15 Psycho Ex-GFs Who Went Too Damn Far

It’s been said that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” and this is right on the mark with these crazy ex-girlfriends. No one expects every split to be amicable. Hurtful things might get said and clothes and belongings might get destroyed, but it’s not every day that you hear of women killing their boyfriend’s pet or self-harming to try and win their man back! There’s getting even when a relationship ends and then there are the crazy stunts that these girls tried.

Sure, if you’ve ever been wronged by your partner, revenge can seem like a sweet and tempting thing, but there should be some kind of limit to what that revenge is! Hint: if it can get you arrested, it’s probably not worth it. Someone should have told these crazy women to try out a few alternatives first. Whatever happened to the ritual of burning old love letters, hanging out with the girls, and getting reacquainted with ice cream?

This clearly wasn’t an option for these psycho ex-girlfriends who each deserve an award for the most batsh*t crazy women on the planet. Some of the nightmare exes on this list were unhinged to start with (not just after being dumped). It’s a shame their partners couldn’t see it before it was too late. If you think you ever had the ex from hell, think again. These women are in a whole ‘nother league! Here are 15 possessed ex-GF’s who took things way too far (both during and after the relationship).

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15 Faked Cancer In The Hopes He’d Get Back With Her

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As sympathy ploys go, this is possibly the lowest you can get. In a sick attempt to win back her ex, one girl made him believe that she had mouth cancer as a result of smoking! At first, it looked like her plan had worked—her ex-boyfriend felt sorry for her and was spending time with her (but only as a supportive friend). The girl knew that her ex-boyfriend was dating someone new, and she faked cancer in the vain hopes that he might leave her. Wow!

He later found out from an old school friend that his scheming ex had made the whole thing up just to get his sympathy. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t moved by her efforts to try and win him back. We wonder who else she duped into thinking she had cancer just to keep up this lie—close friends or even her family? The only sympathy her ex-boyfriend probably had after all this was for the next poor sucker who met her.

14 Jealous Of His ‘Relationship’ In The Sims World

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Some women get jealous if their guy so much as looks at another woman in the street. But these women seem perfectly normal and rational when you compare them to this demented ex. Somehow, one girlfriend didn’t seem to grasp the difference between reality and a computer game universe—specifically, the universe of The Sims. The much-loved game allows you to build a home, have a job, and date other Sim characters—the latter part is what brought out the green-eyed psycho in one guy’s girlfriend.

When she found out that her boyfriend’s computer-generated character was dating another mass of pixels, she flipped out and threatened to slit her wrists unless he made his Sims guy break it off with the neighbor. Unbelievable. If she bought into this CG relationship, we wonder what else she believed was real. Maybe she thought her boyfriend was sinking all their real money into a pixelated mansion too?

13 Wanted To Euthanize His Dog Because It Was “Taking Up Too Much Time”

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This poor guy suspected that his girlfriend was nuts and was pondering on whether he should make a break for it when all of a sudden, she did something that put the nail in the coffin of their relationship once and for all. While in their car one day, the girlfriend told him that she thinks his pet dog should be put down because in her words, he was “taking up too much of their time.” Wow. I wonder if she stopped there or whether she’d say the same about a child if he had one.

How jealous and pathetic does someone have to be to feel like a harmless and innocent dog is coming between a human relationship? Even if you were to find out your man was secretly in love with his dog and wanted to marry it (which isn’t true in this case bet!), you would leave the guy, not threaten to get rid of the pooch. Thankfully, the boyfriend decided there and then that his relationship with this clingy sociopath was dead in the water.

12 Creepy Shrines And Disturbing Voicemails

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It’s lovely to be appreciated by someone, but there’s appreciation and then there’s flat-out obsession. And the latter is almost guaranteed to kill any relationship dead. This guy’s ex-girlfriend, in particular, liked to plaster pictures of him all over the headboard in her room. Seems fairly normal, right? Most couples like to have pictures of their significant other to look at. It might be normal if it weren’t for the fact that there were tons of cut-outs...only of his head...which were put on men with more muscular bodies. So far, so weird.

For this and other obsessive tendencies, the guy decided that things were getting a little too weird and broke things off with her. They hadn’t been dating very long, but she took it pretty badly. Shortly after the breakup, the ex-girlfriend kept leaving creepy voicemail messages of her breathing loudly. She also followed him home most nights and sat in her car waiting to see if his bedroom lights would come on. Wackjob.

