15 Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Russian Girl (And The Photos To Prove It)

As many guys will probably tell you, dating a girl from a different culture that you’re not very familiar with has its pros and cons. First up, it might be very exciting to date a girl that isn’t like the ones you knew while growing up. It can be exciting to meet a beautiful and exotic woman whose culture is entirely new and unfamiliar to you. But at the same time, there might be a few difficulties, especially if there is a language barrier or so many distinct cultural differences between the two of you that you wouldn’t even know where to start. It can certainly be challenging to understand one another when you're both so different.

Luckily, that’s not always the case, especially when it comes to guys dating Russian women. For the most part, most men's experiences with Russian gals have been quite positive. After all, most are considered as some of the most beautiful women in the world – and the most interesting, to boot. They are smart, they are beautiful, they are leggy, and best of all, they keep you on your toes. Plus, there’s a very slim chance that you will actually be bored with a Russian girlfriend. That’s because you just never know what kind of surprises they have in store for you. They are fun to be around and very enticing. With that being said, here are 15 photos and reasons why dating a Russian girl is a good idea.

15 They Are Model Material

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Firstly, there’s no denying that most of the female population in Russia is hot. Simply put, they all look like they just came off a fashion runway. They have legs so long that they look like gazelles. Also, they have great features that make them look like print models, too. With long, beautiful, thick hair, envious cheekbones and gorgeous eyes, you can’t go wrong with a Russian girl. As a matter of fact, she’ll most likely make all of your guy friends pretty jealous. Being seen with a girl like that is certainly going to get people talking.

I mean, there’s a very slim chance that you will meet a girl from Russia that doesn’t look like she belongs in a Chanel print campaign. We could even go as far as saying that they were all born with very good genes. And it’s a fact that they are proud of their Russian genes, too.

14 They Are Very Feminine

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One of the best things about dating a Russian woman is that they are very feminine. In fact, they love being who they are and they take great pride in their appearance. They are soft, delicate and pretty. A Russian woman embraces womanhood and everything about it – sometimes to a fault.

Sure, it might get annoying, especially if they take hours to get ready for a simple date to your favorite restaurant. But there’s a reason why every male in the room begins to drool upon seeing your Russian girlfriend. They are smokin’ hot women who love being women, plain and simple. They are not interested in wearing your favorite hoodie or boxer shorts around the house. And they certainly won’t let you see them wake up with no makeup on. They make sure they look good, 100 percent of the time, regardless of where they are of what they are doing.

13 They Can Be Both A Girlfriend And A Friend

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Also, when you start dating a Russian girl you will soon realize that you have both a girlfriend and a friend in one. She’ll give you everything that a good girlfriend will give (like give you that back rub you desperately need or more), but she also does a good job of listening to you, too. For lack of a better term, she’s a great buddy. She’ll cheer with you when your favorite hockey team scores and she’ll also get upset when they lose.

Also, unlike girlfriends from other countries, she will listen. Russian girlfriends are very good at doing a lot of listening and very little talking. She won’t cut you off mid-sentence or dismiss your feelings as silly or immature. She’ll also support you when the going gets tough, too. Russian girls make the best girlfriends because they keep the relationship fresh while also providing a constant support system to their men.

12 They Treat Their Men Right

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A lot of guys who have dated Russian women in the past have said that they do a great job of treating their men right. For the most part, they are not pushy, they are not rude, and they certainly don’t purposely try to make your life a living hell. Yes, a happy wife means a happy life but it goes both ways, doesn’t it? Russian girls are smart enough to know that if you keep your partner happy, he in return will make you happy, too. After all, relationships are a two-way street.

Sure, she might talk behind your back or complain about you and your inability to put the laundry away to her girlfriends, but you’ll never know about it. That’s because she will do it in Russian. Otherwise, expect to be treated with respect, especially if you do the same for her. Russian women know what it takes to maintain a relationship properly.

11 They're Good Cooks

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A lot of people say that the best way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. And there’s perhaps no one that knows this best than a Russian girlfriend. As a matter of fact, they are some of the best cooks in the world. Everything they make is either organic or comes from scratch.

Plus, there’s a good chance that you might get a shot with your evening dinner. Hey, traditions are important, okay? But if there’s one thing that you absolutely shouldn’t do, it’s criticize her cooking. Better yet, never say anything negative about her mother’s cooking or her grandmother’s cooking either, even if you hate all that mayonnaise they put in their salads. If you want to remain happy in your relationship, keep your opinions to yourself.

10 But They Have High Expectations, Too

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And while Russian girls do a great job of giving and taking care of your needs, let’s not forget that they also have high expectations, too. You can’t just have a beautiful, stunning and talented Russian girlfriend by your side and not contribute anything to the table, either. The Russian girlfriend wants her man to be in tiptop shape, too. Not only do you have to look the part of a successful businessman and boyfriend, but you have to be one, too.

We are not going to beat around the bush here: Russian women like to be spoiled. They also like to live extravagant lifestyles. You better bet your bottom dollar that she would rather fly first class to Dubai then visit your parents in Michigan by car. Russian women don’t operate that way. Everything should be and must be crème de la crème.

9 There Might Be Some Language Barriers

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This might be one of the biggest disadvantages to dating a Russian woman: the language barrier. Chances are that most will know how to speak English (since they are highly educated), but the translations might be a bit murky. She might say one thing, but mean another. Also, she might not understand all of your quirky jokes and might take offence to them. Some things simply get lost in translation, and things can definitely get awkward.

