15 Secrets About Amish Women They Wish We Didn't Know

Compared to many, Amish women lead quite different lives. They live in small communities, they often live in seclusion, and their way of life is very different from traditional society. This is a community that is known for its clean living, studying the bible, simple lives, and healthy lifestyles. It is little wonder, therefore, that so many people think that Amish women wouldn’t dare step out of place because that’s just how their community rolls. Well, this isn’t exactly true. A number of reports suggest that there is a lot of secrecy within these communities. As part of this, there are many things about Amish women that they would prefer to keep secret.

In fact, the things that Amish women are said to have gotten up to over the years are quite disturbing. While we see them as straight-laced, squeaky clean people, they actually have some pretty dark and sometimes disturbing secrets that they are harboring. When you hear some of these secrets, you will know exactly why so many of these women would prefer that the world didn’t know about them. So, let’s take a look at the top 15 secrets about Amish women that they would like to remain secret.

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15 Inequality Between Husband And Wife

There are various women who have fought tooth and nail to obtain equality for women over the years. However, while this seems to have been observed in society at large, it seems that it passed the Amish community by altogether. Amish women are not considered equal to their husbands and are, in fact, expected to serve them and look after them. The typical Amish married woman will do as her husband tells her: cooking for him, doing all the cleaning, and looking after the children. Some people would see this is as a step back into the dark ages, but for Amish women, it is part and parcel with everyday life and something that they are expected to do. Most Amish women do not tend to have much say over what goes on, and it is their husband’s word that goes.

14 Turning A Blind Eye To Rumspringa

There comes a time in the lives of Amish kids – or rather, young adults – when they are allowed and even encouraged to try new experiences. These are namely the experiences that will never really be part of their regular Amish lives. The parents let teens experience this ritual, which is known as Rumspringa, when the teen hits the age of sixteen. They are then allowed to go and experiment with drinking, partying, going out, dabbling with technology, and do everything that teens in modern society tend to get involved in. However, the vast majority – up to 90 percent – come back to the community once this is over, so they clearly don’t become too tempted by the trappings of modern life. This is an experience that shows Amish teens what they are missing, but it looks as though they are quite happy living without it.

13 Small Communities Means Few Options For Dating...

Another thing that most Amish women are likely to want to keep a secret is the habit of inbreeding in Amish communities. This is not anything to do with having a thing for incest. It is basically because the communities are very small and marrying within the Amish community often means marrying someone that you are somehow related to. It could be a cousin or a distant relative. Often the couple getting married and starting a family wouldn’t even know that there was a family link between them. Amish people do not actively bring in people from the outside to join and marry into the community, so the options are very limited when it comes to marriage and starting a family. Amish people won’t have DNA tests to see whether they may be related to the person they are marrying because it is against their beliefs.

12 No Posing For Selfies

These days, not a day goes by without someone you know posting a selfie of themselves on social media. Selfies have become big business opportunities thanks to the rising popularity of mobile phones and gadgets. Many women and girls love nothing more than taking selfies on a regular basis and then posting them to various sites. However, this is not something that you will catch an Amish woman doing. This is thought to be connected to their belief that photos turn the subject into an idol, which is something that they do not agree with. It is not only selfies that the Amish women don’t like – they have strong objections to any photo being taken. Some may have photographs taken as long as it doesn’t involve posing for them.

11 They Love A Party!

Most of us would never imagine sweet, innocent Amish women partying and enjoying drug-fuelled experiences, but this is exactly what has been going on. They are known to hold parties on a regular basis, which is somewhat unusual given the chaste lifestyle that they lead. There were supposedly even drugs exchanging hands at many of the parties involving younger Amish community members in their teens. Some are said to have purchased drugs from gangs who came along to the events, while others have been exchanging them amongst one another. Underage drinking is another regular occurrence at these parties, so this knocks the squeaky clean image right out of the water. According to some reports, there are Amish communities where the use of hard drugs such as heroin is also very common.

10 They Keep Faceless Dolls To Ward Off Vanity


You may or may not know that Amish women have dolls. These are not just any old dolls either. Dolls can be creepy at the best of times; this is something that a lot of people think. However, the dolls that the Amish have literally have no faces. They are just small, faceless dolls that are meant to be mini versions of the Amish women. So, why do they not have any faces? Well, it is so that the community does not get wrapped up in how a person looks, and so that women and girls from the community do not become obsessed with vanity. The dolls are a curious means of warding off vanity amongst Amish women and girls, but the worst thing about them is the fact that they are quite scary.

9 Dating Is Very Strict

When it comes to dating, Amish women have to abide by a lot of different rules and regulations that are put in place by the community. Of course, men have to abide by these rules as well, and dating in Amish communities is therefore very different to dating for most people. Women who go on dates in the Amish community have to center the dates around church activities, which is fine as this is what their beliefs are. However, even the prospect of kissing one another is out of the question until the man involved has been introduced to and vetted by what will probably be his future in-laws. So, any man hoping to woo an Amish woman has to be prepared to spend a lot of time at church and a lot of time with her parents before being considered as a possible suitor.

