15 Signs She's Thinking Of Cheating And Doesn't Even Know It

Here's the thing. All of what I'm about to say about knowing when a girl wants to cheat on you is applicable to both men and women. So don't go thinking that I'm being sexist here. I just know that most of you will probably want to know all of this from the perspective of a guy. So that's what you're going to get. And if you need to, just change up the pronouns.

Have you ever wondered how you'd know if your girl was thinking of cheating on you? Even if she doesn't know herself that she's really thinking of it? Well, all I can say is that it would be a bad idea to mention to your girl any of these things you notice because then she might start thinking about cheating actively, realizing that she had already been thinking about it. And that would be a bad thing.

So, if your girl has suddenly become a workaholic, or changes her routine, or decides to change how she looks without thinking about you, or doesn't want to talk about her day, or can't stop talking about her best guy-friend, or isn't getting enough in bed... then you might have a few things to worry about. But don't worry, at least you'll know that it's an issue now. But you're going to have to figure out what to do about it.


15 She's Always "Working"

If your girlfriend suddenly starts overloading her to-do list between work and home, then you might have some things to worry about. It's different if she's only temporarily getting swamped at work, or hasn't been able to get work done that she wants to do at home. But if she starts staying at work longer all the time or doesn't have time for you at home because of how busy she says she is, she might be purposely distancing herself from you. Even if she doesn't know it. And that being said, if she has already been spending way too much overtime at work, she may very well already be having an affair. But that's not something for me to assume. That's something for you to find out on your own. Best of luck!

14 She's Making Changes To Herself


Changing how she is can mean a lot of things. If she's suddenly going to the gym and trying to lose weight or get more fit and she's not really talking to you about it, she might be trying to impress someone else. If she's suddenly changing her hair color, or doing up her makeup a little more flashy, then she might be trying to impress someone else. If she's going out in nicer clothes more often for seemingly no reason...she might be trying to impress someone else. Now, to be fair, she might not know that she's doing it. But be careful because she might be fully aware that she's doing it and that means you're very close to having a cheating girlfriend... if she isn't already cheating on you. Either way, if you notice sudden changes in how she carries herself and she doesn't really care to talk about it, you might want to consider what could be going on.

13 You Hear A Lot About Her Best Guy Friend... A Lot!

This is something I know a lot of people deal with. The "best guy friend". This sometimes takes the guise of someone everyone thinks is gay. But that's not always the case. I know some people who have been under the impression that their girl's best guy-friend was gay (but he was actually banging the girl). If you start hearing an awful lot about how awesome her best guy-friend is, you might have something to worry about. If everything is about hanging out with him and how he does this cute thing or that cute thing, she might not realize it, but she might be going a little further than the friend zone. And you might not realize it, but she might have already decided to leave that zone and start hopping onto that best guy-friend in a way you really don't want.

12 She Changes Up Her Routine Suddenly


Be wary of this. If your girlfriend typically goes for a run every morning and suddenly starts going for a run after her classes every night at 7 pm and she's not dressed for a jog, you might want to think about where she's going all dressed up. It's not a bad thing to ask, casually, how she plans to run in the outfit she's wearing. She might say she has a change of clothes with her. If you find out that she doesn't, then you really have need for concern and you might want to start digging a little more into what she's doing. I wouldn't follow her because that can be illegal, but I would definitely be more wary of things she says and things she decides to do. Maybe she just needed the change of pace, but she might be going out of her way to see someone else, even just to chat or flirt.

11 You Keep Forcing Scary Thoughts Out Of Your Head

If you find yourself constantly pushing really scary thoughts out of your head about your girlfriend cheating on you, then you might have a problem. First of all, you might just be a little jealous and a little crazy because you have nothing to worry about. But, of course, you might actually have something to worry about because you might have been given a reason to have scary thoughts that you feel you need to push out of your head. If you think she's done something that warrants you having scary thoughts, maybe talk to her about it. I know guys aren't usually known for their ability to communicate well in a relationship, but it's worth a try. Especially if it keeps your relationship together. But, if you're just one of those really jealous people... well you're already kind of f*cked.

10 She Seems To Be Leaving You Hints...


Some people, when they're thinking of cheating or when they are cheating will leave hints for their boyfriend or girlfriend to help them figure it out. I don't know why this is. Maybe it's something to do with guilt they feel. Or maybe they're hoping that you'll be able to stop them from cheating by showing them that you're still the right option for them. Sometimes they won't even realize they're doing it but they'll be talking to that best guy-friend and will suddenly have to hang up when you walk into the room. Or they'll leave little notes or texts in the open from people who are clearly flirting with them. They subconsciously want you to see this because they want you to help them want you. So, all I can say is make sure that you're the best choice. Treat her right.

9 She's Paranoid About You Cheating!

This is always an interesting one. Sometimes, she will be paranoid that you're cheating and this will often cause her to think about cheating on you to get revenge. Or actually cheating on you for revenge. So, here's the thing. If you are actually cheating on her...then you asked for it and it's your fault it fell apart (at least in that respect). But if you're really not cheating on her, you need to do something to show her that you only want her and that you're still faithful. Unfortunately, this can lead you to be the one who tries really hard and makes her think that you're definitely cheating on her because you're clearly just trying so hard to make her happy. So, make sure that you're careful with how you handle this situation. And if she's one of those crazy jealous people from the get-go... well, you're probably already screwed.


