15 Reasons Why Marrying Her Is NOT A Good Idea

Are you in love with her? Are you in love with her so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with her? You may obviously have heard of lines like “growing old together” and all. Wait! Before you make that critical decision, stop and think again. This may not be the first time you are going to hear this, but love and marriage are two totally different things. You may be blinded by your love. Science also confirms that the idea of being blinded because of love is legitimate. According to scientists at the University College London, an area of our brain gets suppressed when we have the feeling of love. And, that part of the brain controls our critical thinking. In simpler words, we fail in the process of logical thinking when it comes to love. It is almost impossible to judge your sweetheart’s character when you’re deeply in love with her. When love suppresses that specific neural activity, we are also incapable of having negative thoughts.

Even the most logical and analytical people among us have gotten married. However, there is a reason why every love story you read or watch in a movie ends with marriage. “Happily Ever After” is a myth. At least, it is not true when it comes to marriage. Still, here is our best effort to persuade you to stay single.

15 Save Money

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No matter how much you romanticize your existence, it’s a ruthless fact that everything is controlled by money. Interestingly, you can never have enough money, that’s why it is important to save as much as you can. Having a healthy bank balance will give you the confidence to move forward in life with pride. While earning money is tough, saving it is even more difficult. Imagine how challenging saving money is when you’re married. You’re going to spend a lot on your house, beauty products, and grocery. These are the things you never care about when you’re single. However, the moment you get married, these things become a critical part of your life. Before you know it, your pocket is half-empty in the second week of the month. Forget about saving. Don’t get married to her. Save money instead.

14 Invest In Yourself

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The moment a man gets married, he is expected to think about everyone but himself. First, it will be for her, then for the kids, and then for the entire family. Every dollar spent will be monitored by your wife. You are going to have a budget for plumbing, medical insurance, and Christmas. Control your emotions and think logically. Spend money on what you believe in. You may be an entrepreneur who wants to work on a start-up. You may want to pursue higher education or do a PhD. It is time to put your money where the heart is. After marriage, you won’t be allowed to do so. You can’t spend your savings on the development of a website because your wife has already got plans for that. Don’t get fooled by the popular notion of financial security. The more competent you are, the more secure you will be. Invest in yourself and stay single.

13 Preserving Your Habits

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You wash your boxers once every seven months. You watch movies all night and sleep all day. You have breakfast at 5 o’clock in the evening. You have bread and beer for three weeks, without having to worry about dinner. These are your habits. And, you have a deeply passionate and personal relationship with them. You feel lonely without them. It is heartbreaking for you to even think of breaking up with them. No matter how disgusting these are, your habits make you unique. Do not forget: marriage is the death of such habits. Your wife is going to have a military training ready for you so that you get qualified to be a husband for the rest of your life. Madam Commander will dictate the terms. Sadly, you’ll feel like you’re somebody else. With the new habits, you may become presentable to the world. But, who cares about the world when you can spend four months without sunlight? Preserve your habits. Don’t get married.

12 Discover Yourself

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Let’s admit this. We’ve got only one life. Even if you believe in reincarnation, there is no way you’re going to remember who you were in your last life. That means you have only one chance to make an impact and leave an impression. However, most of us are lost and are still wondering how we can do so. Our journey as an individual is more significant than anything else. When we get married to someone, it is easy for us to get influenced by that person. And, we’re not talking about getting influenced by her ideals and principles here. If her guidance inspires you, there’s nothing better than that. However, you get influenced by her habits, commitments, and responsibilities. Before you know it, you are restricted by the things that are far less important than finding the purpose of your life. Don’t get married to her. Discover yourself instead.

11 No Headache Over Shopping

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Women love shopping. Men don’t. It is as clear as that. Men do buy things. Men buy things that they need. Women buy things that look cute. When it comes to shopping, men and women are polar opposites. However, when you are married, you have to accompany your wife to her numerous rounds of shopping. Carrying the bags is not the tough part. The painful part is to stay with her for hours while she moves from one counter to another. If a man wants to buy a shirt, he will check 10 shirts to buy one. If a woman wants to buy a skirt, she will check 200 skirts and then move on to the shoes section. The entire process is not only torturous for a man but also confusing. He miserably fails to figure out the thought process of a woman during shopping and loses his mind.

10 Get The Figure Of Your Dreams

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No, we’re not talking about having a girl who has a dream figure. This time, we are talking about you having the body of your dreams. And, that is only possible if you have an extremely healthy food habit and work out really hard. Marriage leaves you exhausted. You don’t have the energy to hit the gym after taking care of all the responsibilities of your married life. In a marriage, the daily food habit is decided in accordance with convenience. However, when you are single, you have ample time to focus on yourself and work for that dream body. Behind every great body, there is a determined person who is not willing to give in at any cost. When you’re married, it is almost impossible to have so much focus on yourself.

9 TV Remote

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A single man owns his TV remote. Period. And, there’s nothing in the world that can take it away from him. However, things change after marriage. Like everything else, he has to share his TV remote with his better half. This time, sharing does not actually follow the 50-50 rule. Basically, your wife owns the remote just like she owns everything else in the house. If she is not in a mood to watch TV, you get the opportunity to watch whatever is left. When you’re single, you watch TV mostly alone. Even if your friends come over, they know the rule. They won’t dare touch the remote. Even if they do, they’ll switch on to something that you love because you share the same interests. Even if they want to watch something you hate, you watch it anyway because everything is cool with friends. It is not the same with a wife.

