15 Signs She Actually Can't Stand Your Mom

Mothers are pretty influential people in our lives. For most of us, mothers are the people we place at the highest of standards. Everyone has a mother, and though all relationships are different, the reality is that everyone was brought into this world in the same way: coming out of a woman.

For most men, mothers are and will always be the most important woman in their lives. There is zero denying that men who love their moms are the best kind of dudes. But what happens when the girl you are with does not like your mom? For some men, it causes them to end the relationship, while for others it does not matter as much. However, if it does not bother you that your significant other hates your mother, there may be something bigger to look into there. But we are not going to go there for now.

How could you know if the woman you are with is hating on your mom? Well, the signs are usually always there, you men just gotta know what you are looking for. Our advice is to always find a woman that respects the woman that gave you life and if she does not, it may be time to re-evaluate your relationship.

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15 You Guys Spend More Time With Her Family

It is one thing if you are not close to your family, however, if you are and you find yourself always spending time with your girlfriends family and never spending time with yours that should be a red flag.

Take it from us, when you never want to go to your significant others parents house, it is because you simply can't stand them. Sorry to be blunt, but this is the truth. We are aware that being with your own family is more comfortable but the thing about dating is that the person you are with can end up being the one you marry, which means his family becomes your family and vice versa.

Put it this way, if you guys are always with her family and never with yours, that is how it is going to be for the rest of your life is you chose to marry her.

14 She Avoids Eye Contact


The little things are always what we as humans should be paying attention to. Eye contact is something that is very important when creating bonds with people. Eye contact is also a way of showing someone you are listening and caring about what they are signed, which ultimately is a sign of respect.

With that being said, if you notice that your girlfriend avoids looking your mother in the eyes, it could be her way of silently disrespecting her. It can also be a sign that she is not your mothers biggest fan which may or may not be alarming to you.

Pay attention to the little signs, like this one, because people are very telling through their actions if you pay enough attention to them.

13 She Disregards Her Traditions

This is something that will say a lot about the woman you are with. Traditions are usually passed down from generation to generation and every mother hopes that their son finds a woman who will honor those traditions.

Sadly, women who do things like that are a dying breed and although they may pretend like they will continue the traditions more often then not they are lying.

If a woman is quick to disregard your mother's traditions, no matter what they might be, this may be her way of showing you that she does not really care for or about your mother.

The right woman for you will not only honor your families traditions but combine them with her own in order to create something that is both unique to the two of you and in honor of your parents.

12 She Always Pays Her Backhanded Compliments

Women are professionals when it comes to backhanded compliments. For those of you who do not know what that means, a backhanded compliment is when you compliment someone only to follow it up with an insult.

For example, if your girlfriend has told your mother “I wish I was as chill as you are around messiness” or “I wish I had enough time to spend my days cooking like you” these are actually backhanded compliments.

A compliment should sound like “wow this food is delicious” or “I love all your little trinkets around the house, can you tell me where some of them are from?” These are real compliments that are not only showing respect to your mother but also allowing your mother and girlfriend to connect.

11 She Excludes Her From Big Moments

If your girlfriend does not include your mom in events like birthdays, holidays or if you are at that stage in your relationship wedding dress shopping, chances are its probably because she can't stand your mom.

When big moments happen, no matter who you are, you want to be surrounded by those you love most. So if your girlfriend is not including your mother, it is pretty obvious why.

If your girlfriend includes your mom in everything that has value, it is a big sign of respect for both you and your family. If she is excluding her, it may be a reason to have a nice sit down chat with your woman to find out why she does not feel it necessary to include your mother.

10 She Won't Put Photos Of Her In Your House

If you and your girlfriend live together, it is normal for pictures to be out in the house of both families. However, if you notice that there is not one photo of your mother in your home, chances are the reason for that is because your girlfriend does not want them there.

Having photographs of her family and not yours is a way of her showing how little she cares for where you came from and is in our opinion a huge lack of respect towards both you and your family.

This is one of those things that men will not notice but women do so in order to prove a point and usually, that point is that she does not like your mom.

9 She Keeps Pinpointing What Your Mother Does Wrong

Senior Mother Interfering With Couple Having Argument At Home

Is your girlfriend constantly being critical when it comes to your mom? It could be the way she cooks or what she believes in or how she dresses, whatever it is, it's a sign that your mom may not be the person your girlfriend likes the most in the world.

When a girlfriend says that what your mom does is wrong she is trying to show you that you should listen to her and only her, which is a little crazy. Women sometimes feel the need to assess their place in a man's life. Correction, insecure women need to do this. Confident women admire whatever their mother-in-law does because she raised the man they are in love with.

