15 Signals That Girls Send At The Gym To Show They’re Interested

For many, the gym is a goldmine for incredibly attractive women. Insanely fit girls go there regularly, and for a typical guy this can almost be too much hotness to handle. It's hard to know what to do in that situation. Even the best-looking guys can get a little tongue-tied and bewildered when there are that many amazing bodies walking all over the place. And girls are notoriously hard to read. You never really know if a girl is interested in you, because they tend to play their cards pretty close to their chest. Being in a gym makes it even harder, because everyone seems to be completely focused on working out and not much else.

And for the most part, that's exactly what girls are there to do – work out. They are not there to get dates, or check out guys. Many women absolutely hate it when guys hit on them at the gym, so don't be that guy. You'll only be shooting yourself in the foot, and any chance you had at hitting it off will be ruined. On the other hand, some girls really do get interested in guys at the gym. Seeing fit guys working out can be enticing for women, and she might want a chance to strike up a conversation. In these rare situations, it's important to know how to spot the signs that she really does want to get to know you and your body better...

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15 She Asks You To Spot Her

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This is definitely the classic sign that a girl in the gym wants you. It's an excuse to get up close and personal, and there might even be some physical touching involved. But don't get too distracted, because if you zone out while looking at her body, she might just drop the weight on herself before you can catch it. And then you'll look like a complete idiot. Some girls actually just need to be spotted, and don't actually want any intimacy involved. But the vast majority of girls who ask you to spot them are into you.

That being said, don't jump the gun. Don't be the guy who walks over and asks to spot her. If she wants it, she'll come over and ask you. And when that happens, you know that you at least have a pretty good chance of getting her number. Make sure to compliment her on her form while she's lifting.

14 She Takes Her Earbuds Out

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Why is it so hard to pick up girls at the gym? Many reasons, actually. But one thing that always gets on guys nerves are those pesky earbuds. Girls never seem to take them out! Whatever they're listening to, it must be some seriously awesome workout music, because once girls pop them in their ears, they rarely come out. Basically, when you see a girl wearing earbuds, that means, "I'm not interested in talking to anyone." Still, some guys don't get the message.

But if she takes them off when she's around you, then you know you might have a chance. She's doing this to at least give you a chance to try some cheesy pickup line. If she pops them out while you're around, that means that she really doesn't want to miss it when you finally say something to her. She's waiting for you to say something...

13 She Does Squats Near You

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Is there any exercise a girl can do that is hotter than doing squats? This exercise is simply amazing to see, and girls know it. There are even entire YouTube channels and Instagram pages dedicated to just girls doing squats. While it might be a particularly alluring workout to watch, it's also one of the most common. Girls want a nice booty more than ever these days, and they all know that the best booty workout is a good old-fashioned squat.

But they also know that guys get seriously interested when they start squatting. So much so that most girls will actually avoid doing squats outside of the safety of their own home. They just don't want to deal with all those weird, creepy stares. But if a girl walks up next to you and starts squatting, chances are she wants you to notice her bod.

12 She Asks About How Much You Weigh, How Much You Can Bench, Etc.

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Some of the most awkward conversations happen in the gym. Especially when it comes to people hitting on each other. That's because the conversation inevitably starts off with something gym-related and boring, like "How long have you been working out here?" or "What kind of protein powder do you use?" Questions like this are designed to break the ice in a non-threatening way, but they almost always start off sounding incredibly cringe-worthy.

While it's pretty rare for women to make the first move, some girls are very aggressive and like taking the initiative. And if you're going to find aggressive, dominant women anywhere, it's in the gym. A girl might actually be so infatuated by you that she'll be the one to walk up to you and try out a pickup line. She'll probably be curious about how much you weigh, how much you can bench, and other gym-related things like that.

11 She Starts Taking Off Articles Of Clothing Near You

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The great thing about being in the gym is that it's so incredibly hot. Not hot as in "hot girl," although there are plenty of those at the gym, too. We're talking about heat as in temperature. When you're really burning those calories, you can work up quite a sweat, and this can be a great feeling. But it doesn't just affect you. Everyone around you, including all those women with amazing bodies, will also be feeling the heat.

These girls might get so hot that they have to take off some of their clothes. Nothing too drastic – they might have some tearaway track pants, for example, which they tear off to reveal some shorts underneath. Or they might be wearing a hoodie or a long-sleeved shirt with a sports bra underneath. Either way, they're only going to be comfortable enough to strip off some layers if they're really attracted to you. And chances are, they want you to notice...

10 She Stretches Near You

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Sometimes the hottest thing a girl can do at the gym is stretch. It's also one of the most essential things to a good workout. Before and after each workout, you should always stretch to make sure you don't get stiff and sore muscles. Women are usually a lot better at this than men, and sometimes it's amazing to see just how flexible some of these girls are. While women see it as just a necessity, for men it takes on a more intimate meaning, and they love to see their bodies on display.

Women know that men love to stare when they stretch, just like when they squat. And just like squatting, women will probably want to stretch in the safety of their own home rather than in plain view of a bunch of staring dudes at the gym. But if she really feels comfortable around you, and she really wants to get your attention, you might just see some stretching action happen before your eyes.

9 She Laughs When You Fail Or Mess Up

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Just like guys, girls sometimes have a strange way of showing that they're interested. Girls will tease and laugh at guys they're actually interested in. Most guys figure this out before the end of high school, but there are always some men who think that girls are actually laughing at them to hurt their feelings. Having a girl laughing at you is generally a sign that she's in a playful and joyful mood when she's around you.

