15 Seriously Subtle Signs That Say She's Into You

In the beginning, there was a man named Adam. When it came to women, Adam had it incredibly easy. Some might say he even had an unfair advantage--being the first man and all. Adam didn't have any of the problems guys deal with today. He didn't have to be self-conscious about the nick on his chin that he received from shaving, saying the wrong thing, and embarrassing himself in front of a woman. Adam didn't even have to worry about attracting a female! There were no other guys around to compete with or females around to impress! That is until Adam was given a female companion and told to go forth and procreate! It couldn't get any easier than that! (We won't get into how Eve royally messed up and got them both kicked out of paradise.)

These days, guys have it hard. Women can be challenging to read. Is she into you? Is she not into you? If she's into you but taken, what does that mean? If she's not taken but not into you, why isn't she? Is there a deep connection or is it just on the surface level? Is this someone worth pursuing? Sure there are some obvious signs of interest like longing looks from across the room, sending suggestive text messages, sitting on your lap. But what about the not so obvious signs? Without further ado, after conducting extensive research we've come up with 15 Seriously Subtle Signs She's Into You:

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15 She Asks About Your Dog

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Get your mind out of the gutter. Not that dog. Your actual four-legged dog. If she asks about your dog in passing only once or twice while at the dog park, then she may or may not be that into you. She could just be making a polite chit-chat. However, if she's frequently inquiring about your dog or liking photos of him on Facebook, she's definitely into you.

So, why hide behind a dog? Asking about a guy's dog is a great way for any girl to show interest without being too obvious. It's a safety net of sorts. This is especially true for those girls who are shy or questioning mutual feelings. Maybe she's already stuck in a relationship and can't ask or say anything inappropriate over fear of rejection or messing up society's predetermined path.

It's a fairly subtle sign and one that's understandably easily overlooked. However, if a girl is especially into your dog, she's seriously sending you some subtle signals that she wants to talk about more than just your dog.

14 Memory

Have you ever been floored by someone who has remembered something that either was a minute detail or said years ago? Having an extraordinary memory recollection is another sign that she's seriously into you. It shows she was paying attention to you. Females especially seem to have this special cognizance to recall the seemingly most insignificant details about people and events. If you are having a conversation with her and she references something that you have said that most people would not even remember, that means that you have definitely left a lasting impression on her.

13 Asks You A Favor

She calls or messages you asking for a favor. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't have been asking you for a favor. She's asking you because it gives her a way to have an interaction with you--an interaction that doesn't have to be awkward or uncomfortable. She can enjoy your company or communication with you without having to either feel guilty about it or letting you in on her secret--she really has developed a thing for you.

It doesn't matter if the favor is big or small. It could be anything from driving her home from a bar to giving her advice on a paper she wrote for her Social Studies class. The exact request isn't important. If the favor is void of any interaction with her, then you can't read too much into it. However, if it entails any sort of communication back and forth, then there you have it.

12 Eye Contact

If you're out with a group of friends and she is present, is she avoiding having to look in your general direction? Is she even going out of her way to not look at you? Watch her body language. If she's trying hard not to look at you, she's thinking about you. If she's thinking about you, then she's really trying her best not to reveal it. You will notice this with shy girls and girls that are already in committed relationships. They are trying to conceal their thoughts and it is a difficult thing to do for most girls. They will pay extra close attention and maintain flawless eye contact with everyone else around you. If and when they slip or are forced into looking at you, they will be extremely focused and concentrating hard not to reveal what is going on inside their head. As soon as it's okay to look away, they will be taking that opportunity even if it includes dashing away in the middle of a conversation, using the ladies room, or getting-another-drink excuse.

11 Uncomfortable

If a girl is uncomfortable when you two are around other people, that can often be a sign of feelings bubbling beneath the surface. She might be talkative and upbeat when it's just the two of you either online or in person but around other people, she clams up and becomes obviously uncomfortable and feels awkward.

This is because she is confused and uncertain where things stand between the two of you. Her brain and heart might not be in sync just yet. She might want to put you in the more-than-friend zone but can't....yet. It's so much easier to hide behind a phone or computer screen than have to face the other person up close. If you want to make her more comfortable, try and be the first to break the ice. Discuss something lighthearted or silly.

10 Proximity

Chances are, she's not going to be the one to make the move to stand close to you. That is something you will have to do. Now, make sure to notice if she steps or moves back. If she does either of these things, she's not sending any signs of being into you. It doesn't mean she's not into you. It just means that she's not sending off any signals at the moment.

If she stays put and doesn't move as you inch your way closer, she's likely so into you. She enjoys being in your space. She's enjoying your company and energy. See how close you can get before she moves back. If you get close enough to where you two are touching, then that girl probably wants to do more than talk about the weather.

9 Her Friends Know About You

You have never formally met any of her friends but somehow, they definitely seem to know a lot about you. They might even have a code name for you when they talk back and forth. It could be an obvious code name like "Hottie" or a not-so-obvious one like "Walter". "Was the "Hot Guy" at work today?" or "You should've seen what "Walter" was wearing today." Don't be surprised if you overhear things like that or see comments on Instagram or Facebook referring to someone that you kind of get the feeling is you.

If you think they're referring to you, they probably are. If you see her or her friends out and about and they act like school girls around you or you catch them giving each other looks--there's a dead giveaway for you. Girls will be girls, no matter what their age is.

