15 Pics That Make Us Want To Homeschool Our Kids

For most of our childhoods, if you went to public school, school were your second home. Some kids had a good time in school, others, it was a complete nightmare. Either way, if you went to a public school and weren’t homeschooled, you have countless memories of being in a classroom. Sometimes, it was the only place we got to see some of our friends. It’s where we made friendships, learned things we would never have otherwise, and for some of us, got the best naps of our lives! Our teachers sent us there thinking we were safe and that it was necessary to our development. Unfortunately, not everyone who goes to public school makes it out ok, and we have some pictures here that might scare you into homeschooling your future kids.

Of course, don’t be too scared from the article — the chances of what happened in schools on the list are relatively low. However, it's still a little scary to see just how creepy schools can actually be. Whether it’s a predatory teacher or a ghost that lurks behind the rest of the class, public schools can get kind of freaky!

Do you have any scary stories from when you went to public school? Share with your old classmates to see if they remember the same things that you do! Maybe it was a crazy teacher or a room that just gave you the creeps! For now, here are 15 Scary Pictures That Will Make You Want To Homeschool Your Kids:


15 Bullet Trajectory 

The classroom in the photo above looks like any other typical classroom. There are drawings on the wall, and the carpet and chalkboard are staples to any elementary school classroom. Unfortunately, this classroom is a much darker tone than your typical room found in a school. This is a classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School , where a sadistic man opened fire killing innocent children. The yarn in the photograph was part of the crime scene after authorities arrived. They're used to show the path of some of the bullets. Pictures like this are reminders that even schools aren’t safe from dangerous peoples and weak guns laws.

14 A Faculty Member Took This Child From The Street


Hailey Owens was like any other 10-year-old Missouri girl. She was a good student with parents who loved her and lived in a community filled with people who knew her smiling face. Unfortunately, they had to watch that face get pulled into a truck by a sadistic school coach. It was the last time they would ever see her alive. Hailey’s coach kidnapped her from the street one day, assaulted her, and shot her to death. In her school photograph, Hailey looks like any other innocent little girl. She had so much ahead of her, but this man used his school authority and took that all away. Luckily he was caught and will pay for his horrific crime, but that will never bring Hailey back.

13 Kids (Almost) Get Away With Wearing Racial Slurs

The girls in the photograph above are standing next to each other wearing shirts with letters on them that spell out a racial slur. It's disturbing to see that these Arizona girls think dressing this way is funny. The girls ended up getting suspended for several days after they spelled a racial slur, and some felt that was too lenient. For anyone to think this is funny and not disturbing is frightening. What’s funny about spelling this word out? The girls had been wearing the shirts to pose for a senior picture in which the entire class wore shirts that spelled out a different words. There’s nothing funny about being offensive to a group of people who don’t deserve it. The school had a visit from the civil rights group in the area, but it’s still chilling to know that people in this public school didn’t think there was anything wrong with what the girls were doing in this photograph.

12 A School Security Officer Rips A Child From Her Seat


Some of us would agree that high school was awful, and we never want to go back. Everyone has their reasons for not having a good time in their last years of public school, and there are so many things that are tough about being a teenager that it’s hard to decide where to start. The girl in the photograph above was just like any other teenager, except she might have had a little bit more trouble with discipline. After being sent to the principal’s office for disturbing the class, she refused to leave her seat. She was just another teenager throwing a fit or acting out to get attention. Because she refused to leave, the school security officer ripped her from the desk and slammed her on the ground. The video quickly went viral and people came to the officer’s defence saying she should have just gotten up. Kids in school shouldn’t be terrified of their own security officer abusing them, and this girl did not deserve to get treated that way by a grown man.

11 This ASL Teacher Abused A Young Girl

The woman you see in the photograph above is a substitute sign-language teacher who was arrested for her abuse of a 15-year-old girl while teaching. The woman was 30 years old at the time and is facing prison time for it. Some people think children can consent to sex, but that's not the case. They know how to say yes and no, but consent isn’t that easy. The teachers are in a position of power, which already puts an imbalance on the relationship. Children can be easily manipulated by authority figures without truly understanding what's going on. They aren’t old enough to consent and know everything that could happen to them when entering a relationship with an adult. Teachers should know this and not use it against these children that are looking to them for guidance. It’s disgusting what can happen when hiring a teacher for a position at a public school.

10 Forcing A Cheerleader To Spread Her Legs For The Splits


Children take extracurricular activities in order to learn new things, meet new people, and make great memories. It’s not always easy to participate in a high-school sport, but doing so can be good for students. Unfortunately, the cheerleader in the photo above was found in a terrifying situation after her cheerleading coach forced the girls on her team to spread her legs apart into the splits, even though she wasn’t able to do so. The story went viral and people quickly came to the defence of the coach saying that this was something cheerleaders had to do sometimes. Not only is it terrifying enough knowing a teacher almost got away with treating a student like this, but there are also so many other people who think that this kind of behavior is acceptable for a high-school coach. No child deserves to be put through this kind of pain.

9 He's Not The Scholarly Teacher He Appears To Be

The man in the photograph above is Curtis Van Dam. He’s a good Christian man who spreads the word of God and knowledge to elementary school kids. Well, we should say, he used to teach these kids before getting arrested and charged with 140 counts of sexual abuse against children. He left a wife and children behind to serve a prison sentence for hurting so many children. Although this man acts like he's a good Christian, he's every parent's nightmare.