11 Shot Him And Caused $30K Worth Of Damage To His Home

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As most of these crazy ex stories were posted anonymously, the reason for this breakup isn’t known. But whatever this guy did, nothing warrants this kind of reaction! To say that this lunatic ex-GF had anger issues is an understatement. Shortly after their breakup, this woman ransacked the guy’s house and fired shots, causing a whopping $30,000 worth of damage to his property. In the end, though, the worst thing you damaged was the guy’s mental state.

When her ex-boyfriend arrived home to find his house had been devastated, she saved her last few shots for him and opened fire on him. The guy was hit but thankfully, not badly hurt. He was to later find out that this was no random act of revenge in the heat of the moment. The psycho had actually formed a plot to end him. That poor guy had to be messed up for some time after that.

10 She Cheated On Him, Then Stalked Him For Dumping Her

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In this next episode of F**k logic: Psycho Ex-girlfriend edition, one woman cheated on her man and then wondered why she got dumped. This deluded girl was clearly clueless about how relationships work because she somehow made herself out to be the victim in a mess that she created. After her boyfriend did the right thing and split from her, she began stalking him and spread nasty rumors about him to try and get him fired from his job.

She apparently called up his manager and told him that her ex had a “drug problem.” She also sent two of her friends to his workplace to pose as angry customers who her ex had supposedly abused. Thankfully, the guy’s boss saw through all of this and ignored her further attempts. The ex-boyfriend admits that both of his ex-GF’s parents were “batsh*t crazy” and that he should have probably known how psychotic she could be. Who could see something like this coming, though?

9 Sending Flowers To Her Own Workplace (With A Fake Note Card)

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In a typical example of the deranged ex who just can’t ‘get the message’, one woman carried on the pretense that she was still in a relationship (and wasn’t too subtle about it either). Shortly after her boyfriend split up with her, she didn’t want her work colleagues to know, so she started sending huge bouquets of flowers direct to her office with a forged message from her ex. Pretty pathetic, but this isn’t as far as her crazy antics went.

After the flower delivery stunt, she apparently went one step further by telling her ex that she was pregnant and that she was planning to keep it. This and everything else eventually came out as a lie when he took out a restraining order against her. Despite being lied to about being a father with this maniac, the ex-boyfriend still believes that the delusional office flowers phase was the most disturbing part of the breakup. Amen, brother.

8 Took A Blood Sample To “Wear” In A Vial Around Her Neck

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In something that sounds like it’s straight out of a cheesy teen horror movie, one incredibly obsessive ex-GF lurked into her ex-boyfriend’s room while he was asleep and drew a sample of his blood. Why? To keep it stored in a glass vial that she wore around her neck, apparently. Creepy AF. Imagine waking up to your ex trying to cut you open and steal your blood? (And you thought you had a hard time dividing up the DVD collection with your ex!)

If this insane ex-GF had instead used his blood to write a letter of her undying love for him, this still wouldn’t have been quite as disturbing as actually keeping the blood sample and “wearing” it as part of her jewelry. Poor guy. He must not have been able to sleep after this for fear that she might come back for a lock of his hair or a cheek swab.

7 The Beard Goes Or Your Manhood Does

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We all have our preferences when it comes to our partner’s appearance—that dress that shows off her curves or that t-shirt that brings out his eyes. We all know those little things that we think will enhance our partner’s features. The difference is we don’t force them to adopt these looks just because it pleases us, and we definitely don’t get violent about it. Unfortunately, for one poor guy, his GF preferred the clean-shaven look. And when we say preferred, we mean hellbent on getting rid of his facial hair.

This guy’s psycho ex hated his beard so much, she tried to cut it off herself and when he tried stopping her, she turned her attention...southward. That’s right. His girl demanded that if he wasn’t going to shave, the next option was to be castrated! WTF? Thankfully, he dumped her a*s before he let this happen. Who goes from wanting a hairstyle change to wanting to neuter someone? Crazy AF.

6 Sent A ‘Nasty Surprise’ In The Mail Every Day For 3 Weeks

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Gross! Okay, so you can probably guess what kind of nasty surprise we’re talking about. You often hear about people sending their ex a ‘dirty protest’ in the mail. It’s not an uncommon revenge act. What makes this one particularly nasty, though, is the fact that this wasn’t a one-off statement for shock value. This crazy ex-GF committed to this for 3 weeks straight! Every single day for 3 weeks, she sent a poopy parcel in the mail (being dumped obviously didn’t affect her appetite).

