15 Signs That Prove Your Lover's A Gold Digger

Picture this: You're in the best relationship of your life and you feel like your girl is the one for you. Your family likes her, your friends approve of her, and exes wish they were her. What's most important, though, is that you are head over heels for the woman of your dreams. However, there's just one teeny tiny problem.

She could be a gold digger. First of all, if you're even questioning whether she's the one or not, then you might see that red flag waving in the distance. But maybe you've been a lover scorned, so any girl you date is a potential heartbreaker. Regardless of the situation, you've come to the right place.

If you're dying to know the signs of a gold digger, then have no fear. The relationship guru is here. I'll try my best to answer your questions, so you can make (or break) your bond. Before we dive into the list, you have to be open, willing, and ready to not just read the information, but to absorb it.

Remember that acceptance is key. There's nothing wrong with picking your own brain about whom you're sleeping next to at night. You have to be 100 percent certain that your woman is your ride-or-die. Otherwise, both of you will just end up with hearts broken. Not only will you be depressed, but you'll also be stressed.

Beyoncé would say, "If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it." However, why would you commit to a woman who would just want you for your wallet? Before you pull a Beyoncé, here are the fifteen signs that your loved one is probably a gold digger.

15 You Want "The Deed", She Wants A Check

Paris Hilton
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You've updated your Facebook status, posted photos of your girlfriend on Instagram, and shared drunken nights of you two together on Snapchat. You and your woman are in an official relationship. However, you guys should have more chemistry offline than online.

You two should share intimacy too hot for the cameras to capture, and you two should be too exclusive for a Facebook status. Unless you guys are waiting until marriage, s*x is most likely an important part of the relationship. However, if you're only getting s*x after you take her to the mall or buy her a mink coat, then she's just finessing you.

She doesn't want your love or loyalty, and she surely doesn't want your intimacy. Well, unless your wallet's nearby.

14 Your Money For Her Time

Anna Nicole Smith
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Remember the awkward stages of middle school? You and your first "girlfriend" were being driven by your parents to the movies, chaperoned by your older sister, and under constant surveillance. However, the best part about young love was the innocence of it all.

You guys just had puppy-dog eyes for each other.

Times have changed. Now that you're in your early thirties, you're working a white-collar job and making bank. You got the racks to spend and attractive gold diggers know just how to keep your money in check. The formula's simple. She spends her precious time with you...and your money.

If you rarely see her whip out her own money, then you need to holler, "Check, please!"

13 No Protection, Big Problem

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Drake, one of the most influential rappers of the 21st century, could possibly have a baby on the way. With a net worth of $100 million, the man would be paying some serious child support. The woman he supposedly impregnated wasn't his girlfriend or wife. She was just an Instagram model that had a one-night stand with him.

If he's really the father, then he'll lose millions upon millions of dollars. One night really can do so much damage. So learn Drake's lesson by always keeping rubbers on deck.

If your girl always tells you to forget about the "thing" (especially in the beginning of the relationship), then you should listen to your gut and not your p*nis. No matter how hot she is, you can't repeat a Drake mistake. Unless you're totally cool with fathering a child and possibly paying child support, that is.

12 Always Wants to Keep Up With The Joneses... And Kardashians

Kendall Jenner
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You should always treat your girl right. Buy her that Kylie Lip Kit and go on that trip to Hawaii. She deserves the best and you both deserve the happiness materials can buy.

However, when she's always focused on outer appearances, then she's not focusing on what's truly important...like heart and character. If she's just using you to get to the real loves of her life (e.g., Victoria's Secret, Marc Jacobs, Target), then you're not the love of her life.

She could care less about you and more about your gifts. While she might cook the best homemade apple pies and give the best kisses, you're just a means to an end. You could want the picturesque American family, but she could only want the Kardashianesque engagement ring. Le sigh.

11 She's Just Not That Into You

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The movie He's Just Not That Into You was all about women wanting more from their men. While one wanted a wedding, the other wanted a simple date. However, the bottom line was that the girls knew they were chasing fool's gold. The film's a certified chick flick, but men can definitely relate.

You may want a wedding or relationship, too. Your girl may just want what her other girlfriends get from their men, like Prada bags and Givenchy sneakers. She's going to be about what you can do for her, and not what she can do for you.

You'll feel like you're always trying to meet her standards, but you still feel like good is never good enough. She's only happy when she's shopping...or you're shopping for her. She's just not that into you.

10 More Money, More Gold Diggers

The Weeknd
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I can firmly say that I'm an unattractive woman, and I'm fine with my subpar looks. Other people can be in denial about their outer beauty (or lack thereof), though. If you're on the homelier side, too, then embrace your flaws! As long as you're beautiful on the inside, then forget about your insecurities. You're more beautiful than you realize.

However, if you have money, then a gold digger could give two craps about your crooked nose or pimply skin. As long as her palms are dyed blue from the ink of hundreds, then she's content. You'd be like her Channing Tatum or Chris Brown. You just have to stay rich.

If you feel like she'd leave you if you went broke, lost your job, or filed bankruptcy, then she'll never be the one for you. Leave her before you get into serious debt.

9 A Rap Sheet Of Rappers, Actors, And Celebrities Aplenty

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While she can date whoever she pleases, you need to be careful around a woman who will only go out with a man of fame and fortune. If she's known as a groupie, for example, then she's going to expect you to pay for designer clothing, diamond necklaces, and pricey trips. She's only used to the crème de la crème; average dinners and movie theaters will scare the living daylights out of her. So what's the moral of the story?

Don't break your bank for someone who just wants what you can buy.

