15 Signs She's Using You For...

Hey guys, are you dating someone and you are just not totally clear on what her motives are? Things seem to be going fine enough, but then you get this upsetting gut feeling like she is not in it for the right reasons. Your friends think she is a total user, and the more you reassess the relationship, the more you begin to worry that they may just be on to something. Is this chick your “ride or die” or just using you for something?

If you are under the unsettling impression that she is with you for something other than love, it could be one of these 15 things listed below that she wants from you instead. If her kisses and embrace seem forced and she can’t be bothered with the things that are important to you, there is a pretty good chance that your main squeeze is trying to squeeze something out of you to benefit her own selfish needs.

Unless you are cool with this unfair and unkind arrangement, you ought to get to the core of the matter and find out the truth, even if it hurts. If she is using you, you deserve to find another woman who wants you for you and not what they can get out of being with you. There are other fish in the sea and your user can find another loser to hook in.

Here are 15 surefire signs she is using you for something other than your love and devotion.

15 Money

Does your woman only show interest when you open your wallet? Do you pay for everything you do together? Has she convinced you to give her money for clothes, rent, and bills? Have you been suckered into loaning money to her family members and friends too? First of all, you need to stop being a human ATM. Secondly, take note of the fact that this gal is only interested in you for your dough. She is a gold digger who has no desire to be your true love because all she loves is “bling” and “cha-ching.” Before she drains your bank account dry, dump her and take some extra shifts at work to replenish your savings. If she really loves you, she’ll beg for your forgiveness and never ask for another dime. But you can bet your bottom dollar she will have already moved on to her next “sugar daddy.”

14 A Place To Live

You thought things with your girl were moving along on the right track when she suggested she move in with you. She must really be head over heels to take the relationship to the next level so soon. Maybe she is even ready for an engagement. Before you get a ring, get a clue. This babe is using you for your pad. Her lease ran out and now she can live rent-free with you. Even if she pays part of the monthly expenses, she is still saving a ton by shacking up. Do not redecorate to suit her tastes and move all of your stuff into storage so she can have more closet space. Instead, leave a copy of the newspaper open to the classified ads. She will get the hint when you change the locks.

13 A Ride

Nice car! Yes, that is what your girlfriend is thinking too. And since she does not have a car of her own, your chauffeur services are most appreciated. So much so, that it is the only thing she finds appealing about you. Haven’t you noticed the only time she wants to see you is when she needs a ride to work, the nail salon, or to a friend’s house? She will hang with you for a while, as to not blow her cover, but then you are off, taking her to wherever she needs to be. And since you’re completely whipped, you pick her up and take her home too. Unless you are seeking a taxi driver job, this isn’t the relationship that will go the extra mile… pun intended. The next time “Miss Daisy” calls you, tell her to take the bus.

12 Your Connections

You are a man about town with friends, colleagues, and associates from all walks of life who have power and influence in your community and beyond. Once your girl found out about your inner circle, she automatically wanted to date you. Not because she was into you particularly, but thanks to your proximity to people she felt could advance her career or bring her closer to the finer things in life. She seems to be smitten with your boss who owns that giant yacht and she loves it when your best friend is able to get VIP passes to concerts and sporting events. She knows your older brother is a big shot in the political arena and your step-mom has an “in” with the “ladies who lunch” crowd. Keep your connections but lose the chick.

11 A Guy to Make Her Ex Jealous

Your girlfriend is still obsessed with her ex. And she is using you to make him insanely jealous, so he will want her back. You thought she really liked you, but you are her rebound/prop to flaunt around town so her ex gets word that she is now taken. She has no plans to be with you for the long haul. You are only part of her conniving scheme to win back her ex. She may have selected you because you are good looking or her ex knows who you are. Do not let this babe fool you. She may act like she’s all about you, but she is all about using you to get her man back or at least to ruffle his feathers. Tell this chick to fly the coop.

10 Dinner

A girl’s got to eat, so when you kept asking the girl you like to go on dinner dates, she accepted. And since you take her to some of the finest gourmet spots in town, she continues to take you up on your offer. She orders anything she wants off the menu with no regard to price. Lobster, caviar, oysters, and prime rib… she’ll get it and eat it all. And you keep picking up the hefty tab. She may enjoy these lavish dinners, but don’t expect dessert… wink, wink. She is not into you. She is in love with champagne and sushi. You may not enjoy going out to eat alone, but your own company is better than that of a user. Take her out for one final meal and send her home with a doggy bag.

