15 Real Stories Of Imaginary Friends

Long gone are the days when everyone thought that it was cute for kids to have imaginary friends. One of the big reasons for that is the Internet. Back in the day, stories of imaginary friends that were either terrifying entities or real people who wanted to harm a family seemed to be contained to horror movies and novels. With the Internet, we have people from all corners of the world talking about stories of how their kids had imaginary friends that really crept the hell out of everyone. There are even stories of kids who had imaginary friends that were not actually “imaginary.” Yes, we know that the Internet is not really the most reliable of places when it comes to heartfelt accounts of people who have gone through hardships. There are a lot of folks who make up things for attention.

Nevertheless, the sheer number of accounts you can find of people who had trouble with their kids and imaginary friends should be enough to make you at least consider that some of these could be true. Well, ultimately, the decision will be yours. But we decided to separate a list of 15 stories of imaginary friends that will keep you awake at night.

15 The Captain

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Do you think your kid is weird? Do you think you have a hard time understanding what they think and what they do most of the time? Well, you might have it hard, but believe us when we say that it could be a lot worse. For example, one teacher took to Reddit to talk about a conversation she had with a pair of parents who told her that one of her students had an imaginary friend called “The Captain.” And yes, the ghost is about as creepy as the nickname sounds.

Apparently, this imaginary friend would constantly tell the kid that when he grew up, his job would be to kill people. And when the kid unavoidably told him he did not want to kill anyone, the captain would just enforce that after a while the boy would get used to killing people.

14 An Image

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Now, this is where we don’t know how to accurately draw a line between a haunting and a kid’s imaginary friend. If the kid sees a ghost, but the parents cannot see it, does it qualify as an imaginary friend? Well, if it is a recurrent sighting we think it does, so we are going to tell you a little story.

There was a happy family of four that had a fascinating account. The three-year-old son would constantly tell his parents about how there was a lady who sat on the end of his bed and talked to him for hours in the middle of the night. The mother got so crept out that after a while, she could not take it anymore and decided to move houses.

Unfortunately, even in the new house, her one-year-old daughter was caught standing near the corner of her cot, talking to something the mother couldn’t see in the middle of the night.

13 The Green Man

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Reading about parents’ accounts of the creepy things they experience when their kids have imaginary friends is one thing. To hear a grown person talking about their experiences as a kid who had an “imaginary” friend is a whole other monster. For example, there was one person who said that she had an imaginary friend called “The Green Man.”

It turns out this had nothing to do with the Irish. The imaginary friend was incredibly tall, wore a doctor’s attire, and was apparently covered in blood. Yeah, this might not be the nicest of kids to imagine something like that. But worse than just seeing The Green Man and being scared of him, this kid went gung-ho on creepiness. Apparently, she had tea parties with the imaginary friend and even set a place for him at the table.

12 No Way

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We think the majority of these Reddit confessions are fake, but some of them are just too good to leave out. For example, there was a father who was okay with his daughter having an imaginary friend named Kelly. Kelly seemed harmless and lived in his daughter’s closet. But one movie night was all it took for the whole dynamic of the thing to change.

The father and his wife were watching The Amityville Horror, which is quite a classic. What they didn’t expect was that their daughter would walk into the room during the scene where the dead girl’s eyes turn black. You know exactly where this is going, right?

As soon as she saw the TV, the daughter said, “That Looks like Kelly.” What are the chances that you would still sleep inside the house after this?

11 Time To Move Out

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What could go wrong if your kid’s imaginary friend was a guy named Roger who had a wife and nine kids? That just sounds like a standard, typical American household where there were no drinking problems or abuse. Ha! Ha! Guess again. This is an older brother talking about the imaginary friend of his younger sibling. An imaginary friend he and his family thought was a healthy addition to the household. After all, Roger was not bad to anyone as he just lived under their coffee table, taking care of his wife and nine kids.

Like many other stories of imaginary friends gone wrong, this all changed out of the blue. In a random day, the younger brother decided to tell the family that Roger would be moving out. The reason? Roger had just killed his whole family.

10 The Easter Bunny

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We know the imagination of kids is a very fertile terrain. You can tell a kid a story and they will go and imagine it further beyond anything you could come up with. It is really a thing of wonder. That is why we think parents should be extra careful about what kinds of legends they tell their kids about.

For a pair of twins whom this person babysat, the scariest thing was the Easter Bunny. Better yet, someone dressed in an Easter Bunny costume. The twins were terrified of this person that no one else could see. The babysitter was doing her job and taking care of one of the kids while the other was in the shower. The kid with her suddenly said she should go and check on his brother. Moments later, the other kid starts yelling, “He’s in here! He’s in here!” What would you do?

9 Trick Or Trick

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This is the story of a mom with two young sons. The first one would constantly talk to walls and laugh at things that weren’t there, which she didn’t think was too weird since he was a baby. Then, things started to go missing in the house, and they moved as the younger son was growing older.

One day, the kid just randomly starts to tell his mother about TrickorTrick. She obviously had no idea what he was talking about and asked him to elaborate. TrickorTrick was a tall man who didn’t live with them but visited very often. While this was going on, the other kid kept telling him to shut up, clearly terrified. TrickorTrick apparently liked to look out the windows and take things that were not his. The kid goes on to say that TrickorTrick was responsible for one theft the mom had punished her other son for.

