15 Photos That Will Make You Believe In Gold Diggers

Does everyone have Kanye’s beat and Jamie Foxx’s Ray Charles impersonation running through their heads right now? Some people might think that being a Golddigger is a bit of a myth, after all how could one person be so underhanded that they would be with another person just for the sake of getting a few dollars? Certainly no one would be that devious, would they?

Good, now since it is the season of giving, it's time to take a look at the rich men and women who love to give…and give and give and give some more to their significant others who seemingly have no issue with taking, and taking, and taking. Through better and worse, these gold diggers have found a way to get a whole lot of moolah during and after their relationships have ended.

So grab your Louis Vitton and your Benz and get ready to read about the real-life versions of the girls and guys Kanye was singing about. Pick up a few pointers on how you too could nab yourself a whale or just be appalled at some of their antics. Here Are 15 Photos That Will Make You Believe In Golddiggers.

15 Elin Nordegren - Hole-In-One “Golf digger”


Tiger Woods sure found his way around the Links, so to speak. All bad puns and jokes aside, Elin Nordegren supposedly wasn't looking for a golf pro to sweep her off her feet, it just sort of happened that way.

Or at the very least they were looking for her. The Swedish model was seeing someone when she was hired by fellow golfer, Jesper Parnevik, to be a nanny for his kids. From there, several pros were waiting to get to know her. Tiger was the big winner here and took home the prize, even though it cost him his marriage.

His marriage to Nordegren didn't last long either. He rented out an entire golf course for their wedding and seven years later, she was awarded $100 million. She might not have started her nannying career looking to bag a rich golfer, but then again, she's a Swedish model and he seemingly only knows how to swing a crooked stick, what did she think was going to happen?

14 Kevin Federline - The Male Gold Digger


Hopefully, breaking up with this yutz wasn’t the sole reason that Britney Spears shaved her head. Perhaps the fact that she even was down enough at one point in her life to have fallen for this trailer trash is what caused Britney to go a little crazy. The aspiring background dancer had two kids with his girlfriend, Shar Jackson. Then he met Britney and the rest is history.

Already considered one of the hottest women on the planet, being slightly crazy actually made Britney even hotter to some. K-Fed was certainly one of the most hated men on the planet for bagging the pop star. The couple got more and more insane and despite starting a family together, the couple separated in 2007, and due to Spears’ mental state at that time, K-Fed somehow got custody of their children.

He wormed his way into getting $20,000 a month in child support. 20 Grand. Every. Month. Some parents can barely afford to spend 20 bucks on their kid a month, let alone 20 grand. Some parents barely make 20 grand a year. Must be nice to be a professional Gold digger.

13 Kim Kardashian - Married The Guy Who Wrote The Song "Gold Digger"


The debate has been raised since the instant Kim and Kanye started hooking up - is she a gold digger or not? After all, Kardashian herself was a born debutante. Her birth father was famed O.J. lawyer, Robert Kardashian, and her stepfather was the former Olympic hero, Bruce Jenner.

But growing up a Hollywood socialite, meant that Kimmy not only had tons of her daddy’s money but also knew how to try to get other people to spend money on her. By the time she met Kanye, the future Mrs. West was already twice-married.

So why be a Gold digger when you have money of your own? Because why not go get a whole lot more of your own money than have to share family money with all of your sisters, and you don't have hawk yourself starring in your own sex tape or a reality show to get it.

12 V. Stiviano - Los Angeles GoldClipper


Imagine being just the girlfriend, not even the wife and netting yourself a 2.6 million dollar duplex, not one but two Bentleys, and a Range Rover; you’re either truly loved, truly kept, really awesome at gold digging, or a combination of all three.

The former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling was wooing V. Stiviano. How to explain what attracted her to him; well take a look at her and then at him. Dude looks like he looked at the Ark of the Covenant and has been melting ever since. And as far as looks go, you’d be jackpot lucky to even get to look in her general direction, let alone be with her.

She made herself famous and Sterling infamous when she produced recordings of the cheating pig being a racist prick too. On the tapes released to TMZ, Sterling was heard demanding she stop being photographed with black people on her Instagram.

Did we mention, she also netted herself a Ferrari as well from the disgraced Sterling?

11 Vanessa Bryant - She's Got A Championship Ring For ‘Digging


Even though her hubby is known for his sexual assault allegations, even though his family tried to dissuade Kobe Bryant from marrying then 22-year-old, Vanessa Laine, their marriage has endured for the past 16 years and counting. Would YOU leave your meal ticket so easily? True, she could probably leave Kobe and get custody of their three kids and a wide dearth of the couple’s Earthly possessions, but perhaps she - unlike plenty of the people on this list - actually does love Laker legend.