8 She Doesn't Talk To You About Her Day Anymore


Alright, if you're living together, you might not always share every detail of your day. But if she suddenly goes completely silent about what she does day-to-day, then you might want to start thinking about what she really is getting up to each day. Especially if she starts to get snippy or pissy with you when you continue asking about her day. Then you really have to start worrying about what's going on with her day. Unless, of course, she's always been that quiet of a person. If that's how she was when she met you, then you're probably ok. So don't start thinking that she's been cheating on you this whole time if she's always been quiet. I don't want you to misinterpret what I'm saying. But if she suddenly stops talking to you about how her days have been going...it's ok to wonder why.

7 She Isn't Getting Enough From You In The Sack

This shouldn't be a shock at all. If you're just not satisfying your girlfriend's needs, she's going to start thinking about satisfying them somewhere else. And wouldn't you feel the same way if you weren't getting what you wanted from your girlfriend? So, you have to think about how things like that might make her feel as well. And let's be honest, if you're not putting out enough for your girlfriend, then you probably already have a ton of problems in your relationship and need to address a lot of other stuff as well. But I'm not a counselor, so I hope you're not expecting answers from me. If you're not putting out for your girl... why? If you don't want to sleep with her, then you should probably just break it off anyway, because chances are she'll either do it anyway or just cheat on you and make you look stupid.

6 She's Suddenly The Perfect Girlfriend


Look, you may already think that you have the perfect girlfriend. If you do, then hopefully that means you're totally cool with her flaws and those are the things you love about her. If you were happy with the girlfriend you had and suddenly she becomes the perfect girlfriend, then you might have some issues. If she never really did dishes or grabbed you a beer, or barbecued dinner for you and then you come home and she has done all of those things, you might want to start getting concerned about what the f*ck is going on in your relationship. It's true, she could just decide one day that she wants to do a lot more for you and in which case you should match her on that. You'll both be happier. Just make sure that that's what the actual case is!

5 She Gets Bored After Moving In With You...

You know how fun it is after you've first moved in with your girlfriend? It's like a great little vacation away from the world around you. You get to spend so much time together. It's wonderful (for those of you who haven't experienced life outside of your parents' basement). However, after enough time passing by on that, your girlfriend might find herself getting bored of the same old and seeing your face every day. Which is kind of fair enough. This I can give some advice on. Just make sure life is always interesting at home. Don't let things slip into a boring routine. She'll start looking for excitement elsewhere. Even if she's not aware of it, this is just the start of what could turn into an affair. And I'm sure you don't want that.

4 Her Mood Swings At The Drop Of A Hat...


Ok, so look. This could be because of a number of things, so make sure that you're right about this before you really address it as a sign of possible cheating. She could just have crazy intense periods. That really sucks, but that's something that happens that you might need to deal with. That's just nature. However, there might be a deeper issue like Bipolar disorder. I know a few people with that and it's not easy to deal with. Moods can change right quick. If you really love her, you'll stick it out. If not, you might need to bail. But, in some cases, she'll flip at the drop of a hat and it's not because of anything you did necessarily. It's because of guilt that she has over something she's doing or thinking about doing. Sometimes even what she's subconsciously thinking about doing.

3 She Starts Hiding Texts From You...

Sure, it's pretty rude already if you peer over at someone's phone to see what they're doing. But if your girlfriend is comfortable and isn't hiding anything when she's talking to about something, it's not evil of you to glance over to see what she's up to. That being said, if she starts to pull away her phone when you glance over or just never has her screen angled toward you at all, you have every right to begin questioning in your head what it is that she's hiding. I know a few people who have had these issues and have been found out each and every time. Usually, it ends up because someone looks at their girlfriend's phone to see what she's been up to and discovers something awful. She's either flirting or already actively cheating on you with someone else.

2 You Have A Real Gut Feeling...


Look. I know this may seem silly and you probably have had a few women use this on you before, but they're usually right, aren't they? So, if you have a really true gut feeling that your girlfriend might be thinking about cheating on you...or worse you have a gut feeling that she already is, I would start looking into that. You might not be wrong. That being said, if you're naturally a jealous person, it might be that you just need to calm the f*ck down, breathe a little, and really think about if it's a gut feeling or your own mental issues popping up to mess with you and your relationship. So, seriously, really think about what the true issue is before you trust your gut. Just in case.

1 Your Friends AND Her Friends Try To Warn You...

You might have experienced this before and not even noticed, but sometimes the topic of cheating comes up in conversation with your friends or even your girlfriend's friends because they're actually trying to help you. They might suspect that your girl is thinking about cheating or is already cheating and they want to plant that seed in your head. So, you should actually listen to your girlfriend's friends. You never know what they may be telling you. Usually, they're probably telling you that you don't deserve someone as good as your girl, but sometimes they may actually be trying to warn you that you might be losing her.


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