15 Signs Aliens Created Humans

Our planet is just one of millions in a vast universe that's definitions have not yet been fully defined. Scientists and astronauts are discovering galaxies and systems at an incredible rate; our rapid advancements have allowed man to explore regions that would not have been possible mere decades ago. It seems that the more we find out, the less we know.

What is going on outside of Earth's realms? Is there life on other, distant planets? Are we truly the only form of intelligent life? And if so, why? All of these questions have been asked for centuries, and we are nowhere near reaching a consensus. Many experts in the astrophysics world are convinced that alien life exists. When we consider just how large the universe is, it really would seem more likely that we are not alone. Yet, skepticism prevails, and many people believe that various government organizations have access to classified information that is being kept from society. So, if that's true, what do they know and why is it that the general public is being kept in the dark?

Different theories have been presented over the years and they are certainly worth some consideration. Many people refuse to believe that aliens exist, because it's a frightening idea and because there isn't much mainstream proof of their existence. Dig a little deeper, look under the surface, and you'll find that there have been plenty of documented cases, historically, that prove the existence of aliens. Not only that, they have more of a link to humanity than we are aware of. Join us for the 15 Reasons To Believe That Aliens Created Humans


15 Our DNA Is Coded

Most people use the excuse that science or faith do not support the theory that aliens created human life. Oddly enough, many scientists believe that an intelligent creative force is responsible for human life. Human DNA is complex and intriguing, and many experts believe that simple evolutionary theories cannot explain certain aspects of our makeup. Research has pointed to the existence of "junk DNA" in all humans, which is DNA that doesn't make scientific sense or serves no direct purpose to our lives (that we know of). They speculate that this DNA is in fact some sort of alien coding system that allows humanity to send signals back to the alien creative force, without our knowledge. Think of it as a type of sophisticated satellite system!

14 Time And Space Are Not Linear


Most of us can agree that the universe is made up of several different dimensions and realms. Humans perceive reality based on physical experiences, but these are actually just illusionary events that make us feel like we are grounded in something fixed. Astrophysics will remind us that space and time are not linear, therefore, it is absolutely likely that we are simultaneously living out different experiences, on different levels of consciousness. We are tuned in to our human experience because it feels and looks "real," but meditation and other forms of mind-quieting exercises would prove there is more going on under the surface. As the saying goes, we are spiritual beings, having a human experience for a little while. So, who decided to test out this human experiment? Why are we here?

13 Star Seeds

The concept of a star seed is quite simple — all human entities are not born in the physical. Although we can't remember what happened before we were born (some people can, with the right amount of meditation and inner work) we are acutely aware that there is more to our existence than the mere day-to-day events. This would explain why so many people search for meaning, faith, and something to believe in. On some level, we know that we are here for a reason, but tuning into that knowledge is not easy for everyone. An awakened soul (or star seed) will spend their  lives focused on the quest for truth and spiritual awakening. These people often specialize in esoteric work and seek out others that hold similar beliefs. These intuitive people go through life knowing they have a bigger soul purpose that needs to be uncovered.

12 The Existence Of Ancient Texts


Amongst the most fascinating historical artifacts ever found are the Sumerian creation texts. These cuneiform scripts are considered to be one of the oldest forms of writing and date back to the fourth millennium BC. Many of the Sumerian texts reference stories of creation, where they speak of "superior" beings who created man. The Annunaki, as the Sumerian's referred to them, were said to come from heaven to Earth. It's really interesting to note that many religious doctrines are based on a similar archetype. Is it possible, then, that the symbolism of a higher being is in essence an alien creator? We don't have to be scientists to note that century after century, stories of creation relied on certain recurring themes, all linked to a higher intelligence.

11 Ancient Art

In the same vein as the ancient texts, archeologists have discovered thousands of sites that depict ancient alien art. Drawings in caves, stone carvings, and tools with alien symbolism are extremely common, and are not only found in one place. The reality is, these symbols can be dated back to different times in history, throughout different, unrelated societies. The Sumerians, the Mayans, and even the Japanese all left behind artifacts that hint toward alien existence. Visions of aliens, flying saucers, and scenes depicting communication between aliens and humans are all too common to ignore. The truth is literally written on the walls of history, we just need to be open to the proper interpretation of what was left for us.

10 The Government Is Hiding Information


Conspiracy theories run rampant when it comes to government knowledge and cover-up of alien existence. Many are absolutely certain that various governments are fully aware of extraterrestrial life, and some believe that authorities are involved in secret treaties with them. It would take ages to sort through all of the information and come to our own conclusion, but it certainly is a mysterious and curious topic. If aliens did in fact create the human race, it would seem more than likely that they would want to exert some sort of control over the species. Theories have proposed that everything we know as reality, that all of political life, is completely fabricated and only used as a decoy to keep us distracted from what is really going on.

9 Aliens Walk Among Us

To further elaborate on the governmental theories, many believe that aliens are actually not only giving direction, but actually here on Earth, in the disguise of human beings. Alien remains have been found on Earth, but the details of these discoveries are often covered up or explained away by government authorities. Naturally, there are hundreds of fake photos circulating, making it more difficult to differentiate what is fact and what is fiction. This gives the government an upper hand; it's easier to argue that alien theories are ridiculous or impossible when there are so many fake photos making the rounds. Nonetheless, archeologists, historians, and experts all agree that certain findings cannot be explained away, that there have indeed been remains of aliens found on Earth's soil.