There are literally billions of women on this planet. You can find a woman who is, as the Migos would say, both bad and bougie. You don't need to settle for a woman who's just a crass floozy.

8 She Wants The Diamonds, Pearls, And Gucci Flip-Flops

If you've been dating your love for a year or two, and you want to seal your affections with an "every kiss begins with Kay," then splurge. Please. By all means.

If you've only been seeing your chick for a few months, and she continually asks you for a pair of Christian Louboutin red-bottom stilettos or two tickets (one for her and her best friend) to The Weeknd's concert, then she's boldly waving the first red flag.

She may have all the assets you need, but she's slowly trying to drain your assets. While you keep seeing boobs and butt, she's just seeing dollar signs.

7 "She Ain't Messing With No Broke [Men]"

Kanye West
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Kanye West made a song called "Gold Digger," and the anthem was both catchy and educational. He croons, "Now I ain't saying she a gold digger/But she ain't messing with no broke [expletive]." In just two verses, you get the idea.

Basically, she's only with you for your pay stubs.

Like I advised above, her love is only extended to the amount of love in your own bank account. She's relying on you to pay her car fees, utilities, or rent. She's committed to getting your money as much as you. What's the only difference? While you're working extremely hard for your money, she's at home awaiting your payday. Unless you like giving handouts, I'd suggest finding a woman who pays her bills, drives her own car, and has a job.

6 Her Friends Are Gold Diggers

Amber Rose
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If your girlfriend's friends are gold diggers, then you probably don't have a girlfriend. Your money has your girlfriend. The idiom "Birds of a feather flock together" is so true, and you need to pay attention to the company your girl keeps.

After all, why would she hang around gold diggers if she was a working woman with bills to pay and mouths to feed? One news outlet gives an important answer.

"If all of your friends are gold diggers, and you find their gold-digging behavior acceptable, then guess what? You're a gold digger," the article 6 Signs You're A Gold Digger states. If your love were to read the article, what would she say? If she gets defensive, angry, and indignant, then you probably have your answer. Now's your chance. Just grab your money and go.

5 Cries Over Homemade Gifts Or Cards Sans Cash

Kim Kardashian
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Again, always spoil your girlfriend or wife. If she puts up with you, then she deserves the world. However, if she's a gold digger, then your world's compromised. Let me explain.

While you should treat, spoil, and splurge on your girl, custom fittings and tailored outfits are expensive. And they should never be your girlfriend's main focus. If she really cares for you, then she's going to want you to show her your time, effort, and energy.

Whether you're writing her a two-page letter or baking her a birthday cake from scratch, she's going to be appreciative of your masterpieces (even if you misspell a word or almost burn down the house). However, if she's a gold digger, then she would probably throw a tantrum over your efforts. She would rather you give her a few hundred bucks instead.

4 Whines, Complains, And Is Plainly Ungrateful

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You and your girl could be in the park or laying by the beach; and then she spots a silk dress or Versace one-piece swimsuit. All of a sudden, she's making remarks about the materials that she wishes you would buy. Instead of basking in the sun or watching the waves, she's complaining about everything she lacks.

She's failing to see all that she's blessed with, which includes your time. After all, you two are supposed to be a couple in love. You guys should be absorbing the beautiful day in the park or beach, yet she's whining about the expensive clothes you never purchase for her.

Now the day's ruined, and you feel guilty, ashamed, and worthless. However, just take her ungratefulness as a sign from an omniscient power. You got your sign, and, if you act quick enough, that sign just helped you dodge a major bullet. Now go have some fun in the sun.

3 Compares You To Other Men

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If you are with your girlfriend, then loyalty is key. You guys have to set a foundation of love and trust. If you're with a gold digger, then character is of minimal importance.

She's just after your money, and, if your friends have more money, then she's going to have a major problem with you. You may hear phrases like, "Dan makes more money than you," or "Mike just got a new promotion, so why haven't you gotten one yet?" She's going to be on your butt about your financial status, and she's never going to be satisfied.

She'll want more and more, so you'll give and give. As you're draining your bank account, she's hitting your self-esteem repeatedly. Even though you're funding her needs, you'll never be like Dan...or Mike.

2 Threatens To Cheat

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When you're with a gold digger, she'll always on the hunt for the best and biggest cash cow. She'll have no problem taking names and breaking hearts. She just wants to make bank in her own way.

Whether you're aware or not, you could be getting catfished by a gold digger right now. If she's already displaying all of the aforementioned signs, then you should get away from her hook as fast as possible. If you're still not convinced, though, then her constant threats of cheating should be enough for you to pack your bags and bolt.

No man or woman should be in a toxic relationship with one partner dangling threats above another's head. So leave while you still can. Whether she's a gold digger or not, you should never be with a woman who's too ready and willing to sleep with other people.

1 Focuses Only On Herself

Kylie Jenner
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Your needs and wants matter, too. If she's too consumed with her own desires, then you need to leave. No woman is worth your feelings of neglect and abandonment. You should find a woman who'll give you the world, just like you would give her the world.

The reality is that relationships are all about give and take. Both partners have to be willing to sacrifice for the other. If your girlfriend chooses to ignore your pleas for attention, comfort, and care, then you might as well be single. So drop her and her gold-digging butt, and be single!

Life's way too short for you to be wasting your time. She should find a man who satisfies her every wish, and you should find a woman who satisfies your every wish. Well, just find a woman who will at least try.

Remember that the size of the bank account can't even compare to the size of someone's heart. So deposit your effort and energy into somebody who's really worth your time and your money.

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