15 Russian Brides Available Online Who Are Hotter Than Your GF

Any person with an email address can attest to the fact that SPAM emails in their mailboxes or their JUNK folder can be annoying and invasive. How many of you have received an email that states you've inherited a ridiculous sum of money from a person who's just died in a different country? You've never heard of the poor soul who's so tragically passed on. All the person emailing you needs is damn near every piece of personal, private information you possess! Makes sense right? No, it doesn't! There's no shortage of scams on the internet so don't be a sucker.

When you're curious by nature, and that's not always a good thing, you open up your JUNK mail every so often to see what treasure trove of complete bullshit waits for you within its contents. Sitting there just begging you to click and open them up! On any given day a person can read various types of emails from all sorts of different people, places, and services. The validity and the story behind these emails is clearly questionable while others appear to be legit.

I'm sure most of you have heard about matchmaking bridal services, most of which exist online. Some of these services feature women that are located overseas. The women you'll see on the list today are some of the most attractive women we've seen in a long time! Each woman on the list is "красивый," kra SIV yy v. That means "beautiful" in Russian in case you were wondering. Why use Russian dialect, though? Because the girls in this article are all Russian brides available online that are hotter than your GF and that makes for a kickass listicle!

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15 Alla

via ru-brides.com

Let's start the list off today with one of the hottest girls I've ever seen in my life. Her name is Alla, and she's a thirty-year-old woman from Nikolaev, Ukraine. Alla claims that she made her way online in search of love and hopes that she doesn't have to wait much longer to meet him. I have no idea how much that would cost a guy, and I don't want to know. I'll leave finding that kind of information to you lonely ballers. What I do know is no girl that looks like she does is cheap. Not on this planet! Alla's long blonde hair looks amazing. She very much looks like a smoking hot human Barbie doll.

14 Victoria

via ru-brides.com

Are you looking for a Russian bride that's educated with a good sense of humor? Well then look no further you hopeless romantic you! As for the rest of you, this photo will be enough to keep your attention until you get to number 13. It's a great photograph don't you think? This 25-year-old bombshell from Lviv, Ukraine is in search of love. Victoria says in her bio that she craves companionship with a good man. I'll just go ahead and congratulate the dude that gets to meet that girl ahead of time! Excellent work... Victoria also goes on to say that age in a relationship doesn't matter to her and she looks forward to starting a tightly bonded family one day.

13 Veronika

via ru-brides.com

Meet 26-year-old Veronika. She's so good looking it's bananas. She claims to be an active woman who loves to cook and travel the world. So if any of you jet set bachelors out there find yourselves in Odessa, Ukraine then I suppose you may be able to whisk this sexy vixen away. That would make for one hell of a story! Veronika also says that she hopes to be able to speak both Chinese and English shortly. I was floored to read that a girl this hot likes psychology and apparently it runs in the family. Apparently, Veronika doesn't just have a hot body but brains to go with that pretty face. I wouldn't count on it, but it sure sounds good!

12 Evgenia

via ru-brides.com

At number 12 on our list of Russian brides available online that are hotter than your GF is Evgenia. That name is a mouth full wouldn't you say? Luckily for her, she's absolutely gorgeous. Evgenia is from Donetsk, Ukraine and is looking for her soulmate. She says in her bio she likes to cook and she's also a very loyal person. She goes on to say that she feels like she has a kind soul and wants to share that love with a partner. Call it a hunch, but I'm betting that guy is going to have to be Scrooge McDuck rich. That's really rich! Evgenia looks great in this photo with her green eyes and fire red lipstick.

11 Ekaterina

via ru-brides.com

Katerina says that she loves to cook eastern dishes and does so for her family and friends often. She also has plenty of hobbies like sports and traveling when she can. Ekaterina is 110 lbs dripping wet. At 5'8'' she's a blue eyed, dark brown haired girl that you aren't going to see on your daily walk around the block. She's definitely super unique looking! When I came across this photo of Ekaterina, I knew it had a place on our list today. There's no doubt that some of these Russian beauties are the most attractive women on the globe. Ekaterina is 25 years old and is currently living in Kiev, Ukraine for any of you out there that are curious. Moving on to the top 10.

10 Ekaterina

This beautiful, available Russian bride's name is also Ekaterina, but she has amazing green eyes and black hair. Ekaterina is most certainly one of the most attractive Russian brides on the list today. What a great photo! She's also twenty-two years old and from Donetsk, Ukraine. Ekaterina's photographed here laying back and relaxing. She's got a sexy little tattoo on her wrist leaving guys to wonder if she doesn't have a wild side too. Ekaterina says that she appreciates the little things in life and is a cheerful woman. If any of that is true and she actually looks like she does in this photograph then I'd be shocked. Then again we've all seen crazier things happen.

