15 Shameful Photos Of Farrah Abraham Her Daughter Will Hate

For some reason, Farrah Lynn Abraham managed to become one of the most famous faces in the world. But how? Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Abraham shot to fame for one sole reason, getting pregnant at 16 years old. Yep, starring in the strangely popular 16 and Pregnant as well as spin-off Teen Mom, Farrah was by far one of the most memorable cast members. Not exactly well liked, Farrah went one to become arguably the most grotesque individuals to have come out of reality TV, embarrassing herself on a number of occasions. However, that's not to say that she's had an easy life. In fact, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child died in a car accident before she had even given birth.

Farrah has most certainly had it rough at times. But, in true Farrah fashion, the hate and sadness didn't stop her from rising, going on to dip her toe into music, writing and even adult entertainment. She has managed to take on a lot during her twenty-six years on this earth and has also subjected her daughter to the same, with the tot basically growing up in the public eye since birth. Born in 2009, Sophia Laurent Abraham has never really known privacy.

Still only young, Sophia is probably unaware of her mother's actions and unable to understand the real truth of her upbringing. However, as time goes on, Sophia will most likely gain a better understanding, as well as being able to access some extremely shocking material.

15 When She Dressed Up As Wonder Woman

It's always a bit embarrassing when your parents dress up, but when Farrah Abraham does it, things go to the next level. Yep, with it not even being Halloween or a costume party, Farrah still went ahead with her outfit of choice. Dressing up for no reason whatsoever, Farrah decided that the 2016 MTV VMA Awards would be the perfect occasion to display her new Wonder Woman outfit. Wearing the costume, complete with cape, Farrah claimed, "I actually had to turn into Wonder Woman, so I decided to customize it a bit."

No, we don't understand that either. Going on to explain further, Farrah stated, "I honestly get bored of the fashionable business look, so I dressed it up and I love it. Business takes over my life, so I wanted to have some fun!" Classic Farrah.

14 When She P***** Off PETA

If we're being honest, what Z-list celebrity hasn't p***** off Peta?! Am I right? Yep, pictured holding a baby lion cub while in Mexico, the reality TV star uploaded the pic with the caption, "my Lion Cub doesn't let anyone mess with me WatchOut #catforhelp." Blasted for her inappropriate behavior, PETA called out the teen mother for exploiting animals, as well as comparing it to her own daughter. Yep, seriously unhappy, PETA issued a statement directed at Farrah herself, stating,

"PETA is certain that Farrah, like any mother, would be horrified to learn that lion cubs used for photo ops are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth so that they can be passed from one stranger to another — and that when they grow too big to be used as props, these animals are often abandoned at appalling roadside zoos, slaughtered for meat, or used as targets in canned hunts, we hope that Farrah will stick to animal-free tourism in the future." Yeah!

13 When She Wore This Stupid Mask

Seemingly having no shame whatsoever, it can be difficult for Farrah to feel the emotion of embarrassment. In fact, she has probably never even blushed, let alone turned a faint shade of rouge. From posting botched surgeries to revealing outfits, Farrah would just about do anything if it meant at least a little exposure. Pictured wearing a ridiculous face mask in a homemade video that she had uploaded to the internet, Farrah was detailing the extreme lengths of her daily routine. Yep, giving fans an insight into her life, Farrah can be seen wearing a full light blue face mask, marked with clear pads underneath her eyes, and a separate gold mask plastered on her mouth. Looking more like an alien from outer space than a beauty queen, Farrah captioned the video, "being beautiful."

12 When She Leaked Her Own Purposefully Made Sex Tape

In 2013, Farrah really scraped the barrel when it was revealed that she had leaked her own 'sex tape' on purpose. Marketed as a 'leaked sex tape,' the film was released under the title, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, starring Farrah, as well as the disgraced adult film star, James Deen. Claiming that he had been paid by a company to make the video, Deen also stated that Abraham had originally contacted him about starring in the movie. However, things turned sour when Abraham stated that she was "drugged and raped more than once" during the filming of the movie itself. With a history of lying, the media found it difficult to believe her claims, especially as she had also recently lied about an altercation with an Uber driver that had gotten her banned from using their service. Plus, things got more confusing when a sequel was released, which appeared to show Farrah dabbling in the adult entertainment business once more.

