15 Secrets Wives Will Take To Their Grave

A relationship between two people should be open and honest, right? Especially if you are married. What’s the point in keeping secrets? Well, these wives have secrets and some of them are pretty scandalous. For whatever reason, they don’t share these secretive side of themselves to their husbands. Maybe it’s because they are afraid they will be judged or maybe it’s deeper than that. Secrets are usually kept between partners if the person feels like they wouldn’t be understood or worse — that their partner would leave them. Marriage should be a safe place where anything can be said out loud, but many people don’t feel that way.

Some of these secrets probably would break up a marriage, so there is something to be said for keeping things to yourself. The other side of the coin is that maybe these wives shouldn’t be doing things if they are bad enough to be kept secret. Now that you’re married, there are just some things you have to let go of, especially if it could destroy your marriage. Have we peaked your interest yet? Some things may seem harmless to others, but there are a lot of things in these confessions that really make you shake your head and ask why.

Women like confessing, though. They love getting things off their chest because it feels good to say something out loud without consequences. That’s why it’s always a good thing to have someone to talk to that's not your husband. Find out what dirty secrets these wives will take them to their grave.

15 Addicted To Shopping

This seems to be a common one for both guys and girls, but this particular wife has a credit card that her husband knows nothing about. Now, that can be a dangerous thing, especially for someone addicted to shopping. We’re not sure how he doesn’t know unless she's the one that handles the bills. “I’m addicted to shopping. I have a credit card that my husband knows nothing about.” The husband must be oblivious; does he not notice new items? Yes, this can be a troubling thought. It’s unlikely that she can keep this secret until she’s taken to the grave because at some point, unless they are wealthy, he’s going to notice that a lot more money is going out then he can account for. She needs to give up the credit card for the sake of her family.

14 He Loves To Cook

Oh, wouldn’t all of us women love to find a man that could cook? We would never have to slave over the stove again. But sometimes, a husband’s willingness to cook can be a bad thing. In the case of this woman, she hates her husband's cooking and is taking that to the grave. “I never told my husband that I hate his cooking, and it’s gone too far now to turn back. Whenever I offer to cook, he jumps in with “a new recipe” that he wants to try.” This poor woman is so tired of his cooking, she’s willing to do it herself so that she can enjoy eating once again. She may have to be honest with him or start ordering in more. But it’s true; it may be too late to say something now without seriously hurting his feelings.

13 Her Ex Was The Best

When it comes to sex with your partner, you always hope that the best sex of your life will be with the man you choose to spend your life with. Otherwise, you may find yourself fantasizing about your ex and how good the sex was between you. “My ex was the best sex of my life and I would never tell my husband. But sometimes, I can’t help thinking about how good it was and I miss it.” This can be a recipe for disaster because unhappiness in the bedroom can certainly lead to cheating and no one wants that. She should definitely never discuss this with her man because that would not be good in any way, it would just cause jealousy. Perhaps she could try new things with her husband to spice things up. By being more creative with her husband, she could improve her s*x life and before she knows it, he will be the best she’s had.

12 She Hacks His Facebook

Well, she’s probably not the first wife that has done that and she certainly won’t be the last. There are obviously trust issues here and that’s probably something that they should discuss. Why does she feel the need to hack his account? Was there cheating in the past? “My husband doesn’t know that I still hack his Facebook. He has not one photo of me on there, it's sad.” There are definitely deeper lining issues here and it is pretty odd to be married and to not have any pictures of your wife on your Facebook. Sounds pretty shifty to us as well. This might be a secret that should be revealed because it would have them talking about the deeper issues in their relationship. Facebook is all about showing off what you have, so why isn’t he showing off his wife?

11 Her Number Is Higher Than He Thinks

Discussing the number of people that you've slept with always seems like a great idea at the time, but it rarely ever is. Unless you are going to tell your partner that they are the only person you have ever slept with, then it’s probably best to keep the number to yourself. All this does is breed jealousy. “I’ve never told my husband that I've slept with over 60 people in my life. He would never forgive me.” That is a pretty big number and as crappy as it sounds, there is a still a double standard. A guy could sleep with 100 people and that makes him a lady’s man, but if a girl does the same thing then she’s trashy. It’s best to just keep your number to yourself.

10 She's Into Women

Yes, this could certainly be a shocker to some husbands, after all, she did marry a man. “My husband doesn’t know that I’m a little more on the lesbian side of the bisexual spectrum. But I do still love him so much.” We’re always so fascinated by how people describe themselves as a “little bit lesbian.” The confession does imply that the husband may know that she’s bisexual, so maybe he wouldn’t take it so hard. That is unless she no longer wants him in the bedroom with her any longer. Secrets in the bedroom are always tricky because we are always told it's best to be honest, but sometimes, that honesty comes with a price. She possibly should have waited to get married until she really knew who she was.

9 She Kissed Another Man

So, you go out one night to the clubs with your girlfriends, you drink a little too much, and then you end up kissing another guy. No big deal, right? Wrong, so very wrong. In the case of this woman, she kissed a guy at the club and she’s keeping it a secret from her man. “I went to the club and got super drunk. I ended up making out with a guy, but nothing else happened. I feel so guilty.” This is bad all around. Even if the kiss was not instigated by her, she should have pushed him away immediately. These are the types of confessions that can ruin relationships forever. This is one that is best to keep secret or she may find herself on the unfortunate end of a nasty divorce. In the future, maybe don’t kiss men that aren’t your husband.

