15 Signs She Knows You're Cheating

Love makes the world go round. Seeing couples being all lovey-dovey is heartwarming. Seeing elderly couples that have stood the test of time is something even better. They show us that a "happily ever after" is indeed real and is not just something out of a storybook. Not all relationships last though, as in this day and age, infidelity is no longer a rare sight.

In over 1/3 of marriages, not one but both parties admit to cheating on their significant other. It's a sad reality but it is a reality we must face. There are just so many outlets for cheating now; Facebook and Tinder just to name a few. Both genders are guilty of cheating, but men are more prone to infidelity. 14% of women and 22% of men admit to cheating and those are hard facts.

Women aren't the kind easily fooled though as they are often aware when they are being cheated on, regardless of how careful guys are. A woman's intuition is her most powerful weapon and the best way to avoid a woman scorned is to simply be faithful to her. Here are 15 signs she knows you are cheating.

15 She Asks For More Dates


Early on in the relationship, dates are very common. It could be in the form of a picnic in the park, a movie night, or even a romantic dinner for two. As couples go deeper into the relationship, the frequency of dates become lower because the couple is comfortable enough to just spend an entire day in the house doing nothing. For ladies who are suspicious of their guy's loyalty, dates are like the saving grace of the relationship.

Women who know their guys are cheating are more likely to ask for more dates. She's going to long for the affection she shared with her significant other long before. Aside from that, the lady is trying to eat up most of the free time her partner has so he would have no time for any extra affairs. Honestly, date nights should be more common. Maybe then, guys really wouldn't have the time to cheat.

14 She Changes Her Appearance


Ladies got through makeovers several times in their lives and they really love spicing things up by looking different. Once a girl falls in love with a man who loves her for who she is, then she won't have to change her appearance anymore. However, when that man cheats and the woman knows it, she'll do her best to change her overall appearance once again.

Women are going to feel insecure at first when they begin having suspicions of their partners. They'd feel as if they lost the beauty that made their lover fall for them. She'd go through a transformation to regain what she thinks she had lost. Women shouldn't have to feel this way about themselves though and guys are just real jerks for cheating because they found someone who they think is prettier.

13 She Wants To Know More About Your Co-workers


Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert's relationship on The Office was very romantic and fans of the show loved every moment the couple shared. Behind the happy ending and the chemistry between the two co-workers, was the fact that both had feelings for each other even though they were both already in relationships with other people.

In real-life, most affairs start in the office. Many guys have admitted to cheating on their spouse with an officemate. Since guys spend most of their day along with their officemates, developing feelings isn't impossible. Ladies who know that their husbands or partners are cheating will become very investigative when it comes to her man's officemates. She'd ask about their personalities, their likes, and whether or no they guy likes being around them.

12 She Digs Into Your Past Love Life


It's rare that we end up spending the rest of our lives with the first person we get in a relationship with. It's more likely that the person we marry has been in relationships with a few other people before. Ladies who become rather curious about their partner's past relationships probably have an idea about whether or not they are being cheated on and she's just trying to make a guess on who the third-party is.

People rekindling affairs with past lovers isn't an oddity. They've already been comfortable with each other once and they could do it again. One by one, the lady will begin looking into the past relationships of her partner in hopes of tracking down the possible third-party that's ruining their relationship. She could even go as far asking the guy's friends for more of the juicy details.

11 She Makes Sudden Plans


Guys who cheat are on a strict schedule. They have to make time for their partner and the girl they are cheating with. They have to make a schedule that doesn't look very suspicious to their girlfriends or wives.  Guys become instant planning experts when it comes to cheating but ladies aren't one to be beaten in a game of careful planning.

When ladies have become very desperate or if they really want to catch their lover in the act of cheating, she'll make sudden plans for a night out or just a simple date. This is also her way of making sure that her man has no time to cheat on her. These sudden plans can ruin a man's schedule big time and it could also make him slip up and confess his infidelity too. When push comes to shove, women are there to make sure that her man will have no time for anyone else but her.

10 She Finds Ways To Punish You (Like Not Cooking For You Anymore)


They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. After a hard day at work, ladies love treating their significant other to a great meal to keep away the stresses and bad vibes felt throughout the day. This is just one of the many ways women show their affection for the person they love. When a guy begins cheating and she begins cooking less, there's a good chance she knows what's going on.

Ladies will lose the drive to make their man's stomach feel full once she finds out about his infidelities. Most of the time, she'll cook just the right amount for herself to make the man feel really bad about what he is doing. For the guys, they're lucky if they go home to hotdogs thawing in the sink but they deserve that kind of treatment anyway; cold meals for a cold heart.

9 She Asks Why You Changed Your Style


Guys who have affairs are likely to have changed their hairstyle of their outfit choice at one point. They are going to have to please another girl so they'd have to flaunt new stuff for others to see. Guys going through sudden makeovers or style changes without any prompting from their partners is a very rare sight so this should come off as suspicious to many ladies.