8 She Took Advantage Of Those Who Trusted Her


Allyson Brittany Moran started an inappropriate relationship with one of her students on Snapchat. She would get a little too flirtatious in the classroom and eventually started chatting with the student through the popular social media app. Eventually, she invited the student over and their relationship turned illegal when she seduced him into having sex with her. Some people might look at a teacher like this and make jokes about how she was attractive, so the crime she committed wasn’t as bad. This is a despicable way to think. Anytime a teacher uses their status to take advantage and abuse a child deserves a prison sentence. Allyson faces up to 15 years in prison for her inappropriate and disturbing relationship with the student. Looks are obviously deceiving.

7 A Principal Used His Power To Abuse Kids

Shafeeq Sayid Shamsid-Deen used to be a school principal. This is a pretty important position for a school faculty member to hold. You’re where the kids get sent when they’re in big trouble. They overlook the teachers who overlook the students. If anyone should be a good person and a role model for their students, it’s the principal. Shafeeq failed when he locked several students in a closet as punishment. We get it, it’s never easy to deal with teenagers. They’re moody and emotional and as their teacher, there’s only so much you can do. However, locking them in a closet should never be an option! If you can’t handle teens to the point that they only thing you can think to do to them is lock them up, you have no business being a principal.

6 Picking Up Their Kids After A School Shooting


The photograph above is a group of parents in Spokane, Washington picking up their children from school after hearing that the place they sent their children that morning has been under attack by a terrorist with a gun. The parents were approaching the school, not really sure whether or not their children were alive or dead. Imagine having to go through that emotional horror as a parent. It’s never easy to separate from your child in the beginning, but eventually, we get used to it and realize that we must let our children go in order for them to get a good education. Pictures like this remind us why some parents homeschool their children instead of sending them to public school.

5 The Kids Are Getting Fed Mystery Mush

As adults, most of us have a hard time getting a balanced meal that’s actually good for us. From having to work a full-time job and possibly a second and having to take care of kids or pets along the way, it’s hard to feed ourselves the food we deserve! When we send our kids off to their schools, we hope that at least there, where it’s the cook's job to literally feed children, we hope that they’re actually getting the food they deserve. Unfortunately, for this school in Missouri, the young kids are eating something even some prisoners would turn away from. This mystery mush was unfortunately put on the plate of many kids that day, and who knows how much of this mush they ate before this disturbing photograph went viral. It’s not easy to feed a school full of kids, but there has to be a better option than this toxic looking sludge.

4 Who's This Extra Classmate And Why Do They Look Like That?  


If you finally find a good school for your kid that has safety precautions to prevent shootings, teachers with excellent background checks and a long list of prestigious teaching experiences, as well as a top-notch menu full of healthy foods for your kids, you never know when you might have to start dealing with the paranormal world! The students in the photograph above decided to get together and take a class picture. After reviewing the photograph later, they realized someone who might not have been registered in their class joined in on the picture! You can see in the circle that someone appears to be between two other students! What would you do if you saw this freaky face in your kid’s class photographs?

3 A Teacher Snapchatted Ripping A Student's Hijab Off

There’s no denying that religious tensions are at an all-time high in our country. No matter what god you choose to believe in, if any at all, that should be between you and your god and the people around you should know well enough to respect that. You’d hope that by sending your kid to public school, you could trust that the teachers, more than anyone, would allow your child to express their religion freely. Unfortunately, this Kentucky teacher did just the opposite when she took it upon herself to rip off one student’s hijab, posting it to her Snapchat story with the caption “pretty hair.” What on Earth compelled this teacher to do something so traumatizing to this child? This teacher should have left her alone, and ripping off her headscarf was just as bad as ripping the shirt ooff her back.

2 This Precious Child Died From Eating A Grilled Cheese


The adorable little boy in the photograph above is Elijah Silvera. He was a 3-year-old cutie who had only recently started attending school. It’s always hard for parents to start sending their kids away to get an education. We get used to keeping our kiddos at home with us and separating from them is never easy. Unfortunately, Elijah’s parents apparently put too much trust in their public school and wound up losing Elijah to a grilled cheese sandwich. Elijah had a severe dairy allergy that made him unable to eat things like grilled cheese sandwiches. Somewhere between Elijah’s parent’s and the faculty members that day, the information that Elijah would die if fed cheese got lost and he was the one who suffered the consequences. Parents should never have to worry about losing their child to something like this, but unfortunately, that horror was their reality that day.

1 Teacher Calls Police On An Autistic Student

The image above is a little hard to make out at first. What you’re seeing is a 10-year-old autistic boy being forced into a police car after being arrested for assaulting a teacher. The boy in the picture was placed in ca class for children with special needs. When a teacher decides to become a special-education teacher, they have to take on the extra responsibility of having a higher level of patience and understanding for children with learning disabilities. It’s not an easy job and sometimes you don’t get the best treatment from your students. However, what kind of teacher decides to press charges on a child like this? No parent should have to worry about their child getting arrested at school, but for these parents, that’s just what happened.


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