8 Wedding Night Sleepover

Part of the whole wedding event and romance for many couples is the first night together as man and wife. Traditionally, in modern society when a couple gets married, they enjoy a night of romance and luxury somewhere such as a posh hotel or even jetting off on their honeymoon for the first night. This is not something that will happen in the Amish community, so any man hoping to spend the wedding night alone with his bride will be sorely disappointed. In fact, the tradition in the Amish communities is that the couple has to spend the first night of marriage at the bride’s parents’ house. This is understandably off-putting for the newly married couple, so there is a good chance that many hold off from celebrating their nuptials together until the second night.

7 Their Kids Leave School After The 8th Grade

Higher education is not taken seriously in Amish communities; all children leave school after the 8th grade. This is partly because the community believes that this is the appropriate time for kids to quit their education, and they do not see any issue with this. Amish children are educated within the community. After leaving school, the boys decide upon a trade that they will follow while the women are destined to become housewives, housekeepers, and mothers. This lack of education means that there is very little chance for any of the women to break out and find work outside the community. However, looking after their husbands and raising a family is what they are expected to do, so no further education is deemed necessary. This sudden end to education is linked to their Christian beliefs.

6 Mistreatment Of Dogs

Another very dark secret that the Amish keep tucked away is the mistreatment of dogs through the creation of puppy mills inside the Amish communities. These puppy mills have been described as barbaric, while the seclusion of the communities means that the Amish can get away with doing this despite how dreadful it is. Pennsylvania’s Lancaster Farm is one of the Amish communities that has become well known for their puppy mills; the treatment of the pups is said to be horrific. This includes causing damage to the dogs’ vocal cords to stop them barking or cramming them into tight spaces to stop them from being able to walk. The reason behind this is that the Amish communities are able to make a huge amount of money from it, so the problem is now taking hold in some communities.

5 They Can Get Quite Saucy…

Nobody could be blamed for thinking that Amish women would typically be very shy and reserved in the bedroom. With the sheltered lives they are meant to lead and their love of the bible and religion, most would imagine that their only activities in the bedroom would be part of their wifely duties. It appears that this is not the case, as once married, Amish women are said to be quite saucy and adventurous in the bedroom. This is in stark contrast to the many rules and regulations that they have to abide by before marriage. They cannot have sex before marriage and they go through a ritual that is known as bundling. This involves lying in bed with a wooden board between them, so they can simply talk and get to know each other.

4 Culture Of Abuse

This is one of the more disturbing secrets that some Amish women would not want the world to know. There is apparently something of a culture of abuse within the Amish communities. Many people are surprised to learn about this because of the way they live their lives and the rules they follow. In addition, the crime rates inside Amish communities tend to be low. However, this is not related to the fact that there is no registered crime taking place. It is because the amount of criminal activity that actually gets reported is very low, and what doesn’t get reported doesn’t get logged down. It, therefore, does not count towards the crime rate. Sexual abuse in some of these communities is said to be common, but the punishment for this sort of crime is said to be very tame for those in the communities.

3 Owners Of Tech Devices

When thinking about Amish communities, many people imagine people living without any of the technologies associated with modern life. After all, the whole basis of their lifestyle is simplicity and shunning modern ways of life that could cause corruption, right? Wrong. It turns about that Amish women love their tech devices as much as anyone else, with many being proud owners of smartphones and computers. While they are not allowed to use electricity, they have their own versions of these devices that enable them to be more productive, but without the trappings of internet access or the other techs associated with today’s world. With the use of their own technology, Amish communities can be more productive when working, can get various tasks done more efficiently, and can still live guilt-free because they have not tapped into the devices of the outside world.

2 Excommunication Does Happen

You may think that the closeness of Amish communities means that no matter what you do, you will be part of the community for life. However, this is not the case, and many women will be embarrassed to admit that excommunication does go on. You have to do something pretty bad to make the community very upset for it to get to this stage. However, if you are unfortunate enough to offend to that degree, you will most likely find yourself shut off from the rest of the community and abandoned by your friends and family members. This includes being thrown out of the family home, so for women in the community with no skills or qualifications life can suddenly become very difficult. Once this has happened, becoming part of the community again can be extremely difficult.

1 They Don’t Have Fancy Weddings

Most of us know someone that wants to look like a total princess on her wedding day, with a huge event that comes with all the bells and whistles. Well, this is not something that you will find the typical Amish woman aspiring for. The simplicity by which these communities lead their lives is strongly reflected in their weddings, which are humble and simple affairs. Some believe that this is better because it focuses the day on their vows and the meaning of the wedding, rather than on material things such as the dress and decorations. Another bonus for those tying the knot in Amish communities is that it is far cheaper than having to pay for a wedding with all the frills. In terms of the wedding dress, it is the same style as what Amish women wear all the time, but the bride is able to choose the color.

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