15Terminator Could Be A Reality

via telegraph.co.uk

Artificial intelligence sounds cool, but the more you consider the reality of it, the more you begin to think it’s a concept best left to sci-fi films and literature. We’re not exaggerating when we say that robots have the potential to enslave humanity and that it could happen way sooner

than you may think. Currently under development are a number of automated weapon systems called LAWS (Lethal Autonomous Weapons) and these are basically robot soldiers trained to mow down humans. Great.

The use of these LAWS are said to make war more humane by reducing the number of human casualties – but there’s a chance this could backfire spectacularly and give these walking killing machines free rein over any human they come into contact with. Experts in Biotechnology from Yale University have insisted that if such robots were to exist by the middle of the century, they would be installed with “moral” programming. Yeah, because look how well RoboCop turned out...

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