9 Your Brother

Does your girlfriend constantly ask you about your brother and seems to only stop by your home when she thinks he will be at your place? Does she act especially friendly and borderline flirtatious around him? Just when you thought she was trying to get to know your family better because she wants to take your relationship to the next phase, you may be shocked to know that it is your bro who she is trying to get in good with. She may have liked you at first, but once she met your taller, more handsome, smarter, and funnier sibling, she no longer had any use for you. Talk about keeping it in the family! If your brother is a traitor too, expect to see the two of them seated together at next year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

8 Your Friends

You hang out with a super cool and diverse group of friends. They are all impressively successful, hilarious, adventurous, smart, and fun. You are okay, but nothing like your amazing and outgoing buddies. That is what your girlfriend thinks too. She thinks you are alright, but the main attraction is the folks you chill with. She met them through you, so it would be awkward if she dumped you, yet still wanted to be friends with your groovy group. So, she is just stringing you along so she can maintain her newly-formed relationships with your perfect pals. Everyone is trying to tell you that she is a fake and a phony, but you just do not want to believe it could be the case. Ditch her before your friends choose her over you.

7 Intimacy

When it comes to matters of the “horizontal mambo,” most people are under the assumption that the men are the “dirty dogs” and women are into “making love.” This may be true a good deal of the time, but not always. You may be really into a gal, but all she wants from you is what you can offer between the sheets. This may seem like a dream come true for some guys, but if you are truly in love and she’s only in love with what’s inside your pants, the relationship is doomed. She is using you for “nookie” and won’t become the kind of girlfriend or wife you are ultimately longing for. You can surely find a gal who wants more than a quick bang. But until you find her, you may as well enjoy the attention you’re getting from your horny honey.

6 Your Pool Access

You are super lucky that your apartment complex has an ultra-modern rooftop pool. Only the people who live in the private building have access, and they can bring a few friends when the weather is sunny and warm. Cocktails are aplenty, and the water is cool and comfortable. It's no wonder the chick you are with loves coming by your place during the sweltering summer months. She has her bikini ready and stays all day. But once fall rolls around, you can barely get a hold of her. What gives? Here’s a clue — she is using you for your luxe pool access. She doesn’t care about you. She just wants a deep tan and free frozen margaritas. Tell this summer fling to dry off and throw in the towel.

5 Your Free Liquor

You work at a bar at night and at a liquor store on weekends. Your access to wine and spirits is plentiful, just like your girlfriend’s devotion to you — well, not exactly. She may be around a lot, but it's not due to your witty conversation or boyish good looks. She is in it for the alcohol. Shot after shot, this chick is constantly hammered and hungover. She sticks with you because you are a never-ending tap to fill her up when her buzz starts to fade. She is wild for whisky, sold on scotch, and begs for beer. You are her personal bartender except she never tips. Once this babe sobers up, it's time to put a cork in this boozed-up hookup. Bottoms up to finding a new gal who doesn’t need “beer goggles” to find you appealing.

4 Your Sperm

You are a handsome, ivy-league educated, funny, and disease-free dude. You are the perfect man according to your chick. But she doesn’t care about her relationship with you — she just wants a sample of your DNA. She’s got babies on the brain and doesn’t want to hit up a sperm bank to start her family. Your “stuff” will do just fine and she will do anything to get her hands on some. You may not be aware of her plans, so keep an eye out for any signs that she is obsessed with reproduction. Be sure to always wear a condom and make sure she doesn’t get a hold of it after you’ve “made your deposit.” If you see her in a few years with a son that looks a heck of a lot like you, don’t say we didn’t warn you. You are the father!

3 Your Family And Friends Discount

You work in a high-end tech store and get amazing discounts on computers, smartphones, TVs, and gaming consoles. Your girlfriend says she loves you, but she's really in love with her 64” flat screen. Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, you offered her your sizeable friends and family discount to your store so she can get all sorts of cool stuff for herself and her family members. Haven’t you noticed that she is a lot more affectionate around holiday time or when it's her bestie's birthday? If you don’t mind dating a user, then keep on cluing her in on the big sales. But if you want a chick who likes you better than she does her Roomba, then ditch the gizmo-loving gal and find another who’s not as tech-obsessed.

2 Your Brain

We all want a partner who appreciates our sense of smarts, but not when they are using our intellect for their advantage. Say you're dating a gal in college or grad school but she just can’t seem to make the grade. She only started dating you around finals so you could help her pass her classes. Now she has you writing her term papers and deciphering her science lab results. It's nice to be smart, but you want real romance too. You did not join Tinder so you could review someone else’s book reports and do their calculus homework. What you need to do is dump the dummy and find someone who is on your level. Your current gal may be easy on the eyes, but she's no Einstein.

1 Your Amazon Prime Account

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Free and fast shipping, free music, and more — Amazon Prime offers lots of perks and plusses. That is why your chick wants to be with you. She does not want to fork over the yearly fee for these cool add-ons Amazon offers its special members. And why should she if you are willing to add her to your already-paid-for account? She orders something nearly every day and never has to pay an extra cent. She has all the entertainment she could ask for and you get nothing in return. She doesn’t even buy you anything when she shops online! Cancel your account at once and see if she still wants to stick around. Chances are, she’ll find someone else to mooch off of. This user is a prime example of someone to stay away from.

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