15 Questions She'll Only Ask If She's Into You

It's been said that women are some of the most complex and mysterious beings on the planet. This is part of what makes a woman's dynamic, fun and unique... and it's also what keeps you men in relationships with women on your toes. But for those of you who are currently at square one and looking to get into a relationship with a woman, you probably know that the struggle of decoding certain statements and telling flirtatious behavior from run-of-the-mill friendly interactions can be all really tricky.

Fear not! You don't have to travel to Venus to figure out women. Here at TheRichest, we've got your back. We have searched far and wide and finally uncovered the fifteen questions that she will ask only if she's into you.

Women will still be the complex and mysterious members of the fairer sex whom you love to try to figure out, but at least now you'll have fifteen insights into what a woman will want to know if she decides you might be her cup of tea. Read these questions and their detailed explanations and you'll soon feel like an expert on the human beings who carry two X chromosomes (or, at least, gain a better understanding of them).

15 Have You Heard About...?

If she asks if you've heard about a current event, new type of food or restaurant, band or some event happening locally in your town or city, there is a healthy chance that she might be looking for something more than sharing some info or getting someone else's opinion on things. Typically speaking, women ask men they are interested in if they've heard about new happenings around town or around the world in order to test the waters and gauge how their love/like interest feels about the things they are interested in. Everyone knows that it is easier to start up a relationship if you two have several things in common with one another. If you've been noticing that she has been asking you if you've heard about this or that, chances are good that she could be into you. Of course, it's important to notice how she acts towards others. If she asks all of your other co-workers the same questions, she could just be an unusually chatty character.

14 Are You Married/Do You Have A Girlfriend?

Okay, this one might seem blatantly obvious and maybe even a little obnoxious but if the girl whose eyes you meet every other morning in the coffee shop gets the nerve up to finally talk to you and you strike up a conversation about the amazing camping trip you went on last week. Chances are that if she asks you if your wife or girlfriend had a nice time at the hot springs too, she's not genuinely interested in your hypothetical partner's enjoyable experience and wondering if she, as a woman, would like it as well. Do not underestimate the power of subtle checking. You might not even have a shred of a clue that she's into you but if you get this question tossed your way, carefully evaluate the circumstances. If she's not in charge of collecting RSVPs for your company's Christmas party, she definitely might be into you.

13 Can You Help Me With This?

While it's true that sometimes people just need help with a task from time to time, if you find yourself in a situation where a girl who you know as a casual or friendly acquaintance is asking you for help here and there, look at the situation. Is she asking you for a simple work-related task like the phone extension for the IT department? This is probably not a sign that she is into you. But if your cute neighbor in the apartment across from you who asked you to program her DVR previously is now asking you if you can help put together her new Ikea coffee table with her, she certainly might be into you. A good clue is to look at how intimate the task she is asking for help with is. If the gym bunny you lock eyes with while on the treadmill, asks if you can help put her necklace on, that's probably a prime time to ask her out to coffee.

12 Can I Ask You Something?

This one is very specific. If this string of words: "Hey... can I ask you something?" comes your way, the woman that you are looking at is more than likely seriously crushing on you. Unless, of course, her question happens to be something such as, "Do you think my boyfriend will like this dress for our date tonight?" and she happens to be your client and your profession is a personal shopper, most anything else she asks will be pointing to signs of her being into you. Asking to ask you something is more than wanting to get another opinion on a topic or issue or bouncing an idea off of you but wanting to know if you are someone that she can confide in, test your advice skills as well as take the opportunity to open up to you.

11 What Do You Like To Do For Fun?

Yes, it sounds like a question from a 1980s "Love Connection" survey, we know that. But it's still a great question to show you that she's interested in you. If your co-worker asks how you like to spend your weekends, if you're more into hiking on a Saturday morning or sleeping in or if there's anything fun place to spend time after work, you're probably listening to a girl who has a serious crush on you. Women don't waste time finding out what people like to do for fun unless they have an interest in them and, while it's true that she might like you as a friend, unless she's checking to see if they should count you in for the latest group event, she just might be into you if she asks about your personal interests and hobbies.

10 Can I Buy You A Drink?

Women are progressive in terms of taking the lead when it comes to dating now more than ever. If a woman approaches you at a bar and asks to buy you a drink and you happen to be of the old-fashioned set who believes that only men should be the drink-buyers in a flirtatious situation, re-consider that initial feeling that might bubble up, telling you that this is wrong because she might be "too pushy" or "overbearing" or "not traditional enough." Times are changing and there's nothing wrong with accepting a drink offer from a woman who finds you interesting. There could be worse things to happen, right? If you're single and think that you would like to get to know the generous drink-offering gal better, shun the traditional thoughts and enjoy a conversation with a progressive woman who is determined and brave enough to challenge traditional gender roles and take charge of her love life. Of course, the next round is on you!

