15 Savage Snapchats Of People Who Were “Too Late”

Late is a word that has different interpretations depending on what culture you are from. If you are from a military family, one second late means you are already too late. If you are from a more laid-back family, 30 minutes late might mean that you are still too early for whatever you have planned. This list could go on and on, and we could talk about every single place in the world where people are either too strict or too lax about their time constraints. But we are here to talk about something new. We are here to talk about Snapchat.

As we are sure you have heard it before, Snapchat has changed the game in terms of personal relations and friendships. This new social media platform has given us so many hilarious moments that we cannot even count them or pack them up into one little list. So, we had to break it down into several digestible hilarious punches to the face of society. That is what our lists of Snapchats are. Now, if you are one of the lucky ones, you have never received anything close to the snaps we are about to show you on this list. These are some terrifying messages to receive, especially if they are being sent to you by your girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever. These, ladies and gentlemen, are Snapchats representing people who were too late to do something. That something might be deciding not to drive while intoxicated, which could bring you consequences for a long time, or being too late to use "protection", which could bring you implications for the rest of your life. Either way, just relax and be glad you are not one of these 15 people.


15 No More Hope

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Do you remember how back in the day young couples were always looking forward to having children? Actually, the farther back we go in time, the earlier it seems that people were excited to have children. These days, however, people see having children with different eyes. Sometimes, it is almost like having a child early in your life is something that will hinder your ability to become whoever you want to become. That, of course, is not true, more often than not. But, there have been people who openly say that their kids ruined their lives.

But do you know what the easiest way of not finding out if that's the case with you is? Just use a damn c*ndom. And don’t be like this guy who was clearly too late for the party.

14 How To Give Someone A Heart Attack

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Picture this: you are a loving boyfriend who enjoys the company of his girlfriend and could very well be thinking about popping the question maybe a year or two from now. Can you relate to that? Okay. Now let’s take it to the next step. Halfway through college, you decide that it is time to study abroad so you can broaden your horizons. You and your girlfriend do the dirty before you go. You stay overseas for six months, and suddenly you are about to return. You two kept in touch, but it was nothing like 24/7, and it was not like you were exchanging pictures too much.

Suddenly, you are about to board the plane home when you get a Snapchat from your girlfriend. You go ahead and open the Snapchat and see that first pic. Just as you are freaking out, imagining how screwed you’re going to be when you get home, they call you to board your plane, and you lose your Internet. Picture spending that entire flight without receiving the second snap. We would die to be the person next to you.

13 Calling It Early

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The first couple of entries were about the most common “too late” pics people will post on Snapchat for their friends to see. Sure, we still have no idea why you would do something like that first guy, aside from the fact that it was probably amusing for everyone who saw it, but this here is on a new level. This is that guy who didn’t even get the chance to decide if he was going to go through the terrifying ordeal of getting an “I’m pregnant” Snapchat.

This is the guy who got betrayed by the alcohol. This poor fella thought he was going to have a good night, but all he ended up doing was bringing a couple of pillows to the bathroom and taking this very defeated selfie before crawling back into his bed and sleeping while hugging another pillow. It probably is a bad feeling, but not as bad as what could’ve happened. Trust us, buddy.

12 Wait, What?

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This is not exactly a Snapchat, but since Todd received a picture from his girlfriend, we thought that this warranted an entry on our list. Most of all, though, we decided to put this on the list because it is simply too perfect. This is hilarious to an entirely new degree. But first, we have to break it down a little bit before we can get into the specifics of this hilarious picture.

First and foremost, does that girl not look too young to be pregnant? Maybe that’s just us, but let’s keep going. Secondly, if you are going to tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant, you might not want to wait until you are six months in. And third, we have to give it up for Todd. The guy played it all perfectly. Sure, his girl must have been pissed off at him, but it was hilarious for everyone who got to see it later.