8 A Visit From Grandpa

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By now, you should have probably figured out that a lot of creepy imaginary friends some kids have can be explained by one simple phenomenon. No, we are not saying that we 100 percent agree with this, but it is hard to deny that a lot of these accounts make us believe that, more often than not, the imaginary friends your kids have could be ghosts. We are not going to delve too deep into the issue, but a few stories just make you think.

For example, there was a mother who said her daughter would constantly tell her about this man who would walk into her room every night and put the sign of the cross on her forehead. Years later, she found out that her late father-in-law did that to her husband when he was young. The girl also pointed to a picture of her grandpa saying that he was the man who came into her room every night.

7 The Reverse Abraham

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One of the most iconic stories in the Bible is the tale of Abraham. If you already know the story, please forgive us because we will give you a little go-around of how it went down according to the Bible. One day, God decided to have a chat with this fella named Abraham, who was one of his most devoted followers. Abraham loved God so much that when God suddenly asked him to sacrifice his own son for God’s glory, Abraham didn’t think twice. Luckily for everyone, especially the kid, this was just a test. As soon as Abraham was about to kill his son, God stopped him and said he was a worthy follower.

We told you that story because we came about a little reverse Abraham tale. Here, the little kid said that he was constantly talking to angels. But one day, his mom overheard him saying, “I can’t kill him! He is only my dad!”

6 When The Kid Is Scary

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There are two sides to every imaginary friend story. You can take the side and think about how scary the imaginary friend is, or you can think about how scary the actual kid might be. Yeah, not many people want to think about it this way, but some kids are really messed up. While we were browsing Reddit for these fantastic imaginary friend stories, we came across one particular post where someone talked about how they didn’t have an imaginary friend during their youth, but their mom did.

Now, we don’t know how much this person heard about their mom’s childhood, but we can pretty much guess what kind of personality their mom has because of the way she ended things with the imaginary friend. Instead of the imaginary friend simply disappearing, it turns out that the mom “chopped him up and put him in the fridge.”

5 The Creeper Man

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The name says it all. When your kid calls his imaginary friend “The Creeper Man,” you should know that nothing good is going to come out of the story. First, if your kid ever tells you something like this, please just go to the police and ask them to check out if there are any hidden passageways in your home or at least put up some cameras, because something is definitely wrong.

Either way, the story of The Creeper Man started when someone’s son went to visit their grandparents. After a visit, the kid told his mom that there was someone living inside his grandparents' bedroom and that someone was The Creeper Man. Instead of just leaving things like that, the mom decided to ask him what the Creeper Man looked like. Of course, the kid’s answer was as terrifying as it could possibly be. “Oh, he doesn’t have a face.”

4 When They Go

After getting this far on writing the list, we have come to the tragic realization that what imaginary friends do sometimes is not as bad as what happens to them. Seriously, there are kids who are just messed up when it comes to getting rid of their imaginary friends. Sure, we know a lot of them have these friends to cope with bullying at school and insecurity, but nothing makes it okay to brutally murder your imaginary friends. Well, unless they are an old guy in a clown suit that crawls into your room through a hidden passageway every night. But, that is a story for later.

We said the thing about getting rid of imaginary friends because there was this one kid who had a bunch of imaginary friends but suddenly stopped talking about them. When their mom realized it and asked what happened, this kid went on to say that all his imaginary friends had died in a car crash. WTF?

3 Poor Babysitter

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Since we are getting close to the end of this list, we decided to dedicate at least one entry to the people who are the real victims in all of this. Whether we like it or not, parents are the ones who put these kids into the world, so they kind of have to deal with all the creepy and weird imaginary friend stuff. But there are folks who are paid to take care of these kids and don’t realize that sometimes the money is not worth it. We are talking about babysitters. How many movies have you seen in which a babysitter was the one who suffered the most because of the kids they were taking care of.

It turns out that this is true in real life, especially when it comes to creepy imaginary friends. There was one babysitter on Reddit who told everyone how the kid she was taking care of had several imaginary friends. But they were not bunnies or anything like that. One of them had no head and had its insides sticking out of the stump on its neck while the other was an old bloody lady.

2 Clowns

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What is the worst thing that could happen to a person who is scared of clowns? You guessed it. That person having a kid who had a clown for an imaginary friend. This is what happened to Lisa and her little daughter, Ellie. After the family moved into a new neighborhood where their neighbors were all older and had no kids, Ellie made up an imaginary friend, a clown who she said visited her and gave her magical chocolate sometimes.

The mom, of course, said nothing as she thought an imaginary friend was how her daughter was coping with the idea of not having any kids around to play. After Ellie grew up and went to college, the parents decided to turn her room into an office, and the dad tore down her closet. That’s when they found a small two-door passageway that led into the neighbor’s house. In-between the doors, they found a clown costume.

1 A Movie Plot

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This is undoubtedly the best imaginary friend story we have, and we decided to put it at the bottom of the list so you could have time to read the entire thing because it is priceless.

This is the story of a young couple who moved into a small home as soon as they found out they would have a daughter. The young daughter seemed to have a fixation with the closet in her room as she grew up. As soon as she managed to put words together, she said that the closet was where Jonathon lived. The parents thought it was okay for her to have an imaginary friend and were never alarmed by the entire thing. The girl grew up like that until the wife got pregnant and they decided to move to a bigger home.

That’s when another young couple bought their home and gave them a call, saying that they found a box in a crawlspace behind that closet. Believe it or not, the writing on the box said that Jonathon was in it, and near the box, they also found baby pictures of the girl.

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