15 Shocking Predictions For 2016 That Came True

Like the skeptics we are, towards the end of each year we look back and double check the accuracy of all the predictions that psychics, and of course, the 16th century philosopher Nostradamus, forecasted for the year. There have been times where predictions (or warnings) have been way off—like the end of the word happening in 2015 *whew*— but for the most part in 2016, the hunches were eerily on point. 2016 was a pretty crappy year, and as it turns out we had plenty of signs.

Take for instance, the election. It was fraught with tension. There were so many twists, turns and controversies that it felt like one very drawn out episode of ScandalDonald Trump's victory sent shockwaves across the nation, but for Nostradamus believers it's not too surprising a reality star won the election. In a Century III, quatrain 81 passage, Nostradamus writes about a "audacious bawler" who will be "elected governor of the army" thanks to the "boldness of his contention." Audacious, boldness - yep those are polite ways to describe Trump.

It’s been a year filled of crazy pop culture moments and political upsets, so let’s take a look back at the writings of Nostradamus and more recent physics who have eerily predicted accurate theories about 2016.

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15 Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal

Via: AP

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton's email scandals tainted her campaign. Back in 2015, when it became public knowledge that the former Secretary of State used a secret email server during her tenure to conduct federal business, supporters feared that authorities would attempt to indict the candidate for mishandling classified information. They didn't. But that also didn't stop Trump from bringing up the scandal and threatening to take action if he won office. The loss is eerily similar to a Nostradamus verse where he describes a woman's downfall after “letters are found in the queen’s chests, no signature and no name of the author.” In the same verse, Nostradamus writes about a blonde “masculine woman"  facing two failures; one obviously being the loss against Donald Trump, and the other, Hillary's first bid for presidency where she ran an ill-fated campaign against Barack Obama.

14 El Niño And El Niña Attack

via: Flickr

Last year, Dr. Carmen Harra said that because of climate changes, we'd be the victims of an extremely harsh winter and sweltering summer. Guess what? She was right. In 2016, we were hit with multiple daily record low temperatures that ultimately snowballed into Nor'easters, polar vortexes and monster blizzards. The struggle only got realer in July and August, when we reached the hottest months ever recorded since 1880. As Harra noted, extreme weather is only going to get even more extreme and according to weather.com, thanks to El Niña, east coast states can expect a fierce cold blast toward the end of 2016 and into 2017.

13 Brangelina's Split

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Psychic Betsey Lewis accurately predicted Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's split, when she foresaw that an actor couple with several children, some also adopted, would divorce. In September, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce and the ugliest Hollywood began to unfold. First there was smack talk between both camps; Pitt's team alleged that Jolie was being unusually public about a private issue because she wanted to take him down. Sources popped up claiming that Brad Pitt was guilty of child abuse, and an investigation was launched. Recently, a judge refused Pitt's request to seal the documents relating the case and it remains unclear if the actor has seen his six children—twins Vivienne and Knox (8), as well as Shiloh (10), Zahara (11), Pax (13) and Maddox (15).

12 Kylie Is The Richest Jenner


Kendall Jenner may have the high fashion model resume, but it's Kylie Jenner who raked in more money this year thanks to her ever expanding Kylie Cosmetics collection. In 2015, back when Kylie had just launched her line of lipsticks, the Astro Twins said that the youngest Jenner would have a "huge money and career year," noting that she'd create more kits - and she did. After releasing an eyeshadow and liner collection (Kyliner), Jenner saw the money pour in, and is now officially earning more than Kendall Jenner's collaboration with mega beauty brand, Estée Lauder. We've all seen the Snaps, Kylie is making it rain.

11 Brexit

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Britain's vote to cut ties with the European Union otherwise known as Brexit sent as many shockwaves in the world just as Trump's presidential win. But as the case with Nostradamus' prediction about Trump's win, Bulgaria's Baba Vanga also predicted Brexit years before it happened. Prior to her death in 1996, the blind mystic said that Europe as we know it will “cease to exist." More worrisome is her belief that the continent will be left “almost empty” and be turned into a “wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life”. That hasn't happened, but considering that England and Wales both voted to exit Europe with 52.5% of the vote - it's not too far fetched to think that somehow Baba foresaw a country divided that would eventually Brexit.

10 Apple Pay

via: Dieidee

In just two years, technology has managed to change the way we shop with the rise of electronic payments through apps like Venmo, Square and Apple Pay. We've seen these new form of payments, and credit cards with chips roll out over the last few years, but this year in particular, Apple Pay crushed the game and reached new heights by managing to go from four to 35 percent of retailers - that's over 4 million locations. Sounds like Back to the Future had some screenwriters who nailed their prediction that someday handheld devices and finger recognition would be used for payments in cabs and restaurants.

9 Prince Harry's Relationship With Meghan Markle

via: picsofcelebrities

Not only did famed psychic medium Thomas John predict that Prince Harry would finally settle down in 2016, he also foresaw that he would end up with an "entirely new woman" that would shock the very vanilla Royal family. Nailed it. Actress/model Meghan Markle is the total opposite of his ex girlfriend, blonde Chelsy Davy. In an unprecedented move, the Royal released an official statement through Kensington Palace warning the press and social media trolls to back off from his girlfriend, and then condemned the "racial undertones" and apparent "smear campaigns" against his Markle. And the relationship is only heating up, this month Markle was spotted sporting a necklace with their initials.

