15 Signs She'll Turn Up The Heat

It’s always hard to tell whether a girl is going to be really good in bed or not, especially if you don’t know anything about her. When you first start dating a girl, it can take time to figure out what a girl is going to be like in bed. It’s a rare occasion if you get to experience it during a drunken one-night stand. The girl that’s savage in the bedroom doesn’t usually waste her tricks on a guy that isn’t going to call her back the next morning. These girls are savages for a reason and they’ll show their true colors when the time is right.

But it’s not just firsthand experiences that can open your eyes to whether a girl will be savage in the bedroom or not. There are usually some telltale signs that can point you in the right direction. Stereotypes aren’t always the best way to determine if someone is great in bed or not. It’s not a great indicator of whether a girl is savage. If you look hard enough, there are usually subtle clues that a girl gives out that indicate she's kind of frisky in the bedroom. Since we know you're dying to find out what you're missing, we've put together 15 signs that will tell you she's a savage between the sheets.

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15 She’s Always Trying New Things

She’s the girl who is always up for anything, and when you see her on social media, she’s posting pictures of herself rock climbing, skydiving, axe throwing, and going to festivals. She loves having a good time and she wants to do everything. She doesn’t need to be wearing your blood in a vial around her neck for you to see if she’s into trying new things. Just check out what she does for fun. Is she the one trying new foods, a new TV show, or a new hobby? If she is, then it’s likely that she’s going to be open to trying new things in the bedroom, too. This is the girl that you can share your wildest fantasies with and she isn’t going to slap you for it. Though we can’t make any promises.

14 She Makes Intense Eye Contact

Think about the girls that you have slept with in the past, the ones that kept their eyes closed for the entire time you were doing the deed. You couldn’t even tell if they were even in the moment with you. A girl that gives strong eye contact, whether it’s in the bedroom or not, is probably likely to blow your mind in the bedroom. Think about the last time you were at the club when you caught the eye of a girl. Did she look away immediately or did she stare right back at you, challenging you? Which one was hotter? Girls who can hold a strong gaze are likely more confident. A confident girl is likely to be more savage in the bedroom than an insecure girl. Confidence in the real world will translate to mad skills in the bedroom; we can promise you that.

13 She Has A Laid-Back Attitude

A girl with a laid-back attitude is going to be comfortable to be around. She’s not high maintenance. She can hang with the guys and probably sharp and witty. When it comes to joking around, she can give just as good as she gets. When you are hanging out with her, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease with her. You don’t have to pretend that you’re something that you’re not around her because she’s so easy to get along with. There is no pressure with this girl; you don’t have to worry about saying anything stupid because even if you do, she’ll laugh it off anyway. There is no fear or judgment around this girl because it’s just not her style. She will accept you for who you are and because of that, she’s likely to care if you ask for something in the bedroom. Better yet, she’s likely to give it to you.

12 She Can Make You Laugh

Aren’t the best girls the kind that can make you and everyone around her laugh hilariously? Making someone you don’t know laugh is not an easy task. So, if there is a girl who is making people laugh all the time, then you can bet she’s two things, self-assured and her timing is on key. She doesn’t care that she’s the center of attention, which is another confidence indicator. She knows how to land a joke with perfect timing. So, why does this mean she will be good in bed? A girl with high self-esteem is going to be fine in any position because she’s not worried about what she looks like. If she can handle great timing when it comes to popping off epic jokes, then she can match your timing in bed, and that goes for your rhythm while focusing on your pleasure.

11 She’s Driven

You know these girls— they're the one that go after whatever they want and doesn't let anything get in the way. A good indication that a girl is going to be savage in bed is whether or not she knows what she wants out of life. It’s those girls that have their sh*t together that will probably be rock stars in bed. There’s a reason for it. She is focused and driven in her career and knows what she needs to do to get what she wants out of life. She’s the ballsy girl that has no problem asking for what she wants. If she’s asking and receiving everything she wants in life, then she will probably go for the same thing in the bedroom. She’s going to already know what she wants and will expect it from you. This is the girl that you don’t want to disappoint because she will make it worth your while.

10 She’s Passionate

Don’t you just love those girls who are passionate about everything? This one is pretty straightforward. If you meet a girl who is passionate about her job, her friends, or a particular hobby, then it’s a guarantee that she will be passionate with you. A girl who is passionate will always be a savage in the bedroom. There are certain ways of being passionate, and we don’t mean that she’s screaming out “I love you” or clawing the crap out of your back. Passionate women are usually very emotionally in touch with themselves. So, that means she knows what she wants and she typically goes after it. She’s the girl that will be vocal in the bedroom when you do something that she likes or doesn't.

9 She’s Active

Some of the worst nights you’ve had in your life probably came from a very lazy and inactive person. Are we right? It’s mainly because they don’t have the energy to give you a show-stopping night, so you end up doing a lot of the work yourself. A girl that is savage in the bedroom most likely doesn't lead a lazy lifestyle. She’s probably going to lead a very active lifestyle. She might be involved in sports or a physical activity like yoga or hitting the weights at the gym. Plus, if she’s super fit, then it’s likely she won’t tire out easily when taking the reins. An active girl won’t make you do all the work. She will have the energy to take control and give you a night to remember.