11 When She Got Her Butt Enhanced

Yep, obviously unafraid of cosmetic surgery and the connotations that it may have, Farrah is certainly no stranger to going under the knife. From lip fillers to nose jobs, it was no surprise to see Farrah displaying a more than ample backside leading to rumors that she had had her bottom surgically enhanced. Seemingly confirming the arrangement, one doctor claimed that Farrah had "most certainly" had her behind done, stating that, "she'd had significant buttock enhancement." Proud of her newest assets, Farrah has recently uploaded a number of photographs depicting the change in question, obviously extremely happy with the result. In fact, the reality TV star regularly flaunts her most favored achievement, with her social media filled to brim with shots of her posterior. However, although happy with how she looks, Farrah has never actually confirmed the surgery, despite such obvious differences.

10 When She Fake Cries On Television

Everyone has done it at least once in their life. Turning on the waterworks in order to get what you want is a classic move. However, with some better at it than others, mastering the fake cry can actually be quite difficult. Rivalling those such as Meryl Streep and Al Pacino, Farrah Abraham is up there with the best when it comes to crying on demand. And if that isn't enough, Farrah is also a known liar, with 'ex-boyfriend' Brian Dawe revealing that he had been coached by Farrah to act as her pretend boyfriend during the TV show, Couple's Therapy. Yep, telling him that she needed an actor to act as her boyfriend on the show, Dawe stated he did it for the money and the money only. Often tipping off the paparazzi on their whereabouts, Farrah would then detail every aspect of their 'relationship' online, with Dawe confessing, "Farrah and I spent lots of time talking on the phone and communicating via text to come up with fake scenarios that would possibly cause difficulties in our fake relationship."

9 When She Failed At Cosmetic Surgery

Obviously a huge fan of cosmetic surgery, Farrah is extremely open with regards to her procedures. From documenting her boob jobs to putting out before and after pictures, Farrah is unafraid of the repercussions. Yep, from nose jobs, fillers, boob jobs and chin implants, Farrah's face and body are clearly ever evolving. However, with the results often backfiring, it was the ultimate failure of lip injections that really made headlines. Pictured with a full set of lip fillers that had obviously gone wrong, Farrah seemed unfazed when she blamed the swelling on an allergic reaction. And, seemingly not bothered with regards to how she may influence her daughter, Farrah recently claimed she would support her daughter's decision if she decided to follow in her mother's footsteps, stating, "If she validly wants something, that’s not outlandish, and she envisions herself that way, well then, yeah I’m going to support that." Nice.

8 When She Snapchatted Her Plastic Surgery

What would Snapchat be without Farrah Abraham? Nothing of course! Often seen throwing shade, drinking excessively, and partying non-stop throughout her Snapchat stories, Farrah has also started posting her surgical nightmares. Yep, taunting her audience with various snippets, the photos were captioned with the words, "can you guess what I'm up to next from my #snapchat love all my #RahRahs." And, if that wasn't enough, Farrah was reported to have encouraged her seven-year-old daughter to use the social media outlet, with the tot said to be up all night talking to strangers on the popular app. However, due to some concern from a number of fans, Sophia's account was removed with Snapchat declaring that the app was not for those under the age of 13 years old.

7 When She Arrived At An Event Like This

Somewhat having the knack for arriving at events in embarrassing clothing, Farrah certainly knows how to attract attention, whether it's good or bad. Yep, making an appearance at a sponsored pool party in Vegas, Farrah was spotted showing off her latest dose of plastic surgery in a tiny bikini. Known for her heavy use of cosmetic surgery, Farrah has actually had her upper regions worked on three times. Discussing her numerous operations, Farrah recently tweeted, "I’m thankful to have the best reconstructive breast surgeon in the Beverly Hills area fix the burning and pain issues that were horrible," later adding, "thanks for all the love while I heal #3rdTimesACharm Thanks to @drstuartlinder." Then, in classic Farrah fashion, she released a number of topless photographs to detail the very graphic before and after.

6 When She Made A Mold Of Her Private Parts

Is there anything this girl won't do? Deciding to expand her brand to include certain adult toys, Farrah recently released a special product for those with one particular notion in mind.  In order to add that special personal touch, Farrah designed her very own customized pleasure toy by molding her own private parts. Yes, you read that correctly. Replicating her own lady bits, Farrah also molded her breasts, giving customers their very own piece of Farrah Abraham, literally. X-rated, to say the least, the whole molding process can be viewed online with Farrah more than happy to show off her most valuable assets. Commenting on the shocking production, Farrah recently stated, "I think I'm taking sex symbol to a whole new level today. So now, I'm gonna have a whole like sex line. People are gonna [pleasure themselves] to me. This is crazy." Lovely.