8 Travel The World

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It is foolish to live your entire life in the same neighborhood. It robs you of the opportunity to feel one with the world. By all means, you must travel the world, and that’s not an easy task. There are millions of people to meet and billions of ideas to share. The moment you start discovering the cultures you never thought existed, you’ll come to the realization of how vast and diverse the world truly is. There is something common between a mind and an umbrella. Both work when open. Traveling in the unbeaten path helps you achieve that. Through travel, you’re going to be a greater person. However, it won’t be possible for you to do so if you are married. After marriage, you can only go for packaged tours and visit the so-called travel destinations. You’ll spend a lot on luxury hotels and fancy restaurants. Choose wisely.

7 Freedom

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According to Kris Kristofferson, freedom is just another word for “nothing left to lose.” You can only be truly free when you have nothing to lose. This may sound like an extremely difficult idea, because it is. It is almost impossible to find somebody who has nothing left to lose. We always have something to lose—career, money, or reputation. However, after marriage, things become even more difficult. At every step of your life, you have to think of her because you’re supposed to do so as a responsible husband. As a result, you’ll be left compromising all the time. And then, it becomes a habit. Even if we don’t philosophize the idea of freedom, think about this. Everything, from the flavor of your toothpaste to the color of your Speedos, will be decided by your wife. Or, at least, you’ll discuss it and come to a mutual understanding (read compromise). Come on! Occupy the toilet as long as you want to. Don’t get married to her.

6 Be The Most Eligible Bachelor

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You must have heard of the term. Everybody is looking for the most eligible bachelor around. The demand is especially high at family functions, such as wedding parties. Young and beautiful ladies hunt for the most eligible bachelor in the party. There is a lot of pride in being the one they are looking for. It’s a moment of glory. And, you should try to enjoy the moment as many times as you can. That means you should stay out of the marriage trap and enjoy the company of the bevy of glamorous girls. The options are unlimited, and the opportunities are enormous. It would be foolish to pick one of them and dump the rest. Why should you do so when you can enjoy the company of all the girls? If you’re married, you’re supposed to be loyal to your wife, no matter how boring and uninteresting she is. Play around instead from one turf to another.

5 Best Friends


Every man has a circle of buddies. He spends quality time with his best friends until he gets married. The moment he gets married, he has no time for anything else. All his time is devoted to his wife and family. It all looks rosy in the beginning. He starts thinking that it will take a short while to settle down and get used to the new life. He thinks he is going to get back to the good times with his best friends soon. But, that never happens. He becomes more and more involved in his married life, which is full of anxiety and meaningless responsibilities. A happily-married man is a myth. On the other hand, scientists claim that regular interactions with friends make a person significantly happy. Don’t choose a wife over your friends. Don’t get married to her. Spend time with your friends instead and see how much happiness it brings to your life.

4 Your Bed, Your Rules

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This is one of the most important reasons why you should never get married. Before you get married, you have an entire ecosystem living in your bed happily. And, by family, we mean your pet cockroach, an unfinished bag of potato chips, and the laptop. Co-existence is celebrated with pride when you’re single. Weirdly enough, your bed does not remain yours anymore after marriage. It suddenly becomes disgustingly tidy. Earlier, you spent weeks in your bed without having bothered to change the venue of your activities. It was your dining table, gym, and study desk. After marriage, you’re not allowed to even sit in your bed unless it is bedtime. Earlier, you slept for 25 hours without a break, and nobody dared wake you up. After marriage, your sleep cycle is analyzed. You’re lectured on how much you should sleep and when exactly you should wake up. Don’t get married. Your bed, your rules.

3 Doing "IT" (A LOT)


Some theories will tell you that married people are more likely to get it on more than unmarried people. While married people have the partner available, bachelors have to look around for potential partners. Now, the theory of “availability of s*x” in marriage is extremely tricky. You have to deal with your wife’s headaches, periods, and mood swings before you can even think of doing it. In addition, forget about doing it with her in case you had a fight with her recently. However, if you’re single, you don’t have to worry about the hazards. You can enjoy the benefits only. Even if your wife is extremely enthusiastic about the deed, you’re going to do it with one person for the rest of your life. The idea is not only scary but also stupid. Humans, like other animals, are polygamists by nature. But, if you do it after marriage, it’ll be wrong, both morally and legally. Don’t go against nature. Don’t get married to her.

2 Career Prospects

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If you do a little research, you’ll come to know that many successful men are single. It helps them focus on their career. They can work harder, give much more time to a project, and think about their strategies more clearly. Unlike married men who struggle every day to show up at the office, bachelors are energetic about coming to the office and go for the next assignment. These people do not waste much time during their way up the career ladder and generally end up being the boss. Jake Gyllenhaal dated hotties like Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, and Taylor Swift. However, he never made the mistake of getting married. Leonardo DiCaprio turns 43 on November 11th this year. The most successful Hollywood actor is still a bachelor. Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla are great examples as well.

1 She’s A Woman After All

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After all, she’s a woman. And, men are not supposed to be around one woman for a long time. There is every possibility that she might try to train you to be a better person. The difficult part is that there is a huge difference between a man’s idea and a woman’s idea of what “better” is. When women want you to be a better person, they want you to be more organized, more ambitious, and more responsible. However, when men say they want a better life, they basically want to have a lot of s*x, a lot of food, and a lot of alcohol; that, too, without having to worry about the consequences. No matter how ugly a man looks, he always wants the best-looking woman in bed. Men are brave. They are quite aware of the hazards of unhealthy eating and drinking but will continue anyway. Stay lazy. Don’t fall in the trap.

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