9 Polina

via ru-brides.com

Polina, Polina, Polina, where have you, where have you been? It could be a song... I'm pretty sure of it. Polina is 23 years old and resides in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. My gosh look at that girl. She belonged on our list today and breaks us into the top 10 Russian brides available online that are hotter than your GF. If your wife, or better half, is better looking than this gorgeous blonde then I commend you, my man! Well done. If not, she's available online and says that she enjoys reading car magazines. Polina also says that she thinks that she has a big heart and loves caring for others. She's looking for her soulmate and doesn't feel as though distance will keep them apart. Whatever...

8 Svetlana

via ru-brides.com

26-year-old Svetlana is from Artemivsk, Ukraine. She's one good looking woman that's for sure. Svetlana wants to live her dream and find a man to have a fairytale marriage with. Have any of you readers ever heard of a fairytale marriage before? Yup, me neither. Svetlana is sure that she can find the man she's meant to be with and says that all a potential mate needs to do is visit her webcam. Oh, that's hilarious isn't it? Meeting your Russian bride on webcam! Who knows maybe it does work. I guess it would be cheaper than a plane ticket. Well, until she takes all your money, dummy!

7 Olga

via ru-brides.com

Olga is a 25-year-old Russian bride from Nikolaev, Ukraine and is nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. She confesses she ventured into the land of online matchmaking to find the perfect husband. I don't think there's a perfect mate anywhere on this planet, but we all wish her luck don't we? Olga says that she decided to be an available Russian bride after learning how many Russian women have had success finding American men online. Shockingly enough this bit of information came as a surprise to me, and I presume many of you. Photographed here laying on a couch the 5'5", 100 lbs, Olga looks great in her red dress and rocking high heels. It's unquestionable that the Russian beauty photographs really, really well!

6 Olya

via ru-brides.com

Olya comes in at number 6 on the list today, and she's a smoking hot Russian bride looking for a man. She hails from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and believes she can find her true soulmate online. I'm pretty sure that's a stretch wouldn't you think? Taking a chance at putting herself out there trying to find a husband. Olya claims that she's a positive person. She also says that she's positive she can find her boo via online chat first. I'm betting there's a list of men a mile long wishing they could talk to that woman. Her eyes sparkle in this photograph of her outdoors. It doesn't get much better looking that Olya on our list today.

5 Anastasia

via ru-brides.com

Anastasia, from Kherson, Ukraine, says that she wants an open and honest relationship based on honesty and commitment. I doubt it! Regardless she's one of the most insanely hot girls I've ever seen, and that's a fact, Jack. The 5'7'' vixen with black hair and brown eyes loves to travel. Who doesn't? Anastasia says she's a warm, and compassionate woman that wants to go on new adventures and meet new people with her husband. If she never does meet a man online, then modelling could be in her future. If you're looking for romance and passion from a Russian bride available online, that's hotter than your GF than Anastasia might be the girl for you. Good luck!

4 Katherine

via ru-brides.com

To say that Katherine is really hot is not doing this photograph of her justice. She says that she's genuine and wants to find a man to marry. Katherine has amazing hazel eyes and light-brown hair that an entire room of people could adore. She's naturally quite beautiful, and she's a Russian bride that's available online. I'm not sure why we haven't seen her on a magazine cover yet? She says that she loves yoga and pilates and also loves a quiet night out at the movies with all of her friends. Katherine claims she's not even opposed to a rainy night in reading her favorite book. Wouldn't you love to know what book she's reading?

3 Julia

via ru-brides.com

The top 3 on the list of Russian brides available online that are hotter than your GF doesn't disappoint. You've come all this way so why not stick around for a few more killer photos, right? They definitely don't suck, do they? Julia just so happens to be an available Russian bride who confesses she's sick of the single life. By the looks of this picture, I have no idea how a woman that looks like she does can still be single but whatever. You've gotta love her cut off t-shirt as well it's pretty tight, but I doubt she needs any more homies. Julia is from Kiev, Ukraine and she wants to meet a committed, caring man that's serious about getting married.

2  2. Viktoriya

via ru-brides.com

The second Viktoriya on the list and at the number 2 spot is from Zaporizhia, Ukraine. That isn't that far away if you're looking for one of the hottest available Russian brides on the list. She looks super fly in this photograph of her in a hot red dress. Viktoriya is unquestionably one of the most uniquely attractive women on this list, or any other list for that matter. Viktoriya has turned to online dating in search of her perfect mate. She also claims to be an open minded girl with a heart full of love for the right man. Somehow I seriously doubt that, but maybe there is truth in her words. Believe as you wish. Viktoriya was number 1 on the list right up until Irina was found.

1 Irina

via ru-brides.com

Sitting here with my buddy Al we both unanimously agree beyond a shadow of a doubt that this blonde girl is the woman that's hot enough to claim the number 1 spot on available Russian brides that are hotter than your GF. We're not sorry if you disagree either. Right now we're discussing whether or not we could pool our money together to afford even a single night with Irina. We're thinking we're short! If there was any question as to whether this list would be chock full of smoking hot Russian girls than surely now you've changed your mind, right? If you're still unsure then maybe this last photograph of Irina, an easy going girl from Nikolaev, Ukraine will do so.

Sources: ru-brides.com

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