What’s not love when you’re being showered with the lavish lifestyle? A Mediterranean-style villa in California’s posh Newport Beach neighborhood. Not to mention all of the other accoutrements that come with living the good life.

All of that plus a ring that cost as much as that 4 million dollar villa that Kobe bought her to apologize for his philandering ways. So apparently when your filthy rich, it's ok to be a filthy pig, so long as you get your girl some ludicrously expensive swag.

10 Anna Nicole Smith - OG Gold digger


When it comes to the art of Gold digging, few if any bombshells have done it better than the late buxom goddess, Anna Nicole Smith. Which, before she went downhill, she certainly was lauded after by throngs of fans and multitudes of men.

The Texas beauty came to the public in the early nineties thanks to the pages of Playboy (of course), and then got signed to be a Guess model. She was the quintessential early-nineties hottie; a beautiful throwback to Marilyn Monroe with some dangerous curves. Before she became famous and way before she became infamous, she was born Vicky Lynn Hogan and had met oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall II while she was a stripper. The rest of the story is the stuff of gold digging legend.

The pair married, she didn't live with him, or even consummate the marriage, and maybe kissed him on the lips ten times. But despite how it all looked, she proclaimed her love for the oil Barron and after a lengthy court battle, her own estate was eventually awarded approximately 450 million; which now will go to her daughter.

9 Cathy Schmitz - Young Enough To Be A Granddaughter Gold Digger


It must be weird for some of the children and grandchildren of some of these rich guys when they start marrying wives number three, four, and sometimes five, and the new step mommy is either is within your age range or younger. It also has to do some damage to you emotionally when your new mom is a Playboy model as well.

When Austrian billionaire, Richard Lugner (82 years old) married 25-year-old Cathy Schmitz in September 2014, it was marriage number five for Mr. Moneybags. She must be something fierce, because the guy had no interest in being married again and told iTV’s “This Morning” “Ladies are very dangerous – to be married is dangerous. But I like to fight with the young ladies. It’s better for me.” Lugner has even once paid Kim Kardashian half a mil’ to be his date at Vienna’s Opera Ball in 2013.

Considering he knows what he’s in for, should anyone feel sorry for him? After all, Schmitz does claim that she actually loves the guy.

8 Jenna Bentley – It Must Be Love Gold Digging


Taking a look at the picture above and you’ll see the alluring model, Jenna Bentley and her millionaire boyfriend, Ben Brown. One of the most famous lines in Scarface, is when Pacino says “first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.” When you look at pictures like this, it is easy to see why that line holds true.

Brown got some money, some power, and then he got Ms. Jenna. Clearly money and power are an attractive pair. This couple even seems to be happy, while she surely seems to be enjoying herself, but money has to be a big factor in her attraction towards him.

No offense to the guy, but even if he’s the funniest, kindest, warmest human being on the planet, with no money he’d be forever friend-zoned with those qualities. But add money to the equation and you have a formula for a winning marriage. Or at least winning for a few years, before she takes him for all that he’s worth.

7 Triple H - Gold Digging Is What's Best For Business


In the insane world of professional wrestling, the lines of work (storyline) and shoot (behind-the-scenes) are blurred constantly. So when in storyline, Triple H had drugged, kidnapped, and then married Stephanie McMahon, the real life daughter of the Boss; we all should have seen how this storyline was going to play out in real life.

Triple H broke it off with his real life GF, Chyna and started to mirror his storyline with a real-life relationship with Steph, which could have meant professional ruin if he did one wrong thing to the boss’ daughter. In one of his documentaries, The Game knew this too, but still he persisted.

While he certainly made his money in the industry, marrying into the industry’s premier family only made the Game more of a political force behind-the-scenes, and thanks to his marriage, he has gotten the chance to shape the future of the industry with the NXT brand. Eventually the King of Kings will be the King of Wrestling, if and when his father-in-law decides to pass the torch.

6 Amber Rose - Bling Digger


In the hip-hop world, it ain't gold, it's bling; which is why Amber Rose isn't just a Gold digger, she's a Blingdigger. She's been with at least four rappers in the past eight years, that is some heavy bling digging. One of her former paramours was Kanye West, leading some to speculate if his song “Gold Digger,” was about Amber, but that would mean Kanye is psychic, the song came out a few years before the pair dated.

