15 Rules For Bagging Chicks In College

Relationships with women in college can be dicey, especially since there are so many pressures that they face on a daily basis. From managing to pay for their tuition, books, room and board, as well as those small pleasures like going out and buying lunch as opposed to making a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, college chicks are under the gun to make the most with not very much.

Expecting a college chick to carve out the time, energy, and money required to date you is a hefty proposition, so in this article we'll take a look at some of the best routes to ensure success when bagging college chicks, no matter how unlikely it seems to be.

The raw truth isn't always pretty, nor easy. Girls like guys of all different types and for many different reasons. Luckily for us guys, there are always hot girls looking for exactly what we have to offer. Yet the many downfalls we've all experienced show that there must be some tried and true methods for establishing solid relationships with college girls.

Have you seen how some of the most in-demand babes dress at night clubs, bars, or even in pictures on Craigslist or other online personals? These college chicks aren't just socializing in the dating pool for the sake of passing time. On the contrary, they're as interested as any guys on campus could be, and sometimes even more so.

15 Tell Her How You Feel

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If you're interested in a girl that doesn't know how you feel, then feel free to judge whether or not telling her about your personal life and how you'd like her to be a part of it is advantageous. A common mistake made by many in relationships is losing sight of the benefit vs. loss factor when it comes to making one's thoughts and feelings known. Putting yourself out there might not always come naturally, but doing so can drastically change your relationship for the better. On the other hand, letting your object of attention know how special they are using outward expression might backfire, so always proceed with caution. Perhaps it's best to take disclosing your feelings in romantic endeavors on a case-by-case basis. Creating a reality for yourself wherein a girl you adore becomes aware of not only your feelings, but also your level of seriousness, is a definite recipe for success.

14 Show Her You Care

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When it comes to bagging chicks in college, it may be recommended not to forget those x's and o's. There are infinite ways to tell someone you love them, from the demonic to the angelic. There's a dark side to everything, and it's understandable if one gets caught up in the melodrama of life from time to time. However, never hesitate to employ the sweet side in your every move around a chick on campus whom you'd like to become closer to, whether as a boyfriend, potential husband, or just good friends-with-benefits. When you find special ways to express your affection to a woman you care about, harmony is sure to follow. If you have a vision that requires more time and effort than you currently have to spend, don't fret to the point of failure. Go simple. There'll always be time to pull off the romantic coup of her dreams in the future, so in the meantime, a simple heart emoji here and there can make all the difference.

13 Write Her Love Messages (Texts, Voicemails, Notes, Etc.)

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This will make her think about you when you aren't around. The sending of a message to the girl in your life is something that isn't just expected, but it can also be as much of a pleasure for you as it is for her. Perhaps even more! Not an avid texting fan? Don't be shy to introduce your special someone to the platform of communication that you do prefer; if anything, it will make you seem more honest than if you begrudgingly texted the last person you'd want to come off as edgy around.

12 Take Care Of Your Appearance

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Don't sweat the tan lines if it means a better chance of you being arm in arm with the college beauty of your dreams. Try using sunless tanner as a quick fix for your optimal glow.

There are also many ways that scrubbing, shaving, and peeling can work towards your benefit. Many people assume that skin care is just for women, however this rule for bagging chicks in college says that if it works for you, it works for you! Some swear by shaving the entirety of their face on a regular basis, while others attest to the benefits of certain vitamin mixtures towards producing a healthy glow.

You will find that many college chicks are open minded individuals who appreciate anything that a lover does to show them that they care about their appearance.

11 Respect Boundaries

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In any relationship, it's often helpful to know your boundaries. In the professional world, your boss or manager deserves more consideration of time and energy than you do as their subordinate. Yet in a relationship in 2017, there's not much debate about the fact that in basic terms, you are just one half of a greater whole. When in doubt about boundaries and comfort-zones, ask your girl what she prefers. General and open-ended questions are a great way to gauge whether or not you both share the same desires. Try to ensure that your questions aren't overly formal, either, since that may be off-putting.

10 Give Her The Appreciation She Deserves

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Our most important rule for bagging college chicks is to appreciate each girl you are with. Your girl might be working hard, perhaps at a part-time job on the side, and she could use a guy who knows how to value her time and energy, as opposed to one who takes it for granted. Ultimately, the ability to allow your inner critic to have all the clarity it needs to help ensure that your college romances are filled with the specifics that keep you and your partner satisfied are paramount. There are many ways to say thank you, and some ways don't require words but rather a simple gesture of kindness and generosity. It's never too late to tell your college lover thank you, so even if you're no longer dating a particular chick, feel free to express your gratitude for being in their lives.

9 Spoiling Is A Two-Way Street

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Don't be nervous about the concept of providing your lover with monetary support, as doing so can increase your chances of reciprocal spoiling. If there aren't any sugar babies at your local bar or college community hangouts, then don't let that discourage you from advertising your wealth.

If you're more modest, then let your conscience be your guide. Maybe there's a girl on campus that has a great overall package, but lacks in the financial department a bit. If you might be willing to swoop in to help her, then she'll not only know you're serious about your intentions, but also that you have more than the superficial things to offer.

