15 Ridiculous Lawsuits That Were An Embarrassment To Lawyers

Lawsuits happen every single day and for the most part, they are legitimate. When someone wrongs you in such a way that your life is affected, then you have every right to seek justice. This keeps things in order so that the overall safety of people is taken care of in a world when corporations and individuals are taking advantage of people.

This system is in place to protect people and to give them an avenue to get help if they need it. But like everything else, there are always looking to abuse the system. These days, it almost seems as if some people will try to sue over nothing just to get some extra dollars in their pocket. It’s sad because not only do they look stupid, but it hurts a system that genuine people need during terrible times.

You may be surprised what people are willing to sue over, some of the cases taken to court are ludicrous. The people involved should really be ashamed of themselves. They're hardcore and are usually suing a person or a business over something so minor that most of us would have forgotten about by the next day. If you want a good laugh or just a reason to shake your head and roll your eyes, then check out these bizarre lawsuits that are too weird to believe.

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15 The Boy Was 11

You know times must be really tough when you have to sue an 11-year-old boy. Elizabeth Lloyd was watching a Little League baseball game one day when she took a ball to the face. Matthew Migliaccio was helping the pitcher warmup before the game and accidentally threw the ball toward Lloyd. The boys immediately went to see if she was okay and she told them that she was. It was partly her fault since she was sitting at a picnic table that was right beside where the kids were playing, so maybe she was even hoping to get hit. She went home that day and decided that she was going to sue the kid for $150,000. What is bizarre about the whole thing was that she waited two years to even file the lawsuit. We think she probably hit on hard times and decided she could use the extra cash.

14 There Is Only One Batman

The mayor of a city called Batman in Turkey was outraged when another Batman was being made. The Dark Knight was in the process of being filmed and Hüseyin Kalkan wasn’t about to allow Hollywood to steal his city's name. We suppose maybe he wasn’t aware that the Batman comics had been around for like a hundred years. Anyway, he went after director Christopher Nolan stating, “There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without informing us." The mayor wanted royalties off the movie, The Dark Knight, which is actually pretty clever on his part. He even went so far as to blame the success of the movie on a string of unsolved murders going on in his city. We honestly have to start worrying about the city of Batman if this kook is the one in charge of it.

13 Suing The Homeless

In 2007, an antique dealer thought that it made sense to sue four homeless people who spent time outside of his store for 1 million dollars. Does this person even know what “homeless” means? The store owner wanted the homeless to have to stay at least 100 feet from Karl Kemp Antiques because he felt like they were killing his vibe. He worried that the homeless were preventing people from wanting to come into his store. They "can often be found sleeping on the sidewalk, consuming alcoholic beverages from open bottles," and "performing various bodily functions such as urinating and spitting." Now that would be offensive. "You make a wonderful effort to have an attractive window, people come out from the building next door, they don't see him and they trip over him," he said. "It happened twice last August. One lady hurt herself." Apparently, the only reason the store owner sued was because his repeated calls to the police were being ignored and he didn’t know what else to do.

12 Attacked By A Seagull

Who wouldn’t sue after this? Seriously though, this was a real lawsuit, so stop laughing. Cathie Kelly, a 59-year-old woman, decided to sue the landlord of the building that she worked in after a vicious attack involving a seagull. While being attacked by the menacing seagull, she lost her footing and fell, injuring herself and losing her shoe. Who would even think to sue someone over something like this? Kelly was disgusted with what happened to her and felt that it was the landlord’s responsibility to provide a safer environment for her to work in. We’re not sure what this woman expected. Was the landlord supposed to go around and shoot all the birds in the area just in case they decided to attack people from his building? We’re sure that this is probably one of those cases where it was thrown out of court.

11 Coffee Too Hot

When you order coffee, you typically expect it to be hot, right? We’d probably be pretty pissed if it weren't. We’re sure you remember the 1992 lawsuit against Stella Liebeck and McDonalds. She ordered her coffee at the drive-through and at some point, removed the lid and spilled the entire coffee on herself. She was wearing sweatpants, which totally absorbed the hot coffee, burning her groin, thighs, and buttocks. The poor woman did have to go through skin grafting, spent eight days in the hospital, and an additional two years in treatment. She decided to sue McDonald's stating that the coffee was way too hot, hotter than what was served at other establishments. You would think that there was no way someone could win this, but you would be wrong. The judge must have agreed with her because she walked away with $1.7 million.

10 Teacher Sues Over Phobia Of Kids

There have to be mental health issues here, right? If you had a phobia of children, then why would you ever become a teacher? Maria Waltherr-Willard had been a high school teacher for 35 years when she filed a lawsuit against her own school district. She felt like she was being discriminated against. What could they have done to her, you might ask? She claimed in the lawsuit that she had a disability the school board refused to recognize — a fear of children. Again, why would anyone with a fear of children become a school teacher? So, you already know there is something off about the story. This lawsuit came around the time that the school board transferred her from a high school to a middle-school. We can totally understand why that fear suddenly kicked in. She resigned and went forward with the lawsuit.

9 We All Want The Perfect Sandwich

There truly is nothing better than getting a fully stacked sandwich when you order one. Two New Jersey men feel exactly the same way when they headed to Subway for lunch. They had their eye on the famous $5 footlong for lunch. It’s been one of the most popular items on the menu for many years and it’s a rather large sandwich with all the fixings that you desire. We’re probably guessing that you’ve never actually measured the sandwiches to make sure that they are actually footlong. We all have lives after all. Well, these guys did and they weren’t impressed. To their utter shock and dismay, they found that the footlongs weren’t actually footlongs and measured only at 11.5 inches. So, they sued Subway for “tricking” them and demanded that they change the way that they do business. This is just one of those cases where size really does matter.

