15Faked Cancer In The Hopes He’d Get Back With Her

via metro.co.uk

As sympathy ploys go, this is possibly the lowest you can get. In a sick attempt to win back her ex, one girl made him believe that she had mouth cancer as a result of smoking! At first, it looked like her plan had worked—her ex-boyfriend felt sorry for her

and was spending time with her (but only as a supportive friend). The girl knew that her ex-boyfriend was dating someone new, and she faked cancer in the vain hopes that he might leave her. Wow!

He later found out from an old school friend that his scheming ex had made the whole thing up just to get his sympathy. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t moved by her efforts to try and win him back. We wonder who else she duped into thinking she had cancer just to keep up this lie—close friends or even her family? The only sympathy her ex-boyfriend probably had after all this was for the next poor sucker who met her.

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