15 Rich Jerks Who Drive Nicer Cars Than You

These 15 rich douchebags have been chosen due to their true status’ as nasty people.

When it comes to the richest people on the planet, there are a variety of personalities – from the lovely, saint-like public behaviour of Ed Sheeran and J-Law, to the reportedly rude and obnoxious characters – I’m looking at you, Bieber (but more about him, later).

Whilst many of the celebrities and entrepreneurs boasting a place on the ‘Rich Lists’ of the media have worked hard, earned their place and not forgotten the little people who got them to where they are today, there are a few exceptions. From singers to business moguls, actors to politicians, the world is full of bad-tempered, rich assholes; all of whom are driving (or being driven) around in high-end, feature-packed, luxury vehicles.

These 15 rich douchebags have been chosen due to their true status’ as nasty people – whether they’ve been rude to fans, gotten physical toward staff or just had some questionable interactions with the law, we’re here to question whether they deserve their nice wheels and fleets of luxurious motors – as well as dwelling in our jealousy, of course!

So, without further delay and with absolutely no bitterness whatsoever, we present fifteen douchebags with too much money and better cars than us.

15 Christina Aguilera

Sticking with the trend, Xtina’s car collection holds a Rolls Royce Phantom, a white Range Rover Sport and a metallic black Range Rover - seemingly three of the most popular car for rich douchebags to drive or be driven in. But why have we included her?

Well firstly, her net worth of $130 million, means she definitely qualifies as rich! And apparently, Christina has had a fair few diva moments, including her 2014 argument with Mickey Mouse himself at Disneyland. So much for her Mickey Mouse club days! She has also been arrested multiple times for ‘public intoxication’. Recently, The Voice producers revealed that her diva-like demands and temper tantrums make her ‘a terror to work with’.

14 Justin Bieber

From a sweet Canadian kid singing covers on YouTube, to a net worth of $245 million at the age of 23, Justin Bieber definitely ticks all of the boxes to make it onto this list. Following in the footsteps of most teen pop stars, Bieber struggled with becoming an adult whilst simultaneously becoming one of the richest and most influential music stars in the world.

With an impressionable following of tween girls, Bieber has set all the wrong impressions through consistent run-ins with the law. He kicked off his criminal record in 2012 with accusations of reckless driving and driving under the influence, followed swiftly by two charges of vandalism in Brazil and California and topping off the hat trick with two accounts of assault. In situations which did not involve the Police, Bieber has been filmed spitting on lines of fans waiting for his concerts and making racist comments.

Despite his history of driving bans, Justin loves boasting about his car collection, which has included a blue custom Ferrari 458, which he ‘lost’ for several weeks after forgetting where he parked it and then auctioned for $400,000. A Cadillac CTS-V, Smart Car, leopard-print Audi R8, 997 Porsche turbo and Ferrari F430 also sit in his motor line-up.

13 Kanye West

Is it possible to have a list of douchebags without including Kanye? The rapper claimed in a tweet earlier this year that he is in massive amounts of debt, but the reality is that his own net worth is $147 million, and when you add in Kim Kardashian's bank balance, you get a nice figure of $232 million, so our hearts are not weeping for his credit record.

His repeated meltdowns at award shows really push his douchebag status to the limit – the Taylor Swift incident alone is enough to warrant a deep dislike for Kanye, but his outburst over not winning best video at the MTV Europe Music Awards really solidified it for us.

When he isn’t stealing other performers' spotlights, Kanye likes to take to the streets in his fleet of flashy vehicles. His collection includes four Mercedes; a silver SLR, black G Wagon, a black S Class and the pièce de résistance, a white Mercedes Maybach. He is in good company with his Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls Royce phantom, showing a solidarity with the other rich people on our list.

12 Paris Hilton

The reality TV star/actress/model/p--n star/singer/DJ/career adviser’s worst nightmare, Paris Hilton has seen her fair share of headlines – and usually not for good reasons. She’s been busted for cocaine and marijuana possession on multiple occasions, been involved in a few drink-fuelled car accidents and has inflicted some awful music on the world. All whilst being famous for – well, nobody's quite sure what, exactly. With a net worth of $100 million, Paris definitely makes it onto our ‘rich douchebags’ list.

Among Paris’ extensive motor collection is; a Bentley Continental in Barbie pink, a Bentley Continental GT Convertible in powder blue, a Rolls Royce Ghost in black, a red Ferrari California, a white Lexus LFA, a silver Mercedes SLR, a Yukon Hybrid and a Cadillac Escalade – that’s an impressive collection for someone who spends most of their time banned from being behind the wheel.