11 No No

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Here is the big no-no of “too late” you will see on Snapchat. What it all comes down to is that most of the stupid things we do happen while we are drunk. And since no one is ever going to stop drinking just because they are doing stupid things, people just have to realize that there are things that go above the acceptable level of stupidity while you’re drunk. This guy right here was too late to give up being that idiot who ended up getting arrested for a DUI.

Driving while intoxicated is probably the worst thing anyone can do. Getting pregnant after a one-night stand with a complete stranger could somehow turn out to be a good thing, but being arrested for driving drunk is never a good thing. The first reason is that you got lucky you got arrested and didn’t end up dead or killing someone. Some of the blame has to go to the sober guy who took the snap as well. If you are sober, then why did you even let the guy drive in the first place?

10 The Forger

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Driving while intoxicated might be the most dangerous thing you could do and snap about later, but there are a couple of snaps we found to make up this list that goes beyond the realm of ridiculousness. Take this lady for example. You know how your father or mother told you at some point that you can cure pretty much anything, but you cannot cure crazy. Actually, the right saying is that you cannot cure stupid, but it follows that same line.

We are not talking about someone who is medically ill and has a deficiency. We are talking about the people who are crazy because they want to be. That overly attached girlfriend or boyfriend who starts stalking you after the two of you broke up. That is the kind of crazy we are talking about. But we are pretty damn sure that you have never come across an ex-girlfriend crazy enough to try to forge a pregnancy test and snap it to her ex-boyfriend.

9 At Least He Made It

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This is that one guy who was almost too late. He was almost too late to get to the can and do whatever he had to do. How hilarious is it that someone can pass out in a public restroom? This might be inside a college dorm or something, but to make things funnier, let’s just say that this is happening at a Walmart somewhere around America. We don’t know if it was a friend who took the picture or just some random stranger who dared to look into a stall and saw what he saw, but either way, this is messed up. Didn’t this guy probably already have a bad enough night? Imagine how terrible it would be if you woke up and saw a snap of you, passed out in the can, going viral on the web?

Either way, we are just happy that he made it to the toilet before he did whatever he had to do, which was probably throw up or “number two.”


8 All You Need Is McDonald’s

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You know how sometimes you are playing babysitter during a night out? We have all been there, and if you haven’t been there, you probably will at some point. That is just part of being a friend. Some nights you get to be belligerently drunk, but on other nights you have to take a step back and take care of your friends. That is what friendship is all about. Now, this could be friendship or it could be a relationship. Either way, the hilarious part of this entry is how common it actually is.

People with experience will know that taking your eyes away from a drunk person for even a few seconds can already mean that you are too late in taking care of them. A minute in drunk time is like a day in sober time. It is hard to understand, but somehow drunk people seem to do more stuff in less time than when they are sober. That is why when you wake up after drinking, everything is just a flash. Either way, don’t be too late like this guy who now is going to have to carry his girlfriend back home.

7 Groupie

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So, can someone go up to Ezekiel Elliot and ask him how late he was in finding out that the girl he had just slept with had pulled out her phone and took a selfie of him looking like Cinderella? That is probably not the best look for an NFL player, but then again, everyone has already found out that Zeke is not the kindest of guys to women. After all, the dude is serving a suspension for alleged domestic abuse.

Now, we just have to wonder if he did something bad to this girl after she took this picture. No, we are just kidding. We are sure Zeke was a perfect gentleman with her. But let this warning reach all corners so that professional athletes can know that you should think twice before falling asleep after a night out with a groupie. You could be the next guy to wake up “too late” to catch a woman taking a picture of you sleeping, especially if you have a girlfriend (yeah, that happened more than once).

6 This Guy Was Too Late

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Remember how we showed you the guy who was too late to pull his pants up before passing out but still made it to the toilet in time? Well, here is what would have happened if he did not make it to the can in time. If he were at a house party, he would’ve probably ended up getting pranked like this poor fella. Now we don’t know if this guy peed himself or somebody just poured beer at him to make it look like it. Either way, it should go without saying that if you have friends who will do stuff like this to you, you should think twice before getting too drunk near them. You don’t need to be the sober guy in the room, but as a rule of thumb, you should always strive to be the second most sober guy in the room. If you follow that, you will not be the nerd who doesn’t drink, but you also don’t have to be the idiot who gets pranked when the night is over. Oh yeah, and the idiot who did not make it to the bathroom in time.

