15 Redneck Girls On Tinder Anyone Would Want To Match With

Tinder is one of the most popular apps in the world, and it's not hard to figure out why. In the current age, we have become more disconnected than ever before. It's really hard to meet people, and sometimes we get really lonely. Tinder is a great way to connect with other singles, especially if you live a busy life and are too busy for a committed, long-term relationship. Sometimes we're just too busy for that, and Tinder allows people to experience romance without sacrificing too much time. People also have more access to attractive available people than ever before, and it can be exciting. But sometimes, you can get simply blown away by the types of people who are active on Tinder.

You might have scrolled through profiles from time to time and come across some seriously strange people. Some seem to create weird profiles as a joke, while others are 100% serious about the bizarre things they put on their profiles. Some people are okay wth showcasing the most bizarre and off-putting parts of themselves. But among Tinder users, there is a group of people with a seriously bad reputation – redneck girls. As a culture, we are obsessed with redneck girls. These girls might be hot, but they post some of the strangest profiles you'll ever see. Don't believe me? Just check some of these babes out, and you'll see what we're talking about. As strange as some of these profiles are, we can't lie. We would definitely still swipe right.

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15 Tinder Profile Pic From Inside Jail

via: tinder.com

When you're creating a Tinder profile, you generally want to send the message that you're a respected member of society. You want to show off your attractiveness, but you also want to show that you're not a completely crazy individual, and that you're not going to attack someone in their sleep. Many Tinder profiles get a little unique, but very few actually come across as being totally weird. But when it comes to redneck Tinder girls, they often go too far.

This girl actually used a picture of herself in prison as her Tinder profile picture. Why would she do this? Could it be that she's actually still in jail, and one of her friends took the picture so she can have a Tinder profile while in prison? What would be the point of having a Tinder profile while you're locked up? It's something only a redneck would do.

14 18 And Pregnant 

via: tinder.com

Nothing says "redneck" like a girl who got knocked up way too early. But we can't be too mean about this, because we don't know the full story. It might not have been her fault, and she might just be trying to live a normal life now. But the thing that hits you right away is that she seems to be proud of being 18 and pregnant, and she even advertises the fact with emojiis in her profile info. Does she think that some guys are attracted by this? In all honesty, some probably are...

And there's no denying that this redneck Tinder girl is actually pretty attractive. Even with the swollen belly, her face looks quite angelic, and most guys would jump at dating a hot 18-year-old like her. So even though she might not have been dealt the best cards in life, I'm sure she got tons of suitors on Tinder.

13 The "C" And The "L" Are Silent

via: tinder.com

At first glance, Chloe seems like a pretty average girl. She's got a pretty nice photo that shows off her nice, slim body, and most guys would jump at the chance to date her. She actually looks quite beautiful with her long legs and her blonde hair. But take a closer look at this profile, and you'll see that there's much more than meets the eye. First of all, why is she pouring out a canned beverage on the sidewalk? What's in the can?

And second of all, what's with the profile information? There's only one sentence, and it's pretty clear what she's trying to advertise. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the joke that she's making. But is it a joke? Or is she actually serious? Either way, this is one redneck Tinder girl that a lot of guys are probably interested in...

12 Separatist Single Mom

via: tinder.com

Don't even get me started on this one. There's so much racist, offensive and terrible things on this profile that we actually had to blur most of it out. Let's just say she's not a huge fan of people that aren't like her. And it's clear from her tattoo that she has very strong political views... If you're not sure what "14/88" means, you might be disturbed to find out. Also, she's a "separatist" and single mother, further lending to this whole redneck, trailer park vibe...

But again, there's no denying that this is one hot girl. She's basically alienated herself from 90% of the people on Tinder with her hateful comments and political rhetoric, but even then, she probably has no shortage of people trying to get a date with her. And who knows, maybe she found another guy just like her...