But still, Rose’s track record does showcase her skills as an alluring temptress. After Kanye, she began a relationship with Wiz Khalifa, which netted her a couple of kids. Several rappers later, including Machine Gun Kelly are still vying for the affections of the bald and beautiful Rose.

She might be slightly more self-sufficient now, but there's no doubt that Amber Rose bling-shovelled her way to stardom.

5 Kimora Lee Simmons - Def Jam Gold Digger


She might be good at her job as CEO of the Baby Phat brand, but there is little doubt that she got her position because of the position she got herself in. When she was just 14 years old, Kimora Lee Simmons' looks got her modelling contracts with the likes of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. A few years later when she was 17, she met then 35-year-old Russell Simmons.

Simmons was the founder of the Def Jam music label. While a 17 year age gap doesn't seem like much in the grand scheme of things, number one - it is, when one of the parties is only 17, and Simmons was already a big name in the music industry. She got her spot as the head Baby Phat through her marriage, although she did show everyone that she is capable of putting in the work to keep it.

Her third marriage, most recently in 2014 was to a former Goldman-Sachs banker, which shows if you're gonna dig, you should dig high (society) and dig deep (pockets).

4 Gabriel Aubry - Looks Like The Kingslayer Gold Digger


Despite how close the man in the picture might look like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, aka Game Of Thrones’ Jamie Lannister, Gabriel Aubry is a bum compared to the regal Kingslayer, or the actor who plays him. Aubry got his start on the path to celebrity gold digging by being a Calvin Klein model.

But unless you paid attention to models, no one knew who the guy was when he started dating Halle Berry. Then the pair broke up and things got ugly. Berry wanted to take the kids and move to France.

Instead Aubry was awarded 16 grand a month in child support (he doesn't even have full custody), plus the retroactive payment of 115K and 300K for his attorney fees. Not all male models are as dumb as Ben Stiller.

3 Oksana Grigorieva - When Gold Digging Goes Bad


Despite being a fairly talented concert pianist, Russian-born model Oksana Grigorieva supposedly once told a friend that she was looking for a “sugar daddy.” A meeting, a tryst, and a pregnancy all within the year she met disgraced actor Mel Gibson certainly begged the question - “did she plan all of this?!”

Coupling bliss soon turned to coupling chaos, and Mel Gibson pulled…well a Mel Gibson and was caught on camera being a complete jerkstore to his supposedly beloved. For his transgressions, Gibson had to eventually fork over 750K, as well as a house in Malibu to be sold when their daughter turns 18 and converted into a trust fund for her. This is after she turned down a settlement that would netted her 15 million, but she refused that.

750K vs. 15 Million?! Yes, you're reading that correctly. She would sue her lawyers for their stupidity in the settlement, which also included a clause that she would lose half of her award if she even talks about it, which she did on the Howard Stern show.

2 Laura Boylan - Investing In Herself/Investing In Gold Digging


Being a Gold digger is a full-time job. Or perhaps, it should be treated as such. After all, you're trying to land a whale big enough to keep you living the good life until they either kick the bucket, cheat on you, or just get bored of you. Then you get a whole turd-ton of money to say “thanks for playing,” and send you on your merry way; now richer than you ever hoped to be, just because you overachieved with your marriage.

Brit babe, Laura Boylan once said “If I invest in myself than they're going to invest in me. If I spend 250 pounds to get ready then I could walk away with an 8000 pound watch.” She was featured for U.K.’s channel 4 documentary, “Gold Digger And Proud.” While investing in yourself is always a good idea, is keeping a ginormously expensive engagement ring?

Boylan had been promised a 30,000 pound engagement ring by one man, who she ditched when things got serious, but still kept the ring.

1 Janet Jackson - Unnecessary Gold Digger


What does one get the girl who has everything? Seeing as how she is pop royalty, Janet Jackson shouldn't be thirsty for any kind of shovelling. But then again, when you've been forced out of the limelight for showing a portion of your gloriously toned physique at the Super Bowl, perhaps you need a few extra bucks.

Janet cites verbal abuse and cultural differences for the end of her marriage to Arab businessman, Wissam Al Mana. She can deny it all she wants to, but love was certainly not the only thing holding these two together.

Love, and a prenup. Ms. Damita Jo was due to receive 100 million if she stayed with the Middle Eastern magnate for five years. Tack on another 10 million for having his kid. The couple got hitched in 2012. Guess what year they got separated?

Absolutely correct, the couple got separated in 2017. Jackson can now afford to show all the skin she wants.

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