11 Travers Beynon

Fighting for Paris Hilton’s spotlight, another heir using his silver spoon to gain popularity and increase his income without doing any real work is Travers Beynon. The FreeChoice Tobacco company owner lives in a $3.4 million home in an exclusive area in Australia and has been nicknamed Australia’s Hugh Hefner – this is because his home is full of scantily-clad women, who are depicted across Travers’ Instagram being used as furniture and being lead around the property on leashes. Travers, who describes himself as a “family man”, has dubbed himself ‘The Candyman’ and calls his home ‘The Candy Shop Mansion’ – did we mention that his wife Taesha and children also live in the property?

Aside from the objection of the mansion’s ‘Angels’ Travers has also been criticised for staging a mock shoot-out during one of his parties, as well as aiming - and pretending to shoot - a gun at reporters near his home.

The womanising former-model and football player enjoys his cars and frequently posts pictures of his extensive collection on his Instagram page, among his favourites are a red Ferrari, a gold-plated Lamborghini Aventador and two Rolls Royce’s – usually depicted covered in semi-naked women.

10 Dan Bilzerian

With 21.5 million Instagram followers, a net worth of $150 million and three heart attacks under his belt, Dan Bilzerian is another social media celebrity who loves flashing the cash. He was born into money and clearly got a taste for the lifestyle, but his father was jailed for tax and stock fraud when he was ten-years-old and Dan has been working to regain his lavish lifestyle ever since.

During his teen years, Dan was expelled from two schools, before taking a machine gun to school with him to show off - and being banned from the state of Utah as a result. Not the best reputation to start adult life with, but Dan has only added to the list – boasting on social media about his ‘loaded machine gun’ collection and allegedly introducing drugs and prostitutes to his high-end poker parties.

Bilzerian has been amassing money in droves through high-stakes poker tournaments and sponsorship deals through his popular social media exhibitionism. With those millions, he has invested in a variety of cars, including a custom-made Brabus G63 AMG 6×6 and an off-road Polaris RZR 900, which he aims to adorn with a custom machine gun. And let's face it - his golf buggy is better than your car too!

9 Katherine Heigl

Up-and-down Hollywood sweetheart Katherine Heigl has mixed reviews – the popular child model-turned-actress has recently seen a downturn in ratings and castings, and it is no secret that she has her on-set attitude to thank for that. Reportedly, Katherine is awkward to work with, questioning scripts, spurning her own films and directors in interviews and acting rudely toward co-workers and supporting staff.

Thanks to the success of Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked Up and 27 dresses, Heigl has earned well over $50 million during her career, but thanks to her attitude’s negative effect on her latest feature ratings, her current net worth currently stands at only $25 million – a shortfall compared to others in this list, but still rich as far as we’re concerned.

Heigl’s car collection is modest, but the married, Mum of two is still driving around in more luxury than most of us, plus her douchebag status is deserved. Currently, she owns an Audi Q5 and a $100,000 Range Rover.

8 David Koch

With a net worth of $48 billion, David Koch is the richest person to be included on this list. He and his brother, Charles Koch are the joint owners of the second-largest private company in the USA, Koch Industries and are big names in American politics. David was a presidential candidate in 1980 and his name has popped up in most political debates and contests since, whether he has been funding parties, giving his opinion on manifestos or keeping his business in the press through reporter’s criticism of his political stance influencing the growth of his own interests.

David Koch does have a large amount of philanthropic, charitable and socially-focused activities under his belt, which makes us doubt his true douchebag status, but since so many people are divided in their opinion of him – and the fact that he has some very nice cars – we’ve included him for balance.

David’s car is a very memorable, metallic blue GT500 Mustang, which costs an estimated $65,000 – but that’s just a drop in the ocean for one of the sixth richest people in the US!

7 Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is worth an estimated $322 million, thanks to her extensive career in modelling, singing, acting, fashion design and writing. Whilst she isn’t an all-out-douchebag, she has had her fair share of reports stating that she has mistreated staff members, been rude toward fans and has even banned contractors working on her properties from speaking to or looking at her – which is a bit extreme.

Though she has helped with numerous charities and anthropologic activities, we’re not sure that she can be totally excused from the title of ‘rich douchebag’ so her position stands.

