15 Scandalous Wedding Day Confessions

They say that your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Many little girls dream of the day when they get to put on a pouffy white dress and be the belle of their very own ball.

Today more than ever, grooms are getting involved with planning the details of the ceremony and reception instead of just making sure to show up at the church on time. But with all of this excitement comes the added stress that is similar to holiday get-togethers, only amplified by about a thousand times. Most of the time, weddings are emotional ticking time bombs and there's something about them that either brings out the best or the worst in people. This article concentrates on the latter; the weddings that have brought out the absolute monsters in otherwise good people, we assume. Either that or these fifteen people with scandalous wedding confessions were not otherwise good people and decided to bring out the worst in a perfectly good and honorable day with their toxic choices.

Sad as this might sound, you'll enjoy this read because there's something about wedding misery that gives us an extra dose of greedy and guilty glee to savor. No bloopers are funnier than wedding bloopers... same goes for confessions. They are extra sinful. There's something about a day that is planned to the hilt and supposed to be so perfect that when it goes horribly wrong... we can't help but give a sneaky smile and some side-eye.


15 Happily Never After

Hopefully, what was disappointing was the DJ's choice of music or the too-rich cake and not that fact that the person married someone that they don't love. This groom or bride went to a confession website to get this off their chest, and people don't usually do that if they simply have a bone to pick with the way the caterer arranged the cake. We assume something big happened here. It's sad to know that the day that was designed for someone to pledge their undying love to their partner was the most disappointing day of their life. It's almost even a little worse than saying it was the most awful, terrible day of their life. The word "disappointing" has an incredibly painful underlying meaning to it and all we can assume from this confession is that the bride or groom realized that their other half didn't meet their expectations on the worst day possible.

14 The Bride's Exciting Accident


Exciting can describe good things and bad things, and this is definitely the latter... unfortunately for this poor bride's bladder. But on the upside, the husband seems to be a very understanding and sweet guy. It must be true love if someone loses control of their bladder due to emotional excitement and their other half finds it cute. We can't help but wonder if this happens to be a close couple who tells each other everything and that's how the husband found out, or if he found out through a more obvious and impossible to ignore sort of way. If he found out because there was a regrettable little puddle on the church floor, we're not sure that everyone, including the guests, the bridal party, and especially the church staff would find that reaction to excitement so adorable.

13 Groupon Gift From The Mother Of The Groom

It's not clear if the person who confessed this is the second wife of the woman's angry son, or if this incident happened to the wife's brother-in-law. In either case, she was probably very grateful that she didn't receive a Groupon for a divorce lawyer on her wedding day. Either this monster-in-law pulled her aside to tell her about how horrible "that other girl" was — this was a passive-aggressive warning of sorts showing just how serious this mama bear can be when it comes to her baby boy — or the mother-in-law was just truly bragging about how she showed that bimbo a thing or two. Or maybe the son told her himself. However this sinful scenario played out, the girl who confessed this is probably just glad that her nightmare-in-law can tolerate her and we're sure she rightfully avoids get-togethers with her in-laws as often as possible.

12 In Sickness And Highness


Oh yes, it truly was a day to cherish in memory forever when Sir Smoky pledged to love and treasure Her Highness with all of his heart and soul under a hazy cloud of wedded bliss. We're not trying to sound preachy and we understand that weddings are all about celebration and having fun with your loved ones, but shouldn't people be clear-headed for at least the twenty to thirty minutes of the ceremony, if at all possible? Pledging to love a human being and forsaking all others... making promises until death do you part... sounds like some important information that you might want to have your wits about you for. Or, at the very least, have half of the couple fully awake and aware of the legally binding vows that are being made.

11 Two For None

Now, this is the stuff that rom coms were made of. We're willing to bet that this bride or groom actually meant that they danced with several people at her or his wedding, but there were just two special dances that really stood out. Was this an arranged marriage? Or was there some sort of situation that pushed the reluctant half of the couple into marriage like an unexpected pregnancy? Or was the person they wish they could have married instead already taken by someone else? So many questions here, and while we'll never get any answers on this sad anonymous story, one thing is for sure... having regrets on your wedding day has got to be a miserable feeling leading to a miserable marriage. Hopefully followed up with a happy divorce.

10 Wedding Day Souvenir


It shouldn't matter at all which man this badly behaving bride cheated on her brand new husband of a matter of mere hours with, but in this case, it just does. Either way, cheating on her husband is a bad thing. But cheating on her husband on her wedding day while shamelessly wearing a white wedding dress gives her the morality level of Cruella de Vil. We've got a feeling that the father of the baby might be the best man given the nature of many of these scenarios, and if so, that's yet another shade of darkness her dress should have been dyed. If the father of the baby were, say, the bartender of the venue, that's still horrible but at least the groom wouldn't be raising his best friend's kid. Unbeknownst to him while his philandering wife continues her dirty, sneaky ways all throughout their doomed marriage.

9 Frown At The Gown

This is every bridezilla's nightmare; that the dress was never even considered while she threw a fit over every other detail. It's widely known that bridezillas choose their gowns with the single intention of impressing other women. They want to blow their bridesmaids' wedding dresses out of the water and make every woman attending their wedding who they've ever had a passive-aggressive spat with green with envy. They will go to great lengths and drive to great distances to make sure everyone at the wedding says "Wow!" to the gown. It's probably not a huge consideration, or even thought of at all, if the groom will approve of the dress or not. The fact that this groom called his wife's dress "hideous"... we'd say it's a good thing he got this off of his chest on an anonymous site. You know the old saying... happy wife, happy life. It's probably best if this hubby keeps his fashion opinions to himself.


