15 Photos That Prove We Can Never Afford Beyonce’s Uber-Wealthy Lifestyle

We are all well-aware that Beyonce Knowles is one pretty rich gal, but do you know how rich she and her husband actually are? We are about to talk some numbers that will make your head spin.

Beyonce is one of the most influential and best-known women on Earth who has been married for around a decade to Jay-Z, another music superstar. During her career filled with hits, she’s become one of the highest-earning singers on the planet. As far as we know, she is worth over $350 million dollars. Add her husband’s $810 million to that and here you have a couple that has broken the $1 billion mark and is still earning more and more money as the days go by.

We met Beyonce a while back as one of the girls from Destiny’s Child, but it wasn’t until her solo career took off that she became really super famous for who she actually was and for her remarkable talent. Since then, she has recorded a number of hit songs everybody has heard at some point such as "Single Ladies","If I Were a Boy","Halo","Crazy in Love","Listen", and many more. So let’s take a look at 15 pics that will prove we’ll never be able to afford this superstar’s extravagant life!

15 Beyonce And Jay-Z's $70 Million Yacht

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When talking about the most expensive things Beyonce owns, her gorgeous 213-ft yacht Galactica Star is definitely on the top of the list. It was built by Heesen in the Netherlands while its interior was designed by Bannenberg & Rowell from London. The yacht comes with its own helipad, a sundeck, a duplex beach club, custom-built staterooms, a VIP suite with a private balcony, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna. It has a crew of 13 and it can easily accommodate around 15 people (not including the staff). The yacht is worth around $70 million and it has several World Superyacht Awards. Before our power couple bought it, it belonged to Kola Aluko, a Nigerian energy business magnate. If you’d like to rent it, all you need is $900,000 a week, and you’re all set.

14 $350,000 Birthday Getaway

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If you want to celebrate your next birthday Beyonce style, you need to be ready to set aside at least $350,000 to do so and you will be all set to experience a wonderful vacation on the coast of Spain. First of all, you are going to need a private jet to get to the other private jet that will get you to your luxurious yacht. Then you’ll need a couple of Armand de Brignac bottles that go for $650 apiece and, of course, you’ll need some awesome food to go with that, such as fresh oysters, and the best caviar you can buy. Of course, a few super-expensive celebratory cigars are also a must, for example, the Habana no. 4 – the ones Jay-Z was captured lighting up during this luxurious cruise.

13 Blue Ivy’s Extravagant Life

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Being a child of Beyonce and Jay-Z means growing up in the lap of luxury that other kids in the world could hardly even imagine. Of course, Beyonce, just like any other mom, wants only the best for her little munchkin so she tends to go a bit over the top from time to time. Let’s take Blue’s 4th birthday party, for example. The floral arrangements alone cost roughly around $95,000, while the cake cost $2,400. So the big question here is: what did little Blue Ivy get for her birthday besides the most awesome fairy-themed party ever? Her parents bought her a lovely, custom-made Barbie deck worth $80,000, made out in diamonds. And that was just one day in little munchkin’s life. However, the rest of the year is pretty spectacular for her as well, but that would make for quite a long story.

12 Home, Sweet Home

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When talking about music’s most powerful couple, it is pretty safe to assume that they live in a pretty awesome house. Since the family has recently grown, they have decided to get a bigger place to live in Bel-Air. This extravagant 30,000 square foot property was listed for $135M which wasn’t too big of a problem for the Carter-Knowles budget. The mansion has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 4 pools, and an amazing kitchen and living area with Italian custom-made fixtures. Other interesting features this awesome house has are things such as the rooftop helipad, an in-house spa and fitness center, a 15-car garage, and bulletproof windows. As far as luxury and comfort go, it is hard to imagine a house more extravagant than this one.

11 Spectacularly Expensive Outfits

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It is a well-known fact that Beyonce’s wardrobe consists of spectacularly expensive outfits, but what is even more interesting is how ridiculously extravagant some of the clothes Blue Ivy wears are. For example, at the premiere of the Beauty and the Beast, while other kids were wearing simple jeans and T-shirts, little Ivy was snacking on popcorn in a dress valued at $26,000! But let’s talk about some of the most extravagant things Beyonce wears herself. For example, she wore $13.1 million worth of diamonds at the VMAs in 2016, the most expensive piece being a 12-carat pink diamond ring worth $9 million. Another interesting accessory worth mentioning was her $12 million Lorrain Schwartz necklace she wore to the 2017 Grammys. That was some seriously expensive bling that only few could ever afford to wear.

10 Bey’s Private Island

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What is the ultimate gift that you could ever buy for your loved one? Well, a private island would probably do just fine! If you’d like to spend some time away from the rest of the world, what better place to go than to your own island with nobody else around? So Jay-Z took his 4 million bucks and bought an island in the Bahamas for his better half. Gentlemen, try to keep this in mind the next time you go looking for a perfect gift for your beloved wife. But all jokes aside, not many people in the world could afford a luxury like this. However, when you are music’s most powerful couple, there is very little you can’t actually afford. On the other hand, they earned their money so they might as well spend it as they see fit.

9 The Amazing Car Collection

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If you took a peek into Bey’s garage, you would see some pretty impressive cars in there that most people couldn’t even dream of buying. One of the most impressive ones is definitely an amazing Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport worth 2 million dollars that Beyonce bought for her husband as a birthday gift. When talking about birthday gifts, we also need to mention a $1 million vintage Rolls Royce Silver Cloud that Bey got for her 25th birthday. However, there are some other pretty interesting vehicles in that garage, for example, Beyonce’s rare and quite impressive Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR (only 3500 of those were ever built); Jay-Z’s Italian-built Pagani Zonda F worth $670,000 etc. Altogether, their amazing car collection is worth approximately $15 million which is a pretty impressive number by any possible standard out there.