If she keeps telling you your mother is wrong, we are sorry to tell you but she is the wrong girl.

8 She Challenges Everything She Says

Do you notice that your girlfriend challenges everything your mom says? Well if that is the case then there may be a bigger issue going on between your girlfriend and your mother, which in most cases is a sign that they do not get along.

The thing about dating is that more often then not, you are not going to agree with what your significant other's parent says or does, however, you need to learn how to shut your mouth.

If you find your girlfriend is constantly at your mother's throat, then there is a big chance that she wants to make it obvious that she does not like your mom. When you find the right girl, she will have enough class to not challenge everything that is put her way, especially if she is challenging your mother.

7 She Ignores Her

This is a pretty obvious one. If your mother is trying to speak to your girlfriend and she ignores her, it is pretty clear how much respect she has for her and that is little to none.

In today's day and age, there are so many ways you can ignore someone. You can not answer their calls or texts, not respond to social media invites and pretty much ice her out from any aspect of your life. If you find that this is what your girlfriend is doing, chances are there is a reason and that reason is she can't stand your mom.

This is not only super rude of your girlfriend to do but it is also something that you as a man should not allow.

6 She Does Not Ask You About Her

It is human nature to ask how people you care about are doing. If someone is concerned about another being they will ask how they are doing, pretty standard right?

So, if your girlfriend never asks you how your mom is chances are she is not asking because she does not care. No sugar coating it this is the truth.

If you bring it up to a girl and she responds with “I keep wanting to ask you how she is” she is lying. When you want to know something about someone you ask, especially when it is concerning the well being of the woman who brought you life.

This is a clear yet not so obvious sign that she does not like your mom, consider yourself warned.

5 She Avoids Spending Time With Her

In our opinion, your girlfriend and mother should get to know each other. Which is why we believe that if you do not spend time with someone there is a reason for that and most of the time the reason is that they do not like that person.

So why would avoid spending time with your mother be any different? Your girlfriend should be jumping at the opportunity to bond with your mom and if she is not maybe it is because she does not really like her.

If you find that your girlfriend is avoiding doing things with your mom and it is important for you to get them together try luring her in with an activity she can't resist, maybe it will create a new opportunity for the two of them to bond.

4 She Tries To Turn You Against Her

This is not only a very big sign, it is also very wrong. Any woman who tries to get you to turn against your own mother is not a woman you want on your team.

Listen, we know that everyone has different relationships with their mother, but there is never a reason for anyone to try to make you turn against her. If she tries to point out the little things your mother does wrong, or bring up ridiculous accusations about her, she is trying to get you to see her in a negative light which is simply not cool.

If you want to know is she is a good woman, pay attention to what she says about your mom. If she is constantly trying to make you see bad qualities in your mother, she may not be the best girlfriend for you.

3 She Is Condescending

Do you ever feel like your girlfriend talks down to your mother? As though everything your mother says needs to be undone by your girlfriend? This is something that although we do not agree with, happens quite frequently in relationships.

If this is the case, there is a possibility that your girlfriend is condescending towards your mother because she feels threatened by her, however, even if this is the case it does not mean it is something that you should accept. Everyone feels threatened by their in-laws, it does not mean it is a reason to talk down to them in order to make yourself feel bigger.

A woman that truly loves and respects you will learn how to bite her tongue to show respect to the woman that gave you life.

2 She Is Confrontational With Her

This is one of those more obvious signs that for some reason we are somehow oblivious to when we are in love.

Being with a confrontational woman is never fun, however, when the woman is being confrontational towards the people you love she needs to be put in her place. It would take a lot for it to be acceptable to confront your boyfriend's mother about something so if your girlfriend is doing it with ease then that is a really big sign that she can't stand your mom.

Our advice, stay away from women who love to fight. If you notice she is always fighting with her friends, her family, you and even strangers, chances are if she does not like your mother, she is going to have no problem being confrontational with her.

1 She Makes Fun Of Her

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This may seem crazy to a lot of you, but there are a lot of women who openly make fun of their boyfriend's mothers. This usually comes hand in hand with dating a “mean girl” who does not think anyone is good enough to be around her.

The reality is that when you meet someone, there is a big chance that you will have different upbringings. This means that the chances of your mothers being exactly the same are slim to none and there is nothing wrong with that.

Sadly, many girls think it is in some way entertaining when they can laugh at people, however, when their jokes come at the expense of their boyfriend's mother, we do not think it is so funny.

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