8 Like A Cheater For The Very First Time


At her wedding? Yikes. Hopefully, she meant on her wedding day but after the actual ceremony and reception. Having lost her virginity while her new hubby waited patiently for his wife to join him for their first dance as a married couple out on the dance floor sounds extra painful, so we'll just imagine that this happened sometime after. Though, as with all of these confessions, we have so many questions. With whom, is what we would first like to know. Of course, why is also a pretty natural query. Maybe she found out some disappointing news about her groom and decided that the time was now for some serious payback. This is also a very sad confession and it's a real possibility that the bride suffered major regret soon after, but then again, it doesn't seem that this marriage had the right stuff to last a lifetime anyhow.

7 Misery Loves Company

Her wedding sucked and she wants her loved ones to admit it? It's easy to imagine what a peach this bridezilla was on her wedding day and perhaps this gives a bit of insight as to why her wedding was such a disaster. It's often been said that the best weddings are the ones where the happy couple is just that - happy and clearly having a great time. Wedding guests tend to look to the bride and groom for cues on how their energy levels should be. After all, if it was a somber ceremony and reception, you wouldn't want to start a conga line. If the wedding guests were just following this bride's lead, maybe the disaster was her own doing without her even knowing it. Then again, maybe she did everything right and a water line burst in the venue caused an evacuation or maybe her relatives had a blowout fight. Either way, she's presumably married now and we hope that she can look to better days and maybe plan a vow renewal ceremony to make up for it. But then again, why dwell on the past?

6 It Never Hurts To Double Check...


This isn't the kind of website that people usually take the time to just to mess around and tell a joke, so we have to take this person at their word. How sad that the fiancé wasn't confident that he or she was liked, let alone loved. We wish there was some way to get updates on these confessions, because this could have gone a few different ways. The fiancé in question could have sighed and lied their way out of the question or they could have been upfront and said, "no, not anymore," which may sound crazy but sadly, many loveless marriages exist in our world today when people marry for convenience and various reasons other than love. Hopefully, the fiancé pulled a page from a sappy romantic movie and told their fiancé that he or she was crazy for asking. Best case scenario is that the person asking was just feeling very insecure.

5 Gone Girl

We would like to think that this "ready to run" mentality was brought on by some sudden revelation, such as rumors of a cheating fiancé or the bride finding out that her soon-to-be husband is a serial killer or something equally as deal-breaking. But without further information included in the confession, we have to assume that she ran due to cold feet, which is a very common feeling. Thankfully, most people experience last minute second-guessing on this very important decision in a matter of months or weeks before the big day. Having a sudden attack of freezing cold feet an hour or two before she was scheduled to say "I do" was very unfortunate timing for this bashful bride. Hopefully, her poor husband never found out that he was very close to being stood up at the altar.

4 His Chemical Romance


They say that there should be no secrets in a marriage, but in this case he's a smart man to keep his wife in the dark about his private science experiment. When it's your own wedding, it goes by in the blink of the eye and most brides and grooms want to cherish every second of it; so his wife would probably be furious to know that he was less than pure on their day of holy matrimony. While he says that dropping acid on his wedding day made the reception better than he ever could have imagined, we can't help but wonder if everyone else at the reception was wondering why the groom spent the night waving his hand in front of the strobe lights on the dance floor after tripping down the aisle during the ceremony.

3 Get The Cheater To The Church On Time

This is a double whammy. It's never good to be late to a wedding, but if you're the groom, it's unacceptable across the board and only pardoned if the groom stopped to save baby kittens caught in a storm drain or an entire school bus full of kids (or something else as heroic). But being late for his own wedding because he was, um, paying extra attention to his wife's bridesmaid is nothing less than despicable. The groom neglected to state the obvious in his confession, which is that his wife's bridesmaid had to be late as well. Surely some cynical heart in attendance had to see both the groom and bridesmaid come in late and put two and two together. We can't help but picture a movie-like scene where the naughty groom and betraying bridesmaid rush in the church together, push open the heavy doors, hear the collective gasp and feel all eyes on their disheveled appearances. But maybe they had more tact than that and he's still married to this day with his dirty secret safely stored on a confession site.

2 "I Do...But With Him Instead"


It would seem that this bride thought that she would take it upon herself to be the one to decide who the "best man" really was: her to-be husband or his best friend. She had her wedding cake and ate it too while she secretly helped to sabotage a friendship strong enough for her groom to ask the co-cheater to be his best man. Our hearts go out to this man because his bride is just the worst. She didn't seem to care about her own fresh union before the ink was even dry on their marriage license, but she certainly didn't give a thought about the already established marriage of the best man and his wife. Then she carelessly dismisses her "mistake" with the word "oops." Like we said... The. Worst.

1 Deadbeat Groom

Chug, chug, chug! The groom treating his wedding night like any boys' night out is pretty sad for this lonely bride. Besides that, nursing a nasty hangover couldn't have been a fun way to spend his travel time while heading to their honeymoon destination the next day... not very fun for her either. It's also absolutely aggravating that she had to drive her drunk as a skunk husband home after their wedding. We can safely assume that the romance flew out the window along with the stomach contents of the sloshed groom. As he hung his head out of the passenger window, the angry bride at the wheel, muttering expletives under her breath with her veil in the backseat, romantic expectations in the rearview mirror and with full speed ahead, plenty of contempt and regret.


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