8 Roswell


One of the biggest alien incidences in modern history was the crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. It was reported that a UFO crashed into a ranch and left behind deceased alien bodies, which were photographed and later released, much to the dismay of the U.S. government. Despite some first-hand witness accounts and incriminating photos, the crash was covered up by the government and nothing was ever concretely proven. Alien theorists have considered Roswell as one of the biggest alien mysteries in American history. Many people believe that the deceased aliens were taken into government possession, where autopsies were performed, and the bodies were later frozen.

7 Crop Circles

In 1966, an Australian farmer reported seeing what he claimed was a UFO, flying over his farmland. The next morning, a pattern of mysterious symbols was flattened into his crops. This would begin the phenomenon known as crop circles. Elaborate and unexplainable shapes have emerged in hundreds of grassy areas since then, some of which are the work of troublemaking pranksters. But other than the obviously human-made circles, some of these designs seem more complex and symmetrical, as if they were designed from a vantage point in the sky. Nowadays, it's really hard to distinguish between human artistic expression and something more mysterious. The trend caught on so quickly, no one is really shocked or intrigued when they come across crop circles anymore.

6 Stonehenge


Stonehenge is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The prehistoric monument is located in Wiltshire, England, and dates back to approximately 3000 B.C. The monument is peculiar for two reasons. One, the stones positioning are directly in line with the two points where the Earth's orbit intersects the moon's orbit. This would mean that Neolithic people would have to have very sophisticated knowledge of astronomical phenomena, or, information from a more intelligent species. Two, the stones' sheer mass could not possibly have been moved without super advanced tools. Each stone stands roughly 13 feet high and weights close to 25 tons. It's unfathomable that humans could've erected these stones, in a perfect relation to the orbital points, without some sort of help from tools or aliens!

5 Pyramids

Another mysterious monument is the collection of three large pyramids in the Egyptian desert of Giza. Although pyramids have been built throughout Egyptian history by humans, the sheer size of the three pyramids of Giza make them stand out and are at the center of theories that aliens were involved in their construction. Like Stonehenge, the tools required to build the pyramids would not have been available to the Egyptians when they were built, roughly circa 2500 B.C. Furthermore, the pyramids also have significant astrological and astronomical relevance. Some say that the pyramids are in line with the constellation of Orion or that the distance between the pyramids offer a scaled down measurement of the distance between the Earth and the sun.

4 Humans Are Not Suited For Life On Earth


An American ecologist recently put forth his theories regarding how human life began on Earth. According to his research, human beings are not suited for life on Earth, which can explain why we get sunburnt and suffer from back pain. Dr. Ellis Silver believes that aliens deposited human beings on Earth, as recently as tens of thousands of years ago. Our inability to adapt to Earth's conditions can also be supported by the fact that we have quite a high rate of disease and illness, and have a natural dislike of many foods that occur in nature (this is debatable!). Further, the fact that many people just don't feel "at home" on Earth points to a possibility that we evolved on another planet, perhaps in another galaxy. Ellis even suggests that Earth might be a prison planet, since humanity seems to be a naturally violent species. Yikes!

3 UFO Sightings

Over the years, thousands of people have reported seeing disc-like objects hovering in the sky. Sometimes, these forms are accompanied by bright lights and seem to zoom out of the sky without a trace. The sightings are not exclusive to one area of the planet and have been reported by people from all walks of life. The existence of UFOs would definitely point to some interesting facts about alien life. First of all, if they are circulating our atmosphere, they are interested in watching our development. Perhaps they are sent on missions to verify what we are up to, test air and ground conditions, and report back to whoever is "in charge!" One thing is for sure, there have been so many unexplainable orbs in the sky that it would be unlikely that there aren't aliens checking us out.

2 Alien Abductions


And what about reports of alien abduction? Many experts rule out the possibility that alien abductions are real and claim that those who have memories of being abducted are possibly suffering from dementia or schizophrenia. Despite this, many abductees have reported very similar experiences of being taken, against their will, by non-human entities. They describe being subjected to physical and psychological testing, and not being able to move or talk during the procedures. Many abductees exude highly sensitive tendencies, and are prone to psychic or telepathic abilities. Although some people report being terrified during and after their capture, others have experienced feelings of pure bliss, love and true belonging after their encounters.

1 Area 51

Area 51 is a highly classified, privately owned, American military site. The restricted area is highly guarded (think, Stranger Things!) and the official purpose of the site has never been disclosed. People speculate that the site is used to test experimental aircraft units, weapons, and also to research alien life and intelligence. Some people believe that aliens are housed in one of the buildings on Area 51. Furthermore, a higher level of unexplainable phenomenon has been reported in the Nevada region. Sightings, abductions and people reporting having out of body, spiritual experiences are not uncommon here. Many alien groups take trips to the Nevada desert in the hopes of having an experience or of witnessing something paranormal.



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