8 Facebook

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You get an innocuous Facebook friend request. How nice. Someone wants to be your friend. This totally depends on who is requesting for your friendship. Your brother's wife? It's completely innocent and almost required these days to befriend anyone that's related by blood or marriage on Facebook. Someone you met at the grocery store a couple days ago? Someone you ran into at the gym?

The majority of people that add friends on Facebook do so because they want to know more about the person they are adding. Period. There is a minority that just adds people left and right until they reach the Facebook friends maximum capacity of 5,000 friends. Those people won't make any effort to communicate or like your posts. They will however either private message you a sales pitch or never have any communication with you.

If you get a Facebook friend request, ask yourself why this person wants to be your friend? How has your interaction been like outside of Facebook? Have you already felt something that you just couldn't put your finger on between you two? Go with your gut instinct.

7 Subconscious Slips

When she's subconsciously thinking about you and posts a Facebook status update or quote that resonates with you or reminds you of something you have previously shared, then she has likely made a subconscious slip.

Posting a vague Facebook post or Tweet containing song lyrics or something cheesy is something a 13-year-old girl does to get her crush's attention. It's totally obvious and immature. If she's doing this, that's not a subconscious slip but just plain old immaturity.

She may even have a subconscious slip in person while talking to you. If it's done in person, she most likely will catch it after it's come out of her mouth and become embarrassed. She truly didn't mean for it to come out but a part of her brain was thinking about you in some capacity or another.

6 Nervous Habits

Many people have nervous habits and different scenarios can set them off. What sets them off for most people is nervousness or stress; and what could be more nerve-wracking than being around someone whose face you want to gnaw off?!

While talking to her or just being near her, you may notice she puts her hand to her face a lot. It's a little more difficult to do if you're both standing but while sitting at a table, you might notice her hands going to her mouth or under her chin slightly obscuring her mouth. What she is doing but doesn't actually notice she is doing is obscuring her facial expressions. She's trying to control her expressions because she doesn't want to be caught biting her lower lip.

If she folds her arms across her body you might take that as a sign of not wanting to talk or closing herself off. This act can also be a sign that she's trying to hide a nervous habit of either biting her nails or picking at her cuticles.

Keep your eyes open for signs that she's making a concerted effort to conceal a nervous habit. If she's making an effort to do that, you have someone that would really like to get to know you.

5 Genuine Interest

She's genuinely interested in what you have to say. She finds you interesting. She is asking questions about you. She isn't asking what your favorite color is or who your favorite actor is. She wants to dig below the surface. If she didn't care to know more about you, she would not be asking these types of questions.

Like it or not, she wants to know everything about you. Where did you grow up? What's your mother's maiden name? French or Czech ethnicity? How long have you been in town? What are your ambitions in life? She isn't intentionally trying to be nosy. It's the way a girl's brain is wired when they are really into something. They can't help but want to know everything and anything there is to know about the person, place, or thing they are interested in.

4 Invisible Man

Somehow you've become the invisible man. It's almost like she could walk right thru you and not even notice. She doesn't look at you or make any effort to converse with you. She must not be able to stand you or just be absolutely indifferent to your presence.

Not so fast there. A girl might have her defense mechanism switched into the 'on' position. She is guarding herself from being rejected and humiliated. Why? This could be for a million reasons. Maybe she's already in a relationship. Perhaps she's shy and suffering from low self-esteem. Or she could be scared of her feelings for you.

Turning you into the invisible man is her way of trying to cope with her feelings. By pretending not to notice you, she's pretending to not have any feelings towards you. Doing this is the safest thing.

If you think a girl has turned you into the invisible man, don't worry. Start a conversation with her, preferably not in person as she might drop dead of a heart attack right then and there! Texting or Facebook messaging are both safe communication methods that someone shy would prefer... at least in the beginning.

3 Humor

She won't laugh at just anything. She has a unique sense of humor. And guess what? She laughs at your jokes and replies "LOL" and a laughing emoji to your messages! This girl is playing it super cool. She doesn't want you to know anything regarding her true feelings towards you and she is good...very good.

If you can make a girl smile, she likes you. If you can make a girl laugh, she really likes you. How do you know if it's more than friendly banter back and forth? That's a tough one that will take some recon work. You will have to check out and observe her with other guys. How does she act? Does she react the same--with the same sort of laugh? Does her laughter sound more genuine when she's with you?

2 Don't Stop

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She doesn't want the conversation to end. There are very few times you two have a chance to talk so when you do get to, she doesn't want the conversation to end. She will keep talking until life pulls her away. This also applies to texting and emails. You won't be the last one to say something.

Check your texts or email messages from her. Does she leave open-ended questions or be the last one to message? If she does, she's given away a very subtle but real sign of her interest in you.

1 Instinct

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Yes, your instinct, not hers. Your instinct can be very subtle and you probably don't even recognize it as your instinct when it does speak up. It's basically a feeling that comes over you. A feeling that reassures you that something is alright or warns you when something is very, very wrong. It guides you in your decision-making process without any credit.

Trust your instinct when it comes to her. Does your instinct just tell you that this girl has something really special about her or maybe that you almost feel like your soul recognizes her soul? If your soul recognizes her soul, chances are good that maybe...just maybe...her soul recognizes yours too. Your instinct can be a very powerful tool if used correctly.

Sources: thoughtcatalog

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