8 Solid Gold Manicure

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Why would you put a simple nail polish on your nails when you can cover them with a layer of gold? And that is exactly what Beyonce did – more than once! Truth be told, this isn’t one of the most expensive things she has ever paid for, but when you think about it, having golden nails screams extravagant either way! This kind of solid gold manicure costs roughly around $850 – a sum that most people would probably consider a bit too high for a manicure that will last only a few days. However, when you are Queen Bey, the money is not an issue so why not treat yourself to a layer of gold on your nails? One must admit that it looked pretty impressive!

7 The Most Expensive Pair Of Shoes

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Beyonce wears a lot of expensive and blingy stuff, but she made headlines once when she decided to drop $312,000 for a pair of shoes! She literary owns a pair of shoes that cost more than some houses out there. These House of Borgezie's Princess Constellation stilettos are made out of 18-carat gold and over 1,300 diamonds. There have been only 2 pairs of those ever sold in the entire world; of course, one of the lucky buyers was our Queen Bey. However, when you think about wearing a pair of shoes made entirely out of diamonds and gold, that doesn’t really sound too comfortable, does it? On the other hand, beauty hurts sometimes and it wasn’t an issue for Beyonce who actually bought these expensive stilettos for one of her music videos.

6 Every Girl Needs A Bag

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If there is a soft spot in every woman’s budget, it's probably for super-expensive shoes and even more expensive bags! If you’ve ever seen an episode of Sex and the City, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, there are women who will spend every last penny on a pair of designer shoes or on a stylish bag. When it comes to Beyonce, she is far from spending her last penny, but she is definitely a big fan of luxurious bags that only a few women can afford. If you’ve ever heard of Hermes Birkin bags, you know they are very pricey and hard to get. An original Birkin usually costs around 10,000 dollars, but that is the cheapest kind available. There are some vintage pieces that are worth much more than that. So do you want to know how much money Queen Bey spent on her Birkins? Roughly $350,000!

5 Super-Expensive Gifts

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Beyonce and her husband are known for giving super expensive gifts to each other. They have spent several million dollars on each other’s cars, a private island, expensive watches, and pricey jewelry. One of those luxurious gifts was an amazing Tacori Promise Bracelet worth $2,390 that Jay-Z gave to his gorgeous wife as a symbol of his love. That is definitely a lot of money for a simple silver and gold bracelet, but there is no doubt it was an amazing gift to receive. On the other hand, Beyonce also spares no expense when it comes to buying stuff for her husband. Since she knows he is a big watch enthusiast, she bought him a Hublot “Big Bang” wristwatch worth approximately $5 million!

4 Chilling On A Private Jet

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When you are not only rich but filthy rich, you easily get used to a level of comfort that other people simply can’t afford. Why should you use any kind of public transportation, including planes, when you can buy your own private jet that will get you anywhere you want to go? Beyonce and Jay-Z spend their time in the skies in the luxurious surroundings of their own jet and they often snap and share a pic of their travels. This particular picture was posted by Beyonce on her Instagram and besides it being taken on a jet, there are some other pretty extravagant details that we’ve noticed here. For starters, Bey was wearing $10K Saint Laurent boots combined with a $1,495 MCM Berlin bag so it was obviously just another casual Friday for her.

3 Sneakers For A Diva

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Most people wear sneakers, don’t they? Sneakers are comfy, affordable, and easy to come by. However, the kind that Beyonce wears are nothing like the sneakers most of the world wears! She ordered a pair of custom-made Isabel Marant wedge sneakers made out of a pretty crazy combination of different materials such as anaconda, crocodile, calf fur, ostrich, and stingray. PETA probably wasn’t all that happy to hear what kind of footwear Queen Bey purchased for herself. This particular pair of kicks cost Beyonce an unbelievable sum of $10,000 dollars so it is definitely one of her ridiculously extravagant purchases that not many people out there could afford. However, if it makes her happy, why not? She worked pretty hard to earn that money so she should probably spend it on all that makes her happy.

2 Million Dollar Hair

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You have probably noticed how often Beyonce changes her hairstyle, yet her hair still stays in the best shape possible. Luckily for her, she has some pretty cool, yet super-expensive tricks up her sleeve. She owns a bunch of high-quality, handcrafted, custom-made wigs, some of them worth up to $10,000 a piece. Her whole wig collection is worth roughly $1 million. However, the best part of it is the fact that she often donates the worn pieces to an organization that then gives them to chemotherapy patients who have lost their hair to their struggle. Isn’t it great when people who have all that money decide to do something good for the less fortunate as well? It probably means a world to those women who struggle with cancer so thank you for that, Bey!

1 $5 million Engagement Ring

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One of the most expensive things Queen Bey owns is her extravagant, beautiful engagement ring worth 5 million dollars! So Jay-Z obviously took his wife’s words when she sang “Put a ring on it!” seriously and he bought her one of the most impressive engagement rings we have ever seen in the celebrity world. It is an octagon-shaped, 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond that most girls could only dream of. It is the most expensive ring currently owned by a living celebrity; the only person who had a more expensive engagement ring was Elizabeth Taylor. She got a 33.19-carat diamond worth $8.8 million from Richard Burton. Since Beyonce’s ring is so unbelievably expensive, it is pretty risky to wear it all the time so Jay-Z ordered a copy of that ring worth $5000 for his wife to wear during her performances.

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