Since everyone in Hollywood seems to have one, it is not surprising that Jenny from the Block cruises around in a Rolls Royce Ghost. But, she also has a silver Aston Martin DB7 tucked away in case of emergencies.

6 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise might not be the most douche-worthy celebrity, but he’s had enough ‘moments’ to earn his spot here. Through his questionable religious and political stances, his controlling personality, and his alarming outbursts and erratic public behaviour, Tom Cruise went from adored actor to Hollywood’s most avoided personality over the span of just a few years.

Tom is most famous for his religious beliefs and whilst ‘each to their own’ continues to be a great opinion to have when it comes to belief, Tom pushed the limits when he began trying to convert his Hollywood friends and co-stars to Scientology, as well as dictating the clothing his wife was ‘allowed’ to wear.

A Porsche 911 and a Bugatti Veyron are among Cruise’s car collection, whilst his other motors include a Mercedes CLK and a Chevy Chevelle SS. However, with a net worth of $480 million, we’re sure they haven’t bankrupted him.

5 Chris Brown

By now, we are all very aware of what makes Chris Brown a douchebag, but if you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the lowdown: he assaulted long-time girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 and left her in a horrific state. He has also been involved in ‘altercations’ with several people, including Drake, Frank Ocean and fans asking for photographs. He is cited as using homophobic language against people he dislikes and was involved in a stand-off with police in August 2016. Delightful chap.

When Chris Brown is not in rehab, not serving one of his community service orders and is actually allowed behind the wheel of a car, he can be seen driving one of his many luxury cars. His collection includes a Chevy Impala, a Viper, a ‘Jet Fighter’ Lamborghini, a Bugatti Veyron, two Porsches and, of course, the Lamborghini Aventador.

4 Jeremy Clarkson

Known for driving cars around, goofing off with his co-hosts, offending almost every minority group imaginable and punching a producer for forgetting his lunch, petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson had to be included on a list which features both douchebags and cars!

Since Top Gear’s transformation and the birth of The Grand Tour, Jeremy has settled his legal battles with his victim and has reportedly paid £100,000 in damages – a small price to pay considering BBC bosses bought his remaining Top Gear stakes for $21,000,000 in order to remove his control.

The car specialist has a vast collection, as you might expect, which includes; a Porsche 911, a Ferrari GTS, a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, and a Ford GT.

3 Christian Bale

Famously recorded having a four-minute-long rant at a lighting engineer on the set of ‘Terminator’ in 2009 for accidentally walking into a shot during filming, Christian Bale has famously had a number of breakdowns and outbursts during his career. He was also arrested after his mother and sister reported that he attacked them in 2008, but the charges were later dropped.

With a net worth of $80 million, Bale’s career from child star to Batman has brought him fame, fortune, and the ability to buy anything he wants. However, Bale’s current car is a modest Mercedes C43 AMG, which costs an average amount of $45,000 – not as flashy as we thought it would be for a Hollywood superstar, but still out of our price range without incurring debt!

2 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her roles in Marvel’s movies, Glee and Sliding Doors, amongst others. She has a total of 10 awards across 32 nominations and has a net worth of $60 million, but her career has not been without its turbulence.

The media blew up when Gwyneth and ex-husband Chris Martin announced their ‘conscious uncoupling’ in 2015, but the real stories have centred around her strange beliefs, which include the idea that water has feelings, that everyone should build a pizza oven in their garden and that jade eggs should be inserted into intimate areas to aid feminine energy. Sometimes celebrity advice can be great, but Gwyneth tends to push things a bit far, even crossing into ‘preaching’ territory, which makes her one of the most disliked actresses in Hollywood.

The BMW X5 and Toyota Prius seem apt for the mum of two, but with names like Apple and Moses, we expected something slightly flashier, to be honest.

1 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is generally the Hollywood actor who springs to mind when ‘difficult actors’ are mentioned, with numerous reports of temper tantrums, shouting at co-workers, confronting producers, lambasting photographers and flat-out refusing to be interviewed if he is not in the mood. His net worth is $75 million however, so he’s clearly doing something worth paying for.

Many colleagues of Russell’s have said that he asks challenging questions during rehearsals and is very critical of scripts, characters and direction, but it seems as though his focused approach might actually be a way of perfecting his craft and getting his roles exactly right. Though that doesn’t excuse the reported outbursts he has directed at innocent people.

In Russell Crowe’s car collection sits two Mercedes, a black S600 and a metallic black E class – simple, classic and refined.


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