15 Poor Kids Who Are Struggling So Hard

As an adult, looking back at your life as a child may make you wistful for a time when you didn't have to deal with the responsibilities of the real world. Kids have the easiest lives, don't they? They don't have to go to work, pay the bills, go grocery shopping, run errands, or make doctor's appointments.

So why are they crying all the time? They may not have experienced the harsh realities of adult life yet but kids always find something to cry about whether it's because they don't want to share their toys or because they don't want to eat their vegetables. Let's just face it–kids cry. Behind every crying child is an exhausted parent who is desperately trying to keep them quiet despite all of the nasty glares they get from onlookers. So what's a parent to do in a situation in which their child is crying over the silliest things and there is nothing they can do to stop them? They take a picture and post it on the internet.

These kids seem to cry about anything, whether it's over a certain bond they've formed with a feminine hygiene product or because they want to lick the dog. And sometimes there is just nothing you can do but snap a picture. These parents suffered through the crying and blessed us all with some hilarious pics that will make your day. There are some kids who will just cry about anything, no matter what it is, and we're lucky enough to have these moments captured by frustrated parents everywhere.

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15 His Favorite Toy

via Bored Panda

Every kid has a favorite toy that they want to take with them everywhere but it's usually something like a Barbie doll or a Teddy bear. This kid has taken it to a whole new level of weird. Apparently, this little boy became extremely attached to an unwrapped tampon and wanted to take it with him wherever he went. Of course, his parents told him that he could not take his tampon with him while they ran errands because that would be really embarrassing. This whole situation causes us to ask so many questions. Where did he find the unwrapped tampon? Why does he love the unwrapped tampon so much? Does he have other favorite unwrapped tampons or is this his favorite one? We'll never know. Maybe it's best that we don't. For now, we can just laugh and appreciate the hilarity of it all.

14 Hangry

via Pinmig

Honestly, is there anything worse than being hungry and knowing that dinner isn't ready yet? It is a true struggle that we have all had to face at one point in time and this kid is not happy about it. Waiting for dinner to be put on the table can be one of the hardest things anyone has to go through and you can probably identify with this kid's pain. Though you may know the feeling of wistfully waiting for dinner, you probably don't cry about it anymore--at least we hope not. This kid personifies how we all feel inside when our stomach is growling and we're starting to get hangry. The fact that this kid is holding a little green fork while sobbing makes it even more hilarious. One day this little boy will learn how to cry on the inside when dinner isn't ready.

13 Justice Served

via Just Something

No kid on earth likes to be put in time-out and that's why it can be an effective punishment. You wouldn't think that any kid would actually put themselves in time-out but this kid surprised everyone by taking the initiative himself. Maybe he felt like he deserved to be punished or maybe he just didn't understand how time-out actually worked. Maybe he just wanted something to cry about. The child's exasperated parent took a photo of the crying boy with the caption: "He put himself in time out...for no reason." Like any child, he didn't like time-out one bit so he cried. Sometimes kids just need to cry about something and if they don't have anything to cry about, they'll give themselves something to cry about. It's hard not to feel sorry for the parent of this child after seeing this picture.

12 Kids Eat The Darnedest Things

via Geraligado

This is one photo of a child struggling where they aren't exactly crying...in fact, we're not sure what this little girl is doing. She appears to have bitten down on a piece of gardening equipment and doesn't seem like she's letting go anytime soon. If her intention is to bite straight through the wood, she's going to be going at it for a long time. That can't be good for her baby teeth. This is another photo that causes us to ask some pretty strange questions that we never thought we'd have to ask. Is this a normal occurrence? Why aren't her parents taking the gardening tool out of her mouth? Why is she trying to eat the equipment? Does she have a habit of getting into the gardening tools? These are some questions that will never be answered but that doesn't keep us from wondering.

11 Ball Is Life

via Bored Panda

Speaking of kids eating weird things, this kid decided to chomp down on a football and he took a big bite out of one before his parents stopped him. Whoever was in charge of watching this child took a photo of the incident and added the caption "I wouldn't let him eat the rest of the football". Apparently, that's enough to make this little guy cry. Considering his baby teeth had not fully come in yet, he took a surprisingly big bite out of the ball. Let's hope he didn't swallow it! Maybe he just loved his football so much that he thought it might taste good and maybe this is the beginning of a career in football. Or maybe he will forever be scarred by this incident and will never be able to look at a football again. Kids eat the darnedest things.

10 Dogs Are Not Ponies

via Luxury and Glamor

Sometimes kids can be downright jerks to their family's pets and someone has to lay down the law. Kids like to pull on tails, tug on ears, and sometimes even take a seat on top of them and dogs don't appreciate this very much. This kid thought it would be a good idea to get a ride from his dog by riding it around like a horse but he his plans were foiled. The parent who took this photo wrote in the caption that they were an "#assholeparent" because they told him to leave the dog alone. We don't know what that dog is thinking but it looks like it's happy to not be treated like a pony. Hopefully, this kid will realize one day that dogs aren't for riding because he's going to end up squishing it. We're glad his parent intervened before it was too late!

9 Psychopathic Behavior

via Sunnyskyz

There is nothing worse than trying to get your toy T-Rex to eat your Lego-man and the Lego is just too big for the dinosaur to sink his teeth into. Actually, this isn't much of a struggle but this kid seems to think it is! With tears running down his face and snot running down his nose, this little boy is not at all impressed with his toy dinosaur's small mouth that isn't even big enough to decapitate a tiny Lego-man. What's the point of having a T-Rex if it can't eat your Legos? Whoever was responsible for watching this child decided to take a photo of the incident–maybe to document possible psychotic behavior for future study. If a kid cries because he can't murder his toys, he might be a psychopath. Or maybe he's just a kid who just cries about everything. It could go either way.