Once a girl has her doubts and she begins noticing changes in her man, she'll begin asking questions about the sudden change. She'll even take note of the littlest things like the different way his hair is parted, his new shoes, and his new perfume. These changes could mean something else and women are going to pry deeper and deeper until they get to the bottom of the mess her man has gotten himself into.

8 She Insists On Knowing Who You're With 


Outside of our relationship, we all still have a life to attend to. We've got friends, families, and co-workers to hang around with. In a relationship that's built on trust and loyalty, a lady will have no questions regarding who her man is hanging out with when she's not around but in a relationship where the guy is cheating, the lady will insist on knowing who he's spending time with.

She would do her best to know who her man's hanging around with. She'd make phone calls, she'd asked his pals who they are and where they are. Her persistence in finding out about the guy's choice of company will be at an all-time high. With this method, she's also trying to find the potential candidate who is stealing her man away. In some cases, she might even insist on tagging along even if it means she'll be hanging around with people she's never met before.

7 She Calls Out Of The Blue


As per the words of Bryan Mills in Taken, "I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you." Phone calls are one of the best defenses a woman has against a man who is cheating on her. She wouldn't mind if her phone bills reach an all-time high but she will call again and again in hopes of knowing where her man is, what her man is doing, and who her man is hanging around with.

These phone calls will come in at random times; at times when the guy wouldn't expect to be called by his partner. She'll look completely possessive with each phone call but we can't blame a distraught woman for calling her man over and over again. For the man, this means that he'll always be on edge, wondering when the next phone call from his angry lover will come.

6 She Wants To Hang Out With Your Friends


Ladies don't always try to hang around with the best pals of their man unless they're all already acquainted. She'd rather hang around with people she's already comfortable with and people she already knows. However, when her man begins to act suspicious and is looking like a complete cheater, she'll develop insane social skills and will begin to hang around with every one of the guy's friends.

When a guy cheats, there are other people that know of it aside from him and the party involved. His best pals are most likely to know if he is fooling around. Ladies will hang around with her man's friends to check and see if she can get any details from them. She's also trying to limit the world her man lives in so he wouldn't have any room to cheat and look for other people to spend the night with.

5 She Talks About How Your Relationship Is Different Now


The only thing constant in this world is change. Even in good relationships, change is constant and couples know that for a fact. Not all change is bad and not all change is good. Couples have to learn to accept that what they are different from what they were before. A lady who is being cheated on will openly tell her man how bad things have become and how unhappy she is with the current state of their relationship.

Ladies will suddenly open up the topic to her man. She'll say how unhappy she currently is and she'll say that she wants the old days back. It's her own way of letting the man know she knows what's going on and that she's opening up a chance for the man to change his ways.

4 She Stays Up And Waits For You To Come Home... Always


Trying to catch a man in the act of cheating is not as easy as it sounds. Guys are very careful and meticulous when they cheat so room for error is very minimal. However, catching guys doing weird stuff they don't usually do is rather easy. Some ladies would sacrifice a whole night's worth of sleep just to catch their man going home late.

Many cheating guys would come home in the wee hours of midnight expecting their partners to be deep in sleep. To their surprise, their partner is still up and furiously waiting for them. She will then ask questions like why he went home so late as she tries to get the guy to spill the beans. She'll be even more pissed because she's tired from waiting up.

3 She's Bothered By Your Phone Habits


Social media is partly to blame for the increase in infidelities worldwide. It's just so easy to find someone to have fun with nowadays. Tinder, for example, makes finding a match as easy as swiping right on our smartphones. Women know how powerful social media can be and how smartphones are an outlet for cheating men, so they know where to look when their man begins cheating.

Regardless of whether he's texting or browsing through Facebook, the lady will make sure to check out everything a man does on his smartphone. She'd do her best to catch any anonymous numbers, any weird messages, and even weird searches. It'll feel like a 24/7 security cam is focused on the man's phone.

2 She Stares At You Whenever She Can


A woman's stare can mean so many things. It can be the world's best sights when a woman stares at her man with nothing but deep love and compassion. These stares can also be the scariest things in the world when the woman looks at the man with anger and contempt. When she finds out that the man is already cheating, her stares will turn into something even scarier as it becomes something that's very hard to understand.

These stares can mean a lot of things. She could be thinking that the man she once loved has changed into something she now loathes. She could also be thinking that the man right in front of her no longer loves her as much. In some cases, she could also be looking for any sign of love marks or lipsticks on her man's face.

1 She Becomes Too Quiet


For a man in a relationship, there's nothing scarier than a woman who suddenly becomes quiet. While the silent treatment is common for a man who's made a pretty stupid mistake, a very long silent treatment is reserved for those guys who messed up big time. It's reserved for guys who made unforgivable mistakes and guys who have gone to the point of no return.

This is perhaps the sign that a woman has reached her last straw for her cheating man. Soon enough, she's going to confront him about his evil deeds and she could eventually leave her cheating man to start a better tomorrow.

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