15 Pics Of Cindy Kimberly Getting Paid To Travel The World (We're Jealous)

You might never have heard of the 19-year-old model Cindy Kimberly, but the 4 million people who follow her on Instagram sure have. The Madrid based model made headlines when Justin Bieber posted her photo on social media asking the world if they knew who she was. Afterwards, Cindy stated that she was living a fairy tale. Apparently, having a Canadian pop-sensation caption your photo with ‘OMG who is this!’ can be the beginning of a strong catwalk and modeling career.

The teen was a babysitter prior to her rise as a model earning just $4.22 per hour. Then, one post changed her life. “When I saw Justin was asking about me I got emotional because I’ve been a fan of his for more than six years,” she said. Afterwards, she went from being a pretty and fairly unknown teen to a teenager amassing 700,000 followers within a few months. And, in case you’re wondering, having that many followers on your Instagram account translates in dollars, as brands are willing to pay thousands to have ‘Influencers’ mention, wear, or post about their product.

On top of that, Cindy has had offers from designers and photographers whisking her off to exotic locations to model their brand. She’s been on the red carpet, and modelled for Rihanna. From a babysitter to a jet-setting model, it appears that Cindy is leading a pitch-perfect princess life. And, she’s more than happy to share it all with her millions of followers on her Instagram.

Curious about her dream life? Well, we’ve rounded up the top pics that will make even the most well-traveled of us jealous.

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15 Just A Teen Riding In A Porsche With Designer Handbags

We wouldn’t be surprised if that was Kimberly’s Porsche that she was walking towards. With a YSL purse thrown over her shoulder, it appears that the young model is doing pretty well for herself.

She’s vacationing in the sunshine of Los Angeles. It’s a long way from Spain where she lives. And, we’re pretty sure that the flight was paid for, and she’s earning money while she’s there. This post probably paid itself, racking in a few thousand for Kimberly just to wear those shoes or dress. Maybe, she even mentioned a perfume? Either way, Kimberly is probably doing better than you were when you nineteen. And, she’s doing better than the sweet seventeen-year-old she was two years ago earning less than $10 an hour.

14 She Enjoys Thousand Dollar Views

Kimberly is even gorgeous first thing in the morning. And, those baby doll looks afford her the luxurious lifestyle and views that she flaunts on her Instagram. Hotels with balconies and good views don’t come cheap in any city and we’re sure that this view was paid for by a brand or designer hiring Kimberly to model for them.

She might even rack in a few thousand for sharing a photo of her in this designer slip as well. Again, she does make you pretty jealous of her morning style when you find yourself waking up in sweats with cold weather greeting you once you open your door. So far the verdict is still out on whether or not Kimberly actually stays around for winter. She might just fly off to warm locations once the city becomes too cold for her.

13 She Never Has To Be Cold

She’s a pretty face who knows how to take an enviable photo. Here Kimberly is lounging on top of a car with a gorgeous view of Palm trees in the background. If you glance at her Instagram you’d believe that she never gets cold. She’s constantly photographed in sunny locations and palm trees. And, the teen model seems to favor looks that allow her shoulders or legs to be bare.

In fact, it can be disputed that she might not even own a coat. With a strong modeling career and Instagram account followed by millions, she might not have to if she doesn’t want to. She can book gigs to fly off to exotic locations at her leisure to ensure that she’ll always stay in the sunshine. Clearly, she’s not a normal teenager earning pennies as a babysitter anymore.

12 She Get's Paid To Walk Barefoot In Rainforests

We’re not even sure where this is. She could be in Brazil or Indonesia. Either way, she’s managed to make us jealous of her barefoot walk in the jungle while half of the world schlepped through winter. It’s pictures like this- barefoot walks with your best friend in a rainforest that makes so many people click the ‘Follow’ button on her Instagram page.

She’s gorgeous and she travels to gorgeous places. She also seems to have a pretty great photographer on hand to help her capture these beautiful moments. Kimberly’s making sure that she’s putting her 15 minutes of fame to good use. She’s amassed a nice collection of photos like this one to entertain her fans and make the rest of us jealous. We know, she kind of makes you want to book your next vacation now doesn’t she?

11 Her Hair Even Makes Money

When Kimberly isn’t standing by Palm trees and designer cars, she’s on the red carpet posing for brands like Tresemmé. With her shiny dark mane, it’s no surprise that the hairline snapped up the Spanish beauty to be a brand ambassador. It makes as much sense as Zoey Deschanel for Pantene Pro V. Both girls have gorgeous hair that is turning out to be a money earner.

Are you jealous yet? Wait until we tell you that her flight and hotel were paid for on top of the cash given to her just to show up to the event and smile (well not actually smile, just look gorgeous). We’re sure that Kimberly is enjoying the moment a lot more than she’s letting on in this picture because honestly don’t we all love to have our photo taken at events and get paid for it?

10 She Sleeps Like A Queen

The chandeliers! The satin couch! Where is Kimberly staying? Is she at Versailles? Clearly, the teen is enjoying her newfound lavish lifestyle. Although, we take it that she finds the humor in it, considering that she can get a little goofy.

She might be at a photo-shoot or simply staying at a beyond gorgeous hotel for an event or catwalk she’s being paid to show up to. It makes for a great pic for the Spanish beauty to show off to her fans. After all, when was the last time that you remember even walking into a place like this when you were nineteen; let alone be paid to stay there. Kimberly is showing that it truly pays to be stunningly beautiful and young. Sometimes you get to live like a queen yourself for a day, or several days, or even years.

9 She's A Music Festival Babe

She takes gorgeous photos when she’s doing nothing more than lounging on the grass. She’s probably at a festival or concert here, enjoying the sun and music. It looks like she has a pretty relaxed life as a teen these days. Sure, a lot of us went to music festivals in our teens, yet did any of taking flawless photos like this one.

