15There Weren’t Enough Lifeboats For HALF The People On Board

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In the wake of the tragedy, a fatal flaw that people jumped on immediately were the insufficient number of lifeboats and how they were used. The 20 lifeboats Titanic carried could only hold 1,178 people, despite there being a total of 2,224 people on board. The lack of lifeboats was

supposedly down to the fact that the deck would have been too cluttered. As well as the lack of lifeboats, many lives were doomed by the fact that the lifeboats that were used were never filled up fully.

In James Cameron’s 1997 retelling, many lifeboats are sent down carrying only a third of the passengers it had the capacity to carry (65). In the movie, the ship’s architect, Thomas Andrews, tells the lifeboat crew that the boats held the weight of 70 men in Belfast where Titanic was built. As a result, only 712 people were rescued by lifeboat, when near to 2,000 people could have been saved if they were filled properly.

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