11 She Literally Just Wants To... "Get To Know You"

via: tinder.com

Some people actually complain that Tinder isn't what it used to be anymore. These folks reminisce about the old days of Tinder, when it was strictly a hookup app. It was for people who wanted to meet people with no expectations of commitment with no strings attached. Simple, easy, and with zero emotional attachment. That's just what some people want, like it or not. But apparently the app has recently started to change, catering more towards people who want lasting, serious relationships.

Well this redneck babe right here is a throwback to those bygone days, when Tinder was just about hooking up, and not much else. Could she make it any more clear what she's looking for on Tinder? I don't think so. We actually had to blur out the last word in the sentence, but I think you can guess what it is... And this cements her place as one of Tinder's hottest redneck girls that most guy would swipe right on.

10 Who Wants To Be Daddy?

via: tinder.com

Our second pregnant lady on Tinder, this one arguably takes things even further than the last. This girl is actually 19 years old, not much older than the 18-year-old we saw earlier. But she goes into a little more detail, and that's what makes her story a little more cringe-worthy. She proudly admits that she has no idea who the father is! And she somehow spins this into a positive thing, because her potential dates won't have to deal with baby daddy problems. Are you sold yet?

She ends her compelling profile information with the sentence, "Who wants to be daddy?" While this might appeal to some guys, it's going to be a major turn off to others. But still, she is 19, and she looks like she might actually be pretty attractive. And just for the record, there's nothing unattractive or bad about being a single mother. Plenty of guys are willing to step in to be that father figure. But I think we can all agree that this girl is doing it all wrong.

9 She Does WHAT For A Living?

via: tinder.com

This might actually be one of the most attractive women in this entire article. She could totally be a model. She seems to look extremely good for 30, and I'm sure any guy would be very happy to have her. Her golden brown hair cascades down her beautiful face in lush waves, and she seems to have a youthful vibrance. Her eyes are beyond entrancing, and her skin is absolutely flawless. It's not clear whether she used Photoshop for this photo, but the end result is absolutely stunning.

Her beauty and her mature attitude are undercut by her bio info. She admits that she "sales [substances] for a living." (Try saying that in a southern accent, and you'll understand why she spelled "sells" incorrectly). This seems totally out of character, until you check where she works – at a pharmacy. So no, she's not doing anything illegal. But she does go to Georgia Southern University, which pretty much makes her a redneck by default.

8 Confederate Flag – Enough Said 

via: tinder.com

Nothing says "I'm a redneck" like waving around a Confederate flag. But this is really no laughing matter. For many people, the confederate flag represents inherent racism and exploitation, and many see it as a hate symbol. But once you get far enough south, you start to see this flag flying proud all over the place. The American Civil War was a big part of the nation's history, and in many ways it's hard to forget that there was a major split between two different ideologies in the USA. But most people would agree that flying the Confederate flag is not a good idea.

This woman seems to have missed the memo entirely though, and she actually uses a picture of her waving the flag around as her Tinder profile picture. Not only that, but she's waste deep in a pond for some reason, and she's covered in what seems like dirt. Whatever the case, this redneck girl definitely attracted her fair share of men, although they were probably all rednecks.

7 She Takes A Full Pack Every Day

via: tinder.com

If you're going to engage in casual hookups on a site like Tinder, it's important that you take all the necessary precautions. Safety is very important, and contraception is probably a good choice if you don't want some unforeseen circumstances down the road. This girl seems to take that whole thing a little too seriously though, and she claims that she takes a full pack every day. Now, obviously this is just a joke, and what she's really doing is advertising the fact that she's looking to hookup.

While this girl might seem like a little bit of a redneck with her straight-up attitude about what she wants from the app, there's no denying that she's also very attractive. This blonde redneck looks sweet and innocent, which is a sharp contrast to her profile bio. I'm sure if you got to know her she'd be a nice girl, and most of you would probably swipe right on her.

6 She's Divorced But Still Lives With Him

via: tinder.com

Sometimes, the most attractive women are those amazing cougars. These girls have the experience of many years, and they can be more amazing than younger girls who don't know what they're doing. And there are plenty of cougars on Tinder. At 39 years of age, Laura is actually pretty young for a cougar, but as she admits, she's already lived quite the life. She has two boys, and she's divorced.

