15 Selfie Fails That Would Make Any Gym Fanatic Cringe

At the start of a new year, fitness clubs across the globe are jam-packed with those who put "get into shape" at the top of their New Year's resolutions list.

At first, hitting the gym can be a truly intimidating experience for a newcomer. You want to look your best, and you certainly don't want to make a fool out of yourself. It's quite easy to get the hang of things, especially if you're not too sure how to use a certain machine. You could ask for help from a staff member or simply observe how other fitness enthusiasts operate the machinery before giving it a try for yourself.

But sadly, some gym warriors prefer to do things their own way. They're not studying the step-by-step picture instructions that are plastered on the gym equipment to ensure they're using things correctly. No, no, no. They're taking matters into their own hands and putting their own twist on their workout routines. Much to the delight of those who love a good laugh, we've collected photos of a few experimental gym visitors that will make you break into a fit of laughter. Here are 15 ridiculously hilarious gym photos that you have to see to believe.

15 Sir, Why Are You Upside Down?


This, my friends, is a typical leg press. Your back should be resting on the blue, slanted seat, while your feet rest firmly on the foot plate. Then, you release a lever that's typically on the side of the machine, and slowly push the weight in a controlled manner. Now, based on these simple instructions, can you tell us what's wrong with this picture?

Judging by the expressions of those in the background, it's pretty obvious this guy is doing this all wrong. But not only that, he could be putting himself in some serious danger. With so much weight resting on his head and neck, this looks like a scary accident waiting to happen!

What would you do in this situation? Tap the guy on the shoulder and tell him he's about to be the lucky recipient of a neck brace, or take a picture and post it on the Internet for giggles?

14 That's Not How It Works


We applaud anyone who makes the effort to make their health a priority and get into shape. As we mentioned previously, it's not always an easy thing for some people to work up the nerve to attend a gym for the first time. But once they get there, they quickly realize that most gym-goers are in the same boat as them. Everyone's just in their own little world, working on their fitness and trying to obtain their goals.

But unfortunately, it looks like this lady won't be hitting her goals as quickly as she expected. Her machine of choice was the treadmill - a great option to burn some calories. However, instead of going for a brisk walk, she plopped a chair on the machine and took a seat instead!

13 These Heels Were Made For Walking


There are actual benefits to working out in high heels, but this picture made us crack up nonetheless. It appears that this woman just got off from work...or perhaps she just got in from a raging nightclub. Either way, she was dressed to impress and didn't bother to change into some comfortable workout clothes before hitting the treadmill.

Her skintight dress isn't the only thing that's hilarious. She appears to be wearing an MP3 player attached to an armband, so she's definitely serious about her workout. But the fact that she's also wearing five-inch heels is just too much for us to handle.

On a side note: her legs are looking toned AF, so maybe working out in high heels isn't such a crazy idea after all.

12 Catching Up On The News


When's the last time you've seen an actual newspaper? Most people are obsessed with the digital form of catching the latest, breaking news. But not this woman. She loves to read about the latest goings-on the old fashioned way, which is no big deal when you really think about it. It's the fact that she's catching up on the news right in the middle of her workout that has laughing uncontrollably.

Now, there's a strong possibility that she's taking a breather in between sets, but the way her feet are casually dangling on top of the roller pad leads us to believe she has been in this resting position for quite a while!

11 Safety First!


If you don't feel like zipping through town on a real bike to get an intense workout, the stationary bike at your local gym is your next best bet. Spin classes have become more popular than ever, and everyone seems to be absolutely obsessed with this type of exercise. Since the bike isn't, it means you're not going anywhere. You're simply peddling to nowhere land while still burning a massive amount of calories.

We're not sure about you all, but we've never in life seen someone wear a helmet on an exercise bike. We're not sure what this woman was thinking. Did she believe there was a chance she could lose her balance and go crashing down to the floor? We're not sure, but hey, we can't really fault her for putting her safety first.

10 Cruisin' For A Bruisin'


If you're a gym-goer, we're sure you've seen more than a few cringe-worthy fitness sins being committed. But we guarantee that you've probably never seen anything quite like this!

This workout novice decided to incorporate an exercise ball into his session. And we have to say - he made an excellent choice. These inflatable devices can be used to do pushups, squats, and an assortment of other exercises. But we're not sure what body part this man was targeting by placing the ball on his workout bench. It looks like he's taking a quick nap, doesn't it? Hopefully, he didn't have a nightmare that caused him to roll off the ball and fall to the ground right after this photo was snapped!

9 Enjoying A Treat


Raise your hand if you get the munchies right after an intense workout? Your body needs to refuel after strenuous activities, so grabbing a healthy meal or snack after you hit the weights or the machines is no big deal. But eating while working out seems like a complete oxymoron to us.