8 Hearing Loss

This absurd lawsuit is brought to you by a 16-year-old student who fell asleep in class. When Vinicios Robacher's fell asleep in class, his teacher decided to get his attention by slamming her palm down on his desk to wake him up. Well, it sure did the trick. That led to his parents filing a lawsuit against the Connecticut Board of Education stating that their son suffered from hearing loss due to the teacher’s actions. They claimed that when Melissa Nadeau slammed her hand down on their son’s desk, she did it with such force, it burst his eardrum. The kid has undergone extensive testing to have his hearing restored. "We don't have all the facts," said attorney Alan Barry of Alan Barry & Associates. "The facts that we don't have are a complete analysis of the medical condition. There is no question in our mind about what happened and the damage to this child's hearing."

7 The Burglar Sues

These cases, unfortunately, are a little more common than we would like to admit. This horrific case involves a 90-year-old man who was robbed and shot in the face by a burglar that broke into his home. Jay Leone was the homeowner and he decided to fight back considering he had a gun in the home. He shot back at the burglar in self-defense and the burglar was arrested and charged with attempted murder. That wasn’t the end of it, though. The burglar decided he should sue Leone for shooting at him because it was negligent. Thankfully, the court saw the lawsuit as ridiculous and threw it out of court. No one should be sued for defending themselves against an assailant in their own home. But, unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that it's happened, and there were times when the court sided with the burglar.

6 Mistress Sues The Cops

Don’t we all just love a story about a steamy affair, especially when it involves the cops? Mike Tedesco was a Nassau County police officer who was having an affair with Tara Obenauer. She wasn't too happy, though, when the affair ended. So, she decided to sue the police department because it was their fault that the affair happened in the first place. After all, it was the police department who allowed Tedesco to see her as much as he did, so they were negligent. This must have been completely humiliating for Tedesco to have his mistress act like a fool. She declared that she was going to sue the police department for a whopping $10 million. “As a result of the county and Tedesco’s negligent and intentional acts, Claimant has suffered and sustained severe and substantial emotional damages.” Yes, there is definitely emotional damage.

5 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Some people take that ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ sign seriously. In 2005, Roy L. Pearson filed a lawsuit against a dry-cleaning company because they clearly did not take their ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ sign as seriously as he did. This lawsuit later became known as the “pants lawsuit” because Pearson put his pants in for dry-cleaning and the company ended up losing them. He actually had the gall to sue for a whopping 40 million dollars citing mental anguish over the incident. Who seriously has mental anguish over a pair of pants? We’re pretty sure that Pearson was just looking for a free ride when he filed his lawsuit. The $40 million was also to cover the fees he paid representing himself, as well as the inconvenience their company brought to his life. Pearson obviously lost the ludicrous case, but that wasn’t before he tried to win in every legal avenue possible.

4 Suing For Poor Customer Service

Now, this one is just insulting. A New York college student by the name of Hubert Blackman decided to get an escort one evening. He had ventured to Las Vegas and thought that he would treat himself. We’re not sure what he was expecting from the escort, but at the end of their date, he felt that she didn’t spend enough time with him. Maybe he’s a little needy, we’re not sure, but usually escorts come with an hourly rate, so he was probably already aware of how much time he was getting with the woman. Blackman went ahead and sued the escort agency for $1.8 million due to poor customer service. As it turned out, the escort only spent 30 minutes with him when he paid for an hour. "I also would like to get my $275 payment back and a $1.8 million verdict for the tragic event that happened."

3 PETA Kills Deer

What, how could this be? This hilarious story will have you feeling only slightly smug at the irony. So, what do you think happens when two PETA members are driving on the highway and they hit a deer? Apparently, that means it’s lawsuit time, even though they are the ones that killed the deer. In 2002, two members of PETA were driving on a New Jersey highway when they hit the deer. They immediately sent a letter to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife informing them of the lawsuit. They claimed it was the state's fault that they hit a deer. They claimed the accident was “ … caused by the state’s mismanagement of the deer population, which includes purposely increasing the size of the state’s deer herd in order to provide more live targets for hunters and so jeopardizes the well-being of people who use the roads.”

2 A Pimp Sues Nike

These pimps are getting really creative when it comes to making extra money. Sirgiorgiro Clardy is a 26-year-old pimp who’s also a monster. He’s the kind of guy who likes to stomp on the faces of 18-year-old prostitutes that don’t do their job well enough to please him. Clardy decided to sue Nike for $100 million because he felt they were partly responsible for helping him beat someone. In 2012, Clardy beat a man badly for trying to leave a hotel without properly paying Clardy’s prostitute. He also beat the prostitute so badly, she bled from her ears. For these two crimes, he got a 100-year sentence in prison. He claimed that Nike “should have placed a label in his Nike Air Jordan shoes warning consumers that they could be used as a dangerous weapon.” Right?! What would this guy even do with the money while he serves 100 years in prison?

1 Beer Lied To Him

Some poor soul actually thought that the beer advertisers were right when they implied in an ad that drinking good beer will attract women. This story would be hilarious if it wasn’t so darn pathetic. We’ve all seen the beer advertisements where it shows what a great life you can have if you just drink their beer. Well, most of us know that we might not get the girl, or go to the awesome party, or even live a luxurious life all because we buy the right kind of beer. But Richard Overton from Michigan thought differently. In 1991, he sued Anheuser-Busch because their ads showed men getting s*xy, scantily-clad women just by drinking their beer. He assumed all he had to do was drink that delicious elixir and the girls would just show up. Well, they didn’t and Overton was crushed. He wanted Anheuser-Busch to pay him $10,000 worth of beer to aid with his mental suffering.


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