15 Regular People Who Think They Look Like Celebs (But Are Clearly Mistaken)

We can't help but admire a celebrity's beauty. Whether they paid a ton of money to look good or are just naturally stunning, regular people are always idolizing Hollywood stars and their appearances. While it’s okay to mimic a celeb's looks, whether it’s copying their makeup from a red carpet event or emulating their clothing style, some people take looking (or thinking they look) like a famous star too far.

There have been way too many stories of average people paying surgeon’s thousands to look like stars. From Angelina Jolie to Kylie Jenner, people will do anything it takes to look like these popular celebrities. We all know that no one can look exactly like a certain star no matter how many times they get work done, and sadly, these people begin to look so deformed, it’s actually quite scary.

And then there are the people who just think they look like big-named celebs like Taylor Swift or Channing Tatum, and boy, oh boy, are they surely mistaken. Do they look at themselves in the mirror? Clearly, these people are living a life of delusion and they definitely should stick to just reading about their favorite celeb in the gossip magazines.

Check out these 15 people who think they look like famous stars or have just paid way too much money to try to look like one.

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15 Do You See Britney Spears? We Didn't Think So

Photo Via: collegehumor.com

If any single one of her Twitter followers told her she does indeed look like pop star Britney Spears from this photo, they are clearly blind (or feel too bad saying the truth and possibly bursting her bubble). This Twitter user looks overly tan and her bleach blond hair isn't helping one bit. You can't say you look like Britney Spears just because you have somewhat matching hair colors. Although, the one thing this woman has is guts. Comparing yourself to the pop princess is a pretty bold move, especially asking all of Twitter if you look like her when you clearly don't. She doesn't even look like Britney when she had her bad days. Just stick to looking like you, girl.

14 Kylee Jander, Who?

Photo Via: imgur.com

Everyone in church must need glasses because dyeing your hair blue does not make you look like Kylie Jenner, but it might make you look like Kylee Jander (whoever that is). Putting on an unattractive blue lipstick won't help you either. At least she isn't one of the thousands of girls out there getting lip injections to look like the reality star. Why can't people just like the skin they're in? There are way too many young girls out there trying to look like Jenner, but they should realize the star has gotten plastic surgery herself and has a lot of money to hire people to make her look the way she does on a daily basis. Have you seen her photos of when she was 13 years old? Yeah, she doesn’t look quite the same.

13 She Thinks She Looks Like Nicki Minaj, No Not Even A Little Bit

Photo Via: imgur.com

This woman literally wrote on her Instagram: "Every time I go somewhere there's a line of people asking me if I'm Nicki Minaj or related to her smh. We kinda do look just alike though." Tilting your head like the rap star did in this photo and copying her does not make you look like her. Even her followers on the social media app think this is a pretty funny joke. From the funny faces, to people commenting "I'm Crying," this woman is either insane or doesn't own a mirror. Also, who are these people telling her she looks like Nicki? They must be living under a rock. Let's just hope this is all a joke.

12 Just Because You Have Blonde Hair Does Not Make You A Taylor Swift Look-A-Like

Photo Via: funnyjunk.com

Oh, you poor, poor little girl. You are not even close to looking like Taylor Swift. If that's the case, then everyone with blond hair looks like the one and only T-Swift. Hopefully, no one said too many mean things to this young girl after looking at the almost 30,000 retweets that her tweet received (at least that's pretty impressive). But who wants to look like the pop singer anyway? Swift is stick thin and all her revenge songs are getting old. So just wait until you get older and develop, you'll probably look a lot better than the Hollywood star.

11 She Looks More Like The Corpse Bride Than Angelina Jolie

Photo Via: radaronline.com

This woman has been trending all over social media for her particularly scary looks. Apparently, this Iranian woman wanted to look like Angelina Jolie so bad, that she decided to go under the knife 50 different times and her results are more horrifying than anything. This woman looks a lot more like the Corpse Bride, after the 2005 animated Tim Burton film. Apparently, news outlets reported that the woman was faking the whole botched surgery the whole time and used makeup and Photoshop to look this way. If that's true, then she sure fooled a lot of people.

10 This Little Kid Is Just Delusional

Photo Via: studentbrands.co.za

Wait, how old is this kid? 9 years old? Maybe 10? And did he just compare himself to 37-year-old Magic Mike star Channing Tatum? We doubt he was even able to get into the movie theaters to see Magic Mike. He claims that people on the street scream the actor's name at him when they see him, but that's just something very, very hard to believe. Sorry, kid! Let's age some 15 years, gain a little (or a ton of) muscle, get a better haircut, and we'll let this kid come back to social media so we can see some sort of resemblance (which we likely doubt will be the case even 15 years down the line).