And sometimes, while you're at the gym, accidents happen. You might drop a weight on your foot, or pull a muscle, screaming out in the process. A girl that's interested in you has probably been watching you all this time, so don't be surprised if she laughs at your misfortune.

8 You Make Eye Contact

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Eye contact has always been a sign of attraction, and this is true with both males and females. If she's watching you, that generally means she's interested. It doesn't take a genius to figure that you. But holding eye contact is especially telling, because this means that she wants you to know that she's been looking at you. Instead of darting her eyes away when you try to meet her glance, she stares right into your soul with those beautiful eyes.

This is even more important when you consider the mindset of most people when they're in the gym. Most people go to the gym to work out, not to find a date. That means they're focused on one thing – working out. Girls will rarely ever make eye contact with anyone at the gym, because they're so in the zone. So when you manage to get a girl staring, you know she's interested.

7 You Catch Her Taking Selfies With You In The Background 

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We all know that both men and women these days are glued to their phones. Every moment that people experience is instantly shared to Snapchat or some other social media platform, so she can show her friends what she's doing. Gym selfies are very common, and girls love to keep everyone updated on their exercise progress. It's a good thing, too because otherwise we would be seeing a lot fewer hot fitness girls on the internet.

But when a girl takes a selfie, watch her carefully. She might just casually maneuver herself so that you're in the background. Why would she do this? Basically, she wants to share with her friends that she just saw a "super hot guy" at the gym. She might even draw a circle around you and add in some heart emojis for good measure.

6 She Follows You Around, Using The Same Machines As You

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Gym etiquette is pretty clear when it comes to working out with other people. If there are 50 vacant machines on the floor, you're not supposed to work out on the machine directly next to the only other person in the gym. It's just weird, and it's an invasion of personal space. There are plenty of other rules to be followed, but most people tend to know what's right and what's wrong without even reading up on the official rulebook.

So when a girl seems to be following you around, working out on all the machines that you're working on, even if there are tons of other free machines available, you have a right to start suspecting something. She obviously wants to be near you, and she might be taking the opportunity to check you out while you work out.

5 She Might Try To Catch You Outside Or In The Parking Lot

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Honestly, the gym isn't the best place to get dates and meet people. Compare it to something like a nightclub. A nightclub has dimmed lights, cool music, and they serve drinks. All of these factors release inhibitions, and make it easier to meet people. A gym is kind of the exact opposite. It's a very sterile environment. There's usually some intense, bright fluorescent lighting, and this can be a little overbearing. In addition, there's usually no music playing whatsoever. And on top of all this, there's a very professional, no-nonsense atmosphere that doesn't really seem fun or relaxing.

So sometimes, a girl who's interested in you at the gym might not even show any signs while inside the gym itself. She might actually try to meet up with you outside, in the parking lot, for example. She might time it so that you're walking out at the same time, or just so happen to be parked in adjacent spots.

4 She Might Try To Compete With You

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If there's one pervading vibe at gyms, it's the spirit of competition. You might not even realize it, but people are constantly trying to outdo each other at the gym. It's all a contest of who has the biggest muscles, who can do the most reps, and who can stay on that treadmill for the longest. This is human spirit at its finest, and it's what probably drives most people to start working out in the first place.

If a girl is interested in you, she might try to compete with you in the gym. This is another way she might try to get your attention. You might be on the treadmill beside each other, and she'll make sure she stays on for as long as you do. She might also make it a point to show you that she's capable of doing everything you're doing in the gym.

3 She Might Start Wiping Herself Down With A Towel In Front Of You

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Why do most women hate being approached by guys at the gym? It's pretty simple, actually. They're actually pretty self-conscious about their appearance. In their mind, they look completely terrible when they're in the middle of a workout. They're covered in sweat, they probably have a red face, and they probably don't smell too good either. Granted, most men actually think a girl looks hotter when they're all sweaty and exhausted, but most women can't seem to accept that.

So if you see a girl constantly wiping the sweat off her amazing body in your immediate vicinity, she's probably pretty interested in you. If there was no one around that she cared about, she wouldn't be so self-conscious. And in addition, she knows that she can make wiping herself down look totally hot.

2 She Uses The Mirrors To Check You Out

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Some girls feel pretty guilty about checking guys out. It's that whole antiquated notion that women should never make the first move, and they should be innocent angels who never think about the pleasures of the opposite gender. That's why you probably won't even notice girls checking you out at the gym, unless you really keep your eyes open and know what to look for. For the most part, girls will try their hardest not to be noticed when they're watching you.

But luckily for them, a typical gym is full of mirrors. A shrewd girl will have her back to you, all the while watching as you pump iron. That's because she's actually checking you out using the mirror. So even when a girl seems to have her back turned to you most of the time, that doesn't necessarily mean that she's not interested.

1 She'll "Accidentally" Drop Something And Then Bend Over To Pick It Up

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This is probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to getting a guy's attention, and this one works in and out of the gym. You've probably seen it before, and it definitely does the job of drawing a lot of glances. Basically the girl will pretend to drop something while you're watching her, and then slowly bend over to pick it up. Then she'll pop back up and continue walking. She might even give you a seductive glance over her shoulder while all this is happening.

But keep in mind, girls do drop things from time to time, and sometimes it really is just an accident. Don't be that guy who stares straight at a girl's behind as she's bent over. Keep your cool, and don't be so obvious about it.

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