• 15 Questions Men Want To Ask Their Women (But Usually Won’t)

    When it comes to women, some men go by the saying "can't live with them, can't live without them", a phrase meant to help them enjoy the good times together with the bad throughout their relationships. However, when a man meets the woman of his dreams and the two fall in love and commit to working on their relationship, no challenge will be too big for them to overcome. The union between these two can grow into a relationship only death can separate, thereby nullifying the first section of the saying mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

    Regardless of how well a man can claim to know a woman, it's almost impossible to know her through and through, since no human being can ever claim to know him or herself completely. Life is a journey, not just of events happening around us, but of self-discovery as well. Even a man who has been married to his wife for over 60 years cannot claim to know everything about her, because he still learns new things about her every day.

    Therefore, since it's evident women are far more complicated human beings than men, it goes without saying that men have burning questions about women they hoped would be addressed as soon as possible. The easiest thing might be to simply approach a woman and ask her these questions, but some men would rather go to their graves with these questions than asking a woman.

    Although all the questions men have wouldn't fit in a single article, here are a few questions men are dying to find out about their women, but they will never ask.

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    "May I Have Your Passwords?"

    These days, everything is password protected; meaning someone can hide information from you and you will never find it out unless they want you to. People use numerous social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others, where they can get into relationships and maintain personas their loved ones will never find out about.

    Although no one should feel the need to share his or her password, even with the person he or she is in a relationship with, people who truly love each other should have no secrets between them. In this sense, a man would want to know his woman's friends on social media, especially the guys flirting with her and those hitting on her.

    Furthermore, a man wouldn't mind knowing just how much money is in his woman's account, especially the one who feels as if he is paying for everything but believes his woman could help out once in a while. However, a man will never ask for any of his woman's passwords, because it's not proper for him to do so.

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    "Is it possible for you to have friends you don't talk badly about?"

    One thing a man discovers about his woman early in the relationship is her ability to talk badly about every woman out there, even those she considers her best friends. Men expect a fight the next time the two will meet, but to their surprise, they immediately pretend to be or transform into best friends and go out shopping.

    It would be inaccurate to claim men know nothing about gossip or talking badly, but women have perfected this art. Men would have to try hard in order to pretend to be best friends with those guys they keep complaining about, but women don't even try, it seems like this comes naturally to them.

    Since men don't want to offend their women or be the subject of their next complaint, they would rather keep quiet about this. This question will make her angry, and when she is angry, her man won't be happy for a long time.

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    "Is that your real hair?"

    First, most men out there appreciate the lengths women go to looking amazing, and they do look amazing. One of the many things men find attractive in women is their hair, and the length, color, and type of hair can determine if a man will approach a woman or not. Traditionally, long hair has been a sign of femininity, and according to some experts, men find women with long, wavy, and thick hair sexier compared to women with short hair.

    However, since not all women have this type of hair, many end up spending a lot of time and resources styling their hair, with others going ahead and buying it. The pressure to look appealing to men is real, and women would rather maintain short hair and wear wigs or weaves to achieve their most desired look.

    Since these days, fake hair in the market looks so real, and women can change their look on a regular basis, men usually wonder if their hair is real. Although it doesn't matter too much, men would want to ask this question, but they feel it might be rude.

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    "When are you ready to start splitting the bill?"

    When the relationship is new, a man will literally be willing to do anything for his woman, regardless of what it is she wants. However, as time goes by and the two get serious with each other, a man will often expect a woman to step up and play a more active role in the relationship.

    For example, if the woman has an income which would allow her to pay for dinner at least once in a while or even contribute to paying the rent; it would be awesome. The unwritten rule where all the man's money belongs to the two of them and the woman's money only belongs to her isn't used anymore.

    Men will hardly ever ask their women to pay for anything since they think asking might make them look cheap, because it's their responsibility to provide. So if the women would just volunteer, and insist a bit, because the man might feel a bit awkward at first, it would be great.

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    "Would you get a boob job if you had the chance?"

