15 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Dating A Single Mom

How will you know if you are dating the right person? Everyone will have his or her own answer to this question, which is fine since the correct one depends on an individual and not on popular opinion. However, it's important to look for the person who makes you happy, understands you, and is sensible when it comes to solving even the smallest of problems.

These qualities are important because you will need them when the excitement of new love dies down and you have to live with the person through the many challenges life will throw at you.

Although you might have to date a few people before finding the right person, don't lose focus on the things that matter to you most and let other less meaningful ones cloud your judgment. For instance, many men give up on an opportunity to know a woman well to the point of dating her with marriage in mind when they find out she is a single mom.

Although the fear of the father, if he is still around, coming and interfering in the relationship is real, solutions to such an issue are in abundance. Men choose to look at all the worst case scenarios to dating a single mom as opposed to also appreciating the fact that she, just like every other woman, has some serious strengths.

Here are some of the advantages of dating a single mom, most of which are qualities you will hardly find in women who don't have children already. Which of these qualities would you say makes her truly stand out?


15 She's Serious When It Comes To Relationships

You must have heard of people who think being in a relationship with the same person for three months is too long. Well, you can be sure single moms don't belong to such a group of jokers, who are only looking to have a good time and move on to the next best thing. These are the kind of people who glorify one night stands, and hardly have any moral reference when it comes to relationships.

If you're not looking for a serious relationship, please don't approach a single mom or even think about being with her, because she is far beyond your league. However, single moms know how to spot a fake man a mile away, a defense mechanism they have since they know if anything goes wrong even their children will suffer.

Therefore, a single mom will take every relationship she decides to get into very seriously, because she does not want to waste time on a relationship she does not believe will go anywhere.

14 She's The Definition Of Being Responsible


Would you consider yourself to be responsible? Your closest friends and workmates might be the best people to answer this question, feel free to ask them what they think. When a man is searching for a woman to have a serious relationship with, one of the things he looks at is how responsible she is, because this is a deal breaker especially for the best men out there.

A man wants to fall in love and start a family with a woman he is sure he can depend on to take care of the family, as he provides for them. Therefore, if you are such a man, who better to date than a single mother who is already exhibiting such qualities?

These women are the epicenter of their children's lives, because everything they do, whether good or bad, affects their children either directly or indirectly. It is almost impossible to find these women wearing tight and skimpy clothing, and getting drunk till they lose control, because they have children to tuck in at night.

13 She's Self-Sufficient And Independent

Most men get into relationships with the feeling similar to adopting a child. These men know they have to provide for every financial need of this other human being, they have to keep calling, texting, and checking up on her, and they have to take them out on a regular basis.

Some women are over dependent on their men, which is never a good thing for either of the parties involved in the relationship. However, a single mom is self-sufficient, tough, and fully independent. Actually, this woman already has dependents and she does a great job at taking care of both her needs and theirs.

When other women are complaining their men have no time for them, this woman has a lot on her plate, so the last thing she can do is complain you are too busy for her. Whether you become her man or not, her life will continue and she will respect you either way.

12 She Handles Pressure Like A Boss


Being a single mom is probably one of the most stressful experiences any woman can go through, because hardly anything about it is easy or predictable. When raising children, parents will often find themselves having to deal with rushing their kids to the hospital at night, nursing injuries they sustained while playing, negotiating with them in public when they are throwing a tantrum, and so on. So you can imagine the pressure a single mom has to deal with, because she has to take care of all these situations on her own.

Having to deal with most of the above crises and more, a single mom develops the muscle and shock absorbers required to take her through almost anything. When most other women would break down and weep over too much pressure from all areas of their lives, this woman will handle pressure like a boss.

Almost every man would want to date a woman who knows how to handle pressure because, in times of crisis, other women end up being the cause of even more pressure and making the situation even worse.

11 She Knows The Value Of Every Minute

One of the most annoying things a guy experiences when dating is wasting so much time waiting for his woman to get ready. Women who don't have children have no idea how precious time is, because they can spend hours getting ready to go out, go to parties the whole night, and go through the next day normally.

Children are a beautiful gift from God and people celebrate new parents, but the reality is children are a lot of work and require round the clock care and supervision. A single mom with a school age child knows she only has one or two hours to herself in a day since her job and her child have taken all other hours from her.

So if you are looking for a woman who will not waste your time, which will work for you, because you will also get to focus on your schedule, date a single mom.

10 You Get An Idea Of How Good A Mom She Is Right Away


Men looking to get into a serious relationship that will lead to marriage look for many things in a woman, and her ability to take care of children is usually one of the top items on such a list. It is hard to know how great a woman can be with your children if she doesn't have any experience, but most couples learn how to raise children on the job.

However, when it comes to a single mom, you don't need to prepare yourself for any surprises, because you can see how she takes care of hers and rest assured she will do the same for yours.

Furthermore, if this woman makes time to date you despite her crazy schedule, it is a sign she won't be one of those women who forget their husbands as soon as they give birth. Although some men might prefer to get serious with a woman who doesn't have anyone else's children, single moms are more predictable than other women out there.

9 She Takes Care Of Other People's Needs First

Whether you want to believe it or not, the fact is most of the problems in relationships stem from selfishness. If you are only thinking of what you will get from the relationship as opposed to what you can give, then your relationship is already doomed to fail.

In such a situation, someone's rotten selfish behavior will frustrate them into leaving when they discover the other person is a normal human being with faults. Also, selfishness will result in the other person leaving, because selfish people don't know the first thing about love.