5 Too Early?

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The whole point of this list was showing you Snapchats of people who were too late for something. Be it using protection or stopping a groupie from taking a Snapchat of you sleeping that would go viral and pretty much make a dent in your career. But we found one particular picture that makes us believe that you could be too late for something but still be too early for something else. Take these two beautiful ladies for example.

They are dressed like they were going to enjoy a night out at the club. They wanted to go dancing and party the whole night. We don’t know exactly what happened, but maybe they were a little bit “too late” for the pregame. That probably led them to go way too hard on the pregame which, in turn, made them be too early and passing out because of how drunk they were. This is just a hypothesis, but please let us know if you think something else happened here. This is indeed a mystery.

4 Friends

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One of the big reasons why people have Snapchat is to share what they do with their friends. That is the entire point of social media. That and probably showing off everything that you do in your “amazing” life to everyone who would care to see. It is a narcissistic endeavor, but it has become standard these days.

This poor fella here, however, lacks one very vital part of that equation. It seems like he lacks friends. Now, we are not saying that just because of the goatee. There are countless people with many friends who have goatees. We’re just saying that because if you have enough time to practice taking pictures on your phone using your feet, you definitely do not have time for friends. Seriously, either this was a perfectly-staged picture or we just found the King of the Losers. Who knows if he didn’t even just send the picture to himself, screenshot it, and posted it on the Internet hoping it would go viral? Hopefully, he made a few more friends after that. #Sad

3 Thinking Of You

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The big three that we have selected to wrap up our list are nothing short of disturbing. We have shown you some very terrifying and creepy things that people decide are okay to send to other folks on Snapchat. All of those were snaps in which people were too late to do something. Or even worse, too late not to do something. This guy right here is part of the second group. You know what the worst thing about a Snapchat or a text is? It is the fact that you cannot take it back. Once you hit send, there is no turning back. Whatever messed-up thing you thought would be okay for a second, but as soon as you hit that button you realize could end up bringing down a doomsday scenario for you, it's already gone.

Even though many things can still be explained afterward, some of them are just too weird. Judging by his smile, we are not sure how much this guy regrets sending this snap. But telling someone that you’re thinking about them while you are on the toilet is just messed up.

2 Rethink Your Life

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Like we said before, once you hit that send button, there is no return. That is especially the case if you have friends that will take a screenshot of your snap and post it on social media so everyone can see what kind of inconsiderate person you are. Perhaps in another world, this would actually be an okay snap, but the way our society has developed over this last century has led us to refute and condemn anything that can have a mere relationship to Adolf Hitler.

The guy was by far one of the worst human beings ever to live, so it should go without saying that it is not really okay to make jokes about him or what he did. Just imagine if one of this girl’s friends was Jewish and someone in their family had suffered through the Holocaust. That could cause a real problem. So, our conclusion here is that she was too late to decide not to send this disgraceful snap.

1 Bad Parenting

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One of the big themes of our list were people who received snaps that told them how late they were to wear a c*ndom and things like that. This, however, is the snap that shows that sometimes you are not the biggest victim of you being too late for something. This fella right here was too late to wear a c*ndom when he and his beloved did the dirty. The silver lining here is that this beautiful little girl was born.

Nevertheless, the guy was also too late to study anything about parenting, and this picture shows the entire world why. We can only assume that in a parenting 101 class, the first thing they would teach you is not to do stupid stuff with your kids, especially if they can get hurt. Yeah, yeah, the little girl fell into a pool of foam cubes, which probably didn’t hurt her. But do you really believe this guy will not do something stupid ever again?


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