    This question might be outright offensive to a woman, which is why men won't ask, at least aloud. The media has a way of shaping our thinking, especially in matters concerning what's hot and what's not. In the last few decades, the media has made everyone believe the definition of a sexy woman is one with big boobs and a big behind, which isn't necessarily the case.

    This thinking has forced numerous beautiful women to go for breast and buttock enlargement surgeries, procedures which cost a lot of money for so little profit. Of course, the women with the biggest parts attract a lot of attention, but it's worth considering whether the type of men they attract, the cost aspect, and the discomfort they come with are worth it.

    A man might want to ask his woman whether she would consider getting a boob or a butt job only because these seem important to women these days, not because they will change anything in the relationship.

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    "What do you carry in your handbag?"

    When a man is going out, the only things he will need to carry are his wallet and maybe his car keys. The woman, on the other hand, will never get out of the house without a handbag. All men know it's rude to look inside a woman's handbag, even when she has specifically given them instructions to do so. Therefore, men have always wanted to know what women carry inside there.

    The sizes of some of the bags have led some men to believe it's possible to find things such as camping tents, a few pairs of shoes, a dressing mirror, an iron box, or a few change of clothes in there. Regardless of what women carry in there, it seems as if they can't go anywhere without its contents.

    Since women love it when their men carry their handbags for them, it wouldn't be a bad idea to let them know what they are carrying, since they will never come out and ask.

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    "Why is makeup so important to you?"

    Have you ever come across those articles where they show the faces of celebrities without makeup? It's amazing how this makeup changes their faces and makes them look flawless, yet they aren't flawless. The same applies to all the women out there in the world, and some men. Although makeup gives the impression of perfection, it honestly has no real value.

    A man would rather not hurt his woman by explaining how her makeup makes her look as fake as every other girl on the street, so he'll tell her she looks perfect. Some women will spend huge sums of money to buy makeup and waste hours in front of the mirror applying it.

    Most women claim they don't even wear makeup to please their men; they do it to impress other girls, which is rather odd. Although it seems as if makeup makes you happy, men will always respond the way you want them to but, deep inside, they want to ask you why you wear it in the first place.

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    "Why do you always go to the bathroom in groups?"

    When friends go out to a restaurant to have dinner or to share a few drinks, the women will always go to the bathroom together. Men find this phenomenon hard to understand, and they will ask everyone why this happens except the women.

    Since according to men, the bathroom has two primary roles; to make long and short calls, both of which require utmost privacy - so why women choose to go there together is a mystery. You will never find men going to the bathroom together, unless they want to fight another man who had earlier pi**ed them off and they want to do it without causing a scene in the restaurant.

    It's not polite to ask anyone uncomfortable questions concerning his or her use of the bathroom, the time spent there, the number of times one goes there, or the smell which might follow. So men will never ask women why they go there together, although they are itching to find out.

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    "How many men have you dated before me?"

    When two adults fall in love, the chances that the two aren't each other's firsts are very high and, as normal as this is, it can be very uncomfortable at times. No one ever wants to reveal details concerning his or her past relationships, which is why it's so hard to ask anyone about it, because the other person will also expect you to open up.

    The world is unfair when it comes to judging men and women, and past relationships are one area where the unfairness is magnified. A man having many ex-girlfriends is seen as a conqueror, but a woman is judged to be promiscuous and a cheater. Therefore, although a man won't ask his woman how many men she has been with so far, he is dying to find out.

    However, the number of relationships a woman has gone through can tell the man how long he can expect to be with her, or the level of mental or physical experience she has with relationships.

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    "If another guy gets in your face, do you want me to fight him or leave him alone?"

    Have you ever seen a couple walking down a street, holding hands, and evidently having a good time enjoying each other's company? This is a common sight, especially in holiday destination towns and cities. Some people might see this public display of affection and admire the couple, but some jerks can totally ruin this moment.

    If you and your loved one were walking down a street and some guys started making some unwelcome comments or weird noises directed to your woman, what should you do right there and then?

