend will be the first one whom you want to inform. Of course, if she is happy about your achievement it will be reflected in her eyes. But in your case, her eyes show jealousy. And when she gets a promotion, she’ll inadvertently say something that shows her true feelings and that reveals a desire to make the score even with you. You should not think of walking down the aisle with her. It will be the worst decision of your life. Some women, on the other hand, do not feel jealous but begin to develop an inferiority complex which proves to be a roadblock for a successful marriage. Rather than feeling happy for their man, they feel inferior and it creates a desire to be better than him.  If your girl is also one among such women, you will regret marrying her.

5 If She Has No Plans For Marriage

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Marriage is a beautiful thought for many women. They have hundreds of dreams about their weddings, and the thought of marriage makes them excited. In fact, many women decide when they are supposed to get married to their boyfriend. They envision their common future, their house, and having cute kids, but your girl has a different stand. Whenever you speak about marriage, she changes the topic. What may be the reason? Either she is having “not so pleasant” thoughts about marriage, or she is using your feelings just to while away her boredom. In other words, there is absolutely no commitment. Don’t be shocked if one fine day you kneel down with a ring in your hands, to propose and she turns you down. There are many such instances in our surroundings. So, before planning your wedding, make sure your girlfriend has a strong will to become your wife, otherwise, you will end up in disappointment.

4 If She Hates Your Family

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It’s believed that marriage is not just the union of two souls, but of two different families. When you tie the wedding knot with her, you are indirectly welcoming her family into your life. As a son-in-law, you have to be a reliable and responsible person to her parents and siblings. Well, you are happy and excited for that role. No doubt, your family is also expecting a daughter in her. But does your girl love your family? Will she treat them like her own family? You can find the answer if you observe your girlfriend’s behavior. She never attends your family parties even though she knows that your family loves her. Sometimes, she hates to see you spending time with them or buying gifts for your siblings. That’s disgusting! However, you take it lightly and console her. How long can you do that? Things will worsen after marriage! You may have to make a choice between parents and wife! So better now than later, exercise your choice in selecting a good wife.

3 If She Is Very Strict!

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You may be dating a woman who has a rule book for you. She may be the one who directs all your decisions. In fact, you feel betrayed of basic freedom in your relationship. She expects you to wear what she chooses and spend time with her whenever she needs you. Her priorities rule your life and you can't raise your voice because it has no use. Ultimately, she will be the one who will win the argument. In her perspective, she is always right. You are obliged to share your social media passwords and also the details of your expenditure. The most irritating thing is her constant phone calls to ask for your whereabouts. She even has a rule of having sex on specific days and in specific positions! We salute you for your patience. If you make her your wife, you may live the life of a slave to a martinet until your last breath. What a horrible life!

2 If She Is Too Critical

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To an extent, criticism is good if they are offered honestly and in good faith. If your girl is critical, you have certain benefits. For example, you always have someone at home who gives you genuine feedback about you and your works. But if she is too critical and you feel suffocated to be with her, you must reconsider your decision of becoming her hubby. If she suffocates you now, she may kill your confidence when she becomes your wife. There is also a possibility that you will start embracing silence when you are supposed to speak, since you’ll be living under the impression that she will criticize whatever you say. Some women never accept anything without finding a fault in it. God bless their husbands! Buddy, if you are dealing such a woman, you still have a chance to save your life. “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave,” said Martin Luther. This quote will be reversed if you are going to marry your girlfriend, and it’s that simple.

1 If She Never Misses You!

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Love is the essence of every relationship. In fact, nothing can define love, it is a feeling that can only be felt. Does she love you more than anything in her life? This is the most important question that must be answered in your mind. If she is really in love with you, she will miss your presence and nothing can take your place in her heart. When you drop her home, do you see the sadness in her eyes? Some girls pretend that they love their boyfriends a lot, but deep inside they don’t. If your girlfriend does not love you, you can easily feel that. Well, what can be expected of a person who could not truly fall in love with you even after years of being together? She will remain the same even after adopting your surname. In this world, there are many women who fall in love and lose interest in their partner unknowingly after years. However, they may get married to him without the husband realizing it. Of course, a marriage without true love will not be sustained for long. Do you want that for yourself?


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