8 She Has Her Own Bank Account

Usually, when you get married, you open up a joint bank account and are honest about each other's finances. When it comes to this woman, though, she believes it’s okay to have a secret account from her husband where she puts her own money, or at least a lot of it. She justifies it by saying that she makes a lot more than he does. We’re not sure this kind of secret is beneficial to anyone. Should she be allowed to keep this secret or should she be sharing the wealth? “I have a secret bank account that my husband doesn’t know about. It’s justified because I make four times as much as he does.” This just sounds bad. Why isn’t she bringing that wealth into their marriage or family? Why does she feel the need to keep it to herself? The whole situation seems a little selfish.

7 She's Got Baby On The Brain

We’re not really sure what this woman’s game plan is, but she is constantly spending money on baby stuff and she has no baby. She’s not even trying to have a baby. This is definitely a conversation that she should be having with her husband. “I’m not pregnant or trying, but I’ve spent $200 on baby stuff that I’m hiding from my husband.” Seriously, this is a big problem. She must have a baby on the brain for her to be shopping for a child, so why not chat with your husband about starting a family. Otherwise, he's going to stumble on the collection of baby items and think that she has lost her mind. The only downfall to this is that they have already had the baby conversation and maybe he has stated that he doesn’t want children. In that case, she would have a much bigger problem to deal with.

6 She Sends Inappropriate Photos To A Man Who's Not Her Husband 

We just can’t help but shake our heads at this confession. We’re not sure what this woman was thinking when doing this. She's married and yet, she sent out nudes to another man for money. They are obviously struggling financially, but this is just not the answer. “I sent some nudes for money so that I could pay some bills. My husband doesn’t know.” Yes, we can understand why she might take this confession to the grave. It’s disturbing, to say the least. We’re not sure that it would be a good idea for her to confess this one to her husband since there might not be a whole lot of forgiveness. We have to wonder if it was an escort app she used or if she knew the person that she sent the pictures to. Talk about awkward.

5 She Tricks Her Husband Into Having Kids 

Committed couples tend to have an adult conversation about when it's time to start a family. Both people need to be on the same page so that there are no regrets in the future. You would never want to force your spouse to have children because that’s something that can cause problems in a marriage. “I stopped taking my birth control in the hopes of getting pregnant. My husband doesn’t know.” Now, why wouldn’t she tell her husband? Probably because he already told her he wasn’t ready for it or maybe he didn’t want kids at all. Now, she is going to force him into the situation and we have to ask, is that what love is really about? It sounds like a really selfish choice on her part.

4 She Thinks Of Her Ex

This woman can’t stop thinking about her ex and we have to say we feel really bad for her husband. “I can’t stop thinking about my ex and what it would be like to be with him again. Sometimes I miss him. But I really do love my husband. I don’t know why I keep thinking about my ex.” There is so much wrong with this confession and she really needs to take this confession to the grave. It would just be too damaging to her husband’s self-esteem. We all have that certain someone that we will think about from time to time, but in this case, it sounds like it’s more than an occasional thought. She needs to ask herself, however, why she keeps thinking about her ex. She says she loves her husband, but is she really happy in the relationship? Happily married people don’t typically sit there thinking about their exes.

3 She's A Cam Girl

This woman is a webcam girl who gets paid by doing live videos for people who want to see webcam girls. If this was the career that you wanted, then why bother getting married. This is quite a betrayal. “My secret is that I’m a cam girl. My husband does not know. I will never tell him. Ever.” It’s a little disturbing, to say the least, and we’re not sure how that kind of a confession would go over with a guy. We’re guessing it probably wouldn't end well. Does she do it because she needs money or is it for the attention?

2 She Has Trust Issues

This girl is all over her husband’s phone and social media without his knowledge. And to make matters worse, she also stalks his ex. She says he’s always squeaky clean, so we wonder why she has these trust issues. He probably wouldn’t be very happy that she betrayed his trust. “My husband doesn’t know that I still creep his phone and his ex via social media. He’s squeaky clean, but it gives me peace of mind when I don’t find anything.” We can understand how good it can feel to snoop and then not find anything. It re-affirms a sense that everything is okay in the relationship. But if you really trust someone, then there should be no reason to go on his phone. She’s already stated that he’s clean, so she needs to let it go and start to enjoy her relationship without worrying that something may be going on.

1 The Baby Isn’t His

This is a huge secret and one that this woman needs to take to her grave. So many things can go wrong if he finds out the true. It wouldn't only affect their marriage, but her child as well.  There was clearly some cheating going on if her husband thinks that the child is his, but it isn’t. “Our first child isn’t his.” It’s a simple and short statement, but it can destroy a family and break many hearts. We wonder if it was just a slip-up or if she's still seeing the father of the child. The last thing that a guy wants to hear is that one of his children isn’t his. It’s best that this secret is kept hidden away because it’s likely to cause a lot of damage and she could lose her husband in the process.

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