9 Bill Cosby Is A Lot More Accurate

Photo Via: hugelol.com

This photo makes us really believe that love is truly blind. You just have to laugh at this guy’s comment that his girlfriend looks like Rihanna. Do you even really know how RiRi looks like, though? We don't quite think so. Sadly, whoever compared her to looking like Bill Cosby is a lot more accurate, sorry girl. If you were to put a side-by-side photo of her and the comedian, you might just get a lot more people in agreement. Although, photos can make you look a tad different from real life. Maybe it was just bad lighting? Or the way she angled her face in this photo that makes her look more like Cosby than Rihanna? Can we get another photo of her?

8 This Guy Spent Way Too Much Money To Look Like A Fool

Photo Via: newyorkpost.com

When will we all get over the Kardashian family? Most of them, if not all, have gotten some type of Botox, injections, or plastic surgery, and they have the money to afford the best surgeons out there. This guy, however, did not. His lips are atrocious and his eyebrows look like they have been drawn on by a large sharpie. His contour may be on point, but everything else is sadly a disaster. He probably looked so much better without all the surgery. Can we just stop with the whole Kardashian craze and look like ourselves? Why would anyone want to look all the same as someone else?

7 Well, At Least He Got The Plastic Part Right

Photo Via: youtube.com

Justin Jedlica began going under the knife at the age of eighteen and now at the age of 32, continues his aspirations to look like a real-life Ken doll. He's had five rhinoplasties, a cranial brow bone shape, and augmentations to his cheeks, lips, buttocks, and chin. He told Inside Edition, "Children play with Barbie and Ken all the time so it's fed to us from a very young age that that is the epitome of what is beautiful or what is handsome." This may be true for only Justin, who has gone under the knife over 90 times to get that doll look. If you need that many surgeries, maybe looking like Ken just wasn't meant to be. When will it end?

6 Are People That Blind?

Photo Via: newravel.com

Who are all of these people telling regular people they look like a certain celeb when they clearly do not? Did this woman just really say that everyone thinks she looks like Beyonce? This has got to be a bad joke. Let's make this clear: this woman does not look like Queen Bee and I think everyone can all agree on that. At least she isn't being cocky like the young boy in the Channing Tatum photo who is being misled into thinking he looks like the actor. But let's be real, can we just appreciate how God made us all different and unique so we can stop comparing ourselves to celebrities?

5 Justin Bieber Lookalike? More Like A Played-Out 90's Boy Band Member

Photo Via: lifestylefastlane.com

Hopefully, that nurse didn't accidentally take whatever drugs this kid is on because she definitely got it wrong when comparing him to Justin Bieber. Plus, we don't think being compared to someone who gets into petty fights and does stupid things for attention makes you cool, dude. Also, this kid's wacky haircut isn't even comparable to Bieber's hair now or his mop head look from when he began his singing career as a kid. Let's take a step back, kid. You just look like a sellout of a former 90's boy band member who fell off the face of the earth.

4 How Old Is This Kid?

Photo Via: twitter.com

Whoa, this little boy needs a good slapping from his mama. Under his Instagram photo where he thinks he looks like Justin Timberlake, he wrote, "A lot of people say I look like Justin Timberlake. I do! Every person I meet tells me they wanna b*ng me mostly because I look like Justin Timberlake :)" Did this child just use the word "b*ng?" How are little kids being raised these days? Number one, you do not look like Timberlake, you are a small child. And number two, no one wants to b*ng a 9-year-old! That is just insane! Please stay in school and listen to your parents and teachers, kid.

3 People Might Just Be Way Too Kind

Photo Via: twitter.com

Okay, so this woman took a selfie and asked her Twitter followers to retweet her image if you thought she looked like Rihanna. Apparently, everyone was in on the fun because she actually received over 69,000 retweets. We pretty much can all agree that the people who retweeted her photo were playing nice or were just having a little fun with this woman. Her tweet did end up going viral, so hopefully, she doesn't take any of the harsh criticism too bad. Plus, she looks like a nice woman so let's just let her think what she wants, even if what she thinks is very unrealistic...

2 Does He Mean Drake The Rapper? Or Drake From Drake And Josh? Sorry Pal, You Don't Look Like Either

Photo Via: wittyfeed.com

So, this average Joe can't honestly be comparing himself to the rapper Drake, right? There are a lot (and we mean a lot) of differences between the two, so we don't even think we need to get started on that. Even if he meant to say that he resembles Drake from the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, then this kid is definitely a tad off too. All that he has going on for him is that he and Drake from the television show have the same completion, that's all. So let's put that beer down and take a look at ourselves in the mirror a few times, shall we?

1 Another Justin Bieber Fail

Photo Via: sunnslee.blogspot.com

It's really sad to see the lengths that someone will go to to look like another celebrity. Toby Sheldon went under the knife a few times so that he could look more like Justin Bieber. He appeared on a number of popular plastic surgery shows including, Botched, Doctors, and My Strange Addiction, and professed a need to want to look younger. Sadly, he was found dead in a Motel 6 in 2015, in California. There were also prescription drugs found in his room. Hopefully, people can learn a thing or two about this poor man's tragic death and that we shouldn't let social media, nor celebs, take over our lives.

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