Money and relationships are known to create friction when combined, but the common sense rules apply nonetheless for a wide variety of occasions, including dinner at a restaurant, movie tickets, shopping, etc. Basically, try not to be the one in the relationship who's more focused on money than the other. If this means that you find yourself covering the costs of the above mentioned activities more than otherwise, consider it a badge of honor and something to be happy about.

8 By Putting Relationship First, The Rest Will Follow

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It's a bit much to expect someone who's studying in college to put their own professional and personal lives on the back-burner if you don't do the same. Yet all too often, relationships turn sour with resentment due to one partner putting in more thought and care than the other. The last thing anyone wants to become in a relationship is the one that loves whilst the other is loved. Mutually beneficial relationships are all the rage these days, perhaps due to the misery that unfolds when a couple begins falls into bad habits. This rule, like others on our list, is basic and to the point, yet so many things follow from such an important relationship fundamental rule.

7 Apply Your Time Wisely

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There are many who say that the 20s go by faster than any other decade in life. The years go by and lies prevail. Yet why allow things to become muddled when it's totally possible to find the freedom you seek? The answer is that there's no sane reason not to love with intention when the payout is so good. The food of any relationship is made of laughter, life, and love. Yes, tears will come into the equation from time to time, but that's all the more reason to apply yourself to making your partner's life as happy and comfortable as you can. You are a team, after all! The most successful relationships hinge on the individual characters of both involved, so take every day in your relationship as an excuse to improve not only your self-image, but your partners, as well.

6 Be Honest About Your Expectations

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Some of the most disastrous relationship turmoil results from one or more partners not being upfront about their expectations before, during, and after their courtship. Especially when it comes to dating chicks in college, be honest about your expectations from the start. The last thing anyone wants are hurt feelings or seriously broken hearts resulting from one person expecting one thing, while the other does not. College is notorious for fostering relationships between people who find themselves at the marriage cross-roads on opposite ends of the spectrum. And it's not always the lady who's devastated by a lack of a ring on the right finger. It is often males who find themselves hurt that their female companion is more interested in their career than marriage. Your college love life hinges on honesty from the start. It's all about going for exactly what you want in a relationship and not settling for less.

5 Deal With Disagreements Without Fighting

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Rather than allowing an argument to boil into an all-out war of words, find ways to handle all disagreements with the woman you're dating as soon as possible. Half the time you will find that the perceived issue was not even real, since once communicating it to your partner, you find that all danger signs have been averted. It's horrible to allow a feeling of worry or anxiety to grow larger and larger within you, eventually becoming so huge that you start to feel the physical sensations of the emotional turmoil. Something as simple as a dietary preference, if not disclosed or discussed, can create a rift so huge in a relationship that it alone can cause the relationship's downfall. Don't be one of the many victims of the kind of bad relationship luck that is easily avoided by aggressively dealing with potential hurdles before they become insurmountable.

4 Staying Over At Her Place Before Officially "Together"

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Our number 11 rule for bagging chicks in college has long been an important law for relationships of all types. It was founding father Benjamin Franklin who famously stated that "guests and fish stink after 3 days." The simple fact is that, unless you are officially going steady with a chick, she's just a college friend with benefits, and if that's something that you feel differently about, then allow her to accept your status as something more, and not the other way around. The worst reputation you can make for yourself is as someone who pushes girls into entering a relationship when they don't want to. After all, if you don't want a serious, long-term, committed relationship with a certain individual on campus, then it's likely that they too aren't expecting you to stay under the same roof for days on end. Do your part in being a gentleman by gracefully declining extended stays at your chick's house.

3 Surprises Are Sweeter Than Honey

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Nothing compares to the look on your lover's face when she finds something special you've planned come to fruition. This works especially well with gifts of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Don't fret about the cost of a surprise as much as the overall message behind it, as the timing combined with the implication of any sweet surprise far outweighs the monetary value of it for many college chicks. Something that leaves your lover feeling appreciated and special never fails when seeking to put a smile on her face. In times of doubt, ask one of her friends about what type of gift your lover would find particularly welcome. There are endless options available when hunting for just the right bundle of joy to present your college chick, but don't let the obvious answers evade you for any reason. If she loves the color blue, buy her a blue bottle of nail polish or a blue tank top.

2 Cooking Can Turn The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

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There are few things women find more addictive than the cooking of a male lover. A man who is able and willing to cook for the lady is hard to come by, so if you're equipped with the ability to cook, don't hesitate to do so as soon as possible! If, however, you're not an experienced cook, learning how to prepare one or two meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a good way to go. Healthy food is a top favorite of college chicks, so don't shy away from learning a few vegetarian or vegan dishes when searching for just the right recipe. In the event that your girl needs food as soon as possible, try to find a great takeout place for a fun night in.

1 Don't Forget The Joy A Full Stomach Can Bring

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Food is often on everyone's mind, especially after a workout, so she will likely reject you if you don't have a plan or decision in mind.

Don't worry about bringing one liners if you are in the scope of a hungry sweet-toothed babe. A small snack might do enough of a 180 on the normal expectations, and she might surprise you with an offer for another date (perhaps just when you're about to walk out the door).

Sneak something like a piece of chocolate or bubble gum in her palm. Romance is no secret relationship nuke, so launch any of these gems with great care.

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