9 What Do You Think I Should Do About...?

Asking your advice about a situation can be a sure sign that she is into you. Of course, there are exceptions to this. If she is your neighbor and asking what she should do about extending her lease with your shared landlord or your co-worker asks you what she should do about handling a tough client, those situations may just be day-to-day inquiries. But on the other hand, if she asks you your advice on how to handle a personal issue like a situation involving family members, friends or an important event in her life, that is very likely to be a green arrow pointing towards the fact that she likes you. Anytime people share personal information with someone, the result is an instant feeling of closeness and the beginning of a bond. The more she shares, the better the chances are that she's crushing on you.

8 Do You Like...?

Wanting to discover your interests is basic crush behavior. Crushing 101, as you might know, tells us to go seek, find and uncover in every which way what things our crushes like. There are a few reasons for this. Finding out what your crush likes allows the crusher to compare and contrast to see what you two have in common. Secondly, it allows the crusher the opportunity to find new ways to possibly spend time with you... only if they are really into you, of course! Another reason is that getting your opinion is just another chance to speak with the wonderful you. This isn't to say that your potential crusher has no interests of her own and is willing to compromise her own interests for yours but taking a stab at her crush's hobbies and passions or even simply learning about them may mean that she is mainly interested in one thing: you.

7 What Do You See Yourself Doing In Five Years?

This may sound more like a job interview question or something that you might get asked when applying for a business loan, so the girl who has been crushing on you might not phrase it just like it, but maybe with a little more subtlety. If she hints at what your near future might look like, there's a good chance that she's into you. This might look like playfully asking you when you plan to have a bunch of mini-yous running around when a friend or co-worker brings their new baby around for a visit. Or she might casually ask if you plan to stick around at the same job until your company's 401k plan kicks in while she mentions the company's various benefits. If she asks any inquiries that hint at your future, she might be wondering if there is room in your life for a future with her.

6 What Are You Up To This Weekend?

Typically speaking, men have been slated as creatures who can be clueless when it comes to knowing if women have crushes on them. Of course, this isn't a blanket statement for all men. But if you feel you could be a man in this category, pay extra special attention to this one. If she asks what you're up to for the weekend, check out her body language. Is she leaning in with interest? Or is your cubicle-mate absent-mindedly chatting with you while checking her email? Are her eyes expressing sincere interest or is she yawning and stretching while you both wait in line for the stair steppers at the gym? If she is asking this question while using something close to the former of both previous scenarios, you've got a good shot of being asked a question by potential girlfriend material.

5 Are You On Social Media?

This may seem like an obvious one but for those of you out there who may be clueless when it comes to the ways of attraction with the fairer sex, asking for your information to be able to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or the old-fashioned way of friend requesting you on Facebook is a surefire sign that she's into you. The very rare exception is that she only wants your social media specs in order to follow your friend that she is into instead but as mentioned earlier, there is a greater chance that she is into you and you alone if she is asking to become your digital buddy and see what's new in your life. If this scenario happens to you, you could be gaining more than just a new add to your friend list.

4 What Do You Do For A Living?

This is a basic question for people who are getting to know each other on any level from new neighbors introducing themselves to each other to a possible crush wanting to learn more about your life. The important aspect of this question is all in the follow-up. After the question has been asked, does she want to know more about what your job duties are and how long you've been in the field? Or can you tell by her body language that she might be asking out of politeness? If she doesn't ask any follow-up questions after asking what you do for a living, she could be asking out of her well-mannered upbringing more than her interest in you. So pay attention to the conversation and the body language that follows.

3 What Are Your Plans For The Holidays?

Now that the holiday season is upon us, this is a question that might come about and if it does, you just might have a secret crush as a surprise Christmas present. If she inquires about your holiday plans, it could be that she is trying to feel out your situation. If she doesn't know you that well, she could be trying to easily eliminate you from her crush list if you tell her that you'll be spending the holidays with your girlfriend's family in Aspen. On the other hand, if she is aware that you are single, she could be trying to see if you're close with your family and how large or small your family is. This can also lead to a longer conversation. Of course, there is always the chance that she is secretly hoping that you don't have plans so she can invite you to spend a small holiday celebration with her.

2 Can I Tell You Something?

This is a question that should easily get the heart racing of any red-blooded American male. What comes after this could quite literally be a treasure trove of possibilities. Whatever it might be, chances are it's good. "Can I tell you something?" is a great sign that she wants to open up to you emotionally. It could be something as simple as confiding in you with a work problem that she hasn't told anyone else about yet or it could be something more serious such as the fact that she feels your ex didn't deserve such a great guy. The possibilities are endless with this question and the best result would be something along the lines of, "I've had a crush on your for a while" or even "I've been meaning to ask if you'd like to get coffee with me for a while now."

1 What Is Your Family Like?

If she asks you about your family, chances are good that she's more than just curious about the brood that you grew up with. She is probably wanting to know about your connections with them and how close you are with your family. Some women will want to run at the first sight of a man who is a "Mama's boy" either because they don't want to deal with any potential smothering or monster-in-law drama or they don't want to deal with a man who they think might be more like a man-child. She could also be testing the waters to see how comfortable you feel talking to her. Usually, people only share details about their family with people that they enjoy speaking and spending time with.

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