    If you have martial arts training, you will feel the temptation to fight back and prove just how bad-ass you are, but if the other guy can easily beat you up you might not know what to do. Men never want to look weak, especially when their women are around, so none of them want to get into a situation in which they will lose a fight and end up nursing a few bruises. No man clearly knows what his woman wants him to do, and it's inappropriate and awkward to start asking her what she wants there and then.

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    "Why complain when other guys check you out when you are wearing provocative clothing?"

    Most women look hot, regardless of what they wear, and guys want to date such women. However, it's important for women to understand that men will appreciate them, even more, when they dress in decent and less revealing clothing. Have you ever heard the quote "dress how you want to be addressed?" To some women, this might sound offensive but it's true - people, especially strangers, will talk to you and treat you depending on your dressing.

    Therefore, if you are revealing too much skin, you can expect guys to check you out and some will even have the guts to whistle or ask you to show them a bit more. Although the guys who do these things aren't in the right, it's possible to prevent them from ruining your day by simply covering up.

    If you choose to wear whatever you want and get weird guys checking you out, please don't complain, simply carry your cross and move on.

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    "How far should we go when you are menstruating?"

    Every woman goes through menstruation in a unique way, since her moods, the pain involved, and the number of days they last each month are specific to each woman. These differences, coupled with how men will never understand what a woman goes through, are what make periods such a sensitive topic in any relationship.

    Since it's normal for men who are mature enough to handle a meaningful relationship to have gone through a few other relationships and seen how the different women behave during their periods, they lack the confidence to ask some sensitive questions about this topic.

    Of course, most men want to know if their women are welcome to the idea of having sex when they are on their periods. Some men and women would be grossed out by the idea, but some women actually want to do it more during this time.

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    "Am I the largest of all other guys you have ever been with?"

    Every man would want to be the one with the largest anatomy his woman has ever come across, since men believe size and performance go together (which, according to numerous women isn't necessarily the case). Since men have grown up being told bigger is better, it will take a lot to convince any of them otherwise.

    Therefore, if a woman was to mention anything positive concerning her man's size and performance, his self-esteem would be at an all-time high. However, a man would never bring himself to the point of asking his woman what she thinks about his size or performance, especially if he isn't sure who his predecessors are.

    A man wouldn't even want to engage in this discussion if he knew his woman once dated a basketballer or any other huge guy who clearly seems larger than he is, but his unwillingness to talk about it doesn't mean he doesn't want to know. Coming in second is bad, but not too bad.

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    "Are all women bi/bi-curious?"

    The book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, has a very interesting title. Obviously, both genders are from Earth, but the author possibly wants to point out how the two are so different that it's hard to imagine they are originally from the same planet. One of the main differences between the two genders is how they relate among themselves.

    From a man's perspective, most if not all women relate to each other in a way that suggests they are bisexual or bi-curious. You wouldn't expect men to walk around holding hands, kissing each other on the cheeks whenever they meet, or touching each other inappropriately, as is the case when women are talking about their boobs, and so on.

    It seems as if women don't have to be gay or bisexual to treat each other in a way men would expect should be the manner of the opposite gender. Men will hardly want to ask this question, but very few would be disappointed with a response on the affirmative.

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    "How many shades of "grey" are you open to?"

    Have you read the book 50 Shades of Grey, or watched the movie? This book and its movie are strictly for adults, and if you aren't into bondage and sexual scenes, please don't read it or watch it. Although the "Grey" here is the name of the leading character, we can choose to interpret it as the region between what is acceptable sexual behavior and what is not.

    Although most men think everything about the movies is fake except the sex scenes, they often want to explore their wildest fantasies with every opportunity they get. However, women know too well it's the responsibility of the actresses in the movies to act as if they are having a wonderful time, as they are supposed to maintain their character throughout the movie.

    Since some women will never want to discuss certain things, because they understand their bodies and know what meaningful sex is, men will be afraid to approach them and ask them about how kinky they are willing to get.

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