If all of this weren’t insane enough, the pair had only been dating each other for just under 2 weeks according to the ex-boyfriend! I don’t know about you, but I’ve worn nail polish that’s lasted longer than this ‘relationship’. How could she possibly feel this strongly for the poor guy, let alone feel so heartbroken as to go to these disgusting lengths? Madness.

5 Threatened To Spread False Abuse Claims

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After years of living with his abusive, alcoholic girlfriend, one guy finally lost his patience with her and walked away. Despite spending their relationship making false promises about cutting down on her drinking and lashing out physically at her partner, the ex-girlfriend began acting like the victim once she had been dumped and did everything possible to make life miserable for her ex.

As well as calling to boast about the latest guy she had slept with, she apparently threatened to tell the police that her ex had s*xually abused her son. This was a complete lie, of course, but she thought threatening him with it would give her some kind of control back. Ironically, even though she had been abusive towards him for years, she also threatened to go to the cops with bruises on her body (from falling over drunk costly) and pretending her ex was to blame. Grade-A psycho!

4 Left A Voicemail Message Of Her Getting Intimate With New Man

via gizmodo.com

Some people prefer a clean and healthy break when they split up from their partner. But, not everybody is that mature. Some less secure, petty people can’t seem to get closure until they’ve gone out of their way to hurt their ex (usually by making a jerk of themselves in the process). Instead of doing the smart thing and moving on with her life, one hurt and rejected ex-GF went to desperate measures to prove she was “moving on.”

In the wake of a breakup, some people might post a few snaps of them partying or looking gorgeous on the beach on Instagram. But for this particular girl, it wasn’t enough for her to show her ex-BF what he was missing; she wanted him to hear it too. On an obvious rebound fling, she recorded her and her new guy "doing it" in a voicemail message and sent it to her ex. Classy. We doubt her ex felt jealous. If anything, it probably made him realize that he did the right thing in breaking up with someone like that.

3 Starved His Pet Dog

via bzdogs.com

One of the worst things about messy breakups is that innocent bystanders can sometimes get thrown into the mix—like someone’s child or a pet. As we’ve discovered on this list already, many psycho ex-girlfriends like to use their partner’s pets as emotional blackmail or, in this case, in their cold-hearted revenge. When one poor guy separated from his GF, he assumed he had left things amicably between them or at least friendly enough to trust her with a favor.

Sadly, his sick, twisted ex took this favor as an opportunity for revenge, and it involved killing an innocent dog. Not long after the split, the guy had apparently left their pet Chinchilla in her care while he was away. Unfortunately, he returned a few days later only to find out that she had starved the poor dog to death. This was the pet they had shared and loved as a couple. The fact that she still treated it so cruelly shows how cold and psychotic some exes can be.

2 Tried To Blow His House Up

via beyondthemarquee.com

If you ever thought that the 2005 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie film Mr. & Mrs. Smith was too far-fetched, you don’t know what some women are capable of. Like a scene straight out of that movie, one scorned ex-GF actually attempted to blow up her ex’s house while he (and his pet cats) were still in it! Granted, unlike the film, this was a one-sided assassination attempt, but the fact that someone actually attempted to take out their ex-partner like this is unreal.

The couple had only been broken up a few days when the girl decided to turn her ex’s home into a certified death trap. While he was out at the gym, she was at his house to supposedly pick up the rest of her stuff. When the guy came home, he was confronted with a strong smell of gas as soon as he opened the door. He soon noticed that one of the stove burners had been turned on but not lit and was leaking gas. It later occurred to him that his girlfriend had once joked that if she couldn’t have him “no one will.”

1 Videotaped Herself Flushing His Pet Fish Into The Toilet

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Acting out revenge on a partner’s beloved pet seems to be a common theme when it comes to sore exes. It doesn’t matter how much someone’s hurting from a breakup, involving an innocent living creature should never be the answer. Sadly, all reasoning and logic goes out the window where loony ex-partners are concerned, as this sad story proves. Long before he met his soon-to-be psycho ex-girl, one guy had many pet fish at his parents’ home (but unbeknownst to him, they probably should have stayed there).

When he moved in with her, he brought his fish tank with him—it was his pride and joy and his vindictive girlfriend knew it. When the couple eventually broke up, the guy agreed to be one to leave the apartment (since he had his parents home close by). He arranged to come back the following weekend to collect the last of his stuff–including the fish tank–when he got a surprise email from his ex. She had sent him a video of her flushing all of his fish into the toilet! He couldn’t watch the rest so he tried calling her but she never answered. Poor dude.

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