8 She Takes Control

Have you ever been out on a date with a girl who seemed to take the lead in everything? She kissed you unexpectedly or grabbed your butt on the way to the bar. You were probably pleasantly surprised by it, right? These are the girls that are likely to be savages in bed because it all goes back to her knowing what she wants and going for it. She’s not going to wait and see if you kiss her at the end of the night, no, she’s the one pulling you in for the big one. She probably also leaves you hot and heavy and aching for more after that kiss, too. That’s because she’s in control and she’s coming after what she wants. She’s likely to be the same way in the bedroom. She has no problem taking the lead and taking control of what’s happening between the sheets.

7 She’s Open-Minded

If the girl you’re dating is open-minded about most things in life, then chances are she’s going to be open to a lot more things in the bedroom. If you are into things that may be considered a little freaky, then you probably should avoid girls who are close-minded in their day-to-day life. If they live a strict life where they rarely ever go off track, then chances are they won’t want to venture off from what they know in the bedroom. Plus, if she is open-minded, she will have zero issue with talking to you about s*x without any embarrassment. She’s the type of girl that will tell you exactly what she wants and doesn’t act like it's something inappropriate.

6 She Reads For Fun

Sounds like a weird one, right? But trust us, it’s a scientific one — there are actual studies behind it. Although picturing a woman reading it's exactly the hottest thing, studies have shown that women who read for fun are also likely to be more empathetic as a human. Which is really good for you overall, right? Someone who is more empathetic is likely to appreciate someone else’s needs and desires. That means, when you get her in the bedroom, she is likely going to care about making sure that your needs and desires are satisfied because it’s important to her. It’s also been shown that people who read more are also less stressed. That means she probably is going to be more fun and less uptight in the bedroom as well.

5 She Doesn’t Rush Anything

A girl that is a savage in the bedroom is likely to take her time in every aspect of her life. Whether it’s her job or her hobby or even getting ready to go out at night, she’s always taking her time. She wants to make sure that she’s taken the proper consideration and care of everything that she does. She is never in a hurry and she never does things half-assed. She puts her best efforts in everything she does because it’s important to her. So, you can bet she will do the same when she is in the bedroom. She won’t rush foreplay and she will make sure that you are satisfied in every way possible. She will make sure that she spends enough time where it’s necessary and that’s what makes her a savage.

4 She’s A Risk-Taker

Amy Adams and Christian Bale star in Columbia Pictures' AMERICAN HUSTLE.

If you meet a girl who doesn’t mind taking risks in every aspect of her life, whether that means quitting a “safe job” to go out and rock it as an entrepreneur, then you assume that not much scares her. A girl who is willing to take risks in life understands that doing scary things can pay off in the end and is an absolute stunner in the sack. Girls who are risk-takers are always up for trying something new and keeping things spicy in the bedroom. If you are nervous about asking for something from a girl in the bedroom, a risk-taker is not someone you need to worry about. She’s likely the girl that will whisk you away from your friends, off into the woods during a camping trip to have a secretive romp.

3 She Drinks, But Doesn’t Go Overboard

Have you ever noticed how a little bit of alcohol will lower anyone’s inhibitions? Even if you've been dating a girl for a really long time, you can usually tell the difference. Are we right? We bet we are. Things can certainly get a little crazier in the bedroom because inhibitions are lowered when alcohol is involved. Let’s be real here, though, we aren’t saying get a girl drunk. She has to be sober enough to give consent. Plus, sloppy is never a good look. But a girl with a decent buzz on is always more open-minded in the bedroom and that means she might be interested in trying new things in the bedroom. You will see for sure if she’s a savage or not.

2 She Speaks Her Mind

A girl who speaks her mind is one that is confident in herself. We aren’t talking about the abrasive girls who are rude to people. We just mean she has no problem standing up for herself and the people around her. She will speak her mind in a forceful, take-charge kind of way. A girl who speaks her mind isn’t afraid of anything and usually gets what she wants out of life. Whether it’s winning an argument or taking charge in the bedroom, a girl that speaks her mind is a savage in every aspect of her life. She will call people out when it’s necessary, so she’s not the kind of girl you can pull punches with, ever. She won’t hesitate to point out when someone does something wrong. So, if you’re someone that doesn’t put a lot of effort into things, then she’s likely going to blow right past you.

1 She’s A Good Kisser

If you are with a girl who is a phenomenal kisser, than you can bet she’s going to be a savage between the sheets. The reason for this is, a good kisser is usually someone with a passionate nature. They are aggressive and their kisses are usually very intense. If you kiss a girl and you instantly want to ravage her, then you have found yourself not only a good kisser, but someone who’s also going to stun you in the bedroom. Her kisses are the kind that gives you goosebumps and instantly makes you ache for more. If you have a girl that has a lot of these qualities, then you're sure to have a night to remember.

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