Before we get to her food of choice, we have to point out that she's dressed in street clothes, so perhaps she wasn't at the gym to workout in the first place. Maybe she was there to pick up a friend and decided to sit on a machine to pass the time.

Now, let's discuss the ice cream. We're drooling just looking at it. We're sure everyone within a 50-foot radius could practically smell the sweet and sugary concoction as soon as she entered the gym's front doors!

8 Will Anyone Tell Her The Truth?


This girl threw on her cutest outfit, a pair of flashy sneakers, and hit the gym for a hardcore workout! It's just too bad she completely butchered her form when she stepped inside the squat machine. But do you think anyone told her she was using it incorrectly? Not a chance!

In case you're wondering, yes, her back should be resting on the support pad. Instead, of getting a really good gym session, it looks like she's begging to have a backache by the end of her workout!

7 This Is Bad...Real Bad


Are squats really that difficult to perfect? This is the second person we've seen fail at using a squat machine. Next up is this guy who hit the racks and brought the L-O-Ls in the process.

To start, it looks like he's channeling the '90s grunge era with his shorts, what appear to be black boots, and a plaid shirt. No one says you have to wear loose-fitting gym clothes to get a good workout, so we'll give him a pass on his attire.

But for whatever reason, he turned the squat rack into a jungle gym. We're not even sure what he's doing or what he's trying to achieve, but it looks like his neck is begging for mercy!

6 Perfect Gym Attire


Speaking of gym outfits, have you ever seen someone waltz into your fitness studio wearing a god awful getup? If so, you're not alone, but we would bet money that you've never seen a one-piece jumpsuit quite like this!

This guy brought his love for kittens to the gym by wearing an outfit with the image of the furry, cuddly animal plastered on the back. Can you imagine trying to do lunges while two huge cat eyes were staring at you off in the distance? Talk about creepy!

And BTW, the expression on the girl's face who's taking the photo is the exact same look we gave when we saw this picture.

5 Someone Needs An MP3 Player


Most people have ditched their MP3 players in recent years. Even Apple has discontinued the iPod since most people listen to music right there on their cell phones. You can still purchase the small media players though, but obviously, this guy didn't get the memo.

He brought his entire laptop to the gym, and as you can see, he has his headphones connected to the jack so he's obviously listening to his favorite jams on the humungous device. There's no way that Macbook would fit into a standard MP3 case, so he simply shoved the electronic device right down the back of his sweaty gym pants! Ewww!

4 Just Another Day At The Office


Some people put their electronic devices on airplane mode as soon as they enter the gym. This enables them to spend their workout time in complete solitude, zoning in on their own needs and leaving the pressures of everyday life behind for a short time. We don't knock anyone who sends text messages or answers emails during the middle of their cardio session, but perhaps this guy took things a step too far.

He decided to bring the office to the gym by sitting his laptop right on the surface of the stationary bike. At least he can say he put in some work at the gym...literally. But not only that - check out what's in his hand. Listen, I know my coffee, and I can tell you right away that looks like a Starbucks cup (the green straw is a dead giveaway).

So while he's trying to get in shape, he's also chugging a sugary drink that's sure to cancel out any calories that he actually burns.

3 Dangerous Dumbbells


This man has to be a magician. We're literally in shock right now. Check out his agility, his form, and his amazing balance. He's a workout pro! He took things to the next level by not just lifting weights with his feet firmly planted on the floor. No, that move's for rookies. This guy put his body to the test by lifting weights while standing on top of two dumbbells!

His friend is keeping a watchful eye and observing from the distance...you know - just in case. But if things go awry and this guy loses his balance, we doubt his friend would be able to run over quick enough to prevent one of those dumbbells from getting wedged in a place where the sun doesn't shine. Ouch.

2 Mr. Skinny Jeans


OK, hear us out: Anyone who actually gets off their patootie and heads to the gym deserves a pat on the back. This guy also deserves some praise for trying to maintain his physique. But, we have to politely ask: WTF is he wearing?!

There's a reason why gym attire exists, dude. It's made to be comfortable, breathable, and some of the fancier material will quickly whisk every drop of sweat away from your skin. Wearing a pair of skinny jeans to the gym isn't just a bad idea, it just might be the worst idea ever. We can just imagine how sweaty his denim was after he finished his last set.

1 Bottoms Up!


When we grow up, we want to be just like this special lady! She has zero F's to give, and she's clearly not afraid to show it! Instead of improving her cardiovascular health with a cardio exercise or gaining some muscle mass by lifting some light weights, she decided to enjoy a cocktail in the gym instead! Whatever she's sipping on out of her fancy martini glass must be yummy, and we want to assume that it is some sort of martini. Martinis are made with gin, and gin is made using juniper berries. So we don't really care what the haters say. Her drink is perfectly healthy to us, okay?! Haters are always going to hate, anyways.

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