Also, we’re sure that Kimberly, being the Internet sensation that she is, probably got paid for this photo. After all, she has to pay her photographer somehow. The stunning teen is showing off her luscious pout here and it has come under a lot of fire lately. When fans accused her of lip injections, Kimberly pleaded guilty and asked fans to move on.

8 She's Been To Paris

She’s been to Paris, several times it seems. In one pic Kimberly decided to visit the city of love during the warmer months. Here she’s showing off her signature ‘plumped’ lips with a bold glossy red lip. Fans can’t argue that her decision to plump her lips seems to be working out well for the natural beauty as it does suit her features well.

No wonder women everywhere are heading to their aesthetician for help to give their lips that ‘wow’ factor. You notice Kimberly’s lips more than you notice the red flowers or the Eiffel tower in the background. And, we’re sure that the young model will be back to Paris soon for Fashion week, or to scale the tower all the way to the top for another great pic to show off to her fans.

7 Walking Down The Street, Her Photos Go Viral

Kimberly knows how to flaunt her newfound funds in subtle ways. Here she’s sporting a Gucci belt. Just so you know that belt begins at $300 and is coveted by fashion lovers so much that it’s practically impossible to find online these days. It probably has to do with girls like Kimberly showing off their cool-girl style in the belt.

Her style is flawless here as she enjoys her European summer. She’s showing off one of the big trends to hit fashion lately- off the shoulder sleeves. And, she’s simultaneously making the rest of us envious that we won’t be Europe for the summer. Even on a random street corner, she finds a way to make her life look amazing. Blame it on her beauty and Instagram worthy style.

6 Beautiful People Travel In Luxury Cars Together

Beautiful people travel in packs and in luxury cars with leather seats. Kimberly’s beauty is paired well with the chiselled jawline and baby blue eyes of the male model seated next to her. She’s showing off her luxe life with more cool-girl style.

She’s wearing thigh high boots and a hoodie just to let the world know that she’s sexy and cool. It’s a look popularized by Rihanna and other pop stars that want the paparazzi to wonder whether or not they chose to wear pants that day. We’re guessing that when her followers aren’t basking in the glory that is two beautiful people paired together, they might try to copy her ‘pantless’ look for themselves. Or, they might head out to buy her exact shade of flaming red lipstick. No wonder Rihanna picked her as a model for her makeup collection.

5  She Visits NYC In Style

When Kimberly visits NYC, she takes on the Big Apple in style. When your lipstick and nail polish match your cupcake you’re almost guaranteed to take a good photo. Although, few of us could make pulses race quite the way that Cindy is doing here.

She’s a flawless beauty who is enjoying the best that New York has to offer and that includes cool sweater shirts that are way more fashionable than the puffer coats that the passer-by’s in the background are wearing. Kimberly gave her fans an extra dose of her awesome style with a black felt beret for a dose of European style. It was the cool girl hat for last winter that all the trendsetters were seen wearing, and Kimberly proved that she deserves to be in that high class of style influencers.

4 She Plays With An $18,000 Pet

The lifestyle of the beautiful and rich is wrapped around being able to do anything you want. Do you want to have a baby Siberian tiger brought to your place to play with? No problem. The cuddly kitten will be around just in time to entertain you during that next commercial break.

Kimberly and her chiselled beautiful friend showed off that they get to play with exotic animals in their pad. They also do it while wearing ‘it’ shoes that cost several hundred dollars. Just out of curiosity we looked into the cost of renting a tiger. Hold your breath as spending an hour with one of these exotic cats begins at $900 for petting all the way to $15,000 if they’re a more exotic breed. We’re not sure who paid for it, but we can see why Kimberly describes her life as a fairy-tale!

3 Her Style Earns Millions Of Fans

Kimberly loves off the shoulder tops and red lipsticks to highlight her full pout. Even when she’s in the middle of a desert, she doesn’t give up on her signature style. To take the perfect picture, the model did show off a little more skin than usual, opening her blouse for an extra peek of her golden skin, but without revealing too much. We’re not sure where in the world Kimberly is, but we’re going to say Nevada?

She probably took a drive in a luxurious convertible to head to Las Vegas for a quick visit while she’s in the US. Then, again she could still be in California. Wherever she is, Kimberly has proven that she can take a good photo anytime and anywhere. Whether the sun is shining bright or it’s dusk, she still looks good.

2 She's Invited To Award Shows

Raise your hand if you were ever flown out to London for their MTV EMA awards? Now, imagine that if you were, you could look half as good as Kimberly does standing on the red carpet. We can see why Justin Bieber was smitten with the European beauty.

She looks right at home on the red carpet with all the other flawless faces and style icons. She’s gorgeous and good at showing off her signature red pout. This hasn’t been Kimberly’s first, last, or only red carpet appearance as the young beauty has been courted by brands and award shows around the world aching for her to grace them with her good looks. The model never disappoints, looking just as gorgeous in real life as she does on her Instagram.

1 Even The Paparazzi Follow Her

Kimberly practically looks like a Kardashian or pop star here. With her looks and style, she could definitely fit into any cool-girl click. She’s exiting a car and being photographed by the paparazzi in one of the season’s biggest trends, a puffer jacket.

It might not be a glamorous shot or an exotic location, but few of us have photographers chasing us as we exit the back of a black SUV with leather seats. And, few of us could pull off a flaming red puffer coat, patent leather heels, and red lips without looking well… weird. Kimberly pulls off the look with class and style. She also takes a good pic even when she’s awkwardly caught walking into a building. She’s gorgeous from every angle and we can see why she’s a model catching the eyes of international pop stars.

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