Of course, one solution is that you could always try and learn Russian. It might not be easy, but it’s worth a shot. Still, you might find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the heck she is talking about, even when she is talking in plain English. Simple phrases just don’t translate well from one language to another sometimes. And this might cause a huge problem, especially if you are having a hard time communicating.

8 They Will Use The Cold Shoulder

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But here’s a huge problem that a lot of people have complained about and one of the most negative experiences of dating a Russian girl: they like to give you the cold shoulder. In other words, if they don’t get what they want, they will ignore and pretend that you don’t exist. It’s incredibly annoying and even disrespectful, especially if you end up living with your girlfriend under one roof. Some Russian girlfriends get so mad that they can go weeks without talking to you. They also like to hit you emotionally where it hurts the most.

Yes, many Slavic girls are very communicative and tell you exactly what they want, but when they are angry, they are angry. They will shut you out and throw you out in the cold. All will be well until the two of you get into your first, heated argument.

7 They Know How To Dress

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Here’s one thing about Russian women: they are borderline obsessed with the way they look. They expect perfection at all times. And as a result, they spend a lot of time and money on their appearance. They aren’t like their American counterparts. They would rather sacrifice anything rather than be caught shopping inside a Walmart with their pyjamas on and a messy bun on top of their hair. Instead, they will dress to the nines and even put on the highest pair of heels they have in their closet for a simple trip to Trader Joe’s.

Of course, it’s great to see your girlfriend take so much pride in the way she dresses. But at the same time, this can get tiresome and annoying, especially if she expects you to follow suit. Sometimes waiting for her to get ready can be extremely frustrating, and don't even think of suggesting cutting the time it takes her to go out short. She will laugh in your face.

6 They Can Be Jealous (Because They Care)

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Another concern is Russian women and their jealousy. If you are caught talking to another beautiful woman or worse, even think about another beautiful woman, there’s a good chance that your Russian gal will get jealous. And trust us when we say their ugly side is one that you don’t want to see. They will interrogate you endlessly about this woman, even if she’s just a friend, a co-worker, or a wife of another friend.

Even though Russian women have plenty of great qualities that make them some of the most enviable women in the world, they can often act very insecure. You would think that beautiful women would make for great, confident women, but that’s not always the case. Maybe that’s because they are also very competitive women, too. Expect to have your beautiful Russian girlfriend always watching for other women who might slip in and take you away from them,

5 She Might Make You Suspicious

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With that being said, you might have to watch your Russian girlfriend, especially if she starts talking in front of you to her Russian friends in her native language. Chances are that she doesn’t want you to know what she’s talking about or worse, she might be hiding something from you. This will make you very suspicious and might make your relationship go from happy to very unhealthy in a matter of seconds.

Because let’s face it: chances are that everyone turns their heads when they see her walking by. She’s so beautiful that she has the capability to light up a room just by walking in one. There are a lot of guys who most likely want to be with her, and they will definitely try. Russian women are very coveted by most men. And if she’s the kind of girl who likes attention, you might be in trouble.

4 She Might Not Get Along With Your Friends

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This might also be a huge problem down the road. She might not get along with your buddies. You know, the ones that you’ve grown up with all your life, the ones that you always watch Sunday night football with and the ones who know you like the back of their own hands. And the worst part is that she might actually hate them, too. She simply might not understand them, or understand why you like them so much.

A Russian girlfriend is only interested in meeting your needs, and that’s it. She doesn’t have the time to cater to your friends when they come over or worry about buying their favorite brand of beer. They can get it themselves! What’s more, she might also think that they are sloppy fools that are just wasting your precious time with her. Chances are that she might be right, too.

3 Meeting Her Family Might Be A Challenge

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Now, meeting your girlfriend’s family is never easy. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most nerve-racking parts about being in a relationship. You want to look your best and act your best in order to impress her parents. But meeting Russian parents is a whole new ball game. If you are a foreigner, they might be very suspicious of you. They might want to know what your real motives are.

But rest assured that the moment they accept you (and eventually they will), everything will change. They will treat you like their own and will consider you as part of their family. And yes, you should drink with them if they offer you. Always drink with your potential future father-in-law or any of her brothers (and I’m sure she has plenty of them). Never say no.

2 Geographical Matters Might Get Complicated

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It’s no secret that Russian women are very close with their families. And chances are, they probably live back in Russia, which might complicate your future with her. That’s because she will feel torn about living in her new, adopted country and wanting to be back in her homeland. This might pose a huge challenge for you and the future of your relationship.

First off, it might be very unlikely that you will want to leave your entire family and world behind to live in Russia, right? Secondly, she might be feeling the same way. The two of you will have to find a way to compromise and find a solution to your problem. Either you live where she wants to live (and vice versa), or you find yourselves living somewhere in the middle.

1 Is A Russian Girlfriend Right For You?

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Now, you shouldn’t feel obligated to date someone simply because of their ethnic background, their national origins, or where their family came from. You shouldn’t also just limit yourself to the girls that you grew up with in your community. As the old saying goes, love is blind, right? Love is also color blind as well. In other words, try all of the flavors before settling on your favorite one. You might not know which one is your favorite until you’ve tried them all.

Just like every other nationality, Russian girls have great qualities. As we’ve already said, they make great girlfriends and great life partners. But just be mindful of all the cultural differences that the two of you might come across in your relationship. With an open mind and an open heart, anything is possible.

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