8 Lady Gaga Becomes 'Joanne'

Last year it was predicted among pop culture analysts and psychics that 2016 would be the year we finally see Lady Gaga in her true form. She'd slowly peel back the layers and we'd see her as a real person, not a character. Throughout her rise, we've seen the popstar hide behind meat dresses, huge hats and wigs - rarely showing us a stripped down version of who she really is. We caught a glimpse during her collaboration with Tony Bennet, but by far the rawest version of Gaga came with the release of Joanne. Her pop hits were less about clubbing and more about her personal experience as a celebrity, issues and the death of her aunt, Joanne.

7 Justin Bieber's Breakdown

via Wenn

Unfortunately, it was already known by a few people that Justin Bieber's 2015 meltdown would carry over into the new year. Last year, many suggested that Bieber would face public breakdowns, and exhibit blatant pleas for help - like a few months back when he begged for screaming fans to be quiet because he's an actual person? Yep, sounds about right. It was predicted that his relationship with Selena Gomez would fizzle out and he would even begin to back away from his own fanbase as a result of emotional and personal issues. Multiple clips from fans have shown Bieber denying meet and greets or presents from fans, and just last month he distanced himself from social media by deleting his Instagram and calling it the devil. Let's hope 2017 is a better year for Biebs.

6 Rihanna Becomes The Hottest Pop Star

Okay, Rihanna has always been known as the hottest pop star, but this year she released two fashion collections, got casted in the next huge Hollywood blockbuster and dominated the charts. That viral photo of Rihanna riding the New York City MTA isn't real life, guys that's actually a behind the scenes photo of the pop star on the set of the new all female Oceans Eight movie. That's right, Rihanna is set to star in her third blockbuster after releasing the highly acclaimed Anti album. On top of all of that, this year she dropped her first full collection with Puma, months after releasing her very own Fenty (her last name) sneakers. Sounds like the pop culture prediction that Rihanna's star power would reach new heights in 2016 was 100% accurate.

5 No Third Baby For Kimye

via Splash

Multiple celebrity psychics claimed that Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West, would not have a baby number three despite Kardashian's hint that the couple were hoping to expand their family even more. Rumors have been swirling that the couple's marriage is in crisis case, but according to sources that's all false; and seers say that the reason they haven't added to the Kardashian-West clan is because of busy scheduling and resolving health issues. Another point proven when Kanye West was admitted into the hospital for exhaustion. There's always next year.

4 No Divorce For Jay Z And Beyonce 

via AP

Rumors of divorce have been swirling since the elevator debacle between Beyoncé's sister Solange, and Jay Z. We saw them creep up again following the release of Yonce's firey Lemonade album. A flurry of headlines claimed that the couple would divorce, but a few psychics disputed it. They agreed that the marriage may be strained, and that the couple may have discussed a split but agreed to stay together. According to Beyonce's fanbase, dubbed the Beyhive, a #Jayonce collaboration is slated to be released on Tidal before the end of 2017. So yah - doesn't sound like they're splitting anytime soon. Maybe Lemonade was really the icon's way of exposing the ups and downs of her high profile marriage?

3 Our Obsession With Live-streaming 

via: Facebook

Tech theorists predicted that following the Netflix binge-watch craze, social platforms would join the streaming competition by rolling out their very own versions of miniature TVs. Facebook kicked things off earlier in the year with its new Facebook Live tool that allows regular people, brands and publications to broadcast content live to their following. Twitter joined in, and totally dominated the election along with Facebook by airing debates in real time. Instagram is the last one to join, with a new Snapchat-like function that allows users to show off 30 second moments.

2 The Cubs' Historic Win


Looks like this year the Cubs got the last laugh when they beat Cleveland, 8-7, in Game 7 of the World Series. After the win, a screenshot of a high school yearbook quote written by Michael Lee, back in 1993 surfaced, and his random prediction that the "Chicago Cubs [would be] 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first" went viral. Now in his 30s, Lee says that he had a vivid dream about the victory and it stuck with him throughout high school. The Cubs have been the butt of jokes for some time now with comedians predicting their win somewhere between 2020 and 30-never, but the fact that Lee predicted the exact year is crazy. Someone give this man season tickets.

1 Robots Are Taking Over

Via: 'Ex Machina'

It’s no surprise that robots have taken the place of humans in the workplace - we’re all bypassing the human cashier for a self-scan checkout, am I right? But Dr. Carmen Harra noted that in 2016, we’ll see a technology take over in all new ways, TVs, cars, phones and gadgets. Ride sharing competitors, Uber and Lyft are both testing and set to employ self-driving cars over the next year. Our TV screens are becoming our phones with more streaming platforms popping up, and the rise of VR technology has slowly started to trickle into the mainstream - now everyone seems to be hooked on time saving and efficient robotic sidekicks. It’s no surprise that Westworld has attracted an extreme cult following only after one season, our culture is becoming more and more obsessed with pushing tech to a new level.

Sources: Huffington Post, History Channel, Betsey Lewis, Michelle White Dove

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