8 Who Ate All The Muffins?

via Blaze Press

Do you ever lose something really important to you and then remember that you already ate it? Well, this kid is dealing with this struggle in this photo after he ate all of the muffins and then was upset to find out that there were no more muffins. Not only is he upset about the lack of muffins but he also seems to be genuinely confused about how they could have possibly disappeared even after eating the whole bag. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do in this kind of situation is take a picture and laugh because there is no way that you are going to be able to explain to this small child that the muffins were gone because he had already eaten them. Kids don't understand complex situations like this so it's best to let them cry it out and learn about object permanence later on in life.

7 Um...That's Not String Cheese

via sarcasmlol

It is always dangerous to come between a child and their string cheese but what do you do if they want to eat string cheese that isn't exactly string cheese? This kid was not happy when she asked for help unwrapping her string cheese because there was one big problem. The string cheese was actually a tampon. To be fair to this little girl, tampons and string cheese have similar cylindrical shapes but how do you explain to a child that what she thinks is string cheese is actually a feminine hygiene product? The only logical thing to do is to snap a picture of the kid holding the tampon with tears streaming down her cheeks. That's what parents are for, right? Hopefully, one day she'll be able to look at this picture and laugh--though knowing that it has made its rounds on the internet will probably lead to embarrassment.

6 A Boy's Best Friend

via Dumpaday

Dogs love to lick their owners but they really don't like it when we return the favor. While most people consider putting their tongues on their dog to be disgusting, this little boy started sobbing when he was told that he could not lick the dog. Not only do dogs not like to be licked by humans, they can also be dirty and are not a great place to put your tongue. Any good parent would keep their child from tonguing the dog. This photo makes us wonder if this kid has a habit of licking the dog or if he just wanted to give the dog a taste of its own medicine. Though we can't exactly see the dog in question, we can see a furry creature moving quickly out of frame–presumably to get away from the sobbing dog-licker. That pup will probably be keeping its distance for awhile!

5 Child Abuse

Sometimes kids are just downright brutal and, if they're really mean, they don't have a problem with pulling hair, stealing toys, or straight up slapping people. This photo is a little confusing, but according to the caption and context clues, it appears that this little girl tried to slap her parent with an iPhone. We have so many questions. How does a baby get an iPhone? We don't know. How does a baby even slap someone with an iPhone? We don't know that either. All we know is that this kid needs to be watched closely because she could be trouble down the road. How many kids start sobbing because they were told that they couldn't slap someone? Maybe a lot. Kids cry over the darnedest things--even not being able to slap people. Sometimes all you can do is take a pic and laugh because kids are just weird.

4 Hats Off To Her

via Playbuzz

Any stylish gal will tell you that a cute hat can be the perfect addition to your ensemble but not all hats are created equal. This little girl thought she would add some creativity to her wardrobe by fashioning her dirty underwear into a fashionable hat. Of course, kids shouldn't be wearing underwear on their heads--especially if it's dirty! The underwear had to come off of her head and it seemed to throw this little girl for a loop. We can definitely feel her pain because who hasn't cried after realizing that their favorite article of clothing was dirty and realize that they have nothing to wear? It's a problem that we all know all too well. The only difference is that our favorite fashion accessory isn't an underwear hat. This girl just needs a wardrobe makeover in order to turn that frown upside down. Isn't that what happiness truly is?

3 Sharing Is Caring

via Buzzly

Most kids don't like to share their toys but then there are some kids who don't like to share their seats either. This little boy started whaling when he realized that he would have to share his cart seat with his little sister (who doesn't seem to care about the shared seat one way or the other). If you've ever heard a kid cry in the middle of a grocery store, it's usually over something as silly as this. To this kid, nothing is worse than having to share his leg hole and he wants to make sure that everyone in the general vicinity knows about it. One day when he's an adult, he'll wish he could be pushed around the grocery store in a cart, even if he has to share the leg hole. Being carted around is something that we all took for granted as children.

2 He Doesn't Quite Get It

via eBaum's World

When you're in your comfy Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas at home, the last thing you want to do is go out into the real world. The real world is a cold and miserable place. This kid took it to a whole new level. He was so adamant about not leaving the house that he decided to lay down on the floor and wail. What do you do when your kid refuses to leave the house? Well, you could tell him that you were never planning on leaving in the first place. It turns out that his parents had told him over and over again that he doesn't have to go anywhere but he didn't seem to get the message. Sometimes kids just need to cry about something--even if that something is really nothing. But in all honesty, who hasn't laid on the floor and cried when they had to leave the house? We've all been there, little guy.

1 Balloon Boy

via Sunnyskyz

Sometimes kids have trouble understanding that things still exist even when they can't see it anymore--which is what happened to this little boy. According to the caption, the kid asked his parent to throw him the balloon then started crying when it fell behind him because he couldn't find out what had happened to it. As far as he knew, the balloon was gone forever and it wasn't coming back. Poor kid. Instead of showing him where the balloon was, this parent of the year decided to snap a pic and post it to the internet while the kid may be traumatized for life. You can tell by the look in his eyes that he feels betrayed. However, after the release of IT this year, red balloons aren't as much fun as they used to be and it's probably for the best that this kid couldn't find it.

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