5 When She Was A Major Drama Queen

Entering the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, Farrah was immediately disliked. Evicted soon after, Farrah went on to appear as a panelist on the Bit on the Side after-show. However, with things not going quite to plan, Farrah was involved in a heated argument with fellow panelist and past contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. With rumors that the pair threw glasses at one another as soon as the show went off the air, Farrah was photographed leaving the hospital in a wheelchair the next day. Seen with the words, 'on fleek' upon her t-shirt, Farrah claimed that the other contestants were against her and that she would also be contacting the police. Discussing the incident soon after, the Hertfordshire Police stated, "officers are currently making inquiries to establish the exact circumstances of what happened and will release further details when appropriate." Ouch.

4 When She Went To London

Like any old excited tourist visiting London, Farrah took a number of photographs detailing her adventures in one of the most glorious capital cities in the world. However, unlike most, Farrah's pictures tended to center on her, often cutting out the intended objects. From blurring out the Tower Bridge, to cutting off a guard's head, it is clear that herself and herself only is what's important here. In true Farrah fashion, the reality TV star pictured her every move in a severe lack of clothing, as well as a missing bra. Yet, despite the typical London weather and pouring down rain Farrah still managed to look the part as she was photographed prancing around London in killer heels and zero interest in what she was actually seeing.

3 When She Promotes Anything

Well, we all gotta make money somehow. The master of endorsement, Farrah really will promote anything, as long as it brings home the bacon. Shameless in what she promotes, Farrah has gone from molding her own genitals, to selling a number of backstreet weight loss drugs, and 'healthy eating' campaigns. And if that wasn't enough, Farrah has also ventured into the world of business, often seen attempting to steer up publicity for her flailing business lines. Deciding to go undercover in order to review her own frozen yogurt store, Farrah accidentally forgot to log out of her personal account. With the message reading, "this is an Awesome Froyo location, it's fun and has free events. Coba the mascot is awesome the children love him, the sunglasses are sold out a lot and Farrah the owner is a celebrity so of

Deciding to go undercover in order to review her own frozen yogurt store, Farrah accidentally forgot to log out of her personal account. With the message reading, "this is an Awesome Froyo location, it's fun and has free events. Coba the mascot is awesome the children love him, the sunglasses are sold out a lot and Farrah the owner is a celebrity so of course this is one of the best frozen yogurt brands in America. They have drawing boards, drinks, coffee, tea, and healthy options of frozen yogurt like no sugar added or non fat or gluten free! check it out in person forget all the cyber bullies who are jealous! #HARDWORK pays off! Go Farrah,"

The 'secret' review proved just how deluded and desperate Farrah actually was.

2 When She Really Will Promote Anything

Seriously, this woman will do anything for a buck. Slammed for using her seven-year daughter to promote weight loss, Farrah was also reported to have encouraged her daughter to drink the tea itself. Posting the picture the day after Halloween on social media, Farrah was accused of inciting health issues, especially with the caption, "teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham & I – after all that candy." And that's not all. Often using her daughter as a way of promotion, Farrah recently posted a picture of her daughter dressed in a bikini in order to promote the new series of Teen Mom. With the photograph depicting the seven-year-old with her hand on her hip and the other behind her head, followers claimed that the picture was sending the wrong message.

1 When She Rode The Champagne Horse

I mean what's a champagne horse without Farrah Abraham riding on the back of it?Photographed scantily clad on the back of a white stallion, Farrah was doing what all Z-list reality TV stars do, making money of course! Yep, hired to host the 2015 AVN Awards pre-party for Topco, whatever that is, Farrah made sure to make use of the free bar, as well as regularly riding the champagne horse. No stranger to hanging out in Vegas, the party town seems to be her second home, often seen partying it up in the famous desert. In fact, Farrah also celebrated her birthday there, inviting a number of other Z list celebrities to help her see in another year. Pictured with the likes of Jersey Shore alum Pauly D, and best pal Paola Quezada, Farrah was dressed to impressed.

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