A single mom knows how to put someone else's needs before her own, a lesson her children have taught her over the years. She will sacrifice her pleasures, time, and money for her children, and this isn't just for a short period, but it will be until the day they get their own homes. This woman knows exactly what love is, and she also has the capacity to love a man in the same way.


8 She Understands Herself And Knows Exactly What She Wants


Have you ever heard the proverb, "once bitten twice shy?" A single mom knows this proverb too well, and she cannot afford to approach a relationship with even greater caution. Whether she is a single mom as a result of a divorce, a premarital experience, or even death, she has a good idea of what she wants and what she doesn't want in a man.

The time this woman has spent alone, reflecting on her past relationship has made her stronger and better, because she knows what she did wrong and how to correct it. Also, she now knows exactly what she needs in a man, because the last thing she wants is to become a single mom for the second time with even more children.

This woman would rather spend valuable time with her kids or do something she really loves as opposed to wasting time with a man who has no future with her. So don't expect a single mom to play silly high school games with you or argue over your Instagram pictures, she is beyond that.

7 She Appreciates The Little Things In A Relationship

Have you ever tried your best to impress someone with what seemed like a grand gesture to you, only for him or her to react as if you did nothing more than what was expected? So sorry you had to go through that, but you need not beat yourself up over it, because some people have it all, and you would have to think and act outside the box to impress them.

Single moms, on the other hand, know the value of the little things in life, and what might appear to be a small deal to most women, might be a big deal to a single mom. Their attitude of never taking anything for granted usually develops even more owing to their status as single moms, because children have a way of changing how we view life.

Taking this woman out to a day at the spa, buying her flowers, going with her for her children's extracurricular activities, and helping get some load off her feet will earn you great appreciation and points.

6 She'll Look Forward To Seeing You Every Time


Have you ever had such a busy week you craved for a break to relax or spend time watching a movie with a friend? If you have ever gone through such an experience, then you have an idea of the life a single mom has every day.

Think about your life, and in addition to what is going on right now, look for time to wake up children, prepare breakfast, and prepare them for school on time. Furthermore, help them do their homework in the evening, tuck them in every night, and remember to accompany them to soccer practice, swimming, and any other activity children do on the weekends.

How much time will you be left with to do anything other than your job? A single mom is so busy trying to be both a mom and a dad to her kids, so you can imagine how busy she must be. This woman will always look forward to a date with you, so you had better meet her expectations.

5 She Can Do Anything In The House

Yes, some men love playing the role of a knight in shining armor riding in to save a damsel in distress. However, all the acting gets old at some point and men start feeling as if the women who overdo it are becoming a bother.

One great thing about a single mom is she already plays the role of a knight at home with her children, and a man will need to prove his worth before she can let him do anything for her. This woman's life won't stop because a bulb in the house needs changing or a nail needs to be driven through a wall, tasks we believe belong to men.

Any man who wants to get into a relationship with a woman who knows how to get things done, he needs to look in the direction of single moms. These women are so badass, because they eat such challenges in the home for breakfast.

4 She Will Save You A Lot Of Money


In almost all relationships, the man provides the money and the woman enjoys the benefits of the man's money. This is especially the case where a man is dating a gold-digger, although these days we have male gold-diggers, the laziest men we have in society who have no shame.

However, when a man dates a single mother, he will be surprised as to the amount of money he will save compared to dating other women. This is the case since often the two will opt to eat at home as opposed to eating out in expensive restaurants, this woman doesn't like going to parties, club hopping, drinking alcohol, or going on random expensive trips.

In addition, this woman already knows the value of money since she often has to work on a frugal budget, looks for ways to maximize her spending power, and always goes for deals which will save money.

3 She's One Of The Sexiest Women Out There

The nine months leading up to the delivery of a child are some of the most stressful months a woman can go through, and the delivery is possibly the most painful experience the human body gets to go through. However, as her body recovers from the ordeal and she plays her part in getting rid of the pregnancy fat, this woman will discover she looks even hotter after delivery than she was before.

Although a single mom will always be in respectable no-nonsense clothing when she is out in public and around her children, she loves transforming into her sexy self whenever she is out on a date.

These women's beauty can blow away any man because of the transformation aspect. Other girls are used to dressing up all sexy and provocative, so there is nothing they can do to have a drastic transformation, but this single mom will go through a jaw-dropping change when going out.

2 She's A Survivor


There is no question about the ability of a single mom to survive. Whether it was her idea to leave, the man's fault, or nature's decision, this woman found a way of turning what could have been the worst experience of her life into a lesson. A single mom gets to play the role of mom and dad to her kids, a role she had no form of preparation to play, but took it up and never looked back.

This woman knows how it feels to love and to lose, and the scars of her misfortune are in the form of the adorable human beings she is raising. If she chooses you, she will not only love you genuinely, but you can admit she will have already earned your respect, because of how far she has come.

Any man who dates this woman knows too well that if he were to mess up, she would have no problem leaving him and moving on since it wouldn't be her first time and she knows how to survive.

1 She Thinks Seriously Before She Acts

No woman would ever choose to be a single mom since people always hope the relationships that get serious to the point of having children will last. However, single moms are the product of relationships that didn't go on as planned, and these brave women had to end up raising their children, possibly singlehandedly.

One thing these women learn through experience is to put a lot of thought into everything before taking action since they could be in the positions they are in for making rash decisions. Therefore, these women will take a lot of time before they choose to get serious with another man since they understand too well how all their choices have serious consequences.

A woman's ability to think hard before making a choice is a quality every man would greatly benefit from, because as the saying goes, "behind every successful man is a woman." However, it's not just any woman, it’s a virtuous and thoughtful woman.


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