But here's where it gets weird. She's still living with the father. Wouldn't that make a relationship, even a casual one, extremely weird and awkward? Then she starts to reveal that she has photos on a cougar website. Even though she seems like a complete redneck, I'm sure tons of guys would be interested.

5 Hillbilly Twins

via: tinder.com

Most guys will tell you that their biggest wish is getting with twins. There's just something about that idea that is incredibly appealing. Granted, the chances of this actually happening are incredibly low, but a guy can dream, right? Most twins would never want to do anything like that with their own sister, but there have been rumors of some seriously lucky guys out there. And if you're lucky, you might just find a set of willing twins on Tinder...

It seems like this Tinder redneck is willing to share you with her sister. Or at least that's what the bio suggests. And at 18 years of age, I'm sure not many guys would be able to turn her down, even if she does come across as a bit of a redneck. You have to love the way she phrases it, too – it's so quintessentially American...

4 Her Boyfriend Is In The Navy

via: tinder.com

At first glance, it's clear that this girl is one of the most attractive women we've seen so far in this article. Her entire figure looks amazing, and her face seems too good to be true. Her military camouflage hat sends out some mild redneck vibes, but it's nothing to put us off swiping right on her. That is, until you read her bio. Remember when I said that she seems too good to be true? Well as it turns out, those instincts were right.

If you read her bio, it says that she has a boyfriend in the navy. And then she follows that up with, "So don't even try." Don't even try... what, exactly? Hitting on her? Why would she create a Tinder profile just to tell people that she's taken? Unless of course, she's looking for guys who are brave enough to try anyway. And in that case, she's exhibiting serious redneck characteristics.

3 Big Heart, Big Other Stuff Too 

via: tinder.com

Most guys agree that there's nothing better than curves on a woman. But what's also important is a girl with a great personality. Someone who cares. Someone with a big heart. Well this 22-year-old girl claims to have both those essential ingredients in her Tinder profile, and it's clear just from looking at her that not many guys would be able to turn her down. She's probably one of the least controversial and redneck girls on this quiz, but we just had to include her.

That's because a lot of you guys out there would definitely swipe on this girl. Also, her "daisy duke" shorts give off a definite southern vibe, and she's just standing there with tons of attitude. I don't know where this girl lives, but I'm willing to bet it's somewhere in the south.

2 At Least She's Honest

via: tinder.com

Here's another girl that makes the tinder redneck list, and to be honest I don't think many people would actually swipe on her. That's not to say she's unattractive – I'm sure a lot of guys would want to get to know her better... But her personality seems a little... insane. The first thing you notice when you see this girl is that her bio is a huge wall of text, especially when you compare it to some of the other girls' bios in this article, which were just a few words. Then there's that weird, almost manic stare she has, like she's looking deep into your soul.

But after actually reading the bio, it becomes clear that this redneck is actually a little disconnected from reality. The first part seems pretty normal, and then it just abruptly switches into "P.S. I'm pretty racist." We had to blur out the rest because it was incredibly offensive, but let's just say she's not too friendly to people who don't look like her, and she makes this very clear...

1 She's Doing It For Her Boyfriend

via: tinder.com

Here's another example of a girl who clearly has a unique approach to Tinder. Her profile seems attractive enough. A lot of girls look like this these days. The dyed hair, the jeans with holes, and the revealing top are things you might see while you're walking down the street. The fact that she's a redneck shouldn't deter you from swiping on this girl, as she actually looks pretty attractive. But her physical attractiveness isn't what makes this Tinder profile weird.

She's actually on Tinder because of her boyfriend. That's right, she's not cheating on her boyfriend or trying to get revenge, she's actually doing it to please him. Why? Because she wants to find someone she can film a video with... But don't lie, you'd still swipe right on her.

Sources: tinder.com

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